Seems like Grindeldore is on the rage now since the second Fantastic Beasts came out. I'm sure part of the ship! Anyway, I made a little something that turned out to be a lot longer than planned but I'm extremely happy with it. Don't be cruel, it's my first time writing this ship.

There are two parts to this and the first one is in Albus's POV while the second part will be in Gellert's.

Hope you enjoy!

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Part One

Albus grinned at the children rushing by him. The third years were always the most excited for the trips to Hogsmeade, especially their first one.

He watched as the third years of every house ran around with their group of friends, their eyes bright and shining with wonder as they took in the different shops, fingers pointing at the more popular ones such as Zonko's Joke Shop, Honeydukes, and the Three Broomsticks. The fourth years and above walked at a more eased passed, automatically knowing the routes that would take them to their favorite places. Yet each and every one of them had a happy spark in their eye.

He loved seeing the simple pleasures of youth. Maybe that was one of the reasons why he enjoyed teaching the children as much as he did.

Albus had volunteered as a supervisor for this first trip to watch his students take a breath of fresh air, how each of them cast the weight that was school off their shoulders, however briefly, to have fun with their friends. It was a sight to behold, but Albus had to admit to that not being his only reason for attending as a supervisor.

It appears he has depleted a large amount of his stash of sweets and he had to do what he could to fix that problem.

Not that he told that to anyone, Minerva would have words with him if she were to find out. To this day, Albus was impressed by how far one of his old students have come since he had been the Transfiguration professor. She was certainly a force to be reckon with.

Which is why he made no mention about how he would take a side trip into Honeydukes while watching the children. He felt that they were more than able to watch themselves for the few minutes he would be occupied.

Shifting his eyes around, he strolled with some of the other students as they walked towards the candy shop. Albus got there first and opened the door before holding it to allow the students to enter. They cheerfully thanked him and went inside, Albus following after them.

It was no secret to the students that Albus had a sweet tooth. None of them paid him mind after first glancing at him, more focused on their own choices as what to purchase. Albus grabbed a bag that allowed people to buy an assortment of goods and went straight to his favorite; grabbing the small shovel, he scooped the candies into his bag.

Pleased, he was tying up the bag when something drew his attention from the corner of his eye. The display he was at was right in front of the window, giving him a good view of the alley before him. He didn't notice anything strange that particularly stood out. Students were walking along, talking and laughing as was expected of them from the trip.

His eyebrows scrunched together as he turned his head back down but allowed his eyes to roam over the alley some more, keeping his hands busy as if having trouble tying the candy bag string.

Albus had almost given up completely and would've began his walk to the counter to make his purchase when he saw something, a glimmer of silver burst subtly from one of the corner alleys. His frown deepened and lifted his head, knowing that he had not imagined it. He could barely see the entrance into the alley that was across from him and it was strange that no one else seemed to notice it. It was probably a student trying to be funny, but either way, Albus would have to put a stop to it.

With no small disappointment, Albus placed his sweet bag on the display and hurried outside. Hopefully it would still be there when he got back and could purchase it then. He slipped his hand into his jacket pocket where his wand rested but made no move to take it out. The last thing he needed was for students to see him walking the streets with his wand drawn. The gossip would be instant and impossible to stop.

Then there would be the ones that would want to go with him. No it was better if no one noticed that he was investigating something.

He walked normally to the entrance of the alley and turned in like it was an everyday thing, walking further inside. He stopped and turned his head to make sure no one was following him, he took out his wand and cast a disillusionment charm on himself. At least this way, no one would notice him if they happen to glance inside the alley.

Albus scanned the area, trying to find anything that could've given off the silver light but couldn't find anything obvious. There was no one inside, if it had been a spell done by a student, they were long gone by now. But Albus was nothing if not thorough, taking his time to walk along the alley this way and then that way, his wand loose but held in front of him.

Towards the middle of the alley, he saw a flash of silver again and turned his head. His gaze met the object in question and his breath stuttered to a halt.

It was a necklace pendent that held the shape of a symbol that is known all across the world by this point, three objects merged to form one sign. Albus would recognize it anywhere but what the bloody hell was it doing there?!

Albus cast several spells on it to make sure it was harmless, the results were good, telling him that it was a simple pendent.

A pendent that was the chosen symbol of his lover long past.

