Author's Notes

This chapter is more of a transitionary one. We will be moving on from Winterfell and onto King's Landing. Yay... plot progression. As much as the North is cool... pun... Naraiz can't do much if he stays there. So on to the South!


"I fucked up!" I slammed the door to my room open knowing Jaesa was already inside. What I wasn't expecting was that her lower half would be covered in blood and naked on my bed. I thought I told her I don't like blood on my bed when I sleep. Oh well… I'll deal, I had much bigger problems to handle right now.

"What happened master, there's a great number of… oh~" Jaesa smiled as I came in, pulling Lyarra by a chain into the room and shutting the door behind her. "I like the tail… fits for the wolf-woman." Jaesa said as she hopped off my bed and began circling Lyarra who I left to stand in the middle of the room. She stood dutifully, only having a simple robe to cover her. Her new wolf tail however peeked out of the dress. This caused the robe to be hitched up and gave a perfect view of her shapely rear.

"I might have gone a little too deep in the Dark Side with this one." I growled while I leaned back with a frown in my chair. I had cleaned up the dinning hall, reapplied my Mask, and snuck Lyarra through the castle back to my room. It was a difficult task and would have been impossible without my Force Cloaking power. I was a little drained from how long I had to keep it up and for covering two people.

"I can see that." Jaesa said as she stared at Lyarra collar, mesmerized by the power radiating off of it. It was my Dark power, her favorite kind. Jaesa reached out to touch it but Lyarra pulled back and gave my apprentice a hard death glare as she held onto her precious collar. "You little…" Jaesa growled but gave a little flare of my power to draw both their attention.

"Jaesa play nice. Lyarra is now my property and I won't have you damaging her." I warned as my eyes turned a twinge yellow. The sight of me acting so authoritative got both of the women in the room hot, Lyarra extra so given that I had called her my property and defended her. Jaesa on the other hand let the matter go as it was clear that I wasn't in the mood for her to play with my new toy, but that didn't mean that she couldn't play with me. Ahh… I do so love her twisted mind.

"Vette's not going to like you taking on slaves." Jaesa smirked knowing that with whatever I did to Lyarra made her completely loyal to us. Jaesa knew she could speak freely with Lyarra around. I groaned as my apprentice reminded me of my little free spirit of a Twi'lek. Vette knew that I stood in the moral gray area on slavery. That I didn't support widespread wholesale enslavement of populations as it wasn't pragmatically effective when Droids could be used without the expense of food, shelter, care, or the threat of revolt. But at the same time Vette knew that I was perfectly fine with personal enslavement of defeated enemies or indentured servitude of certain types of people. Those that owed a debt for example. We had debates over this and I usually won out by making sure I kept my side as logical as possible. The second I went to the moral argument was when she won, and she knew it. As a Sith I didn't care but if she thought she won, then I lost.

"I will handle Vette." I said with the full intention of making sure that Vette never finds out about this until I was able to impart a little more of the Dark Side into the Twi'lek. Just enough to where she wouldn't be so mad that she'd resent me forever. Lyarra was way beyond just a normal slave, I literally collared her mind, body, and soul. I couldn't free Lyarra because she didn't want to be free now, she wanted me to dominate her forever. "Our plans however have changed a bit, instead of leaving in a week we will leave in two days." Jaesa looked ecstatic, Lyarra I could sense was horrified and a little hurt.

"Finally! Getting out of this frozen hell hole." If looks could kill, and they could for some. But Thankfully for Jaesa, Lyarra did not have that power.

"The longer we stay the more chance there is that Rickard could discover what I've done." I ignored my apprentice's outburst as I interlaced my fingers in front of my face. Trying to think hard on adapting my plans was difficult as it was. I wanted to originally wanted Lyarra and me to become fuck buddies and maybe a little more. Maybe eventually turn her loyalty toward me more than anyone else but her kids. But this required a lot more work than that, Lyarra was attached to me deeply and while that would never change… I didn't like hurting her by leaving like this. The Sith side wanted to blow those feelings off but I still felt responsible for what I had done. Lyarra was now my responsibility.

"Are we just going to leave her here?" Jaesa asked, not sure about that. I could tell she wanted a chance to play with the new slave with another slight glare I kept her in her place. Jaesa didn't play well with others and Lyarra I wanted to keep alive.

