Chapter 5: Hunt for The Charge Stones

(Melemele Meadow)

A large glowing rock with electricity was sparking lying in the middle of a flowerbed. Many of the Poke'mon in the meadow were fleeing from it. Soon after, Ash, Shantae, Misty, Brock, Rotom'dex and Richie arrived at the site.

Shantae- Well, this was easier to find than expected.

Misty- Hope no one got crushed when the Charge Stone landed.

Richie- So far, only those flowers were crushed by the stone.

Richie pulled out that cube and the Charge Stone went into the cube like the first Charge Stone they found.

Ash- That makes two. Only three more to go.

Richie- The next Charge Stone landed in Kala'e Bay. And I think there is a path leading to the bay in Melemele Meadow.

Ash- You mean Seaward Cave. I know where that hidden entrance is in the meadow. Mallow and I discovered it while searching for this nectar for a recipe Mallow wanted to try.

(Later at the Kala'e Bay)

Ash, Shantae, Misty, Brock, Rotom'dex and Richie were riding on Misty's Gyarados as they were surfing over the water. Pikachu and Sparky were standing on Gyarados' head, trying to get a read on where the Charge Stone might be. While at the same time, Shantae was starting to feel a little sick going up and down on Gyarados' tail.

Shantae- Crap! I think I'm getting seasick…(gulps)…maybe I should just transform into my crab or mermaid form and swim after the rest of you.

Rotom'dex- I don't think that's such a good idea, Shantae. There are many wild water type Poke'mon under the surface. And they usually try and attack anything that gets in their territory.

Shantae was about to jump off of Gyarados, but then she saw a Tentacruel, Crawdaunt, and Sharpedo battling it out not too far under the water.

Shantae- On second thought, getting seasick doesn't sound so bad!

Richie hands Shantae a bottle of pills.

Richie- Here. Someone else who I work with gets motion sickness and I bring these along in case he has that problem while we're doing a job.

Shantae- Uh…thanks…

After Shantae took some of those pills, Brock and Misty noticed Ash was looking around the area like he was expecting something.

Misty- Keeping an eye out for the next Charge Stone?

Ash- I'm keeping an eye out for Team Rocket. Usually by now, those three would try to jump me in one way or another.

Brock- I guess that makes sense, but do you think they'll try anything with a second member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team with you?

Ash- They tried charging Sonic while he was in his super form. They even followed me to Kirby's home planet. So I think it's very possible.

Richie- Actually, I overheard someone recently made them an offer they…(hehe)…couldn't refuse…

Rotom'dex- Does not really compute…

Shantae- Now that you mention it, we haven't seen Risky since we encountered her at the power plant.

Ash- Maybe she's too scared to come after us after Pikachu blew up that machine.

Misty- I see you still have a lot of hot air in your head, Ash. You and Shantae were almost caught in that explosion and it's the reason why we're looking for the Charge Stone…again…

Ash- I still beat her! Hell, I even kicked her to the ground without my Poke'mon's help when Risky tried to swing her sword at me! I've been learning to be more independent since Link and I stopped Ganondorf from turning Hyrule into diamond.

Shantae- Risky's not the type to give up so easily. And she has pulled her share of fast trick in the past. Like when she was hunting for these four elemental spirit stones to upgrade Uncle Mimic's steam engine she stole from his workshop, she let me grab the last stone so she could ambush me and take all four stone off of me. She even led me to where the Twinkle Stone was hidden by disguising as a genie. And then there was the time Risky Boots was trying to reactivate this ancient lamp that could ensnare genie and control them, but needed three magic seals first. She kidnapped my uncle while I was retrieving the last seal so she could hold him for ransom.

Brock- I guess pirates are known for their dirty underhanded tactics.

Ash- Especially after what happened to poor Luigi in the first season. What Risky did to him was not pleasant.

Pikachu and Sparky at the same time- Pika Pi!

Pikachu and Sparky pointed at a small patch of sane in the middle of the bay like an island, but too small to really be called an island. There stood a large glowing rock with electricity sparking from it.

