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Garrus's POV
'Shit is going to hit the fan fast' I thought. After three months as a Citadel spy amongst Batarian Expeditionary Corps, we finally moved out on a mission.

While that alone was good news, with me being able to gather more intelligence on this strange formation inside Batarian Hegemony's Army, the fact that we just jumped through a previously dormant Mass Relay was more than worrisome. The Theros Accords, which followed the 5-day war, allowed relay activation, but only after a thorough probing of whatever was on the other side, relay 314 was just in the middle of the Traverse, right between the borders of the Hegemony and the Citadel. Neither side was overly interested in claiming whatever was on the other side, because if the war broke out, then an entire sector could be cut off within the hour, and this specific system was a part of Traverse DMZ, meaning that neither side could have any military presence here without the consent of the other, thankfully there were no Citadel colonies inside the DMZ, at least no sanctioned colonies.

But the area was brimming with mercs, pirates and some 'neutral' planets that became so rich by being the main trade links between both empires, that they could pay major merc factions to protect them.

Setting those thoughts aside, I rushed to my designated post, even though I was a Citadel Specter, I was only a medic here. It was more than a little annoying, following orders of that incompetent salarian but being in the military most of my life I had no real problem with it. It still hurt my pride though, I, Garrus Vakarian, Specter, former Hierarchy spec ops, was a non-ranking, enlisted medic and following orders of a salarian pirate. Humiliating, to say the least

"Platoons 1 through 4, report to the briefing room" I heard over the ship's intercom.

Arriving shortly after, I took one of the empty seats next to my squad leader, Morihei. The briefing was just starting.

"Soldiers of the Hegemony" our Asari Captain spoke as soon as she walked to the podium "we have finally received orders from the Command, the relay 314 has been activated, one of our probes sent on the other side has finally sent back some intel on what is out there" this peeked my interest as the Citadel has sent our own probes into that region and they never sent anything back, but that was about 200 years ago after all.

"We have found another race of sentient beings that can be introduced into our glorious Hegemony!" this was getting better by the second "preliminary scans show that this garden-world colony has been established about 50 years ago based on its population and overall development, this world will be lightly-defended"

Then it hit me, this was it, the reason why they created this entire branch of their military which officially didn't exist as more than a pirate faction, plausible deniability after they raid a new species for slaves and technology. Brilliant.

The briefing went on only for about 15 mutras due to lack of any information, other than preliminary scans, on the targeted colony. While we were preparing for a drop, I hooked up one of the bugs I implanted on the bridge and connected my HUD straight to the tactical display in the ship's mainframe.

As soon as the fleet dropped out, it engaged the natives.

The battle started off decently, but the new species was putting up quite a fight after we opened fire without even bothering to accept their hail, few wings of attack craft came up from the surface to meet us head-on while all of their ships regrouped with their small fleet of fighters, all were shielded and firing PLASMA weapons at us, taking out a significant number of 'our' fighters and dropships, without major losses to their own numbers, kill/death ratio was about 6:1 which was in itself quite impressive.

What was even more impressive, was that both of their capital ships had cruiser's length, frigate's speed, and firepower of a light dreadnought at knife-range, their plasma weapons, and strange torpedoes were giving the Batarian fleet real grief without skipping a beat. Those ships were certainly in a league of their own and if they weren't so heavily outnumbered they might've stood a chance against the Batarian fleet, but they were, so after putting a stubborn defense and sending dropships to the planet's surface, their shields were depleted and they were sustaining heavy damage, both cruisers jumped out of range using some strange form of FTL while fighters simply dispersed and re-entered the planet's atmosphere. The Admiral decided to push forward and establish orbital superiority above major cities and bomb what appeared to be the main military stronghold. Shortly after 'our' ships were positioned in geosynchronous orbit, the fleet was set ablaze.

Dozens of heavy plasma bolts slammed into the transports which were launching our main ground forces before fleet broke formation, trying to avoid anti-orbital fire, some thirteen thousand were killed in their ship's explosion or suffocated when their shuttles came apart when caught by a blast wave.
Narrowly avoiding death as our dropships and our fighter escorts were engaged by the planet's fighters and AA batteries near our main objectives, we were forced to split into smaller groups to avoid getting swatted out of the sky like flies by apparently very selective and indeed very heavy flak.
Mass Effect technology offered a lot of possibilities when it came to flying, lowering mass and increasing it at will could also serve to create powerful inertia-dampening but as our little air convoy got engaged by five superior fighters of a different design I learned that the dampeners could not always compensate for either crazy acceleration or sharp turns as my head got smashed into the side doors of our craft.