"Lyarra will stay here in Winterfell until I have the means and opportunity to have my own base of operation here in Westeros. And that I can have her there without raising suspicion. Perhaps fake her death or something." I said throwing out ideas for any way for me to keep Lyarra around without putting me in a bad light with the Northern Lords. The problem came was that I had no idea about her in terms of what happened to her in the books. How did she die and what happened after Rickard went down south and got killed by the mad king? At best I can guess she died of natural causes after being widowed and the war ended. So at most I had to wait until Rickard dies and then I can arrange for something. But that was still nine years off. "Jaesa, call Vette, audio only." I said and Lyarra expectedly looked confused. Jaesa meanwhile grabbed a holo-transmitter and did as I asked.

"-Yeah boss?-" Vette's voice came through the device and Lyarra's eyes widened at this. She didn't say anything but I could tell her mind was spinning. What this could mean for what me and Jaesa and the rest of my cohorts could be. Was it more of our magic? "-Whats with just callin' on the audio?-"

"I'm in a situation where I can't be so public with the Holo-image. You know how Feudal Worlds are with advanced tech." I said covering my tracks effortlessly. "How's it going with the ship?" This was a report late coming but I should have gotten it much earlier. It just sorta slipped my mind.

"-I've been able to dig a lot of it out safely. It's more intact than we first thought. Makes me think that it will be able to get through the atmosphere.-" Vette said and that was very good. If we could fly out of here I could eventually connect to the HoloNet and get my hands on all the information I would need to understand what I was dealing with. Force Visions were helpful but I needed cold hard data.

"Communications Array?" I asked thinking that maybe I could just skip going to space for the moment. If I could access the HoloNet now then I could better plan where to go once the ship was fixed.

"-Nah… the thing took a ton of damage in the crash.-" One more dream crushed but I didn't have high hopes for that. "-The cargo hold survived really well by the way. Even your speeder survived, was surprised to find that.-" I raised an eyebrow at that. I knew that I had a Adno Firewasp in the cargo hold but I honestly expected that to be the only thing that was broken. Thanks god… still pissed at you for sending me real numbers.

"Vette… You're going to get my speeder out and make sure it's in working order. You're then going to drive it to a location I'll send to you later." I said as I begun to plan around this. Now that I had rapid transportation new options were available to me. It still didn't solve my problems with Lyarra but I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet on this and make a choice. I sighed before looking to the woman in question and just couldn't help but feel for that pleading look on her face. She needed me, more than just the dependency of the collar but more than that. She had thrown her marriage vows and possibly her family away for me and I just couldn't ignore that. "But for right now, after you get that done I want you to make a full list of what we have in there." I said and after getting a confirmation from Vette Jaesa shut the transmitter off. "I've reconsidered, we're taking Lyarra with us."

"Wow… something Vette said changed your mind?" Jaesa asked as she looked back toward Lyarra once again with a hungry look in her eyes. "I can see why you might want to keep her around a little longer… she does have her appeal." Jaesa said before reaching out from behind Lyarra and grabbing ahold of the Stark's bust. Her fingers digging into the soft flesh that spilled out between the other woman's digits. Lyarra bit her lip, trying to keep the moan of pleasure from escaping but Jaesa's hands proved to be too skilled and Lyarra melted back into my apprentice's ministrations. "Oh yes… she's very appealing now that's no longer so proud."

"B-bite your tongue witch whore." Lyarra shot back surprising both myself and Jaesa. "You're just jealous that the master has a proper lady to attend to him." Lyarra had a wolf's grin as Jaesa scowled and pulled away from her teasing of the slave. The room was then filled with my deep laugh at the scene, it was too funny not to laugh.

"Oh… just as I wanted. A bitch for me but a wolf to the world." I sighed feeling a little better about this. Now that I know that Lyarra still had some semblance of herself, I could better come to terms with what happened. I still felt like I crossed a line… but it wasn't as bad as I first thought. If anything I might have empowered her to be a bit more outspoken and true to what she wants, the Dark Side that stained her soul would see to that. "Lyarra, you are allowed to speak as you see fit, tell me what you think of what you just saw." I said wanting to learn what this primitive, and I use the term categorically than dismissively, thought of us.

