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Part Two

Gellert hadn't truly believed that the pendent would work. There was such a small chance it working the way it was planned, that he had almost changed his mind about a dozen times. But the pendent would only work from Albus's touch, Gellert made sure of it, and that was what made him decide to go through with it. He had one of his younger and easily impressionable followers go to Hogsmeade under the guise of a traveler and dropped the pendent off.

Gellert didn't know much about the little town outside Albus's school, but he had enough followers who were former students that were able to tell him about it, particularly about the little sweet shop called Honeydukes. Gellert knew that if there was one place Albus would always visit, it would be a shop that catered to his sweet tooth. Gellert had told the boy to drop the pendent off in view of the shop, careful to avoid giving too much information. It wouldn't do well for other's to know about his plan, all of his followers thought Gellert felt nothing but contempt and maybe even hatred towards the other wizard.

There was not one that knew that it was indeed the opposite.

Gellert had kept an eye out for his former lover, hoping against hope that he would be able to draw the older wizard out but it never happened. At least, Gellert knew that he was safe from Albus coming after him out of duty, the blood pact kept safely with him always in his breast pocket.

Right over his heart.

That changed after Paris.

He discovered the pact gone not ten minutes from leaving the city, it caused him to make quite a scene within his chambers, destroying furniture with his bare hands out of frustration and panic. Once he had calmed down, he realized that the little creature that had climbed over him at the rally must have taken it which meant that little interfering Scamander had it.

That was when the seed was planted to make the pendent because who else would that little annoyance give the pact to but Albus?

They all wanted to use Albus against him. In return, he'll try with all his might to not allow that to happen.

It would break both of them.

So he went through his plan and waited. He couldn't be sure when Albus would find the pendent, but Gellert could be patient when he needed to be, though it was harder when Albus was involved.

It took three months for the pendent to activate.

Gellert hadn't been at Nurmengard when the pendent released its magic, he wasn't even aware of it until he apparated back to the castle, a mishap on his part.

The second his feet touched the carpet of Nurmengard, he was assaulted by a wave of powerful magic, calling out to him, ensnarling his soul as it pressed him to come closer.

He knew instantly what had happened and hurried towards his office. Right when he got to the door, he hesitated, tracing his fingers along the door as he thought about the man on the other side of it.

This would be the first in a long time the two of them had been face to face. Could he stand to be near Albus without allowing the pact to overwhelm him? It was already pulsing throughout his body, urging him increasingly to go through the door, but Gellert forced caution. Summoning Albus wasn't to see him, though it would hopefully be a fruitful benefit.

He had more important things to worry about.

Knowing he couldn't go in armed since Albus would use that as an excuse to hex him, one the pact would allow since it wouldn't cause any real damage, he cast the Elder wand from his sleeve. It went to his chambers where no one would find it and Gellert took a deep breath before letting it out slowly.

He took hold of the door knob, turning it slowly, he opened the door and walked inside.

The sight in the room half surprise and half didn't surprise him.

In a rather destroyed office, Albus in all his righteous fury stood with his wand pointed at Gellert.

"Albus…" Gellert whispered not being able to stop himself. Gone was the young handsome but slightly awkward teenager that Gellert spent a summer with but instead stood a strong, confident man that Gellert would recognize anyway just from the blazing blue eyes that stared him down.

Albus was the only one Gellert would consider his equal back then, and this meeting proved to him that it hadn't changed one bit.

In was like a punch in his gut, seeing him. The pact hummed in his blood, wanting him to go closer but Gellert made no move from the entrance. One should be cautious when someone had a wand pointed at them after all.

"Let me leave, Grindelwald." Albus demanded, his wand hand twitching but remaining firm in his grasp. That was the only tell Gellert got that he was effected at seeing him as well.

But Gellert mentally twitched at the use of his last name. Albus had never used it since the day they met.

Trying to appear defenseless, which they both knew he never was, Gellert raised both his hands and stepped away from the door, using his heel to close softly behind him. It clicked shut and he took a step forward but Albus tilted his wand at him.

"Come Albus, you and I both know you wouldn't attack someone unarmed." He said lightly, taking another step. Part of him was curious to see what Albus would do, he always did like teasing him in a game of chicken when they were young. Gellert won more often than not.

"It wouldn't be an attack if its self-defense." Albus countered dryly, not dropping his wand as Gellert continued to increase his game and purposely took slow steps towards him one at a time.

