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Starring Tom Holland as Peter/Spiderman

Peter Parker has been Spiderman for several months and has fought all kinds of villains ranging from muggers to gangsters to gunmen, but one villain in particular that he meets is about to change his life forever when he targets his loved one. Set in an alternate universe on Earth-192322, acts as a parallel universe to the actual Spider-Man: Homecoming movie and its sequels.

It was not every day for fifteen-year-old Peter to take a field trip to Empire State University. Peter got up extra early and made sure he looked good. He combed through his chocolate brown hair, put contacts in his hazel eyes, put on a brown jacket with a hoodie over a gray shirt and put on a pair of blue jeans complete with black sneakers. He just had to look extra good; his crush was going with him on the field trip, along with his friends, Ned and Harry. He dashed down the stairs, saying hi to his middle-aged Aunt May and Uncle Ben before racing out the door. Before he could close it all the way, he heard his Uncle Ben saying how much he loved him.

Peter exclaimed without looking over his shoulder, "Love you too."

He closed the door and locked it with his personal key. Instead of getting a car ride to school, he took his more preferred route. His friend Harry Osborn, son of a very wealthy and successful businessman named Norman Osborn, CEO of a multinational corporation known as Oscorp, picked him up, actually. He raced down the street and Harry picked him up in his fancy Toyota 2018 and drove him to Midtown School of Science and Technology, a private school that only three percent of students from public school get to go to. At the front of the door, he found his socially awkward friend, Ned, waiting for him and Harry. The three of them walk into the crowded school to get to class.

"What's up, Ned?" Peter says to his friend, high-fiving him in the process.

"Nothing much, just waiting for you," Ned says dryly. "Can you believe that we are going to ESU? That's a college that I've dreamt of going to."

Harry tried to act modestly, something that he was not good at. "As prestigious as it sounds, I'd rather go somewhere that feels right for me. Somewhere like Culver University."

Peter was a little alarmed that Harry would pick somewhere far away. "Culver University? That's in Willowdale."

"I know." He was aware and unfazed of the distance. "I want to go there so I can study molecular biology and nanobiotechnology."

Peter has never even heard of that last word, but it sounded something that would be up to Harry's alley. He decided to joke with him and say, "Whoah, Harry, that's a big word even for you."

"Haha," he barely deflected.

"How does your dad feel about it?"

Harry had had a talk with his father about his decision for college and his answer was, "My dad wants me to study business administration as he did. He actually wants me to take over Oscorp for when he passes. He's like forty-eight years old." Harry was barely the same age as Peter. Same for Ned.

"Do you want to take over the business?"

"I don't know; I'm am still conflicted about that."

Peter patted his friend on the back. "Well, whatever decision you make, we will support you one hundred percent."

"What do you guys want to major in?"

"Well, I don't know about going to college," Peter tried to sound modest. "But I've always wanted to be a photographer."

Ned jumped and answered immediately, "I've always wanted to invent the world's number one supercomputer that can read minds and has feelings. So I guess I'll be majoring in engineering technology."

Peter and Harry barely understood a single word he said, but Peter replied, "Just be lucky that Mr. Harrington was nice enough to take us on a field trip to ESU. At least Flash ain't going." Peter couldn't think of anybody who liked Flash.

Ned tried to remember who else was going with them but drew a blank. "Do you know who's going beside us?"

Peter remembered the names of all of them. "The entire decathlon team: Liz Allan, Betty Brant, Cindy Moon, Quentin Beck, Max Dylan, Michelle Jones, and Gwen Stacy."

Just thinking of the name Gwen made Peter smile. Gwen was this one girl at MSST that Peter had a huge crush on since school started a month ago. He had trouble hiding it whenever he was around her, but he was extremely happy when he learned that Gwen had been chosen to do the ESU internship. He was lost for a second, and he had to be brought back to reality by his friends elbowing him in the ribs.

Harry noticed Peter was drifting off into space. "Are you okay?"

Peter snapped himself back into reality. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking is all."

Harry just stared at him with a confused look on his face and said nothing until, "Well, we got to get to class because the bus leave for ESU at eight-thirty and school starts at eight-fifteen."

Peter looked at his watch and saw that they only had five minutes to get to class. They each had the same first-hour teacher, so they jogged through the hallways together to get to class. Being coerced to sit through the first period for the first fifteen minutes of class before leaving on a single bus.

On the bus, Peter sat next to Ned and they were discussing this weird conspiracy theory that involved Empire State University.

"No," Peter denied in a grumbling voice to Ned, "I'm telling you, Ned, that ESU was not involved with that hospital collapse in Turkey last year. How can they even be remotely connected?"