"About the…" She said looking at the Holo-transmitter in Jaesa's hand. I nodded and Lyarra looked a little more certain. "I am at a loss for words master, I do not know how you do the things you do but I am in awe by it." She said, and it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. But I guess even when I told her to speak freely it wasn't possible given I rewrote her brain to be subservient to me. I'm going to need to look into that collar, I only vaguely recall where I learned to make it from now that I was off the Dark Side high.

"Lyarra, me and my fellows do not come from across the western seas. We instead come from the stars. This world is one of many in a Galaxy of humans and many alien species. The woman I was speaking to on the Holo-transmitter was a Twi'lek. I myself am not wholly human either, my blood is one third Sith, the species not the Order." I explained and I could sense that she believed every word I spoke. It was strange having her so ready to take everything I said as gospel truth. But I could get used to it, I certainly loved the power trip it gave me.

"Is that what I saw master, when you changed?" Lyarra asked and Jaesa shot first the woman herself a dirty look before changing focus to me.

"You showed her that side of you?" She asked before putting the pieces together. "She had sex with you in your real form?!" Jaesa raged, her Dark Side traits bleeding through at her heightened emotional state. While I needed a Sith Mask to cover up my darker features she still could just push them down. "You haven't done that with me." She mumbled looking to the side, feeling hurt by what I did. But then I gently lifted her head back up, moving from my chair in front of her in an instant. I then cupped her face and gave her one of my rare kisses, she quickly fell into my embrace as our lips were locked to each other. But we soon parted and she rested her head in the crook of my neck feeling my power wash over her in a soothing warmth.

"If you wanted that, you only needed to ask." I said knowing that Naraiz never wanted to ever give Jaesa that level of intimacy. I on the other hand was ready and very willing. Love and Hate were things that Sith had over the Jedi in spades. And I was perfectly willing to show Jaesa just how much I loved her. Even as little time I spent with her as this new mind, I loved her. I couldn't deny that even if I wanted to.

"Master." Jaesa sighed contently knowing that she was going to take him up on that. But she would until she found the perfect moment.

"Come now, we have to prepare for our departure." I said before kissing the top of her head, feeling the devotion that she had for me. She was so open to my senses that it frightened me sometimes. But it was because of the small romantic gestures I gave, the small little moments of genuine care I had for her. The Sith of the Old Order and the Rule of Two too often forgot that we love. And it was more than a tool to turn Jedi to the Dark Side, it could be used to strengthen the bond of all Sith. "Lyarra." I said as I pulled away from a reluctant Jaesa. When I looked toward my Lyarra I could tell that she wanted what she just saw. I smiled knowing that it wasn't hard to understand, even changed she still longed for love.

"Y-yes master?" She said picking herself back together after witnessing such a tender moment between the two Sith. Two Sith she had no idea had more blood on their hands than an ocean could fill.

"If I'm going to take you, even for a short time as I doubt you could stay with me for too long, then I can't be the one to suggest it." I said as I walked back to my chair. Jaesa walked back to the bed with a small sway to her hips and a pleased smile on her face. "The moment I bring up that we will be leaving, I will use my Force powers to plant the idea in your husband's mind that we should have an escort." She did not even flinch or react at all to the idea I could manipulate the mind. "We will be heading for King's Landing to speak to the King. He will suggest himself or one of his Lords. You will tell him no, that you will go."

"Do you really think this man will let you go with his wife for months, because that's how long this trip will take, just like that?" Jaesa asked finding the idea a little hard to believe.

"I have spent every interaction I have with the man fortifying the idea that he owes me in his mind. All I have to do is make it seem like this will clean the slate clean of any further debt, combined that with it won't be my idea which will help keep him from thinking I'm after his wife… and it should work." I surmised and Jaesa thought it over for a bit before shrugging. It wasn't a fool proof plan but it was set to work given all I had done. True I was cashing in the big favor I had been growing in Rickard's mind but it was worth it. It wasn't like Rickard had much that I want… well… he had one thing. But it was something I could now take now that I had his wife.

It was impossible to not chuckle at the sight of Lyarra attempting to scratch at where her wolf ears should be. It was adorable seeing her handle her new Mask. In private she said that it felt a little constricting not having her tail be free and her head constantly itches where her wolf ears should be.

