Akabane Karma has never been an idiot.

His arrogance may have gotten in the way of his plans once or twice yes, but his IQ was proven time and time again, most recently through feats of strategic marvels as he breezed through the political scene. He'd set up Japan as the world's foremost powerhouse just two years ago for shits and giggles (and national pride, though he would never admit to that on pain of death), allowing America to be a close second thanks to its mysteriously booming movie industry.

Karma had tried crushing the country by borrowing the collective heel of the UN a couple times, but a particularly sharp smile from Nagisa, who shouldn't have been aware of his plans (but who knows with that guy), had stopped him.

The USA's ongoing collaboration with Hawaii in producing 'Sonic Ninja' installments was still going strong, with the fifth movie in the works, and Karma was sure that if he interfered in any way that prevented Nagisa's long awaited sequel, he'd have hell to pay.

In any case, rearranging the world order from the shadows while still coming out on top in his rivalry with Asano Gakushuu (The man had become a teacher like his father, it was hilarious) was well within his capabilities, proving once and for all, his incredible intellect.

And more than that, he was an Assassin trained by Koro-sensei himself.

So when Karma wakes up wrapped in purple leather in a ridiculously gaudy mimicry of an infirmary (gold gilding? Marble floors? Not to mention the suspiciously Michelangelo-esque painting on the ceiling. Who were they trying to fool? The bed had a 10,000+ thread count!) And chained to the bed, he doesn't react.

When the 'nurse', clad in a doctor's coat yes, but with unkempt hair and a highly unprofessional air about him as he mutters about 'not treating men' and 'nobody would really give a fuck about him anyway' and lights up a cigarette in this farce of an infirmary over a drawer of gauze and probably contaminating the lot, Karma doesn't react.

When the 'nurse' reaches out for his wrist to inject him with who knows what, Karma doesn't react.

Karma doesn't react to all of it because he is too busy flipping the man over and pinning him to the ground, letting spontaneously appearing purple flames take care of the cloud of mosquitoes that waft out.

He doesn't react because he is far to busy slamming the man's face into the ground before he has time to scream, knocking him out and filching every single thing in his pockets.

He doesn't react, because after a moment of hesitation, Karma strips the sorry excuse of a 'nurse' of his coat, shakes off all the bugs and gets the hell out of dodge. Fantastically, the moron had a phone and apparently had no idea who he was dealing with if the unprepared response was any indication. And he still had to explore the issue of the purple fire because who knows how long he's been in here and what they've done to him. For the moment, Karma is banking on human experimentation, which riles him up and coils in molten heat in his stomach. The topic is sensitive to him, to all of them for obvious reasons. Thankfully, it seems that for now his only change is the odd fire and clothing, he hasn't grown like...yellow tentacles or anything, thank Kami.

In any case, he now has a debugged open smartphone and a simple log into a certain hidden site, a password and a quiet call of 'Ritsu' to the phone gets him the friend he needs.

Karma smirks sardonically even as he shifts every so slightly in discomfort as he witnesses Ritsu's widening eyes at his...dramatic change. Thank Kami for personalized passwords and Ritsu's advanced facial recognition system.


"...Yeah, hello Ritsu."

Three hours later sees Karma in a small town on the outskirts of Paloermo, trying to piece together what little of his sanity he can. Ritsu is on standby, watching him quietly freak out.

So apparently Karma had been missing quite a bit longer than he'd anticipated. As in less a couple days to, god forbid a couple months to being labelled missing-in-action and then killed-in-action kind of missing. He didn't even know politicians could even been listed as killed-in-action for being missing too long!

Karma paces the length of his awful motel room, he'd get a better one, but there is only so much Ritsu can do for him with a frozen bank account and the cash he has on hand plus, there's only so much she can sneak him from the nearest ATM before someone comes to check it out. In any case, the shitty room had a dinky little shower, enough for him to peel off his piercings and get that gunk off his face. Kami, they had to be fetishists or something for sure, because it took an age and a half to squeeze his way out of that skin tight motor-suit and unlike his hypothesis, the piercings had no bearing on his ability to control the purple fire, meaning...they were purely decorative.

The hair was a whole other matter entirely. The dye hadn't washed out at all, until he'd applied the trio of combination of water, soap and the odd purple fire before blue dye began running out his hair. (Perhaps it may have been a bit reckless trying to set his hair on fire, but if anyone ever asked, he'd say he'd had a very good hunch about it, and completely deny the reality that he'd been frustrated enough that day to contemplate going bald as a substitute. Ritsu also thankfully decided never to tell anyone about this ever, like the wonderfully polite girl she was.)

The blue dye was...interesting to say in the least, the exact shade of Nagisa's hair in fact. Karma's eyes narrowed. A threat perhaps? His kidnappers hadn't seemed to know who he was, if the lack of security and ransoms were anything to go by, but it could be that they were...the final buyers so to speak and that he'd been kidnapped and dressed up by somebody else, middlemen, someone who knew him and those around him well enough to send him such a subtle threat.

Bloodlust flashed across his face, turning his eyes to molten gold, his lips curling into a snarl. Like Hell he'd take a threat like that lying down.

There was nothing for it though. For the moment, if he wanted to enact anything, he had to regain his position in society and lose his pursuers. Karma settled a bit and allowed himself to take stock of the situation. What little he did have was more than enough to nab him a couple changes of cheap clothes (and the coat he'd...appropriated, because Karma was petty like that), a sling bag and the tiny little motel room for 5 nights, giving him some room to breathe and plan his next step. He'd do what he needed to. Get in contact with the right people and, loathe though he might be, call for...assistance from his old classmates, because separated or not, no one touched one of theirs, ever and everyone needed to be made aware of the potential threat brewing right under their noses. And then, only then...the ostentatious infirmary and gilded mansion he escaped from flashes through his mind as his lips curve up in a familiar smirk, tugging at muscles gone long unused to such an expression.

He'd wreak Hell on the idiots who'd dared take him.