Chapter 2: Power Trouble

(Professor Kukui's house)

Rotom'dex was sitting in front of the television watching a detective show while wearing a silly looking blond wig that looked like the hair the detective in the show had. Eventually, Rotom'dex heard the door open.

Rotom'dex- Oh Ash, you're home. Did you get everything on the list? Oh, I see Shantae is with you. Is this Tabuu related since a member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team came to see you?

Ash- Hope not!

Shantae- You can relax, Ash. It's not Tabuu related, thankfully. I think we can all use a little bit of time from Tabuu for a little bit after what happened last Halloween. But does involve a potential crisis on our hands. Last night, Risky Boots took these large stones called the Charge Stones from an island southeast of Scuttle Town. Apparently, those Charge Stones have the power to contain electrical, like an energy sponge. But those Charge Stones were also what was keeping that island from sinking into the ocean. Unless I get those stones back within two weeks, that entire island and everyone on it, will sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Misty- But why come and seek Ash?

Shantae- Since the Charge Stones can absorb electricity, I figured Pikachu might be able to track it.

Ash- That is true. When Team Rocket messed with an energy absorbing machine, Pikachu was able to help us track it. But we still need to know where to look. Any idea where Risky might've taken the Charge Stones?

Suddenly, the lights began to flicker and the TV turned to static for a few seconds.

Ash- What's going on with the power?

Rotom'dex- It seems we might be experiencing a blackout. The backup generator is already kicking in.

Then the television was showing a news broadcast.

News reporter- We interrupt this program to give you a news update. A strange group of pirates have broken into the city power plant. They've forced their way inside and the authorities are struggling to get in to stop whatever it is that they're doing. We assume it might be what's causing the power outages that's rapidly spreading across Hau'oli City.

Brock- I guess that answers your question.

Shantae- Really wasn't expecting Risky Boots to come here.

Rotom'dex- You said those Charge Stone absorb electricity. Risky Boots must want to drain the nearest energy supplier station she can get to.

Ash- Then let's get to the city power plant and kick some ass!

Pikachu- Pika Pika!

(From a fake malasada truck parked outside Professor Kukui's house)

Jessie, James, and Meowth were using their spying equipment to listen in on what Ash and Shantae were saying.

Jessie- Interesting. Stones that can absorb electricity.

James- They sound like they can be very useful to us.

Meowth- Especially when it comes to capturing Pikachu! Those Charge Stones can block all of Pikachu's electric attacks and drain him completely. Leaving him vulnerable for us to capture! And to think, that will be just the beginning…

Before Team Rocket could continue their fantasy, they heard the customer service bell for their malasada truck ring.

James- A customer…?

Meowth- Let's make this quick so we can get on the twerps' tail.

Jessie- Good day to you and how may we help…

When Jessie, James, and Meowth turned around, they saw a mysterious figure in a black cloak standing right outside the truck.

Meowth- Yikes! Talk about your tall, dark, and weird…

Jessie- Yes…is there anything we can do for you today good sir?

Mysterious figure- Yeah, I'd like you to leave Ash and Shantae alone and not bother them this fanfiction.

James- Excuse me…?

Mysterious figure- You heard me. Leave Ash and Shantae alone or somebody might inform them that Team Rocket is spying on them from a fake malasada truck park right outside the building.

The mysterious figure in the black cloak began walking away, but then he briefly turned to look at them one last time before waving at them.

Mysterious figure- Have a nice day.

Jessie, James, and Meowth were left speechless after what had just happened.

Meowth- Who the hell was that guy?!

James- I don't know and I don't think I want to find out!

Jessie- Because he threatened to tell the twerp about us?

James- No, because of that mark on his right palm…

Jessie and Meowth looked at the mysterious figure again and saw a glowing mark on his right palm that looked very similar to the mark they've seen on Tabuu's followers' left palms.

Meowth- You don't think he has a relationship with Tabuu?!

James- Maybe it's best if we back away from this one for now…

Jessie- …agreed…

(At the Hau'oli City power plant)

Officer Jenny and the Hau'oli City police were doing their best to try and fend off the Tinkerbats in an attempt to try and get inside the power plant.

Officer Jenny- Gumshoos, use bulldoze!

Gumshoos- Gum…SHOOS!

Gumshoos stomped its foot to the ground and made a shockwave the knocked a few Tinkerbats away from them. But as soon as those Tinkerbats were knocked down, more kept coming. A few were about to attack Officer Jenny, but then a Kanto Geodude used a move called gyro ball to knock the Tinkerbats away.

Brock- Officer Jenny, fear not as your prince in shining armor has arriv…aaaah!

Before Brock could continue trying to impress Officer Jenny, he felt Misty grab hold and yank on his ear.

Brock- OW! Hey! Cut that out, Misty! This really hurts there! OWCH!

Misty- At least you had the brains to behave in front of Shantae during the first chapter, but get it through your thick head, Brock! This is not the time nor place to do shit like that!

Ash- Officer Jenny, you and Gumshoos alright?

Officer Jenny- I'm fine, Ash, but you and your friends shouldn't be here.

Ash- I've told you before, I'm the Poke'mon Trainer who's part of the Super Mario Brothers' Team. And this could be a Super Mario Brothers' Team situation.

Shantae- He's right. These pirates that are attacking the power plant, they're called the Tinkerbat pirates and they're led by a pirate lady, Risky Boots, who is a criminal from Scuttle Town.

Officer Jenny- I think I've seen her. She was driving this strange machine that looked like it had these five large glowing stones inserted in. Whatever those stones are, they can drain electricity. It's what that pirate is using to drain the city power with.

Shantae- But where in that building is Risky hiding in?

Suddenly, Pikachu's cheeks began to spark and Pikachu was feeling some kind of pull similar to magnetic compass pointing its direction.