"Self-defense? Mein liebling, what do you think I could possibly do to you without a wand?" Gellert questioned, the old nickname falling from his lips as easily as they had the first time he spoken them to the elder. He had to admit he was surprised that Albus was letting him close this much distance. He was a few yards away now.

He saw Albus's slight flinch at the old nickname and Gellert felt a tinge of regret at causing the reaction but brushed it aside. It was what Gellert called Albus; why would that suddenly change? Albus's hand had also twitched but was able to keep the wand pinned on his form.

"There are ways to hurt someone without magic. I will hex you if you don't stay where you are." Albus informed him firmly with no hint of a bluff.

The tone made Gellert pause.

"Will you?" Gellert questioned and shifted his hands from in front of him to be clasped behind him. He looked at Albus, who matched his gaze with his own, for any hint of a lie but Albus was always the better at keeping his emotions behind a mask. They stood, Gellert observing any movement or twitch Albus did, while the elder watched him for any nefarious movements. Gellert couldn't be sure if he meant it or not, but with their history… He grinned after a few moments and spoke confidently. "No you won't."

Gellert knew he won this old game of chicken when Albus sighed, breaking eye contact first. The elder dipped his wand down but Gellert noticed that it remained within easy distance to cast a spell if needed. "Why am I here Grindelwald? What could possibly be the reason you have forced me here?"

At hearing his last name again upon the lips of his former lover, Gellert frowned in confusion. What was Albus up to? "Why are you calling me by my last name?"

"Because that's who you are isn't it? The great and powerful dark lord Grindelwald." Albus replied almost sarcastically but Gellert was sure he heard bitterness in the undertones. That slight hint was what kept Gellert from flinching at the question.

"Never to you." Gellert protested hurriedly. How could Albus think that he would be anything else to him? What was going on in his mind? Gellert attempted to take a step towards Albus, but received a scowl that made him stop in place. Frustrated and more than a little confused and hurt, Gellert let out a burst of air from his mouth. "To you, I'll always be Gell—"

"The boy I loved who went by that name is dead." Albus interrupted harshly no hint anymore but pure stated fact. Those blazing blues flashing with contempt. "You are nothing—"

"That's a lie!" Gellert cried out, his own anger fueling his tone and surging through his body. Impossible! How dare Albus say such a thing to him!

He surged forward, moving fast enough that Gellert was there in front of him within a second. He forced the wand out of Albus's hand and pressed himself against Albus, pushing him against the desk. Gellert took Albus's wrist in his own hands, ripping them apart and pulled them back so that they were held behind Albus's back on the desk. Their bodies close and their breath mingling.

Gellert glared at Albus, ignoring the pact that sang through his blood at being this close to the person who held the other end. Albus stared down at him calmly, his eyes not flinching nor quivering with any emotion.

"Let me go." Albus ordered him with no emotion as if the pact had no effect on him.

"Not if you're going to continue to tell me such a ridiculous lie!" Gellert counter fiercely. The way Albus was acting was more than a little off putting, he was almost afraid to let Albus go because he honestly didn't know what Albus was thinking at the moment.

Gellert didn't think he had been this blind-sided this years.

"Is it?" Albus whispered softly, continuing to gaze at him with those infuriating calm eyes. "When the alternative would be to acknowledge that the person I love is the most wanted criminal in the wizarding world? A person who had a part in my sister's death?"

Gellert couldn't stop the flinch that jerked his entire body, his grip on Albus's wrists loosening though they remained in his hold. The movement caused Gellert to create a gap between them and Albus took advance by turning away from him, shifting to move away. Gellert wanted badly to stop his movements but his regret overshadowed the reflex. He let his arms fall limply to his sides and Albus moved away from him, stopping at the corner of his desk.

There was a tense silence between them, one that Gellert didn't know how to break. The mention of Albus's sister brought up painful memories that he would rather not revisit again. But at least he understood what was going through Albus's head and why he was acting as he did.

Gellert hated seeing Albus turned away from him, but he knew that the elder wasn't going to break the silence. Gellert didn't want to either, but this time, he'll relent.

"If there was any action I could take back…" he started but trailed off because he noticed the unsteadiness of his voice. Albus wasn't facing him, but he could tell that he was listening by the slightest tilt of his head towards him. It gave Gellert the ability to continue, damn the tremor in his voice, Albus needed to hear this! "It would be her death."

Albus shook his head, but he didn't turn around. Instead, he crossed his arms over his chest while letting out a sigh through his nose. "It's too late for that now. Her death will be on both of our consciousness forever."