Finding it suddenly extremely hard to swallow the lump in his throat, Albus reached out to pluck the pendent from the wall, not wanting any one to see that someone had left such a thing this close to the school. As soon as his fingers clasped the pendent, he realized his mistake, but it was too late.

He felt the familiar tug as the port key vanished, taking Albus along with it and leaving behind an empty alley in Hogsmeade.

The next second, Albus gasped as he landed hard on his feet, barely able to keep himself from stumbling. He quickly dropped the pendent and raised his wand in defense as he glanced around to gather his bearing.

He was in a large room that was occupied with luxurious office furniture, but one wall was replaced completely by a window, showing Albus a glorious view of a mountainside. The place he was in sat on the top of one of the mountains, given the height, and he was able to view the scenery at equal level.

Albus had no idea where he was physically, but he had a pretty good idea what the place was.

Automatically, he tried to apparate back to Hogsmeade, but there must have been wards against it. Or it might be specific to not allow him to apparate out, Albus considered, trying to think of how he was going to get out of this.

He was mostly shocked by this occurring in the first place, it was one of the last things he would think would happen, being summoned to Nurmengard by a port key. Then again, this could be a ploy to get the blood pact from him, luckily he didn't carry it on his person but kept it under lock and key…and a bunch of spells to keep it safe until he found a way to break it.

Not that he had been strongly trying to break it up til now.

Albus tried to get out through simply using the door, but that held wards as well. He tried other, more violent methods, but to no success. He gritted his teeth when his latest spell failed to cause an effect in the walls but left a mess of the furniture.

Grindelwald was always better at putting up wards than him breaking them, Albus thought with frustrated bitterness.

He eventually admitted defeat and sat against the large office desk, folding his arms across his chest, his wand held firmly in his hand. He didn't want to know what was going on back in Hogsmeade, the headmaster was going to be cross with him and Minerva was probably going to have a few choice words with him as well.

"Damnit Grindelwald." Albus sighed in frustration. He was not some toy that was to be summoned when and wherever the younger wizard wanted him to!

He didn't have to wait too long, he knew the moment Grindelwald arrived in the castle. One moment it was calm, then abruptly the air was filled with a sort of electricity that raised the hairs on Albus's arms and neck and his blood sang as if reaching out for something beyond the door.

The force made Albus shudder and jerk to a stand, fear coming in full force along with the longing from the pact. It has been decades since he's last seen Grindelwald, not since…that terrible night. And yet, to the blood pact that mattered not, his blood and soul was reaching out for the other vessel it was hosted in and it made Albus feel like he was on fire.

Albus felt Grindelwald getting closer and closer, the magic in the air thickening to a point that it was almost smothering him.

He fought against it and pointed his wand at the door where a man he hadn't seen in two decades walked through a moment later.

Seeing him again was like a sledge hammer to his heart, it ached upon seeing the man he had loved those summers ago. Albus knew what he looked like from pictures in the paper, but they were a candle lite flame to the glorious sun of the real thing. Gone was the delicate, beautiful features he held as a teenager, but that didn't make him any less gorgeous for the man he grew into.

"Albus…" Grindelwald whispered and Albus was able to suppress the shiver that tried to make its way up his spine. The blonde paused inside the entrance when he spotted the wand trained on him.

"Let me leave, Grindelwald." Albus demanded, attempting to crush whatever he was feeling at seeing his former lover again. That was easier said than done.

Grindelwald raised both his hands and closed the door softly behind him with his foot. It clicked shut and he took a step forward. Albus tilted his wand at him in warning.

"Come Albus, you and I both know you wouldn't attack someone unarmed." He said taking another step.

"It wouldn't be an attack if its self-defense." Albus countered, not dropping his wand as Grindelwald continued to take slow steps towards him one at a time.

"Self-defense? Mein liebling, what do you think I could possibly do to you without a wand?" Grindelwald questioned. He was a few yards away now.

Albus flinched at the nickname, his wand hand twitching slightly but it remained trained on the man in front of him. "There are ways to hurt someone without magic. I will hex you if you don't stay where you are."

"Will you?" Grindelwald questioned, pausing in his stride and shifted his hands from in front of him to be clasped behind him. He regarded Albus with those mismatching eyes and Albus met it with his own blue gaze. They were at an impasse for a few seconds before Grindelwald grinned confidently. "No you won't."