(Later at the shrine of Tapu Koko)

Ash and Misty arrived by riding Charizard, Brock and Richie were riding Richie's Charizard, Zippo, and Shantae was flying in her harpie form. Ash and the others got off of Charizard and Zippo after they landed. Harpie Shantae changed back to normal Shantae when she landed.

Ash- Thanks for the help, Charizard. Now return.

Richie- You too, Zippo.

Charizard and Zippo at the same time- (Roar)

Ash and Richie returned Charizard and Zippo to their poke'balls.

Shantae- You know, I've actually just noticed you're the only Poke'mon Trainer I've seen who doesn't call their Poke'mon what Poke'mon they are.

Ash- It's called giving a Poke'mon a nickname. Trainers have the option to give any Poke'mon they catch a nickname. I'll admit, you don't see it very often, but I have met other trainers, aside from Richie, who've given their Poke'mon nicknames. But it is cool that you got Zippo to evolve into Charizard, Richie! Maybe when we're done with this Charge Stone mess, we can have a Poke'mon battle like we did in the Kanto League?

Shantae- Ash, how can you think of a Poke'mon battle at a time like this?!

Ash- I can't help it. Poke'mon battling is in my blood.

Richie- Maybe some other time. I'm pretty sure my boss is gonna want me to get back to work. But yes, Shantae, I like to nickname my Poke'mon. Not just Sparky and Zippo, but all of my Poke'mon. My Butterfree, Happy. My Tyranitar, Cruz. My Fearow, Sky. My Swellow, Rose. And my Espeon, Jewel. Just to name a few.

Rotom'dex- I see the wreckage to the shrine during yours and Sonic's fight against Doctor Eggman still haven't been fixed. That hole in the wall is still there.

Rotom'dex pointed to a large hole in the wall of the shrine.

Brock- Ash, why is there a large hole blown in one of the sacred island guardian shrines?!

Ash- That wasn't me. That was Team Rocket. While Sonic and I were dealing with Eggman who was holding Lillie ransom for a rare machine part, those three busted in with explosives to try and steal both Pikachu and the rare machine part.

Shantae- I'm more curious as to why they'd put a sacred shrine in a hard to reach area with a rickety bridge being the only way to get to it without flying?

Ash- Your guess is as good as mine. I never even asked.

Pikachu and Sparky found the Charge Stone hiding behind the shrine.

Rotom'dex- This makes 4/5. Only one more Charge Stone to find and no villainous encounters yet. The must be a good sign!

Shantae- I wouldn't let my guard down until after we've returned the Charge Stone to where they belong.

Richie- Right. The last Charge Stone is at Ten Carat Hill where I was doing my work before the explosion happened.

Shantae- Wait, why didn't you tell us that? We could've gotten that one first.

Richie- It went through the surface of the hill and landed in the hidden field inside Ten Carat Hill's hollow cavern systems. I was doing my work on the surface at the top. In fact, that Charge Stone almost hit me.

Suddenly, Pikachu heard a noise coming from behind him. Pikachu turned around and for a brief moment, Pikachu thought he saw a mysterious figure in a black cloak watching Ash and Shantae from behind a corner of what was left of the shrine. But as soon as the mysterious figure realized Pikachu noticed him, the mysterious figure in the black cloak moved further back behind the shrine and out of Pikachu's sight. Pikachu rushed to the other side of the shrine, but the mysterious figure was nowhere to be seen.

Pikachu- Pika…?

Pikachu felt a paw touch him from behind. Pikachu jumped and quickly turn around. However, it was just Sparky standing behind him.

Sparky- Pikachu?

Pikachu- Pika pikachu pika!

Sparky- Pika?

Pikachu- Pi! Chu chu pikachu pika.

Ash- Hey Pikachu, Sparky, where'd you go? We're heading for Ten Carat Hill and we need you here now!

After hearing Ash say that, Pikachu and Sparky rushed back towards Ash and the others. But Pikachu still had a strange feeling about that cloaked stranger he thought he saw move behind the shrine.