Guess who's back! Thank you "She" for totally bringing back the fandom from the dead and finally ADMITTING that Ziva is alive!


Walking away from her office, Ziva makes her way toward an unmarked car. Knowing she cannot stay too long in case Ellie comes by, Ziva sends a simple text from her burner.

Count to a million.

Putting the phone in the passenger seat, Ziva makes her way to the airport and easily blends in and can toss her phone. When she lands in Paris, her eyes are misty and she quickly heads to where she knows Tony is waiting for her. Catching sight of her husband and her daughter, Ziva smiles wider than she thinks possible. As soon as she is in Tony's arms, she cries. Cries for Morgan and her daughter knowing exactly how she feels, cries for the family she leaves behind, and cries to be home again.

Tony kisses his wife's head and whispers, "It's okay, Zi. You're home. You're home."

Ziva nods, sniffles, pulls away and asks where their son is.

"Dad offered to change him. Never thought you'd see that, huh?" Tony jokes before telling Tali and Ziva to go get her luggage.

"Abba," Tali starts to protest. Smiling, Tony tells the five year old he will stay put.

At their Paris apartment, Ziva holds her thirteen month old son close as Tali tells her all about the last forty eight hours.

"Daddy took you where?" Ziva questions when Tali mentions going out for coffee. Looking up from chopping vegetables, Tony answers, "I got coffee. She got a kids drink!"

"And cake!" Tali adds. Ziva simply rolls her eyes before kissing her daughter on the head and letting her continue whatever craft she is doing.

"You okay?" Tony asks barely looking up from dinner knowing Ziva is standing against the counter. Running her hands through her son's hair, Ziva answers, "I will be. Morgan is back with Lilly and they are a family. Hopefully it will end up like us."

"It will," Tony reassures. Ziva gives her husband a small smile before putting their son in his high chair to feed him his dinner.

Once their children are asleep that night, Ziva sits in front of her open suitcase. Unpacking a few of her belongings, the former agent stops when she reaches for a jacket. It smells faintly of Gibbs somehow, and the thought of having her father back brings tears to her eyes. A part of her wants to laugh at how much she changes in the last five or six years. She is more open and obviously cries more, and going back into Ninja Mode as Tony calls it seems too foreign to her, now. Part of her wonders how she slips into it so easily.

Seeing his wife sitting in front of her suitcase, Tony asks, "You do some shopping while you were away?"

Shaking her head, Ziva answers, "These were in my office."

"You mean the office you first showed me when Gibbs left?" Tony asks sitting down next to her, albeit with a small groan.

"You will not to be able to get back up," Ziva points out with a smirk. Her husband waves off the comment and answers, "Me? You're thinking of a different Anthony DiNozzo."

"Oh, yes, because I have seen your father sit on the floor," Ziva jokes before sobering. Gently, she picks up her jacket and states, "It smells like Gibbs."

"Sawdust and bourbon?" Tony asks. Ziva shrugs answering, "And something else."

There is a small pause before she asks, "How are you always able to keep McGee from knowing about me?"

"Omission. I had a few close calls when Tali aggravated the baby a couple times, but McGee was dealing with his own kids at the moment."

Tony takes his wife's hand and plays with the ring on her finger. After a moment he admits, "I wish we could tell them, Zi."

Swallowing, Ziva answers, "Me, too."