Albus sighed, breaking eye contact first, he dipped his wand down but it remained within easy distance to cast a spell if needed. "Why am I here Grindelwald? What could possibly be the reason you have forced me here?"

Grindelwald's face gained a confused frown and instead of answering his questions, he asked one himself. "Why are you calling me by my last name?"

"Because that's who you are isn't it? The great and powerful dark lord Grindelwald." Albus replied, not being able to completely hide the traces of bitterness in his tone.

"Never to you." Grindelwald protested, appearing about to take another step but Albus sent him a look that caused him to let out a frustrated huff. "To you, I'll always be Gell—"

"The boy I loved who went by that name is dead." Albus interrupted harshly, not caring about the flash in Grindelwald's eyes at that. "You are nothing—"

"That's a lie!" Grindelwald yelled, his eyes flashing in rage.

He surged forward and before Albus got the chance to lift his wand, Grindelwald was there in front of him, slapping the wand out of his hand and pressed himself against Albus, forcing him against the desk. Albus felt his wrists yanked apart and held in a fierce grip to the desk, their bodies close and their breath mingling.

Albus stared into Grindelwald's furious eyes while trying to ignore the fast paced beating of his heart. The pact within his blood singing at the touch.

"Let me go." Albus ordered him calmly.

"Not if you're going to continue to tell me such a ridiculous lie!" Grindelwald counter fiercely, glaring at Albus.

"Is it?" Albus whispered softly, not breaking Grindelwald glare this time. "When the alternative would be to acknowledge that the person I love is the most wanted criminal in the wizarding world? A person who had a part in my sister's death?"

Grindelwald jerked as if slapped, staring at him with wide eyes that instantly lost all their anger and filled with regret instead. Albus turned away from the sight, not wanting to see it. He shifted away a couple yards and Grindelwald allowed him to, his hands falling limply to his sides. They stood in silence for a while but it was broken by Grindelwald.

"If there was any action I could take back…" he started but trailed off. Albus wasn't facing him, but he could hear the tremor in Grindelwald's voice, it made him want to turn around and bring him into his arms, but Albus held back. "It would be her death."

Albus shook his head, refusing to turn around. "It's too late for that now. Her death will be on both of our consciousness forever."

"It's what also took you away from me." He heard Grindelwald continue soft enough that he wasn't sure he was supposed to hear it at all.

"She made me open my eyes a lot sooner I think." Albus informed him, turning his head to find Grindelwald watching him. "The result would have been the same in the end."

"You believe you would have always left me and our dream?" Grindelwald asked though it sounded more like a statement. A sad acknowledging one.

"Maybe." Albus replied simply.

It was hard being here, being so close yet feeling as if they were standing on opposite points of the world. They might as well have been for how crushed Albus was feeling from being in Grindelwald's presence.

He watched Grindelwald go through his thoughts. Albus was tempted to try to take a peak but Grindelwald would know if he tried and he had powerful shields up anyway that would probably be near impossible to break through for any one. Besides, there was more pressing matters.

"You haven't answered my question." Albus said, gaining Grindelwald's attention. "Why am I here?"

"You possess our pact." Grindelwald stated almost causally, but Albus knew him better than that. He still shifted from one foot to the other once when he was nervous. "I would like it back."

"Why?" Albus asked him, already having an idea. "So I can't stop you?"

Grindelwald had turned his head away when he had shifted but Albus's reply had his head whip back towards him, mismatched eyes flashing.

"So you wouldn't be forced to have to try!"

Albus frowned. "What are you—"

"Liebling," Grindelwald breathe out with a sigh and started towards him. Albus allowed the movement without protest and Grindelwald stopped in front of him, cupping his cheek with one hand. His thumb slowly stroking Albus's cheekbone. "We all know that you are the only one who can come close to defeating me. The ministry will do what they can to convince you to fight me, but the pact gives you the excuse to say no. You can remain apart from this, you don't have to fight the one you love."

Albus opened his mouth to protest but was stopped when Grindelwald slid his hand that was cupping his face down and pressed his finger to his lips.

"I cannot hear you tell me you don't love me." Grindelwald whispered with a sad smile. "Even I have limits of what I can bear."

Albus stared at Grindelwald, looking for any signs of deceit, but couldn't find any. As much and as hard he tried, he couldn't and he knew he wouldn't. Grindelwald had never lied to him and it made his heart gain another crack in it. He knew Grindelwald was right, he was right and Albus had a hard time acknowledging it.