Pikachu- Pika Pi!

Ash- Right, Pikachu reacted the same way when Team Rocket was using a power draining machine. Pikachu can use his own electricity to track the Charge Stones.

Shantae- Then let's get inside and stop her already!

As Ash and Shantae made their way to get inside the power plant, a few Tinkerbats tried to attack them from behind.

Tinkerbat- We must not let them reach Captain Risky!

Brock- Geodude, mega punch!

Misty- Corsola, spike cannon!

Then the Tinkerbats were knocked away from Ash, Shantae, and Pikachu by those two Poke'mon attacks.

Ash- Misty, Brock?

More Tinkerbats tried to jump, but Brock's Geodude, Misty's Corsola, and Officer Jenny's Gumshoos kept them all from reaching them.

Brock- Ash, you and Shantae had best get moving.

Ash- But what about…

Misty- No time for that, Ash! We'll hold them off!

Shantae- She's right, Ash. Our top priority is to get those Charge Stones back from Risky.

(Inside the power plant)

Risky Boots was driving this massive machine being powered by the Charge Stones and was using them to drain the city of its power.

Risky Boots- Yes, just a bit more and this city's energy will be completely mine to control!

But just as Risky was wallowing her moment, both the door and a Tinkerbat was slammed against the wall next to her in the room. When Risky turned towards where the metal door used to be, she saw a Mega Charizard fly into the room. Ash, Pikachu, and Shantae entered the room shortly after Mega Charizard.

Shantae- Risky Boots!

Risky Boots- In the flesh. I see you've managed to track me down…again…and brought another one of your ****ing friends.

Ash- Why are you even bothering your time with the Alola region? It's not even part of Sequin Land or anywhere near it.

Risky Boots- This city was the closes large energy deposit from where the Charge Stones were before I took them. And without power, everyone in this city will have to do whatever I demand to get it back. Especially to save those on life support in the hospitals.

Ash- Like I'll let a bitch like you get away with that! Pikachu, thunderbolt!

Pikachu- Pika…CHUUUUU!

Pikachu launched his thunderbolt at Risky, but the machine she was driving quickly absorbed the attack.

Risky Boots- Wow! That Pikachu certainly has a lot of energy. The Charge Stones actually gotten much brighter.

Ash- Ok…if a regular thunderbolt won't work…how about a 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt. Pikachu, electric type Z-Move! 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt!


Pikachu fired that Z-Move at Risky. When the machine tried to block the attack, it actually got pushed back and almost slammed into the wall. But it stopped before it could.

Risky Boots- Got more firepower then I was expecting. But as you can see, not even…

Suddenlly, the machine turned bright red, steam was bursting from the machine, and the controls were starting to malfunction.

Risky Boots- What the…What's going…

Machine's computer- Warning! Warning! Systems at critical overload! Systems at (slow motion) critical…overload…

(Outside the power plant)

Brock, Misty, and Officer Jenny had their attention taken completely away from the swarm of Tinkerbats after they heard and saw an enormous explosion from inside the power plant. All the Tinkerbats ran away after the explosion, so they didn't have to worry about them for now.

Brock- Oh no…Ash and Shantae…

Misty- You don't think…

Brock- Let's go see if they're alright!

(In another area in Hau'oli City)

A mysterious figure in a black cloak was watching the smoke from the explosion from where Team Rocket had parked their malasada truck after he had purchased a honey glazed malasada from them only moments ago before the explosion. He watched as the Charge Stones were also shot into the sky and now being scattered across all of Melemele Island.

Mysterious figure- Well…this could complicate things a bit…(chomps)…

The mysterious figure takes a bite out of the malasada he bought from Team Rocket.

Mysterious figure- Hey! That's a pretty damn good malasada! I don't know why those three don't make this their main job. I'll bet it pays more than Giovanni is paying them and let situations where they'd get their asses kicked by Ash. (Chomps)

(Back at the power plant)

After the smoke had cleared from the explosion, Shantae, Ash, and Ash's Poke'mon were protected by a force field created by Shantae's genie magic. The power to Hau'oli City was returned, but the area around them was mostly trashed.

Shantae- I think you might've overdone it a tiny bit there, Ashy-boy…

Ash gave Shantae a nervous smile for a brief moment. Once Shantae dropped the barrier, a soot covered Risky Boots fell from the ceiling and crashed to the floor.

Risky Boots- You! You ****ing idiot! Do you realize what you've just done?!

Ash- Uh…foiled you plan?

Risky Boots- You just shot the Charge Stone across this island! Now I have to find them all over again! But first I'm gonna take your head, Poke'mon Trainer!

Risky Boots swung her sword at Ash, but Ash ducked and managed to kick Risky in the chest, knocking her back to the floor.

Ash- I might usually be commanding my Poke'mon in battle, but that doesn't mean my own combat skills are something you can overlook. Just look at what happened to Ganondorf when he underestimated me. Also, my Poke'mon are really not happy with that attack you tried to make there, Risky.

Risky Boots looked around and saw six of Ash's Poke'mon surrounding her and glaring at her.

Pikachu- Pika!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Lycanroc- (Grrr)

Torracat- (Hiss)

Rowlet- (Whoot)

Poipole- Poi!

Risky Boots- (Grunts) You win this round, but this is far from over!

Then Risky Boots pulls out a grappling gun and uses it to swing out of the area.

Shantae- Risky was right about one thing. Launching the Charge Stones was a stupid move. Now we need to find them again like how Risky is trying to.

Ash- …Ooops…

Suddenly, Brock and Misty rushed into what was left of the room in the power plant.

Brock- Ash, Shantae, is everything alri…oh my…

Misty- Did a bomb go off or something?

Ash- It's…kind of a long story…(nervous laughter)…