Day 1: 5 hours since the battle began.


Everyone in the trench ducked as yet another artillery strike rocked the defense line, BEC has been relentlessly trying to pound the Mandalorians into submission.
Unfortunately for the attackers, their orders were to capture the wreckage for study, therefore they couldn't use anything heavier than their tanks and a light artillery battery.

After the first attack failed spectacularly with the battalion falling back within 10 minutes, there were several other attempts, each failing as well. The Mandalorian force was heavily dug in, motivated and ready to meet their attackers head-on.

Garrus leaned against an ammo crate. Bored, he decided to try and talk to one of the shepard twins in front of him.

"How do you think it will last this time?"

"Between an hour and two hours, at least that's what I put 50 credits on" John replied

"You're betting on how long an artillery strike will last?" after everything he learned, Garrus already knew that the Mandalorians were culturally very different from Council species, but it seemed there was always yet another thing about them that was entirely normal to them while sounding ridiculous to him.

"Do you have anything better to do?" Shepard chuckled "gambling is just something to pass the time, it also gives us something to look forward to"

"One would think that surviving the war would be something 'look forward to' " countered Garrus

"Maybe, it is. But when you're surrounded by death and your chances of survival are in single digits, you need something to keep you going short-term, something to distract you from the fact that every second death is only a few meters away" an explosion rocked the trench, another shell landed just outside it

"You people are strange, and too okay with both the war and dying"

"That may be" Jane said while wiping a fresh layer of dust from her T-shaped visor "but our entire society revolves around personal sacrifice, violence, war, and our families. It's just who we are"

An hour later

"And you owe me 50 credits, sis" said John victoriously

"But of course dear brother, here" Jane took out a 50 credit chip from her pouch and held her hand out. As her twin reached for his winnings, she casually threw it over her shoulder, over the trench, and into the no-mans land. A wave of laughter followed from others who saw that.

"Now, that's just immature"

"Said a guy betting on how long the artillery strike will last" Garrus chimed in, grinning and causing more laughing around the scene.

"Touché" was all that John said before grabbing his rifle and loading in a fresh mag "Come on, they will attack soon"

27 minutes later

"Pull back! We need to pull back!"

The attack that followed the artillery strike was stronger than they anticipated, the sheer numbers of BEC tanks, followed by a swarm of infantry were overwhelming their defenses.

"Alpha ready, Bravo pull back!" Garrus heard on the command channel and along with half of the trench, started a mad dash for the secondary a dozen or so meters he threw himself on the ground along with everyone else that was running and opened fired on the advancing BEC forces.

"Bravo ready, Alpha pull back!" came in the orders for those remaining in the first trench.
He watched as more and more Mandalorians came running towards him, carefully avoiding getting hit by friendly fire. They quickly ran past him and about 10 seconds later the order came down.

"Alpha ready, Bravo pull back!"

Firing a quick burst, Garrus got up as fast as he could and turned on his heel, beelining for the trench. He jumped in and not even bothering to wait for the order, he opened up on the advancing BEC, his rifle cutting down a Salarian and an Asari that were sticking out of their cover, eager to shoot the retreating Mandalorians.

"Bravo ready, Alpha pull back!"

One more mad dash and everyone, minus a few unlucky bastards, was in the second trench, their section of the line was the last one to make it.

"Keep firing, they need to get in range!" Came in their orders from Raginis

"You still want to be here Garrus?" asked Bredon as he opened fire with his Verpine rifle next to the Spectre

"Does it matter now?" he asked back while his shot pierced another Salarian's head, blowing his brains out

"Not really, since we can't get out of here even if we wanted to"

Whatever Garrus was about to say was cut off by the deafening explosion, the ground in front of them buckled and exploded, throwing hundreds if not thousands of enemy troopers and dozens of tanks into the air before it all came crashing down.

Day 2: 32 since the battle began

"Fix bayonets!"

One of the most dreaded orders a soldier could ever hear on the battlefield came through a few minutes after the explosion

"We have to take back that trench, everyone, fix bayonets and prepare to charge!" ordered Bredon while walking through the ranks, soldiers shifting uncertainly as they head it, but nevertheless, everyone took out their knives and mag-locked them to their weapons

"Prepare to charge on my command!" the Inquisitor commanded.