"Dude, I'm telling you, there was a Dr. Warren that worked at the hospital and there is a Dr. Warren here at Empire State. I'm telling you, it's the same guy."

Ned shook his head and tried to convince Peter, "You do know that there are other people out there named Warren who also happened to be doctors?"

"He's right," a voice spoke in the seat beside them. Peter and Ned turned to see Michelle, who had paused in reading her book, look up at them to confirm Ned's theory. "You should definitely believe everything conspiracy theory you here. In the end, only the ones with open eyes will see the truth."

Peter looked at Ned with a confused brow before looking back at Michelle, "What would be the truth?"

"ESU is responsible for what happened to that hospital in Turkey." She turns back to her reading.

Just a few seats up, Max and Quentin sat together and were discussing their own thing.

"What seem people don't seem to realize," Max began, "Is that technology is man's best friend. Without all the stuff we invented, none of us would be living in this utopia we called the United States."

Quentin shook his head in disagreement, "You want to know the truth, Max? The truth is: Everything is an illusion. People fool themselves because they want to be fooled. Technology is just humanity's way of saying we are safe because we have invented it. Once people realize that, people will start to see how much of an illusion we live in. It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves."

At the Empire State University college, the students smiled and chuckled upon seeing the massive university. A tall biochemist with thinning gray hair named Miles Warren approached the group from outside with his African-American wife, Monica. Miles greeted each of the students with a handshake, starting off with Peter's blond crush.

Miles took this opportunity to give a friendly introduction to the students who earned their visit here. "Good afternoon, students of MSST. My name is Miles Warren, and this is my beautiful wife, Monica. We are biochemists here at ESU and we will be your tour guides." He spots Quentin on his phone. "I can see I'm boring someone already."

The students chuckled and Harry patted Quentin to get his attention.

"Sorry, you're not boring me," Quentin apologized and turned off his cell.

Miles just chuckled as he came up with a joke. "If you could learn a lot on a phone, imagine what you can learn here at ESU. No free wi-fi."

The other students chuckled again until they realized that Miles was being serious. Michelle was totally cool with that because she had her book to keep her company and she wasn't really interested in what Miles had to say. "Our first stop is the archive lab, where we will show you what we do when we collect objects of unknown origin."

The ten students were lead into a big laboratory room fitted with all sorts of flasks with various colorful liquids and other objects that none of the students could identify until Miles identified them for them. "Over here, we have an unknown species of spiders."

He shows them a transparent box filled with a black web-like substance. A tiny black spider with a perfectly shaped hourglass on the back crawled on the glass. Miles went on to explain how this spider is one of a kind and currently, the only known one of its species. Peter tapped on the glass and the spider jumped off, seemingly in fear or agitation.

"He seems to like you, Peter," Miles kid.

Peter took a step back from the glass and turned to the biochemist. "Yeah, I have a natural talent of attracting ugly things." He realized what he said too late as he heard Miles' next sentence.

"Don't let your girlfriend hear you say that."

"I don't have a girlfriend."

Miles chuckles and walks away.

Peter looked from the spider box to other materials besides it. Materials like a yellow substance in a large flask called "Bane," a syringe filled with clear liquid substance dubbed "Chimera," some kind of contaminated blood in a jar with the title, "Ignis." The one thing Peter found to be the most disturbing one of the lot was a worm-like parasite crawling around in a Petri dish. The name of this worm was "Exspiravit."

"That's a cute spider," Gwen said offhandedly to Peter.

Gwen approached Peter from his left side and gazed into the transparent case with the spider. Peter nearly jumped out of his skin upon realizing that it was his crush but kept his calm composure, after striking the transparent case with the back of his hand and the cover of the case shifted out of place.

"Yeah, it sure is. Do you like spiders?" Peter said nervously.

"I love spiders. My family thinks it's creepy for me to love an eight-legged arachnid, but I think spiders are the most beautiful creatures to live on this earth."

Peter tried to impress her by saying that he liked spiders too. "Yeah, I think so too. I mean, there are thousands of species of spiders in the world."

"At least thirty-five thousand known species. This spider is unique because Dr. Warren said that it may be the first of a new species or the last of a new species or the only one of a species."

Peter was taken back for a second by Gwen's keen interest in spiders. "I know some spider species names, but only a few. Like the Delena spider, which can leap at great distances. Then there's the net web spider whose webbing is incredibly strong."

"Did you know that some spiders have the ability to predict the future?"

Now he was interested. "What?"

"Some spiders can sense danger before it even happens, like precognition. That's why I like spiders. What are your favorite species?"

