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A week has passed since Uncle Ben's death and Peter was still in his room, working on his new suit. He designed a more professional looking costume. When Peter was working on improving his web shooters, Redips crawled towards him, carrying a cartridge of web fluid. But there was one thing in particular that Peter was doing to his suit: implanting millions of dollars worth of technology inside. Since Harry had been taken over Oscorp in the absence of his father, who was told to be in Europe handing business partners with Oscorp, Peter downloaded battlefield and weaponry data from one of the computers onto a flash drive and took it home and was implanting all that data into his costume.

When Parker tried his mask on but kept his regular clothes on, he heard a voice. "Who said that?"

"I did," a female voice said. "I am your personal A.I. guide and I will help you."

"Are you in the suit, lady?" Peter asked softly, touching the mask.

"Yes, I am implanted in your suit. I can help you navigate through New York and help improve your web settings. I can help you find better ways to take down criminals, Peter."

"You know my name? Why are you saying all of this, Suit Lady?" Peter asked. He was still a little bewildered on how this A.I. knew his name and motives. "Aren't you just some kind of computer?"

"I am more than a computer; I am sentient. I can feel that you are still sad for your deceased uncle. But once you become a hero and I'm your sidekick, we won't have another problem like that."

"Suit Lady? I feel bad for calling you 'Suit Lady.' Can I give you a name?"

"You can give me a name if you want."

Peter paced around the room for several seconds, humming to himself to think of names. "How about, Gwen?" He smacked himself in the head as the idea of naming his A.I. sidekick after his crush who he barely knew was disgusting and weird. "Never mind, how about something simple, like Karen?"

"You can call me Karen if you like."

Peter settled on the name Karen. He smiled under his mask and put on the rest of his costume. When he was done, he looked at himself in the mirror, looking much more professional than his homemade costume. He had a small spider icon in the middle of his chest with a web motif. His eyes were now optical and could shutter like a camera whenever he narrowed or widened his eyes. His web shooters now had over five hundred different combinations and Karen was his guide and Redips, he found a suitable role for him. He would take Redips with him on missions and he would be pivotal in a steal. Redips had a tiny camera attached to its back linked to Spiderman's lenses so Redips was his wingman or wing-spider.

New York's first appearance of Spiderman swinging around Queens. There was currently an ATM burglary at the bank. Two thugs were stealing millions of dollars worth of money. They almost pulled off their heist without a scratch, until they stepped outside and were yanked into the air with the bag of money falling to the ground. The police found the two thugs trapped in between two poles in a spider web.

When the sun had set, a woman was being mugged in an alley by a single man. Just as he was about to make off with her purse, a web shot at his back and Spiderman web kicked him unconscious. Spiderman returned her purse and swung out of there.

The day after, before school started, Spiderman went on patrol and stopped a man from stealing a bicycle. He could not figure out whose bicycle it was, so he left a note. Not so long after that, a senile blind old woman was having trouble crossing the street, so Spiderman helped her out. After that, she bought him a churro. He ate it for breakfast on his swing to school., which gave him an upset stomach.

Never eat and swing at the same time.

After school was over, Peter went back to patrolling. He stopped a car thief from driving away with a hostage couple in his trunk. He banged his head against the windshield and webbed his hand to the tire. He then freed the couple and swung off.

The most action he has ever gotten was when there was a driver who passed out while driving his car and his foot pressed down on the gas. Spiderman was there in a swift moment. He was aware that the car was going to crash into a city bus unless he did something. He swung to the side of the city bus and stopped the incoming car with his hands, saving the lives in both vehicles.

But his biggest day of action came from a bank robbery. There was a whole gang of thugs who walked into a national bank totaling five stories, gassed the place with sleeping gas, silenced the alarm, and stole all the money from the vault. After that, they shot grappling hooks to the roof and climbed up. Then a helicopter came and took the gang of thugs in so they could escape the scene. They thought it was like taking candy from a baby, but their plan backfired on them horribly. Spiderman chased after them and shot two dozen webs at the tail of the helicopter and yanked them back.

