Sing All Our Cares Away

Another idea in the proud line of 'things that won't let me work on my school projects'. Not going to lie, this one is super short. The title is a song by Damien Dempsey. Let me know if you'd like this to be a series of interconnected one-shots. Enjoy

"Here we are Teddy," Harry said as he stopped at the stone bench. The bench had been placed there shortly after the funerals. It was one of many, meant for people who wished to pay their respects to the true heroes of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry never felt like a hero, only a survivor.

Teddy babbled in his arms as Harry sat down in front of the single gravestone. "Nymphadora and Remus Lupin," Harry said quietly, "Two of the bravest people I ever met." He smiled sadly, "Your mother would have hated me for calling her by her first name."

Harry felt a warm breeze blow past them. A leaf from one of the trees in the graveyard, fallen earlier, flew past them and struck his cheek lightly. "Alright Tonks, message received." Harry laughed softly.

"They fought to make the world a place where you could grow up." He said, looking down at Teddy who was staring at the grave marker, "Your mother wouldn't hear of staying home, couldn't let Remus go it alone."

"We sing, sing all our cares away..."

Harry heard the song playing on the other side of the cemetery. The caretaker had a small radio on the back of his cart. He couldn't see them through the repelling ward, but Harry and Teddy could hear the music.

"And we'll live, to love another day..."

"They fought for you, Teddy." Harry stroked the boy's cheek, "They died for a world where kids didn't have to fear being murdered for being muggleborn." He sighed quietly, "This was the moment," He looked at the watch he had been given on his birthday, "I met your father when I died. Remus had been terrified of being a father, then after he got some sense knocked into him, he was the proudest I'd ever seen him."

"We grow strong!"

The song played out and Harry closed his eyes, holding the child against him. "I miss them so much, they had everything to live for and I'm the one who's here." He felt tears stinging his eyes, "Andromeda deserves her daughter, not some teenager who was just too stubborn to stay dead."

"I happen to love that teenager," Came a voice behind him. Harry turned and saw Andromeda standing there with a small parcel of flowers. "It wasn't just Teddy they fought for you know, it was both of you." She sat down beside him, placing the flowers on the grave, "Nymphadora considered you her little brother, she loved you. Remus, for his faults, did the same."

"How did you know I would be here?" He asked quietly, his voice muffled by her shoulder.

She laughed very softly, "Where else would you be on this day? You let me have my privacy with Ted at his family plot. I knew you would be here with Nymphadora and Remus." She looked at Teddy who had fallen asleep in Harry's arms, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For helping make sure he doesn't forget them."