Peter was stumped this time. "Uh….tarantulas. I just like how big they are. They should practically be spider generals.

Gwen just giggled cheerfully before admitting, "I like tarantulas too. They don't spin a web and catch a fly like another species of spiders do; they get their hands dirty. They actually go out there and hunt food down themselves."

She turns her attention away from the spider box and to Peter and held her hand out, indicating that she wanted to shake hands with Peter. He was about to shake her hand with his right hand, until he realized that she was holding out her left hand, indicating that she was left-handed. So he puts his right hand back on the table and shakes her left hand with his left hand.

Unknown to him, the spider had crawled out of the transparent box.

"I'm Gwen Stacy," she introduced.

"Peter Parker." He could not believe it, she did not recognize him. Well, he never did make an attempt to introduce himself.

"Why do you seem so familiar? What classes do we have together?"

Peter answered in a somewhat hurt voice, "We have a second, third, fourth, and sixth hour together. We even have the same lunch schedule."

"I think I would remember you…." Now she remembered him. "Oh, you're the one that Flash shoved into the locker last month."

Peter's cheeks started turning red for obvious reasons. "Yeah….that wasn't me."

"Are you sure? I think I would remember."

Peter still tried to convince her otherwise. "That was not me. I have no idea who Flash is anyway."

"I know that's you, Peter."


"Flash told the whole school via Facebook that he shoved you into a locker and there was a picture matching your face."

Peter gives up. "Yeah….I guess that was me."

"I hated what Flash did to you; I'm glad he didn't come on this trip with you, otherwise he would've kept pushing you around."

A slight smile crossed his face. "I'm fine, I'm fine."

"What about the time he put your head in a toilet?"

"That was a bet me and him had actually…." He realized that he was not good at hiding his embarrassment. He is desperate to change the subject. "So uh….what college do you want to go to?"

"I was thinking here at ESU; I want to study science."

"Me too, well kinda. I want to be a photographer, but I still don't know about ESU."

"Understandable. What kind of photographer? You want to be one for Time magazine or National Geographic?"

"I was thinking, the Daily Bugle or the Daily Globe."

"I heard the boss at the Daily Bugle is a conspiracy theorist."

"Probably not; he's a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner."

"Probably, but he is so angry. Have you listened to any of his podcasts? He says that he is not full of anger, but love. He's going to have a heart attack and he is only fifty-four years of age. Speaking of which, how old are you?"

"Fifteen, you?"

"Sixteen. Where are your friends?"

Peter pointed out Harry and Ned out. "My friends are Ned and Harry. Where are your friends?'

She didn't have to point out her friends. "All here on this trip with me. I can't wait to be done with school. Honestly, I feel like I don't need school because I basically ace every test."

Peter knew that feeling just as much as the next person. "I know that feeling. I feel like we should already be in college or something, you know? In all my report cards, they've all been A+s and nothing else. I assume the same for you."

"Yeah, my dad is proud of me."

Peter had no mother or father, so he said, "My aunt and uncle are proud of me."

"What about your mom and dad?"

"My parents died a long time ago, I live with Aunt May and Uncle Ben," he explained.

Gwen suddenly felt a rush of remorse and regret flush over her. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." She put a comforting hand on Peter's shoulder.

"It's okay, really," Peter promised, savoring the feeling of Gwen's comforting hand on his shoulder.

The spider slowly crawled onto Peter's thumb and he didn't notice or feel the appendages. The spider moved up a bit and crawled underneath Peter's hand and to his wrist. The spider bit down as hard as it could and sank its sharp fangs into Peter's skin and injected an unknown substance into his artery.

Peter groaned in pain and smacked his wrist back. The spider already jumped off his skin and crawled back inside the transparent box before he even noticed. It was like….the spider….had human intelligence. He clutched his wrist in pain and winced before looking at the bite mark on his artery vein. He snapped his head towards the spider box and saw the spider just curled up in the corner. What the hell, he thought. Did that spider just bite me and crawl away and pretend as nothing happened?

Gwen was concerned and asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah, just felt like something bit my wrist."

"Let me see."

Peter shows her the glowing red bite mark and looks over to the spider.

"Did that spider bite you?" her voice filled with nothing but concern for her new friend.

Peter answered dryly and tried to make a joke. "I don't know, but then again, this is an unknown species so it could've bitten me and crawled back to its original spot. Kinda like what Ghostface would do when he kills his victim."

Gwen did not chuckle at all. "This is real life, not a funny movie. We should tell a doctor and hope it's not poisonous."

Peter spoke his mind and said, "I feel a little nauseous."