Spiderman yanked them a long way, making a huge spider web between two very tall buildings and entrapping the helicopter in it. The propellers were tangled in the web, so they couldn't go anywhere and they couldn't open the door because they were tilted at a forty-five-degree angle and would fall three hundred feet to their deaths if they opened the door.

From a distance, they resembled flies caught in a spider's web. Spiderman smiled in satisfaction before shooting web out and swinging off.

A month has passed since Spiderman's first appearance.

In England, Norman Osborn dressed in a sharp business suit was meeting up with his employees at the Oscorp in London. London's Oscorp was responsible for designing and engineering weapons for the military. Norman met up with the head scientist of the facility, Dr. Mendel Stromm, a bald scientist with glasses and gray hair on the sides. Norman shook hands with his assistant.

"Dr. Osborn," Stromm spoke. "I wasn't expecting you to be back so early. What happened?"

"Nothing of real importance," Norman answered as he straightened his tie. "I just flew here to pick up some stuff."

"I heard about being attacked at the hospital after a portion of ESU burned down," Stromm said, Norman detecting concern in the man's voice. "Are you okay?"

Norman offered a half-hearted smile as a sign of reassurance, very rarely did Norman crack a smile to anyone other than his family. "I'm alright. A traumatized man mistook me for someone else, but he was sedated and everything was normal after that." He walked past his assistant and towards something hanging on display in the back room. "Is my glider still in mint condition."

Stromm nodded. "Nobody has touched the glider, I made sure." His eyes drew towards the glider on display. "What is it that brings your interest in it?"

Norman nonchalantly walked up towards the glider hanging on display. Once he was inches away, he gently places a finger on the blade positioned underneath the glider. He pricks his finger and licks the blood of his fingertip, smiling sardonically. "Dr. Stromm, I'm going to be taking this glider with me back to New York."


"You heard me," Norman insisted as he cleaned his finger. "And where are the Performance Enhancers?"

Stromm was struggling to find an answer, stuttering before the answer left his mouth. "They have been placed in the Isolation Chamber along with the prosthetic arms. What else?"

"Our battlefield armor suit," Norman began. "Is that still in its original position?"

"Yes, sir. All three of these things are inaccessible to anyone but you, Dr. Osborn. I must warn you that the Performance Enhancers aren't ready. We still need at least two weeks."

Norman backed away from the glider and without looking at Stromm, moved over to his desk to grab a tissue for his finger. "Dr. Stromm, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work, but right now, back home in New York, something that brought my attention requires everything that I have just listed."

"Was it Alchemax? Were they trying to buy Oscorp from you?"

Norman just chuckled and wiped the blood off his finger. "Alchemax, please. This is all personal. There is someone back home in New York who would really like to see what was happened with the technological advancements at Oscorp in London."


"Someone who would rather not be named right now. Apparently, if his identity was to be revealed, then all kinds of hell would break loose and his big plans would fall apart before they even start. Now I must ask, where is Dr. Octavius?"

"Right here," a new voice said as a new person entered the room. Norman and Stromm turned to see a short man with stiffened hands.

"Dr. Octavius," Norman said dryly. "How long has it been since we've met? I believe the last time we saw each other was when you invited me to your house for a cup of coffee." His facial expression remained as blank as a void, but Otto Octavius was not fazed in any way, except when his hand started shaking. Norman noted this and decided to make small talk about it. "I see your 'condition' hasn't changed in the five months we haven't seen each other."

"I am working on a special project to help deal with deteriorating nerves," Octavius said proudly. "Those prosthetic arms that you want, those are mine. You gave me funding into creating them, so, therefore, I can't allow you to take them back to New York." He was starting to lose the feeling in his left arm. His hand was feeling numb and a painful sensation rang throughout his entire arm.

"It seems like you would indeed be the perfect subject for the 'Octopus Arms'," Norman declares to the wincing Octavius. "Otto, why don't you come back with me to New York? The Octo Arms, you can wear them there because there is a new plan. A new project."

Octavius waited for the painful burning to disappear before he spoke again. "A new project? I told you not to set too many projects than you can handle."

"It's not just a new project," Norman began explaining. "It's a new company."

"What company?"