Quickly regaining my footing, I turned on the shuttle's sensor feed on the panel next to me and quickly understood why our pilot was forced to do such sharp turns to avoid weapons fire. Our convoy which was made of 37 craft; nine tank transporters, fifteen infantry shuttles, and thirteen fighters, was being butchered by a formation of just five of the enemy fighters, having already shot down nine of ours, they were focusing on shuttles before we could land or return fire.

"Everybody hang on! I will try to land us ASAP" the pilot shouted over the intercom.

We subsequently slowed down along with few other shuttles that realized forcing our way to the LZ would get us all killed, as we touched down I grabbed my rifle and disembarked the shuttle with the rest of my squad.

"Alright everybody I want a head count!" yelled the Asari Captain, quickly counting how much people she had under command, fortunately, one of the shuttles that touched down with us was a Protumant-class Armored Personel Carrier, armed with a light cannon and an HMG turret with armor-piercing ammo blocks designed to combat aircraft.

"Everyone gather extra supplies onto the APC and let's get going before those fighters come back!"

We started slowly marching towards what appeared to be a small village, hoping to secure it and re-group with the main forces. Not counting the pilots and APC's crew, we had almost eighty people ready for a fight.

After marching for about an arn, information finally started coming in from other fronts around the planet, and it didn't look great.

Sure, the enemy was being pushed back in some areas, the bulk of our forces had already reached what looked like the capital city and entered its premise, though what had me confused was the description of enemy forces and its inconsistency. What I could understand from all of it, we were basically facing two military branches and multiple species.

First was a lot easier to handle, while a lot more numerous than the second, alone they were weaker than their counterpart, less armored, but heavily focused on defense and aggressively using their knowledge of the terrains and fortifications to their advantage.

The second branch was entirely different, found mostly in smaller villages but with some numbers in the major cities as well, they had superior armor and weapons, great flexibility on the battlefield and multiple small outposts throughout the region, which they used to wreak havoc on our forces trying to regroup before an assault. From what I heard, they preferred guerilla-style tactics and asymmetrical warfare to butcher entire platoons, coming down on them fast and hard, shooting everything that moved, blowing up things they couldn't loot and disappearing before either help or air support arrived.
About two arns into our march the enemy air force pulled back to the capital or flew to orbit and jumped out using FTL, just as our fighters approached the Capital to finally aid our main forces, the enemy activated a shield over the entire city, completely enveloping it, protecting everything underneath from bombing runs and artillery fire.

I had to admit, even though these aliens could be an issue for the Citadel Council later down the line, I had to respect them for their combat prowess, with the city locked down, smaller cities using similar tactics after their gunships were inside the shield's perimeter, they turned them into powerful strongholds which couldn't be touched by anything short of a full orbital bombardment if over a half-hour shelling and constant bombing runs on the Capital were anything to go by, smaller cities would probably have a lot weaker defenses, but it would take time to mobilize and move enough forces to take them out, even with the shields down and tanks rolling in, from my experience city fights were probably the worst.

About three arns after we started marching, we have finally reached the village.

Zooming in on with through my scope, I felt my blood turn cold as I scanned the area. This wasn't a village, this was one of those spirits-damned outposts, consisting of a watchtower, something that looked liked barracks, probably an armory, a warehouse, and a small hangar for hovercraft, this wouldn't be too difficult even with seven of those heavily armored aliens with a T shaped visor, but what got my attention the most was a set of turrets, probably automated, around the base, four that looked like they were focused on killing the ground targets and one AA turret.

After a brief complaint about trying to capture this outpost from one of the soldiers and the following punch to his face from the Captain, we were divided into three teams, team one would attack alongside the APC and push into the outpost, team two would stay back and provide covering fire for the advancing troops while team three would hang back, provide sniper support and send out medics to help the other fireteams with their wounded. I am not a coward but I really didn't object to being in the last team.

The first team sprinted forward alongside our APC and rushed to the outpost, quickly crossing about two hundred motras between the treeline and the outpost, as the APC opened fire, the turrets facing our forces responded in kind, they were slow-firing but deadly accurate, focusing the fire on the vehicle. As the obviously slower AT guns opened fire the AA turret leveled its four barrels against the infantry and opened fire with a torrent of plasma, according to my HUD analyzer, the barrels were spewing out plasma bolts at about w 900 RPM each, giving it a grand total of 3600 plasma bolts per mutra cutting the infantry with ease, team two pushed onward as ordered and tried to fill in the gaps, the APC crew finally got their shit together as well and opened up on that plasma meatgrinder, destroying it shortly afterward but not before it claimed thirty-two kills in a span of thirty seconds.