Just as Miles Warren was telling everybody about the chaos theory that ESU was currently studying, his phone rang and he answered it. The voice on the other end was telling him to meet him in the biochemist lab. Miles obeyed the order and closed his phone. "All right then, I am needed somewhere else, so my lovely wife and assistant, Monica, will take over if any of you guys have any questions. Please excuse me."

Miles walks off through one of the doors, leaving Gwen standing there with a sweating Peter leaning on her shoulder. Gwen tells him to sit down and helps him find the nearest chair.

"I can still go on," Peter insisted, the pain in his wrist worsening. Gwen noticed and refused.

"Peter, I think you're a good guy, but you need to sit down and catch your breath." After she sets him down in the chair, she feels his forehead with the back of his hand. "You are burning up like a furnace. What is wrong with you? How do you feel?"

Peter did not hesitate to answer. "Like I'm burning up in a furnace. I seriously feel like I'm stranded in the Rub al' Khali desert."

"This is not Uncharted 3, this is real life. I'm going to find you a doctor."

Peter slurred, "Can you stay wit meh?"


"Can you stay with me?" He spoke more clearly. "My head feels like it's going to explode."

"Sure, I'll stay with you. I'll just tell your friends to go find a doctor."

"Harry and Ned," he reminded, predicting that she forgot the name of her friends.

"Let me go find them."

Gwen races off to go find Peter's two friends. The group being lead by Monica was already a couple meters ahead of them and the group seems to have forgotten about Peter and Gwen. Peter tried his hardest to keep his eyes open no matter what, but ultimately, tiredness overcame him and he closed his eyes. He slowly leaned to the side and gently laid his head on the table. The spider that bit him watched Peter lay unconscious. The spider crawls out of the box and onto the table. It slowly makes its way towards Peter. The spider crawled onto Peter's hair and circled his forehead. It finally made a decision about where to go when it saw that he was wearing a jacket with an inner pocket. The spider crawls down Peter's chest and inside his jacket, taking refuge in his pocket.

Peter spent the last ten minutes asleep, having vivid dreams of his mother and father the last day they saw him. One of the dreams or flashes he saw made him move a little in his sleep. He didn't get a clear picture, but he saw that his chest and face were bleeding, there was a helicopter above him, and he was holding his life in his arms.

He burst back to life with a gasp. His vision clears up from sleeping and he saw what kind of predicament he was in. The place was on fire and burning down to the ground. He jumped to his feet with a yell in fear, "Holy crap, the place is burning down."

He looks at the spider box and discovered it gone and so were the other unknown substances and materials.

"I gotta get out of here. I gotta find Gwen and get out of here."

He could already hear sirens outside, indicating that the firefighters arrived quickly on the scene. Peter dashed for the front door, only to discover it blocked off by debris. He tries running back another way, relying on his adrenaline to sharpen his decision making. He kept telling himself that he had to get out of here. The only door that was not blocked off was the one the group took earlier when lead by Monica. He runs through, coming out into a hallway set in ablaze in the fire. The smoke was starting to get to him and he began coughing hacking.

Then there was something else. A tingling feeling in the back of his head. With the confused look on his face, he puts a hand to the back of his head to see if there was something crawling there, only for some kind of force to slowly make him look up to see a huge chunk of debris in the shape of a boulder fall and towards his head.

Without even thinking, he jumps forward and clings onto the ceiling as the debris hit the ground.


He was sticking with his bare fingertips to the ceiling. He looks down below and saw that it was indeed true. He really was sticking to the ceiling and he was bewildered, but nevertheless, glad that that chunk of debris did not kill him. To test to make sure that he wasn't dreaming or hallucinating from the black smoke, he removes one of his hands from the ceiling and sticks to it. He did again with the other hand and the result was the same.

"Like a spider."

He crawled on the ceiling to get on the other side of the fire. Whenever parts of the ceiling would start to give in, the tingling sensation in his skull would warn him, enabling him to move out the way in time. Once he was on the other side of the fire, he dropped down and made a run for it.

There was an open window at the very end of the hallway, giving Peter hope that he would escape. He sprinted for it, faster than he thought he could sprint. The tingling sensation in his skull was back and it was warning him that the floor between him and the window was set on fire and clinging to a surface was not an option for the fire was spreading up the walls and the ceiling. The tingling sensation was alerting him to jump for it though. He was initially reluctant because he knew he could not jump that far, but he trusted the tingling sensation and jumped forward.

He yelled in excitement as he soared through the burning air and out the window with ease, landing into some bushes and running as fast he could to get away from the burning university.