At the moment I was sitting down in the rows of tables as the keep held a small feast at my leaving. It wasn't as big as what I saw for King Robert in Game of Thrones but it was winter and I wasn't a king. I was present but unlike Pierce I wasn't involved much with the revelry. There was a smile on my face as my master at arms was trying to teach the locals an Imperial battle hymn, but I knew he would fall a little short. It wasn't the same one as he had to adlib a few words here and there. Quinn was speaking with the Maester, getting in some last bits of information out of each other. Jaesa was waiting in my room, likely lacking any clothes, as I didn't trust her with being at a party with booze and not ruining it.

I then looked back up to the head table and tugged at the collar hidden under her Mask, I found I could still interact with the collar no matter the distance or if it was gone under the Mask. Lyarra blushed and looked like someone had just whispered something dirty into her ear. She knew that was the signal to move the events along and so leaned over to her husband, and whispered something to the effect of getting to his announcement. It worked and Rickard sat up and slammed his tankard on the table to gather everyone's attention.

"Northmen, today we hold this feast in honor of the man that saved my son's life. Without him, my son Brandon could very well be dead at the hands of mountain savages." There were a few shouts of approval and cheers from the assembled men. "All by himself, and not knowing what he faced, he slaughtered a whole tribe of the filth saving my boy. And for that, I am grateful." I smirked as he looked at me and I could feel the gratitude and debt he felt he owed me. The man wanted it gone, he wanted to repay me for what I had done and was beginning to get frustrated that he hadn't yet. Oh he wasn't sick of me or anything, this frustration was more directed toward himself than anyone else. Which was good given how I planned to use these feelings.

"Please Lord Stark, I have seen you with your sword. What I did was nothing you could not." Humility wasn't exactly a Northern trait but buttering up the Warden of the North was needed here. Plus, by comparing myself to a man all respected, I was putting myself on his level while not overstepping him. Given that he was already complimenting me, the room would see my words in the perfect light.

"You are too kind Master Rhyhall, truth be told I am growing old. And having you save my heir is a great favor to me." He said and I could feel a bit of aged weariness in his voice. I found it a little funny because internally he didn't see himself as old yet and his body wasn't too far out of his prime. Seems like Rickard really wants to pass on the title to Brandon as soon as possible. Maybe so he could take the Black as most Starks did, hmm… no… the Old Bear would be better than Rickard. Well… that was the case now that I was banging his wife. "And in these days since you arrived my men and my family have enjoyed your company and the company of your followers." I'm sure the sixteen people that Jaesa killed were very happy to have her in their home. Damn I need to control her better now that she can't just say Sith privilege to make her troubles with the law go away. "And we are sad to see you go."

"And I am sad to be away from the North, it is an honest land that breeds some of the toughest people I have met. There is a strength here that few places have, pragmatism and the ability to just survive are in short supply in many places but not here." My speech was supposed to be minimal and impersonal. Flattery and little else. "But now I must head to the south, I hope that I can appeal to your king to let me rebuild my Order here in Westeros."

"Aye, I wish you success and if there is a man out there that could tame a dragon like Aerys Targaryen it would be you Naraiz." Rickard raised his mug up and all followed. After a loud cheer we all drank, I looked to Lyarra who understood now was the time to begin my plan.

"Rickard…" She began softly but at the same time giving him a small bit of warmth that he had never been given before. His attention along with many others was captivated by the Lady Stark. Under the table I weaved my hand focusing on Rickard, I was opening his mind up a little. Not fully controlling it or implanting thoughts but just getting him a little open to suggestions. It was a trick that Master Baras taught me, the bastard he was I can't fault him for his skill with the mind. "… As much as our Maester has told him of our lands, I believe that sending him alone with his followers would be a disservice. It is one thing to be told of a culture, it is another to interact with it." She spoke elegantly and had her husband hanging on every word. Funny for me, not so funny to Rickard if he knew what was going on.

"Yes I suppose so, we here understand and know him. There are times when his ways are strange even to us, I hate to think how those southerners would treat him." Oh they'll treat me just fine. In fact I think I'll be able to handle them better than northerners, up here things are far to survivalist for my tastes. While the North is fucking awesome… it makes for poor scheming lands.