Because it meant the one thing that Albus had spent the past twenty years trying to bury remained one of his most ultimate truths.

Albus reached up and grabbed Gellert's hand. He felt him stiffen but didn't tried to pull away when Albus removed his hand from his mouth. He kept the hand in his hold and pressed it to his chest.

"I'll never say I don't love you." Albus informed him matter of fact. "I cannot."

"Und ich zu dir, mein herz." Gellert replied and Albus's heart skipped a beat in his chest. He wondered if Gellert felt it because a tiny smirk formed on his lips. It made his whole face glow and the air around them seemed to warm around Albus.

"I will not give the pact to you." Albus said reluctantly ruining the small moment of peace they had in a long time.

Gellert shook his head but didn't protest. Instead he took a step closer, invading Albus's space and took his free hand to clasp his neck.

"Is there nothing I can say?" Gellert question and Albus shook his head. "Then will you do me a favor?"

This time Albus nodded, feeling Gellert's cool breath on his lips and the heat of his body pressed against his.

"My name, won't you say it for me? Not my last one, mind you." Gellert finished with a smirk but Albus knew that he was nervous about him denying. It was a simple enough request that he wasn't going to refuse.

Albus let out a deep breath through his nose and pressed his forehead to Gellert's, closing his eyes.

"Mein drache, Gellert." He whispered, his German a little rusty from disuse.

He heard a sharp intake of air and suddenly both of Gellert's hands were grabbing his face. He opened his eyes in time for their lips to meet to which caused his eyes to fall shut again. He couldn't stop himself from leaning into the kiss, the pact between them causing their blood to erupt in flames and sing in harmony as their heart beat as one in separate bodies.

Albus grabbed hold of Gellert's waist and pulled him in closer. Gellert pushed towards him and Albus ended up having to back up until his legs hit the desk forcing them to stop. Still neither of them broke contact and when Gellert opened his mouth and ran his tongue along Albus's bottom lip, he opened and allowed him in.

Albus hadn't felt this alive since they had been together back as teenagers in that summer long ago. He found it as easy to surrender to Gellert as he had then, a part of him was scared about how it was too easy. But then Gellert bit on his bottom lip gently and all thoughts flew out the window.

Albus didn't know how long they kissed, it was an intense and passionate moment that he hadn't wanted to end but it did. They both needed to breathe eventually and pulled back together. Not far and still in each other's arms.

"Please mein herz," Gellert entreated again softly, breathless, against his lips. "Don't force yourself to have to fight me."

"Will you stop if I agree to?" Albus whisper back just as out of breath, reality settling back in abruptly and painfully. He already knew the answer, but he had to try.

When all that he got in reply was silence, Albus sighed and drew away from Gellert. He felt Gellert's grip tighten for a second, as if to force him to stay but then it went slack, allowing Albus to move away.

He suddenly felt cold.

"Then we have nothing else to talk about. Send me back." Albus said firmly, trying to ignore the spikes jabbing into his heart at his own words. When it looked like Gellert would argue, he softened his voice. "Gellert, please."

Albus visibly saw Gellert's resolve melt, his eyes shining with unspoken words but he nodded and turned his back to him. He made his way to behind the desk and took another pendent out.

"This will take you back to where the port key took you from. All you have to do is give it a squeeze. It'll work once." Gellert informed him and held the pendent out. When Albus took it, his heart felt like it was about to break for what felt like the thousandth time when he saw that it was in the shape of a phoenix.

He glanced up and met Gellert's eyes for what will probably be the last time before they were facing each other in battle. Albus couldn't help the sting he started to feel in his eyes. He took a couple steps back and waved his hand. His wand flying from wherever it had landed when Gellert slapped it away and went in his hand.

"Goodbye, Gellert." Albus said with a final tone. It looked like Gellert had opened his mouth to say something, but Albus had squeezed the pendent and was pulled away before the words were heard.

Albus had been right about one thing. The headmaster and Minerva had a few choice words with him when he got back.

He had arrived in the same spot he left, the alley deserted and most of the town as well. Apparently, Minerva had had to come and gather the students back to school when it became obvious that Albus was missing. Of course, the headmaster and staff had been worried, but he had been able to make up excuses to get him scolded but nothing that revealed where he truly had been.

