Hey everybody, this may or may not be a new series, I'm not really sure yet. A random burst of inspiration let me write four of these one day, and I don't know if I'll be able to do it again.

Each poem tells a different cat's story, this one is about Longtail (My fave) and his relationship with Darkstripe and Tigerclaw.

We were young ones ready to fight,

He told us we were valued,

He told us we were right,

You and I,

I and Him,

Three of us,

That was enough,

For me,

You would have followed Him anywhere,

Did anything,

He wanted to be a king among kings,

A giant,

A masterpiece,

He was told to be better,

To be great,

It got to his head,

He was not great,

He fell,

And so did you,

You said, "I would die for you all,"

But the only one you died for was Him,

You said, "Don't tell anyone,"

You said, "It wasn't our fault,"

I said, "Maybe it was,"

You said, "Shut up, don't talk,"

I kept my mouth shut for years,

I was your friend,

I didn't fear you,


I ended up checking over my shoulder every day,

Before you left,

You didn't leave with Him,

He left you behind,

He didn't care,

Yet you kept talking about Him,

You left,

For Him,

Nobody talked to me,

After you left,


Someone invited me to share,

And I accepted,

And for the first time,

I wasn't scared.