"It's what also took you away from me." He couldn't help but replied. It came out as a whisper, not completely sure if he had meant for Albus to hear the words or not.

Albus did.

"She made me open my eyes a lot sooner I think." Albus informed him, finally turning his head back to Gellert. "The result would have been the same in the end."

"You believe you would have always left me and our dream?" Gellert asked not wanting to hear the answer. He knew what it would be. He, probably better than anyone, knew Albus's heart and maybe, just maybe, Albus's statement was right.

"Maybe." Albus replied simply and Gellert felt his heart crack.

Oh how much the truth hurt. Gellert didn't want to acknowledge Albus's words but he couldn't stop his mind from doing so and it hurt. They had been perfect together that summer long ago. They had shared everything together, definitely more than Gellert had done to anyone before and Albus had taken it all in stride. Matching his wits, cunning, ambitions, and power with his own. And after the pact, for a short period, it had been as if they had been one.

Then that stupid argument with Albus's brother happened and everything that was light in Gellert's life became dark.

She was supposed to go with them!

"You haven't answered my question." Albus said slowly, drawing Gellert out of his thoughts. He briefly wondered how long Albus allowed him to ponder. "Why am I here?"

"You possess our pact." Gellert answered immediately, not yet being able to meet Albus's eyes. Yes, the whole point in summoning Albus in the first place. They had gotten quite off track from it. "I would like it back."

"Why?" Albus asked him as if trying to confirm an idea. "So I can't stop you?"

Gellert's breath caught in his throat, anger coursing through him again. Of all things, that was what Albus first thought would be the reason? Did he not think anything of his feelings for the elder?

Gellert's head whipped around and sent Albus a scowled hoping that it'll convey his thoughts about that idea. "So you wouldn't be forced to have to try!"

"What are you—"

"Liebling," Gellert breathe out with a sigh, his body slumping as if his energy drained out. Albus looked genuinely puzzled and truly didn't know why Gellert was trying to get back the pact. He couldn't remain angry at that, not that he could for long with Albus.

Gellert started towards him and part of him was surprised when Albus allowed it. He stopped directly in front of him and risked more, lifting his hand to cup Albus's cheek. Again, it was allowed and Gellert felt a tinge of pleasure course through him at the accepted touch.

"We all know that you are the only one who can come close to defeating me. The ministry will do what they can to convince you to fight me, but the pact gives you the excuse to say no. You can remain apart from this, you don't have to fight the one you love." Gellert told his former lover but still love, stroking Albus's cheekbone as he talked.

Albus opened his mouth in what Gellert knew would be a protest and quickly slide his hand from his face to press his index finger against Albus's lips. Albus stopped and waited for Gellert to continue for which he was grateful for.

"I cannot hear you tell me you don't love me." Gellert whispered allowing himself a sad smile to show on his lips. He hated to show any form of weakness, but for Albus…Albus he'll do it for. "Even I have limits of what I can bear."

Albus stared at him and Gellert stared right back, refusing to break the eye contact. He knew that Albus was looking for a lie, it would be much easier for him to deny them if he did, but he wouldn't. Everything Gellert had said was the complete and utter truth. He has never lied to Albus, it would be of unworthy of both of them for him to do such a thing.

Gellert continued to watch as an internal struggle raged behind Albus's eyes but refused to move or break contact. This was something Albus had to accept, no matter how hard it was.

The truth hurts.

Eventually, Albus reached up and grabbed Gellert's hand. Gellert stiffened, not knowing what Albus was going to do but didn't move away because there the blazing blues were calmer and staring at him with determination. He didn't protest as Albus removed his hand from his mouth but was surprised when he pressed it against his chest. He could feel Albus's steady and strong heartbeat underneath his palm.

"I'll never say I don't love you." Albus informed him matter of fact. "I cannot."

Gellert's heart skipped a beat, there was no lie in those eyes and a wave of warmth course through his body at the words.

"Und ich zu dir, mein herz." Gellert breathed in his native tongue. It was sort of a habit he was never able to get rid of, slipping into it when he was caught off guard.

At his words, Gellert felt the heart underneath his hand stutter and gained a tiny smirk as Albus himself gained a slightly pink tone on his cheeks.

"I will not give the pact to you." Albus said firmly but his eyes shifted away from his, displaying his reluctance at having officially ruined the moment.

Gellert had to hold in a sigh. After everything they talked about, Albus wasn't going to give in. Albus knew that people were using him as a tool to someday fight Gellert, the pressure building until he'll finally give in and broke the pact. Yet armed with this knowledge, Albus refused to give him back the pact.