The biggest disappointment was finding out that his bag of treats had been gone upon his arrival and he couldn't get more.

Albus suspected Minerva knew more than she let on, but that didn't surprise him. She was one of his most brilliant former students and current friend. However, after he had left the headmaster's office she didn't say anything more to him to which he was grateful. The last thing he wanted was to be drilled further, he could not allow anyone to find out about his little unplanned trip to Nurmengard.

Over the next few months, Albus went back to teaching and that remained his focus. His students were most important to him and the rest of the world fell away.

However, it could never be completely gone. Papers were always being printed, the written word displaying Gellert's latest schemes and talk among the staff and students seemed endless.

Albus knew Gellert was doing terrible things yet he didn't make a move towards breaking the pact.

It was Newt that eventually got him to start.

Good, humble Newt. Pure, Newt. Albus believed that he's never met someone so good-hearted in his life other than…his sister.

Almost seven months after Albus had his 'trip,' Newt had sent him an owl. Asking him how his task went on trying to break the pact and offered his help if he believed any of his creatures could help, granted that it wouldn't harm them.

The letter sent a wave of guilt over Albus, one that he couldn't easily ignore. He wouldn't be able to, in good conscience, continue his life in Hogwarts knowing Newt faithfully thought he was doing everything in his power to break the pact.

The waves of conflicting emotions raged within him for a couple weeks before he made his decision.

He wrote to Newt, requesting his and his briefcase's presence at Hogwarts.

As Albus watched the owl taking his letter fly out from the owlery tower, he felt another crack form in his heart. He wondered how much more it would take before finally breaking.

A month later Newt arrived to Hogwarts where he stayed as a guess and worked days within his own quarters that were purposely next to Albus's and evenings and nights with Albus on trying to break the pact.

It had been hard to tell Newt that Albus had made little to no progress in all the time that had passed since his former student gave him the pact. Much to his surprise, Newt accepted he statement with a simple nod and asked him if he could look at it.

Together they worked and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Things would slow down at times since neither of them could completely devote their time to breaking the pact. Albus was first and foremost a professor and Newt was a magizoologist and sometimes had to take trips that would range from days to weeks.

Plus there was the lovely Tina Goldstein Newt would occasionally visit. Newt had told Albus everything about her and he could tell by the way Newt looked and talked about her that he was completely gone for her.

Albus could admit a little bit of jealously but was more overwhelmingly happy for his favorite former student.

"I hope I'll be privileged enough to be able to attend the wedding." Albus told him once after Newt had recently come back from a visit and had spent over an hour talking about her.

The Hufflepuff blushed a deep red and turned the other way, immediately changing the subject.

Albus allowed the change with a small hidden smirk.

But the time for research came to an end and experimentation began. They tried multiple things with no effect. Granted, Albus didn't think they would and felt no harm in trying them, but that too soon came to an end.

Newt had been able to acquire basilisk venom. How, Albus wasn't sure he wanted to know, but his former student seem to believe that it was their best shot. Though Albus could tell that Newt was worried about the possible side effects of the venom and of breaking the pact.

It appeared both of them had known that their previous efforts weren't fully committed too. Albus wondered what changed but didn't question it.

This time, they went over all and any possibilities of what could happen and one Friday evening, after classes were dismissed, Newt was with Albus in his office holding the vial of venom.

Albus loved his office, it was a decent size to not be too big but not cluttered either. It also had a lovely view through the large window. One that Albus was currently gazing out of as he leaned against the corner of his desk, the blood pact twirling slowly between his fingers in front of him.

For the first time in a long time, Albus was nervous.

"Dumbledore are you sure you want to do this?" Newt asked softly from behind him. Albus could hear him shifting his weight from one foot to the other, his hands clasped firmly in front of him. "You could both die from this."

"Well then, that would certainly take care of the problem wouldn't it?" Albus replied, trying to sound confident and cheerful but wasn't sure if it came across that way. He turned his head towards him. "Its fine Newt, the pact has to be broken for me to fight Grindelwald."

Newt wouldn't meet his eyes, he hardly did, his hands wriggled together. "That doesn't mean you should have to."

The breath in his throat caught and Albus couldn't breathe at the words.

"You can remain apart from this, you don't have to fight the one you love."…

"Don't force yourself to have to fight me."