"Excellent point my lady, I believe that we should send him a guide, someone of noble birth." To my surprise it was the Maester, whose name I have already forgotten, who suggested this. "Lady Stark, your family name would garner great respect and credibility and you have the sharp mind to keep our guests safe in the south." He continued and I couldn't believe what was happening. This was good, I looked to Quinn and he was just as shocked as I was. So this didn't come from him. I focused on the Maester and was surprised when I found out that he was feeling emotions of contained fear and greedy hope. What was his game?

"You would have my wife be sent down during winter to that nest of vipers?" Rickard nearly growled, and this was where I needed to work carefully. It was winter but northerners always forgot that winter hit the south not nearly as much as it did here. But the Maester looked calm and ready for this.

"The Kingsroad is well protected and it is the duty of the Lords of the North to keep the road clear even in the winter. You have said on many occasions, tonight included that Master Rhyhall is one of the finest warriors you have seen, your wife will be well protected. She is a capable rider and she would not stay in King's Landing long." I kept up the Force persuasion on Rickard, giving it a little more power. He blinked and rubbed his head, that's what I didn't want. Even if he had no reason to suspect I was doing something, I don't want there to be any doubt to his decision when he looks back on it. Thankfully Lyarra took the initiative and took her husband's hand.

"Rickard, I will be safe. It is as Walys said, the Kingsroad is safe and clear, I promise to send a raven from every keep I come to, and Master Rhyhall will be with me. He shall keep me safe from any vipers." She said with a small squeeze to his hand. The wolf knew how to handle her discarded mate to further her true alpha's plans. "I want there to be no doubt that we have repaid him for all his done for us, I want our family's honor to stay true." That clinched it in Rickard's mind.

"Very well, but I expect those ravens." He sighed after nodding in agreement. Lyarra hid her joy well while I could feel that Walys, that was his name, felt nothing but satisfaction. He casted a small gaze toward me and I could tell that I would be meeting the Maester soon, privately.

"Maester Walys… I was surprised by your words back there." I caught the Maester on his way toward his raven tower. Further surprising me was that he was fearful and worried at hearing me. What was he up to? "Not that I don't appreciate the help, it will be nice to have Lady Stark escort me to King's Landing."

"Ah… Master Rhyhall… yes… you are quite welcome." He stuttered nervously hiding the small message that was in his hand under his gray robes. We were alone in the halls of the keep, no one was near us by my senses. "I only thought that maybe Lady Stark could do for some southern weather in this long winter we have been having." He was lying. I looked down at the diminutive old man, then using the Force grabbed ahold of his message and unfurled it. He went to grab it but I took out one of my hidden daggers and held it to his neck.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk… what have we here? A message to your fellows back in Old Town, telling them of my travel to the south. Telling them that the best time to attack would be on the Kingsroad." I said as I read the message and I honestly wasn't surprised to see the fan theory of the magic hating Maesters being included in this world. It would be something I would have to deal with and my plans would be putting myself at odds with the gray rats. "Oooh… you also have told them of Lady Stark's involvement and how it would be best to dispose of her so that you may convince Lord Stark to take a southern wife." I said as my eyes, now yellow, looked back to the fearful man. I did not like that one bit. Lyarra was mine! And I would not have her life be in needless danger like this.

"I-I-I-I…" he kept up his fearful stuttering. And this didn't go to what I thought his plan was at all. I was hoping that it was that he wanted to work with me. That he became enamored with the Empire from his exchanges with Quinn and wanted to help me rebuild it here. But no… that would not be the case. His satisfaction before came from his plots and plans to have me and Lyarra killed. And the greedy hope was thinking toward a future where Lord Stark married a wealthy southern lady who would turn Winterfell more like the south. The problem was I couldn't dispose of him, I needed him to convince Rickard to send Eddard to the Eyrie and arrange for Brandon to marry Catelyn. These things needed to happen.

"Shut it you little roach." I growled having half a mind to throw the future to the wind and kill him now. Just stab him and be done with it, Lyarra was mine and would not let this pathetic gray rat to threaten her. "Here's what's going to happen, you're going to send a new letter. Tell them that by my foul sorcery I have enthralled Lyarra to my will. Tell them that I have the power to control minds… I wish I did because that would make this so much easier." I said and I could feel relief spread through his mind, good… he's that stupid. "Tell them that any attempt at overtly killing me would result in Lady Stark's death, and by doing so ruin any plans to send her second son to the south for fostering or any chance to marry the eldest to a southern girl." Interesting… I planted the seed of the first idea but he was already thinking of the second.