And Albus was as stubborn as Gellert himself, even more sometimes, when he sets his mind to it. Gellert knew he lost the fight.

He shook his head but didn't answer right away. Instead, he took a step closer until their bodies were pressed against each other. Albus's body heat wrapped around him and he had to repress a shiver. Taking the hand that wasn't in Albus's grasp, he reached up and clasped the elder's neck.

"Is there nothing I can say?" Gellert tried again, not ready to completely give up. But Albus shook his head immediately, cutting off anymore arguments Gellert had. "Then will you do me a favor?"

If this was going to be the last time they would find peace with each other, he would make the most of it.

This time Albus nodded and Gellert pressed himself closer until he could feel Albus's breath on his face. The heat of his body hugging him like an old friend.

"My name, won't you say it for me? Not my last one, mind you." Gellert requested, trying to lighten the mood a bit but he was sure Albus could tell how nervous he was. He didn't want to be named 'Grindelwald' in Albus's thoughts. With him, it was always just Gellert, and that's what he wanted to be when Albus thought of him.

The boy he fell in love with.

Gellert watched, his body stiff as Albus let out a deep breath through his nose but then leaned forward, pressing his forehead to his.

"Mein drache, Gellert." Albus whispered lovingly in rough Germen, his eyes closed.

Gellert's breath cut off as he stared at Albus with wide eyes, for a second not believing what he heard, before throwing himself at him. Albus caught him automatically, his eyes opening for as long as it took for Gellert to grab his head between his hands and using it as leverage to bring their mouths together. When Albus melted into him, leaning into the touch, hands grabbing his waist to pull him closer, Gellert felt the pact sing, his blood catch fire and his heart soar as it pounded in his chest like he knew it was doing in Albus's. The hearts beating as one.

Gellert continued to push at Albus, causing the elder to stumble a bit backwards until his legs hit the desk which forced them to stop. Gellert didn't know how they hadn't tripped, but his thoughts turned to focus wholly on the man before him and licked his bottom lip for access which was granted to him.

Albus submitted under his touch while also making sure Gellert stayed right where he wanted him and Gellert felt ecstatic for it. It was like they hadn't been separate all these years but were again teenagers at the height of their passion. He knew that he care for Albus the same way he had those summers ago but debated whether it was the same for Albus.

But that nickname, Gellert hadn't heard it in a long time and Albus whispering it in such a tone had set him off. Now Gellert knew that Albus felt the same, there was still something between them even if fate had torn them apart and the whole rest of the world had pitted them against one another.

Gellert didn't know how much time passed but he felt as if there was no more air in his lungs once they were forced to pull from one another. They didn't go far, their pants lingering in the same space between them, neither of them loosening their grip from the other.

"Please mein herz," Gellert pleaded one last time, needing to try after that. It came out breathless, but he thought that the plea sounded better for it. "Don't force yourself to have to fight me."

"Will you stop if I agree to?" Albus whisper back just as out of breath, muttering the words against Gellert's lips. The sensation made Gellert's spine tingle but the words brought him back to the harsh reality.

He couldn't stop. Not now. There had been many deaths already all for the greater good. What he was trying to do couldn't be stopped on a whim, they had both thought better than that and he had fought for greater. He couldn't stop because he was trying to make the world better.

When his replied was silence, Gellert felt more than heard Albus's sigh and began to move away. Gellert instantly tightened his grip on Albus, not wanting him to go. He wanted him to stay. Like this. Not letting the harsh world come between them again but…

Gellert knew it couldn't be.

Albus had paused for a second when his grip tightened but Gellert forced himself to relax and the elder moved away, leaving Gellert to feel cold.

"Then we have nothing else to talk about. Send me back." Albus spoke firmly, but when Gellert turned to him to protest, he continued. "Gellert, please."

Gellert saw the plea in more than Albus's statement, there was a pain in his eyes that probably very much reflected the pain in his own. He couldn't argue with the man, not when both of them were feeling the heartache that they both knew had to happen.

With a nod, he turned around and made his way to the other side of his desk. He knew that he would have to create a way to get Albus back to the village so had created the pendent when he made the first one. Opening the draw it was hidden in, he pulled it gently out and held the pendent towards Albus.

"This will take you back to where the port key took you from. All you have to do is give it a squeeze. It'll work once." Gellert informed him. Albus came around the desk to him and took the pendent, his blue eyes flashing with more regrettable pain as he took in the sight of the phoenix shape.