With it gone the infantry pushed on and overwhelmed the AT turrets but not before they brought down the shields on the APC and blew a hole in it, it was still operational but damaged.

Before we pressed on, we regrouped and pushed into the outpost, cutting through the fence with the Omni-tools only to be greeted with plasma fire from the enemy soldiers, we were effectively forced into a bottleneck between the buildings, those who tried to go around getting caught in the firing arcs from the other two AT turrets.

"Get that APC in there, blow their cover for fuck's sake!" the captain yelled at the top of her lungs

Following her order, the APC fired at the alien that was trying to suppress us with an LMG, but only to be hit by a rocked from the side, its shields already strained and trying to recharge, then another rocket came and the shields broke down.

That was all they needed apparently, as a figure jumped on the top of the barracks using its jetpack and leaned forward, firing the rocket mounted on its back, then jumped back on the other side as we tried to return fire, the APC having it's shield already drained couldn't soak up another rocked which hit exactly the point where the AT turrets previously penetrated its armor, the rocked penetrated and exploded close enough to the power source to set it off as well, the vehicle blew up in a spectacular fireball, killing the crew it carried, about seven soldiers that were using it as cover and knocking most of us off our feet.

In that instant the enemy troops jumped out of cover and opened fire, a wall of plasma hit us while a majority were still recovering, killing almost half of our remaining forces.

"ENOUGH OF THIS" shouted a very angry Asari Captian engulfed by flaring up biotics, a powerful shockwave smashed into the enemy ranks, throwing them a few motras back.

Both sides quickly recovered and aimed at each other but were reluctant to fire, one of the aliens lowered his rifle and holstered it, then took off a cylindrically shaped object from his belt and came forward few steps while activating it, an energy blade formed, it had an almost black core with deep navy blue envelope around it.

"Olaror ohlkana, rala mhi gi'a ibic, aruetii" it said in a commanding tone, clearly offering a challenge.

I had to admit, with its black armor marked with blue and green stripes it was intimidating, but the Captain in her fury remained unfazed.

"You want to challenge an Asari commando? Fine!" her biotics flared and she opened fire at the alien.

To everyone's disbelief, the black-clad soldier raised his plasma sword and started BLOCKING majority of projectiles, the rest pinging off his heavy armor while only scratching its paint job, he was so fast my eyes had problem tracking his movement, he then jumped a dozen or so metras into the air and came down hard not even using his jetpack to slow down, Captain tried to block the blow with her gun through which the navy blue blade sliced with little effort, suddenly desperate, she threw a shockwave at her would-be killer and while he did stumble backward, it wasn't nearly enough space she needed to use her sidearm so she activated the only weapon that could help her at this point, the Omni-blade came to life and she skillfully blocked the first blow, then the second, but as she tried to block the third, the alien changed the direction of his slash and managed to land a hit on her arm, separating it with a twist of his wrist.

"Bakiyetaga" it said in a commanding tone as she screamed in pain, clutching the stump.

"You will die for this!" she said and her entire body lit up with biotic energy as she threw a punch, enhanced by her rage and pain.

Her fist stopped micromotras from his raised palm, even through all that armor I could see... feel... a smirk under that helmet, it then made a grabbing gesture and the Captain was lifted a motra into the air while gasping for breath, her remaining hand grabbing at her neck.

"Gar ganar akaanir kotep, verd, par ibac ni malyasa'yr rala gar jag oyacyir" he said and raised his blade while pulling his other hand back, the invisible force that was strangling the Captain threw her on the waiting plasma sword, impaling her all the way through.

He deactivated his sword and gently laid the body on the ground, turning to us.

"Partaylir oyar'u, ibac gar alorir verborir ner buskayu'agr" he said and his men opened fire at us.

This time it wasn't the previous mix of blue and red bolts that hit us, but instead blue rings that resonated with the entire body upon contact before the target collapsed to the ground, caught completely off guard and still shocked by the brutal end of the Captain, only a few of us managed to return fire before we were struck down as well, the last thing my mind recorded was a blue ring of energy hitting me square in the chest bypassing my shields, and then darkness.

Mando Dictionary:
Bakiyetaga - Yield (surrender)
Gar ganar akaanir kotep, verd, par ibac ni malyasa'yr rala gar jag oyacyir - You fought brave, warrior, for this I will let your men live.
Olaror ohlkana, rala mhi gi'a ibic, aruetii - Step forward, if you win I will let you go, outsider.