"Y-yes my lord… I will do as you ask." He sputtered hoping to appease me. It didn't work.

"If I find out that you have targeted Lyarra… I will return faster than your ravens can flap their little black wings. And when I do… I will make the Boltons blush in envy with the torment I will give you." I said before holding up my hand and arcing a few bolts of Force Lightning between my fingers. His shocked eyes told me everything. At that I let the old man go and began my way back to my room where I had Jaesa waiting for me. The Maester watched my robes billow as I walked down the hall, making me look like a specter of death that had just speared him. I knew he would not go against my orders, his fear permeated too deep into his mind for him to do anything else but my exact orders.

And so we were off, I looked back at the distant Winterfell. My company of those that I had brought to the castle and my new pet. Lyarra was happy to be leaving the place that had felt like a prison more than a home though she would miss her kids terribly. It helped that I told her that I foresaw in the Force that they would be safe while she was gone. It was somewhat of a lie, I knew that nothing was supposed to happen. And so far my presence hadn't changed too much by what I found in Walys' scheming mind. Eddard would someday be sent out to the Vale, Brandon would be engaged to Catelyn, those two were the current most vital for things to play out as I wanted them to.

"Seriously master, what is it about this world that has you so enamored?" Jaesa's question brought me out of my thoughts. I looked back from the distant castle and back to my followers. Jaesa looked bored and ready to get moving. Quinn was crisp and awaiting orders. Pierce was a little laid back but at the same time watching the hills for enemies. Lyarra was behind me on the same horse as myself, as Rickard wanted me as close to her as possible to keep her safe. Oh that poor dense man. Lyarra was constantly pressing herself into my back, holding onto me for support on our shared steed. The rest were on their own horses.

"The people for one thing." I joked through my rebreather and could feel Lyarra's happiness spike a bit. She really was adorable, in the days after being collared I found out just how far the extent of the personality change there was. Though the genuine possibility that there was always this side to her buried under the resentment and mild depression was real. But to me she was just as submissive, hungry for approval, and a tad clingy as she had been since I put that collar on her neck. But to everyone else, ohhh… I loved watching her tear apart the Winterfell staff that had it too good for too long apparently. Rickard it seemed took a relaxed approach to his household sans defending it. The staff took advantage of this and the quality of the keep suffered for it. After Lyarra lost any care for how her husband might react to her actions, that all changed. She had begun whipping everyone into shape as Lady Stark. The wolf had woken up and it was not too pleased by the state of its home. "But I have my reasons, my darling apprentice." I said as I held up my wrist terminal and sent Vette the location of the meeting spot.

"I don't see it… this planet is primitive as fuck and too damn cold." Jaesa said as she layered on another application of the Force to warm her body. It was amazing that the Force could be used for.

"The seasonal cycle of this world can't be explained by any natural phenomenon, these year long winters and summers are most strange." Quinn stated as we all began back on our way down the Kingsroad. However little the road actually was, it was more trial than real pavement.

"Another reason why I like this world, there are mysteries of the Force at work here." I chuckled as I moved on from sending Vette various messages to playing a few Video-Games on my wrist. The thing was like a damn smart watch but better and actually useful. Apple could learn a thing or two from this. Hmm… I wonder how much money I could make by bringing Candy Crush to the Galaxy? But as I mindlessly played what was basically Tetris, I called for my apprentice who perked up at my attention to her. "There is a small abandoned windmill west of our location. Vette will be there soon enough with my speeder. You are to meet her there and take her back to the ship before heading to this location. Once you do, hide yourself and await my instruction."

"When you say hide myself…" This question came after a moment of consideration of how I would react.

"You can do anything you want so long as you do not kill any nobility, or draw attention to yourself. I want you to be able to be ready to begin a plan of mine at a moment's notice." I said knowing that Jaesa wanted to cut a little loose. More loose than she had been anyway. And now that she would be away from the eyes of Rickard and would be on her own and not directly connected to me, she could have the freedom to indulge her dark needs. "Again, keep your face hidden and your name even more so." I warned, seeing as I would eventually need her by my side again, I wouldn't want any charges to follow her back to me.