"Something far bigger than you ever expected. One that involves New York City itself. You see, back home, there is a masked man swinging around on a web, tying criminals to the wall, trapping them in a web like a fly caught in a web. There is someone who is Oscorp's new partner dislikes very much. He doesn't like the ideas of vigilantes. He says that one vigilante who works without legal authority is dangerous for they can inspire people to live above the law. He doesn't want to kill anybody, but he wants something even bigger than all. He wants the Spiderman himself. The wall-crawling vigilante of New York itself."

Octavius and Stromm stared intently at Norman as if he's gone mad.

"What are you talking about," Octavius went on. "What partner hates a man who saves lives? What partner hates the idea of a whole community going above the law to save others? What partner is this in the first place?!"

"Me, I believe."

Octavius and Stromm snapped around to find the source of the new voice. Before they could even get a clear view, a large figure jumped out of the shadows with incredible speed and with one kick, launched Dr. Stromm across the room and crashing into a table of equipment. The chemicals mix upon being splattered on and the poor doctor catches fire. Stromm tried screaming for help, but the inside of his throat caught fire and his larynx was burned to ash. Stromm managed to stand to one knee, but ultimately collapse on his belly and continue to burn away.

As for Octavius, the figure punches him hard across the face which knocks him out instantly. Norman slapped with a maniacal smile on his face.

The culprit was a tall man dressed in all black, showing absolutely no skin. Black jacket, shirt, belt, jeans, boots, socks, gloves, hood. For his face, it was concealed by a Jackal mask covering all but the eyes that you could get from a Halloween store. But the Jackal mask that he was wearing was not cheap and cost a lot of money to make. It was custom-made.

"Getting hot in this mask," a deep voice spoke from underneath the mask. A pair of gloved hands reached for the Jackal mask and removed it, sighing deeply and wiping the sweat from his hand. "Good work Norman. Your armor, the Performance Enhancers, the glider, the Octo Arms, and Otto himself, all have fallen into place."

"And our plan with the spider?" Norman asked eagerly.

The Jackal gazed at the burning corpse, then to the unconscious Octavius, and then back to Norman. "Our plans with the spider, are still in order. As soon as we get everything on the plane, I'm gonna give Dr. O here a taste of that same serum that 'freed' you. We're going to put him in those Octo Arms and you, in that Battlefield Suit. I promise you power beyond your wildest dreams and I have fulfilled. Haven't I?"


Boring. That is how Peter would describe his time sitting on the roof of a nine-story building waiting for some kind of crime to happen. Even this new suit that he designed make him feel cool but still bored. He asked his A.I. sidekick, Karen, if she could play some of his favorite songs while he waits.

"I'm pretty sure some music would kill time."

Some of his favorite song artists include Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne...so Karen played the song Forever for him. He shot out web from his left hand and caught it with his right hand. He used the organic webbing as a jump rope, singing to the song.

It may not mean nothing to y'all, but understand nothing was done for me, so I don't plan on stopping at all, I want this stuff forever man, ever man, ever man. I'm shutting stuff down in the mall, and telling every girl she the one for me, and I ain't even planning to call, I want this S-word forever man, ever man, ever man.

Spiderman felt the hairs on his arm inside his sleeve spike up. The familiar tingling sensation in his brain guided him to a bank robbery happening to blocks away with one woman being held hostage by one of four robbers.

"Karen? It's Spidey time."

He disposes the jump rope web and propels himself off the roof. He shoots a web out and swings across the city of Queens. Karen tells him that all four bank robbers were all armed with submachine guns and the female hostage was already in the car. Spiderman crouches down on a street light and observes the four robbers ducking into a green pickup truck with one in the back and driving off.

"Something tells me those guys aren't going to a charity event with that money."

"They are going sixty miles per hour with pedestrians in the street," Karen informed with a warning. "If you web yank your way, you should be able to catch up to them."

"Thanks, Karen."

Spiderman shoots a line of web out and swings. He chases after the running away vehicle, web yanking his way through obstacles.

Spiderman says to pedestrians watching Spidey chase the car, "Don't mind me, just trying to put no good bad guys in jail."