Albus glanced up from the pendent and met Gellert's eyes. Gellert had a feeling that this would be the last time they would meet again before coming to face each other in battle. He didn't need to be a Seer to know this, but it hurt all the same knowing.

Gellert could swear that Albus had a shine in his eyes as he stepped backwards and waved his hand, summoning his wand to his hand without looking away from Gellert. But then again, Gellert could just be imagining it what with the own stinging in his eyes distracting him.

"Goodbye, Gellert." Albus said with a final tone.

Gellert opened his mouth but Albus squeezed the pendent the next instant and was gone, leaving Gellert alone in his destroyed office.

"Goodbye, mein herz." Gellert whispered to the empty room, staring at the spot Albus had previously occupied.

Knowing that Gellert's plan had failed, he waited patiently for the end to come. He didn't pause any of his schemes but in the back of his head there was a lingering thought that constantly check the status of the pact.

It was always there when he checked and he dreaded the day to come when he reached out for it and it wouldn't be there.

Of course he knew that there was a possibility of both Albus and him dying if Albus succeeded in breaking the pact but that was rumors and myths. Nothing was concrete because there hasn't been any recording of a blood pact being destroyed. However, considering how rare and powerful they were, most assumed that such a thing could only in the death of the participants.

Gellert continued to wait.

After the first few months, Gellert began to relax and stopped constantly checking the pact. When more months past, he started to think that maybe the reason there was no accounts of a broken blood pact was because it couldn't be destroy. If that were the case then he wouldn't have to worry about Albus being forced to come after him. He would be able to do what he wanted and Albus could live knowing that he tried something that was impossible.

But the peace in Gellert's mind didn't last.

One night, he was jerked awake, covered in sweat and breathing harshly, by a terrible vision. It was him and Albus dueling, both of them multiple years older than what they were, but Gellert would recognized himself and Albus's blue eyes anywhere. He didn't see the end of the duel, but the knowledge that the pact could be broken was more than enough to put Gellert on edge again.

It was Albus's decision on whether or not to break the pact. It was the factor that was delaying things.

After that night, Gellert went back to his business but not a week later something happened.

Gellert was in his office relaxing on his couch, having finished a long visit to France when what felt like a rip within his very soul seared him.

With a cry, Gellert stumbled to his feet, only to come crashing down on his knees at the pain. His hands clenched and tore at his chest as what felt like fiendfyre course through him wave after wave. He was unaware of his screams, too focused on the pain but no one came. Gellert had placed wards on his office that allowed no one entry unless Gellert explicitly allowed it, along with sound and damage proof barriers.

He was alone in his pain.

With one final anguish scream, his magic erupted around him, exploding around the room. It caused all the furniture to be upturned and tossed this way and that, along with the back window that was used as a wall to shatter on impact.

When it was done and there was no more pain, Gellert stayed on his knees, gasping as he tried to get back his bearings. Once he had calmed down enough, Gellert became aware of the frantic pounding on his office door.

Not wanting to get up, but knowing he wouldn't be disturbed for no reason, he forced himself to his feet and stumbled to the door. He opened it enough that no one could see the destroy room behind him and saw a panicked Vinda on the other side.

Before he could ask what's wrong, she spoke.

"It's Queenie! She collapsed and is screaming as if under attack but nothing's happening!" Vinda exclaimed, her eyes gleaming with worry.

All of Gellert's energy returned to him as he came out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him, and hurried after Vinda. She took him to Queenie's room where others were waiting outside her door nervously.

"Begone," Gellert told them firmly, not giving them time to reply as he slipped into the room and shut the door on their faces.

The first thing Gellert noticed was how utterly feminine Queenie's room was and the second was that it was quiet. Vinda had told him she had been screaming but there was only a dreadful silence in the air that unnerved him.

Gellert walked further into the room and spotted Queenie lying on the floor, her eyes closed with tear stains on her cheeks and body motionless.

Immediately, he went to her, kneeling beside her and used his wand to cast multiple spells on her to check for any injuries. When he didn't find any, he was left confused but she was alive. He cast a spell that lifted her limp body and he moved it onto the couch in her chamber. He moved one of the chairs from the corner of the room and placed it down in front of the couch and sat down.

He was patient and waited for Queenie to wake up. She would be the only one who could explain what had happened. As he waited, his thoughts wandered and went back to what had occurred in his office. Never had he felt such pain, he wondered what could have been the cause of such an attack. His mind ran through different causes out what could've happened until he came to the one that should have been his first guess.