"Yes master." She said with a smirk before turning her horse west and trotting off. I was already missing her by the time she was just a small blip in the distance.

"Are you sure that was wise my lord? Without you to keep her on a tight leash, Jaesa is a walking disaster waiting to happen." Quinn warned and I did have to give it to him for trying to be helpful. But Jaesa was able to operate on her own competently, she might be bloodthirsty but she was smart. She knew when to keep her needs in check and when to let them run wild. It was only thanks to me beating into her to control the Dark Side instead of falling to it that had brought this happy medium to my apprentice.

"Quinn… let the Sith do as he pleases." Pierce said, shutting his fellow Imperial up. Since I was the last Sith of the Empire, I had promoted Pierce to head of Imperial Command. While Quinn I gave the title of Head of Imperial State. Both made up but then again I was drunk and sick of their fighting over who had authority over who. Quinn outranked Pierce but Quinn betrayed us so… I decided to bury the argument once and for all, but putting them on equal footing. Pierce knew it was bullshit but Quinn took it seriously and didn't bother Pierce anymore with acting higher than thou because of his rank. "So my lord, where are we heading first?"

"Good question, get ready boys… this is going to be a long trip." I said knowing that it was going to take a great deal of time before we reached Crossroads Inn. I know that Rickard wanted Lyarra to stop at every castle and send a Raven to him, but fuck that.

Vette leaned back on her boss's speeder, it was a damn fine ride she had to admit. She was even a little jealous of Jaesa, the Sith apprentice would be using this speeder for the coming years to traverse Westeros by speeds unseen in this world. Allowing for Naraiz to have a fast action assassin or agent of his will. It would be a serious advantage he would have over the primitive humans of this world.

It wasn't like she didn't like humans. Far from it, sometimes she preferred humans to her own kind. A traitorous part of her mind whispered that a certain human was way better looking than any Twi'lek male she had ever seen. She frowned as she munched on more deer jerky that she brought with her. She was starting to get sick of living off of what Broonmark hunted, but the ration stores in the ship were too valuable. No way was she snacking on her last bag of junk food when the possibility of not getting more until years later was hanging over her.

"I know that frown! You're thinking about how much you want master's hard cock tearing you up." Vette nearly bit her tongue hearing that. She scowled and looked away from the source of the voice to hide her darkening cheeks. Even if her red skin hid a great deal of the color it was still visible to anyone with a keen eye. And Jaesa had some of the best eyes ever.

"Shut up you little psychopathic tramp." Vette mumbled to herself before beginning to chew on another stick of jerky. Jaesa constantly pissed the former slave off, what with actually having sex with the man that she loved, to encouraging said man's worst traits, the way Jaesa never stopped teasing Vette, the list went on and on. "About time you got here, been worried that someone would see this thing." Jaesa grinned as Vette stood by Naraiz's speeder, waiting for Jaesa to get on.

"There's no way that I could be in back?" Jaesa asked with an innocent look on her face like she had no plans to have a little fun on the way back to the ship. Vette glared at the Sith, there was no way that she intended to let Jaesa have backseat on the speeder, with Vette having no means to stop whatever was going through the Sith's head right now. "Fine." Jaesa grumbled and took the front seat of the speeder, having half a mind to ditch the Twi'lek. The two women took their posts on and with a hum of the speeder roaring back to life, they were off back toward the north.

"So what's the boss doing anyway? I haven't heard any news from you guys?" Vette asked, feeling that the empty silence between them needed to be filled by anything Jaesa considered banter. The air rushed past them as they hovered above the ground going at speeds no horse could ever hope to match. A small group of deer watched them speed on by, the animals completely unused to the sight scattered and ruined the day of the hunters that had been tracking them a week.

"He's got a plan, he's going down south to talk to some asshole king. Probably has an idea on how to take a castle or something so we can have a nice home for the next few years." Jaesa hoped there would be a bath house, and that it wouldn't be in the North. She had read about the lands of Westeros, because she knew her master was expecting her to, and hoped that they would either spend their time on this world in Dorne. Sunny and loose on sexual morality.

"Think he could get a castle nearby? Maybe move what we have off the ship so I could you know… not be camping in the woods with just Broonmark?" Vette really wanted to get out of the mountains and into somewhere with real people and real comforts. There was only so much she could do to make her little campsite bearable. Broonmark at least was able to give her some pointers on shelter and living rough, but she was a city-girl at heart.