A plea, spoken many months ago yet Albus remembered it as if they were just spoken to him minutes before.

Newt was watching him, probably curious from the silence, and it was he who could no longer meet his eyes. His grip on the pact vial loosened enough to almost drop but he tightened his grip in time. He stared at the pact in his hand and thought about what he was about to do.

It was the right thing, he knew that much but at what cost? No one's ever broken a blood pact before, they were too rare and precious for the thought to be considered. He would easily be able to give his life for something he thought needed to be done, but could he do it if it meant Gellert might go into the afterlife with him?

He didn't want to give himself enough time to change his mind.

Turning completely, Albus held his free hand out to Newt silently asking for the venom. Newt's expression flashed with hesitation, to which warmed Albus's abused heart, but it turned grim but determined. Stepping forward to meet him, Newt carefully dropped the dangerous vial into his hand before taking a step back. Albus clasped it firmly then let go of both vials, using his magic to levitate them next to each other in the air.

"Just in case something were to happen…can you place a shield around me?" Albus grinned attempting for light humor. "Wouldn't want to make a mess of the office if it could be helped."

Newt huffed out a frustrated sigh, Albus knew that Newt knew what he was trying to do, but thankfully took out his wand and did as he asked.

Albus inspected the shield bubble that circled around him a couple yards each way and then turned his full attention to the hovering vials. Using his magic he uncapped the venom vial, and prepared to pour it over the pact. Sparing one last glance to Newt who watched with fearful and caring eyes, Albus turned back and had the venom pour over the pact.

Instantly, Albus felt like he was surrounded by fiendfyre, coursing through his body and entire being. Hunching forward, Albus screamed though unaware of it as he clenched his fists to his chest. He's been under the cruciatus curse, but this was far worst. It was like something was melting like acid inside of him but also like whatever it was decided to put up a fight. He wasn't aware of Newt's own screaming, trying to get his attention, nor the tears that were streaming down his face. A war raged within his body, he wasn't aware of the burst of magic that exploded from him, causing the shield around him to shudder and almost break.

He was only aware of the pain.

After the blast of magic the pain slowly began to simmer down until it was a dull ache then nothing. It was almost too much for Albus, he felt as if there was a void within his being and he didn't know what to think about it.

"Dumbledore?" Newt's shaky voice brought him back to reality.

Albus glanced up panting, not having realized that he had fallen and was currently on his knees, a smothering layer of magic in the air.

Newt was kneeling a few feet away, having gotten rid of the bubble once Albus had stopped moving after the magic burst, staring at him with a focus Albus had never seen before in his former student.

"It's done?" Albus gasped in question with a raspy voice, his throat feeling sore.

Newt nodded slowly. "The pact exploded when your magic did. I guess it was fighting the venom before succumbing to it." He cocked his head to the side, his gaze roaming over Albus. "Are you alright?"

"I feel…empty. Why do I feel so hollow?" Albus question still slightly out of breath, his hand clenched in a fist against his chest, his heart pounding underneath.

Newt gave him a sympathetic look. "I would think it's how everyone feels without a pact. You destroy the path where your souls linked and occupied both your bodies. I don't think anyone could come back from this feeling whole."

"I didn't realize how…lonely it is." Albus told him finishing the last word softly and almost to himself. "I spent most of my life with the pact."

"And now it's gone." Newt whispered and Albus had to hold back a flinch.

He let his hands drop to his lap and took in the office he was in. Everything was exactly the same as it was, not a sweet out of place, yet everything was different. Albus had done it, he broke the pact between him and Gellert, meaning there was nothing stopping him from going after him.

It felt far more damaging than Albus thought his heart could handle.

"Yes," Albus sighed trying to convey a calmer exterior than his mental thoughts. He stared at Newt until he met his eyes and held out his hand to him. "Now, will you help me?"

Newt's gaze went to Albus's hand and stared at it for a few seconds. When Albus thought he wouldn't take it, Newt clasped his hand firmly in his own and lifted his head to Albus, eyes filled with determination.

"Together then." Newt said and Albus grinned sadly at that.

"Together." He confirmed.

As Albus walked out of the office with Newt, he tried not to think about the pile of fragments that rested in his chest where his heart used to be.

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Liebling = darling, love, etc

Mein herz = my heart

Und ich zu dir = And I to you

Mein drache = my dragon