"That was so cool and epic," he said to himself as he looked at his hands, finding somewhere to stop. "How could I jump like that, how could I crawl on the ceiling like that? How could I sense danger like that." Then it suddenly hit him like a train. "The spider that bit me, of course. I have to retrieve it." He suddenly felt something crawling on his chest. He looks inside his jacket pocket and sees the spider itself, looking at Peter as if it had known him.

"What in the world are you?"

He looks up in the distance and spots Gwen, smiling that she has made it out safely.


"What do we have here?"

An entire body wrapped in bandages with a tube sticking out the mouth area laid in a bed at Lenox Hill Hospital. The doctor's name was Norman Osborn and he was examining a man who had been caught in the flames and was burnt from his head to toe in flames. Norman Osborn was a tall man with red hair that matched Harry's and more importantly, he was the CEO of Oscorp. A businessman by day and night, doctor's assistant by evening.

"It's going to be a long time before this man is out of bed." He looks at the clipboard in his hand, no name on this person. "Who are you, I wonder."

The doctor wanted to remove the bandages to see who this man was, but decided against it considering that the poor man needed as much wrapping around his burns as possible.

"I promise to help you out. I'll get you whatever treatment you need." Norman didn't notice the burnt man's fist clench tightly. Norman was about to turn away but was prevented from doing so. The clenched hand wrapped itself hard around Norman's throat. Norman's eyes widened and he gagged for air, trying to unwrap the hand from his neck. He watched in horror as the burnt man slowly turned his bandaged head toward the red-faced Norman. Like he was getting out of bed, the bandaged man stood straight up and with one shove, threw Norman hard against the wall. Norman tips over a table of medicine in the process before his head connects to the ground and he is knocked unconscious.

The bandaged man looks away from Norman and gazed upon his own self with interest. He looks at his right hand and removes the wrapping from his hand. His burn wounds had healed completely when he has burnt to the bone only two hours ago. Underneath the wrapping on his face, the burnt man smiled.


The second Peter was released home from school, he ran to his room. Aunt May and Uncle Ben called out to Peter, worried about him ever since the fire that occurred this morning.

"Are you okay, Pete?" Uncle Ben voiced his concern.

Peter tried to reassure him that he was fine. "I'm fine, Uncle Ben. I swear."

"Why didn't you call us then?"

"I was going to, but my phone died out on me. I'm sorry." He hugs both May and Ben as tightly as he could, feeling sadness for having not telling them and worrying them.

"We have been worried sick about you," Aunt May reminded. "You never should've gone on that trip."

Uncle Ben tried to calm his wife down by saying, "Well, they couldn't have predicted it."

"It's a building full of laboratory experiments, of course, they are responsible."

"It was an accident, May. What matters is Peter is not harmed."

"You think I can sue? Peter, where were you when this fire broke out. Were you anywhere near the fire?"

"I was…." he didn't want to tell them about being bit by the spider until he knew what was going on. "I was with the group and we were away from the fire." That was the only excuse he could think of. "I'm sorry for the worry I put you through. I'm very irresponsible, and I'm very hungry." He moves towards the kitchen and starts hawking at leftover food in the fridge.

He started with leftover macaroni from last night. Then it went from that to the last pop tarts, and then pork chop. "Aunt May, have I ever told you how much I love your cooking? Your cooking is the best in the world." His face was stuffed with food, his dialogue somewhat muffled. "My stomach feels like a grinder, so I can eat all day. At least you are getting your time's worth out of cooking these food and money's worth for these pop tarts."

He then went to drink a whole carton of milk, and then another carton of water. "I had a long day, so I think I'm gonna go to my room and finish this food. I'll clean up when I'm done."

Peter retreated back to his room to finish his food. He piled the trash on his bed and put the spider on his desk from his pocket. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a microscope that his aunt and uncle gave to him for his birthday recently. He gently set the spider underneath the microscope and surprisingly, it showed no resistance. Looking through the lenses, the spider was completely unknown to himself and on the internet. He searched through one thousand sites (literally) for this spider, and still nothing. This spider just might've well as been from another dimension.

"Forget about the spider origin," he told himself with a slap on the forehead. He jumped back to his feet and stared at the wall. "If this spider gave me climbing abilities, then I have to make sure."

He slapped his right hand on the wall followed by the left. He hauls himself up, feeling weightless as he climbed like a spider up the wall. "No way, this is not happening," he whispered to himself. He leaped off the wall and landed on the floor with a backflip. He jumps forward and freezes in a handstand.

No way, I've never been able to do that before.

The spider watched Peter from the desk, seemingly with eagerness.