Spidey lands on the hood of the car and knocks on the roof like a door. Karen alerted Spidey that the hostage was sitting in the back between two robbers. Spidey thanked her before the robber sitting the passenger seat looked out the window. He looked over his shoulder to see Spiderman.

"Hi there, I'm Spidey." Holds his hand out to shake the robber. "Not a shaker?" Shoots a web into his face. "Are you a hugger?" Shoots a web line out to the robber and connects it to a passing street light, the robber flying from the passenger seat. "I guess he was a hanger."

Spiderman punched the window on the back right and yanked the second robber out and threw him into a bush harmlessly. He punches the other window and yanks the third robber out and throws him in the air. Karen sets his web-shooter setting to 'Spider-Web' so Spiderman could shoot out a spider web between two buildings for the third robber to fall in. Spiderman jumps through one of the broken windows with ease and landed in the third robber's seat. He turned to the gagged female hostage.

"I'm Spiderman, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. (Removes the gag from her mouth) I take it these guys aren't your chauffeurs?"

"Just get me out of here," the woman shouted ungratefully.

"Okay." Spidey turns to the distracted driver and taps him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, can you drop us off at the nearest police corner?"

The driver robber ignored him and kept his hands tight on the wheel and driving forward. Spiderman grabbed him by the back of the hair and punched him in the face. The driver lost consciousness and Spiderman grabbed the female hostage with one hand going around her waist and jumps out the window. The getaway car almost crashes into an incoming police cruise, but Spiderman shot out a strong line of the web at the trunk of the car and yanked back with all his might as he landed on his feet with his hand around the hostage.

The tires leave huge skids marks and black dust behind. The police cruiser comes to a slow halt as the getaway car stops completely and the unconscious driver's head rests on the window. Spiderman released both the web and the unfazed hostage from his grip.

"Next time, call a taxi."

"Sure," the woman said nonchalantly, unfazed or some traumatized to the point where she is unsually unfazed.

Spiderman was left in confusion as the freedwoman walked away. He caught up to her and spoke.

"You could've been killed if I wasn't here to stop those bank robbers. You should be grateful to be alive."

"I am, but I just don't show it. I've survived death more than once."

"Oh really, what do you do?"

"I work as a teacher's assistant at ESU. Major in psychology and I have been attacked by three different crazy people on three different occasions. Coulda died, woulda died, shoulda died, but I didn't. Thank you for saving me though, so you should get going."

Karen suddenly said, "She's crazy."

Spiderman defended her, "She's not crazy."

The woman asked Spidey with a confused brow, "Are you talking to me?"

"What? No, I was not talking to you. I was talking to...myself."

"Schizophrenic boy, just what our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, is."

"No, I'm not a boy, I'm a man." He goes as far as to deepen his voice. "I'm a man."

"You could never do Muppet impressions," Karen joked.


"See ya, Spider-boy."

"No, I'm not a-damn it."

The woman just casually walked off, ignoring Spiderman completely. Spiderman took his moment to look over at the police officers loading the unconscious driver onto a stretcher and place him in an ambulance.

"Well, that was quite a save. So Karen, what time is it?"

"It is eight fifty-five a.m. which means that are five minutes remaining before school starts."

"What? I can't be late again."

Luckily for Peter Parker, it was a late start Wednesday and class did not start until nine o'clock. He jumps into the air with a leap and swings off. Swinging from building to building, between running cars, swinging over cranes, Karen constantly telling him how much time was left before he was going to be late. As Spiderman swung, he felt weightless as he flew up into the air and down only to swing up in the air again. One of the things that Peter loved as being Spiderman was swinging.

"There are two minutes remaining," Karen reminded.

"Damn it."

Spiderman shot two webs out both his shooters and they stuck to another crane seventy-five feet away. He yanks forward as hard as he could and launches himself forward in the air.

"One minute remaining," Karen reminded again.

Spiderman made it to Midtown School of Science and Technology. He left his backpack underneath one of the benches on the football field and scrambled to put his clothes over his costume. He was glad that he packed a long sleeve shirt and jeans because his costume was successfully concealed under his everyday wear and he put his mask in his pocket. He ran towards one of the school's back doors while removing his gloves and placing them in his other pocket.