About a dozen rockets screamed above them, fired from the remaining wreckage behind, they were gaining altitude before turning and raining down on the enemy line from above with pinpoint accuracy.


As Bredon lighted up his lightsaber and got out of the trench, everyone else following his lead, creating a fast approaching line of beskar-clad bodies with bayonets. Machinegun and small arms fire hit it, trying to stop it but the Mandalorians refused to take one step back, those that were hurt and couldn't go on opened fire on the enemy, trying to suppress them in any capacity, desperate for the attack to succeed.

Garrus was running behind Bredon, amazed how his saber seemed to block all incoming fire. A series of explosions forced him to focus back on the fight.
The missiles finally hit their mark, obliterating their targets, creating an opening for the advancing Mando warriors to enter the trench.

Garrus jumped down, activating his Omni-blade and stabbing a salarian through the skull, immediately ducking after, narrowly evading a point-blank shot from a turian next to him. He moved the now-dead salarian in front of him, using the body as a shield, and fired a quick burst from his modified pistol into his would-be killer's head, first 3 rounds bounced of off the shield, but the fourth and fifth got through it and blew a hole in his head.

Hearing a roar of anger, Garrus turned around just to receive a punch to his face making him recoil back. Before he could react to the asari that was now about to shoot him, her head was neatly separated from her body by a Mandalorian with an ax. As the Spectre was about to thank the warrior for saving his life, another BEC trooper was charging his savior from behind, without time to explain, Garrus kicked the legs from under the Mandalorian, a surprised yelp escaping his lips and in a swift motion raised his Omni-blade to block the incoming attack.

The blades clashed, neither side was gaining an advantage and the trench was still in chaos, this had to be done fast.
Shifting his stance, Garrus deactivated his bladed and shifted to the right, knife passing next to him harmlessly, and kicked the salarian in the stomach, making him double over from the pain. Just as he was about to shoot him, the Mandalorian on the ground got to his knees and punched the salarian in the stomach with a gauntlet blade.

Having a breathing room, the Specter looked around to see how others were doing. The Mandalorians were more proficient in hand-to-hand fighting and they seemed to be mopping the floor with BEC forces in the trench. And that was without even mentioning the Inquisitor, surrounded by charred and dismembered bodies, cutting through weapons armor and flesh alike.

In less than a minute, it was over. Whoever could, was firing on the retreating BEC reinforcements that now found themselves without any cover and in range of multiple rifles and recovered heavy machineguns. Garrus calmly walked up to the Inquisitor, spilled guts, blood, and screams of the dying filling the trench. One of the dying turians grabbed his attention, his face was covered in blood, his insides were spilling out of his torn abdomen, he was reaching out with his hand.

"" he said weakly, his hand stretched out, trying to grab Garrus's

Before he could react, a blaster bolt hit the wounded turian in the head, boiling his brain instantly, killing him. The Spectre turned to see Bredon holstering his pistol before nodding to him and turning to face the frontline.

Day 3: 71 hours since the battle began

The battle was going downhill fast.

For the last three days, Mandalorians held the valley, for three days BEC launched attack after attack, only to fail in securing their objective.
This, however, was going to be the last one, the blood was in the water and the invading Hegemony sharks could smell it clearly, yet they still didn't realize just how much blood was there.

Mandalorians were running out of ammo, meds, ideas, and men. Almost all of their forces on the frontline were walking wounded, all heavy cannons were obliterated during the previous attacks, leaving them only with AT hand grenades and whatever weapon they could improvise.

Yet, they kept on fighting.

Before communication with the Capital was severed, Raginis received confirmation that smaller clans and bands of people were arriving from all over the continent to support the defenses, with the results being worth their sacrifice, he did best to keep the defensive line from collapsing.

Garrus could see what was happening, being a Spectre after serving in the Hierarchy's military he saw enough action to realize that BEC had them beaten, it was only a matter of time before the line collapsed and they had to go to plan B, which was blowing the crashed ship's reactor and taking out the entire Hegemony force in the valley. He was not exactly thrilled by that plan, but there were still vehicles and a couple of shuttles, hopefully enough to evacuate whoever is left standing while the reactor goes critical


Garrus grimaced, there it was again, ever since the comm relay collapsed, they would sporadically receive random signals from the planet, bouncing off of the ships, rocks or whatever else. Unfortunately, it was unintelligible.

