"Hello Mr. Wayne" said Dick. He was grateful that someone nice had taken him in, and that his brief stay at the boys home was finally over. But he really didn't know much about where he was going. He couldn't think of much to say.

"Just call me Bruce" said Bruce Wayne. Dick slowly nodded. Bruce led Dick into the back of a black car. Dick saw that Bruce wasn't lying about being good friends with Commissioner Gordon when the commissioner of the police drove them to see that Dick was brought safely to the house, instead of a social worker.

"Hello, Dick" said Commissioner Gordon kindly.

"Hello" said Dick.

"So living with Bruce Wayne, it'll be an, interesting experience…" said Gordon. "I remember some of the stuff he did when he was a little older than you. Boy, knowing him is an adventure"

Dick was unsure how to respond to that. Bruce looked like he'd been trying to come up with something to say for several minutes but couldn't think of anything. That left Commissioner Gordon to continue the conversation.

"At first I was a little surprised how fast Bruce got through the system, but this is Gotham, and he's Bruce Wayne" said Gordon finally.

Dick understood the this is Gotham part but he wasn't really sure what was so special about Bruce Wayne.

"Well yeah, you had a lot more trouble with yours" said Bruce.

"Well you're just trying to take him in as a ward, I was-"

But Commissioner Gordon was cut off when he slammed his foot down on the brake. Dick looked and saw a man in a penguin suit, who had walked out into the middle of the street.

"What the? Bruce did you see that?" asked Gordon.

"Yeah I did!" said Bruce "Do you think that has anything to with Oswald's Penguin by any chance?"

"I don't know. Could be 'bout Cobblepot, could just be some wacko not paying attention to where he's going. It is Gotham" said Gordon. Commissioner Gordon began driving once again.

Dick hadn't been paying attention to where they were going for most of the ride. All he knew was that he didn't want to get there. He didn't want to continue the life he was going to live without his parents. He didn't want the car to drive forward. He wanted to go backward. Back to that night, so things might turn out differently.

But eventually they did arrive at their destination. Dick and Bruce climbed out of the car. "Here we are" said Bruce gesturing to his home.

Most people in Gotham City lived in a small apartment. If they didn't it was a tiny house shoved between three other tiny houses. On a small island populated by millions of people, with several miles set aside to the wildlife, you wouldn't expect anyone to have a lot of space. You certainly wouldn't expect a large luxurious mansion.

But this was a huge manor. It didn't even look like a house. This was where he was going to live?

Commissioner Gordon, who was getting Dick's duffle bag out of the car (because Dick forgot it) must've noticed Dick's surprise at all new house. He came over to Dick and whispered in his ear "I guess nobody told you, but Bruce actually has a lot of money".

The door on the steps of the manor opened. "Come on in, the three of you. You don't need to be standing out in the cold in November" said some guy with a British accent.

Bruce and Gordon led Dick into the entryway. The inside of the house was as beautiful and luxurious as the outside. Dick had no clue what to say.

A British man with grey hair reached out and shook Dick's hand. "I'm Alfred Pennyworth" said the man.

"He's the Butler" said Bruce. "Don't worry. He can be stern, but he's really pretty nice once you get to know him"

"It's nice to meet you" said Dick.

"Nice to meet you too, Master Dick" said Alfred.

"Come on, let me show you to your room" said Bruce.

Dick's new bedroom was large with a king size bed, flat screen television, and a balcony from which a view of Gotham City could faintly be seen.

"This was my room when I was your age" said Bruce. He turned to face Dick. He must've seen something in his eyes because Bruce put his hand on Dick's shoulder and said "Look Dick, It's not going to be easy, you have to take it a day at a time. But for however long it takes, you have a home here with us"

Dick was overcome by gratitude. "Thank-you" he said.

"Sir, I believe Master Dick could use some time to settle in" said Alfred. Bruce and Alfred left the room leaving Dick alone.

Dick sat on his bed and opened his duffle bag, which held his small amount of belongings. The first thing he saw was the robin bracelet he'd bought for his mother. He held it in his hand.

At that moment realization washed over him like a wave pulling him out to sea. His parents were really gone. It wasn't all some horrible nightmare. He wouldn't wake up from this.

Alfred had called him Master Dick. He was considered one of the permanent residents now. He was one of the residents of this big beautiful house. It wasn't just a temporary stay anymore, like it had been in the group home. A hard lump grew in his throat.

His new life seemed like it might not be all that bad. But his old life was over. He felt guilt at actually kind of liking his new situation. Which itself made him feel guilty for being at all upset with it.

He was 12, and he'd been taken in by a very nice person. Not to mention that person understood what he was going through. Plus he just happened to be very rich. How many kids like him would kill to be in his position? He was so lucky.

Dick's cheeks felt hot. He tried to convince himself his parents would want him to be happy. That having a new home wasn't a betrayal of his old one. That feeling upset and hesitant was natural. Then his eyes felt watery.

He shut them. He didn't want to do this. He'd done enough crying this week. He didn't need to do any more. Yet, he felt the tears fall.

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