Peter Parker pushed the door open to science. He jumped into his seat next to Ned and Harry. The bell rang just as he sat down in his seat. The teacher focused intently on Peter as he sat down like he was some kind of exotic animals.

"Alright class," Mr. Harrington went on. "The session has begun. Take out your chemistry books and turn to page 132. Today, our subject is going to be mineral resources."

Peter whispers to himself, "I'll just take out my book and work on my web fluid formula for a while. As long as nobody notices."

He already sat in the back of the class, so he should be fine. Ned and Harry were busy getting out their books and looking away, so he was in the clear to open a hidden drawer near his shoes and place a large Erlenmeyer flask inside. When he took out his science book, he made sure that nobody saw the flask when he grabbed a couple of vials with orange-colored fluids. He flipped to the page with the web formula notes and began discreetly mixing the orange fluids in the flask.

"Peter?" Harry called out.

Peter looked up from his experiments. "Yes?!"

"Where were you? Why were you so late?"

Peter struggled. "I uh….overslept."

"On a Wednesday?" Ned asked. "How could you oversleep?"

"I stayed up half the night doing homework….yeah."

"Really," Michelle said in a doubting voice behind Peter. "You overslept on a Wednesday, didn't you use that excuse last week?" Ned and Harry looked at Michelle with suspicious looks. She noticed and explained, "I'm not obsessed, just observant."

Without looking, Peter grabbed a scalpel and dipped it in the flask as it flooded with clear fluids. He removed the scalpel from the flask and found it covered in webbing. He smirked a little and closed the drawer after dipping the rest of the scalpel in the flask. With his chemistry book, he flipped to the assigned page and spent the last hour listening to a boring lecture. Every now and then, he would just take more flasks and make more web fluids to collect during lunch.

Michelle saw him digging through his drawer for something but she could not see what it was.

When class finally ended, he grabbed the corks for the flasks and shoved them into the flasks and locked the drawer and everyone flooded out the room. The second period was chemistry, but there was a sub in for today. Two subs: Miles and Monica Warren, the two biochemists from ESU. They clearly survived the fire, but Miles' hair was looking a little darker than the last time he was seen at ESU. Out of all the students, Peter was the most shocked to see the Warrens.

Miles said cheerfully and began speaking endlessly, "Alright class, hope you guys did your homework last night and turned it in because our subject in biochemistry is going to be a little different than it usually is." He wrote his name on the board. "Unfortunately, your real chemistry teach will not be able to attend and I have to fill in as a sub for the day." He spotted several familiar faces. "I see some faces from ESU." Namely Peter. "What we are going to be studying today, goes back a long way in history. Predates history actually." He stares intently at Peter for some reason. "How many of you know about Darwin's theory of evolution? I should see all the hands."

All the students raise their hands, but Miles was mostly focused on Peter for some reason.

"Parker," Miles called, recalling his name from ESU. "Since you are one of the smartest students in this class as you went to ESU, I would like to hear Darwin's theory in evolution in your own summary."

Peter was thrown slightly off guard but answered regardless, hoping to impress the biochemist. "Of course. Well, not much too it, except that organisms change over time to adapt and survive in their environment. Darwinism as it is called, or natural selection."

Miles was amused and that was why he liked Peter. "A simple summary, but you all get the point, class. Simple organisms like the Arthropleura were large arthropods who went extinct because of climate drying out and the oxygen being not enough to support their big size. However, they managed to survive and evolve into tiny, but predatory invertebrates like centipedes. It could not be more natural than physically changing to survive what Mother Nature plans to throw at you. But what about humans? Humans may be the smartest species on the planet, but we lack the ability to use the other ninety percent of our brain when we use only ten percent of our brain. Dolphins use forty percent of their brains. Ten percent may not seem like a lot, but after all we have built with just the ten percent of our brains like airplanes, buildings, computers, technology, but I would like to think one step further."

Now Peter's interest was sparked slightly and he wanted to know what the current status of ESU was after the fire. He wanted to study his own spider DNA.