"Spectre, on your left!" yelled Jane while opening fire on a Turian that somehow sneaked up on Garrus, a quick burst from her carbine left a smoking husk.

"Thanks!" he shouted back and went back to lending his sniping skills to the defending forces, only to scream into the local comm channel, panicking.

"Tanks! Enemy tanks incoming!" Whoever was out in the open, dived for cover as the advancing armor opened fire.

"ETA...utes" he could hear the comm echo again, but before he could even register whatever it said, he could hear a trench piercing scream.


Looking for the source of it, he saw the other Shepard twin standing in the clear, smoke blowing out of the rocket launcher he just dropped, along with his forearm which was severed at the elbow by hostile fire.

"JOHN!" Jane screamed in panic and ran out of cover, tackling her brother to the ground, narrowly missing most of the follow-up burst.

Most of it.

Two high-caliber accelerator rounds pierced her body, blowing a bloody chuck out of her thigh and hip. She and her twin collapsed to the ground in a bloody heap.

However, before they could be finished off, a wall of sickly purple lightning slammed into the vehicles that fired at them engulfing them in a deadly storm of electricity, shield emitters exploded as screams of pain could be heard coming from inside the tanks.

Lord Inquisitor Bredon stood in the open, his lightsaber deactivated. Hate, pure and raw, radiating off of him in waves as the thunderstorm materialized at his fingertips, days of pent-up frustration and anger making themselves known.

"...en it!...ell!... op drop... o... ploy, deploy!" another comm echo, but no one paid any attention to it, the battle around them coming to a halt as no one nearby could force himself to look away from the terrifying display of power.

No one, but Zaeed, who used the distraction to make his way to the disabled twins and pulled them into the trench, slapping a bacta-drenched bandage on their wounds.

Bredon's display of power, however, was not dying down. The thunderstorm was now engulfing an entire tank platoon with infantry mixed in around it, the only thing that broke through the storm was his warcry, filled with hatred.

"Hettir, aruetii!" Garrus shivered when he heard it, something primal signaling to him that if he wants to live, he should run.
The same was felt by every Hegemony soldier that was staring at the Inquisitor, some trembled while others took a fearful step back, raising their rifles uncertain if they can even hurt something so powerful.

Just as how it started, it ended, the storm vanished leaving only charred remains of any living beings caught in it and half-molted wreckage.

Bredon collapsed to one knee, utterly spent.

Taken aback by such a powerful display and a sudden end of it, everyone, including the Mandalorians, just stared at him, then at each other, then at their enemies.


Something clicked in everyone's head at the same time and both sides raised their weapons again, although half of BEC guns were aimed squarely at Bredon. However, before anyone could pull their trigger, multiple heavy objects slammed into the ground across the entire valley.
Although Garrus was already prone, he was still thrown to the side, smacking his head into a rock.


More, smaller impacts across the defense line, the Spectre got up to his knees and took a look at what just landed.

A giant hulking humanoid walker slowly rose to his feet, surrounded by a host of smaller, reptilian-looking robots with weapons protruding from their 'heads', a single Mandalorian on their back.

Whatever they were, the battered defenders seemed very happy to see them.

"Kad Company, begin the purge" Garrus heard a deep mechanical voice coming through the oversized speakers on the humanoid walker as it raised a shuttle-sized weapon and fired.

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The battle was inspired by the battle of Wizna, where Captain Władysław Raginis with a force of just 720-ish men, 12 bunkers, 42 MGs,4 76mm cannons and 2 AT rifles held the entire German XIX Army Corps including 3rd Panzer Division, 20th Motorized Division, and 10th Panzer Division, totaling about 42,200 infantry, 350 tanks, and 657 artillery pieces. For three days a small force made up mostly of conscripts outnumbered 40:1, held against the inventor of Blitzkrieg. While ultimately it was only prolonging the inevitable, their sacrifice allowed IOP Narew to avoid complete encirclement and allowed elements of the Polish army to reinforce Warsaw, prolonging the defense war.

Out of 720, only 40-60 were captured by the Wehrmacht. Captain Raginis, who pledged that he will die before surrendering, fought to his dying breath by blowing himself up along with a squad of German soldiers in the command bunker.

Why do I mention this? Because I will be using various battles and individuals from European history, which are mostly forgotten, as a way to pay my respect to heroes and generals that fought against insurmountable odds for a just cause.