Dreading the result, Gellert reached out with his magic to search for something that usually called back to him automatically.

But this time nothing happened.

Despair clouded Gellert's thoughts, hunching forward as he placed his head in his hands trying to get a grip of himself. No longer being distracted, he felt the sudden void in his being as if a piece of himself had been tore out. He knew it was something that couldn't be fixed or replaced. His magic was raging liking coils around the room and out through the castle as if searching for something, but it would find nothing. Never again would it find the thing it searched for.

Albus had broken the pact.

Gellert had never realized how empty and alone not sharing one's soul with another felt.

He hated it.

Queenie stirred on the couch and his attention went back to her.

"Queenie." Gellert whispered gently pushing down his thoughts about the pact, he needed to focus on Queenie. He waved his wand to shut the curtains, he didn't know if she would be sensitive to light or sound.

Queenie stirred some more and after a few seconds, her eyes opened. They roamed around but soon landed on Gellert's form. Gellert was caught by surprise when, upon seeing him, her eyes began to water again and her breathing choked in her throat.

"Queenie. Calm down. You're alright." Gellert attempted to soothe her but she only sobbed harder. He took her hand in his and she latched onto it in a startling amount of strength.

He used his free hand to stroke the top of Queenie's as she continued to sob, unable to speak and Gellert knowing this, waited.

"Y-you." Queenie started to choke out, her voice raspy from her earlier screams, but Gellert hushed her.

"No need to rush. You're safe here." Gellert told her.

Queenie shook her head fiercely and lifted her eyes to his and there was nothing but pain filled compassion in those young eyes.

"You were in so much pain!" Queenie gasped, her hold on his hand tightening more.

Realization dawned on Gellert. He knew that Queenie was a natural Legilimens, not being able to help what she naturally saw and took into her own mind. His attack much have broken down some of his mentally barriers and, as a result, Queenie felt everything he did.

"Queenie, I'm sorry." Gellert apologized truthfully. If it had been terrible for him to go through, he couldn't imagine what it would have been like for the young woman. "Please know that you shouldn't have had to deal with that."

"What was it? Are you alright?" Queenie asked no longer crying. She struggled to sit up and Gellert helped her, they sat facing one another. Her gaze went over him multiple times as if trying to find injury.

"I—" Gellert cut himself off, not knowing how to answer. No one knew about the pact, at least not on Gellert's side. He didn't want to tell anyone about it either not that it mattered much anymore.

But Queenie was watching him with such concern and compassion and had to go through what Gellert did. Gellert decided she needed some form of answer.

"I lost something." Gellert told her softly.

"You lost someone." Queenie countered, her tone leaving no room for argument.

Gellert gained a sad smirk at that. "Yes, you could say that. They broke something that we had and it's impossible to fix. I'm sorry you had to feel the destruction of it."

Queenie observed him and Gellert allowed it. If there was anyone that would come anywhere close to how he was feeling at the moment, it would be her. She leaned forward and took both of his hands in hers.

"Show me?" She requested, her eyes filled with determination.

Gellert thought about telling her no, but…she would understand.

He opened his mind to her and showed her parts of that summer long ago, not any of the inappropriate parts, but enough to give her what she needed, including the creation of the blood pact. He showed her how that summer ended and the meeting those months ago in his office. He showed her not only the memories but the emotions behind them.

By the end of it, where Gellert stopped with the memory of realizing the pact had been destroyed, Queenie had tears silently streaming down her cheeks again.

"I'm sorry." She whispered in a heartbroken voice.

Gellert switched their hands, holding both of hers in his. "Do not be sorry. We had chosen our paths a long time ago. It was a matter of time."

"But you still love him, and he you?" It was a question that sounded more like statement.

"Yes." Gellert confirmed, their voices no louder than a whisper. To his surprise, Queenie removed her hands from his and wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

He stiffened at the touch, he hadn't been held by anyone with any kindness other than Albus.

But given the circumstances, maybe just this once, he could show some weakness to someone else.

Keeping a tight barrier on his mental wards to control what Queenie sees, he let some of his despair leak through and leaned into her hold.

Queenie tightened her grip and remained a silent comfort.

And that's part two! I thought I would have a hard time getting this part the same length as part one but the opposite happened and this one is longer than part one! Lol, anyway, hope my readers enjoyed this little two part oneshot. It was a pleasure writing…and a little painful. Be sure to leave me a review if you enjoyed it!

Liebling = darling, love, etc

Mein herz = my heart

Und ich zu dir = And I to you

Mein drache = my dragon