"Fuck no… I hate this snowy ass land. Nothing but burly thick neck savages here." Jaesa said instantly telling Vette that her fellow woman had the exact opposite ideal home in mind.

"Just because you want it doesn't mean Naraiz is going to go with it." Vette shot back and thus began the shouting match between them that lasted until they arrived at their wrecked ship.

I was not happy. Learned something that everyone that intends to invade the North learns… the Neck sucks! I hate that bog infested land with a passion. If not for the help of the Lord Reed's men, who would never have helped us had we not had Lyarra with us, we would still be in that hellhole. Turns out during Winter, the Kingsroad part of the Neck gets impossibly more difficult to manage. Trade between the South and North was mostly done through ports during Winter because of this. Only special traders that had the favor of the Reeds were able to still manage the Kingsroad during Winter.

"My lord, do you not think we should take shelter, we are running low on food and water." Quinn said, bringing my thoughts out of my head and back to the present. We had just passed out of the Neck and were approaching the Riverlands. While it was true that our supplies were running a bit dry, there was only one place close enough.

"You suggest the Twins?" Lyarra asked with a small scrunch to her nose. She knew exactly what was on my mind even if she didn't know it. But then something played across her mind and she smiled. "It might be fruitful master to visit, I know that you have not let news of your appearance reach beyond the North." This was true, I painstakingly made sure that any little spies in Winterfell did not mention my presence. But I was intrigued by Lyarra's mind and let her go on with whatever she was scheming. It was nice to have my pet scheming for me. "You showing up unexpectedly on the door of the King with me at your side without warning might cause an uproar. Surely it will turn suspicion on you as the King has a well respected spymaster in his employ. How would the King not know of a man that was important enough for the Warden of the North to send with his wife?"

"You such wonderful points my pet." I said as I reached back and gave Lyarra a well-received pat on the head. It was adorable how I could turn a wolf into a pleading little puppy with the least bit of praise. "Considering what I have heard of this Walder Frey, it will be hard to keep our visit a secret. And you are right, the control of information might have served a purpose before but now it might cause us trouble."

"I live to serve you master in any way I can." With a nod the head, I could sense more pride and satisfaction. But the sound of Pierce chuckling distracted me from Lyarra.

"Pierce! Quit laughing back there." Since Pierce had learned of what I had done to Lyarra he couldn't help but find it funny. Quinn had no thoughts on the matter as he deemed it irrelevant personal matters but Pierce had this humor about it that only he understood. I theorized it was because here I was this Sith that propagated against the more vile and cruel elements of the Sith… taking on a mind broken slave I had seduced and fucked into submission. But while that was true… I don't particularly care about things like hypocrisy. "Come now, let us see the famous Twins." I said with a small groan as I headed off in the direction of the crossing.

"Halt, state your business here at the Twins." One of Walder's many… many sons barked at us as we approached the eastern keep of the Twins. It was an impressive fortress. I did have to give them that. Well maintained too, likely the Freys knew to keep what made them money in good condition. They also probably knew that the second that they started to look weak, the nearby Houses would pounce, hoping to install a better House as Lords of the Crossing.

"I am Lyarra Stark, I am on a mission from my Husband Lord Stark to escort these men to King's Landing. Let us inside so I may speak to Lord Frey." Lyarra said from behind me, the authority and predatory warning that she spoke in caused the few Frey soldiers at the gate to shiver in fear. There was the awoken wolf again, now that we were outside of Winterfell she could fully express herself in ways that she couldn't before. Even in the North ladies were expected to act in certain ways unless they early on defied the expectation of a noble lady. And even then it was a case by case basis. However it seemed one of the little weasels had a bit of backbone to him.

"And how do we know that to be true?" He spoke with a crude guttural speak and a cocky tone that implied he didn't believe a word of what was said. His words seemed to infect the rest of his kin with the same undeserved confidence and they all began to leer at my Lyarra in ways that only damned them to hell. "If you were really Lady Stark, you'd have some guards with 'ch." He pointed out and the rest of them only started digging their graves deeper..

"Yeah! You'd need to try a lot harder to pull one out on us." One of the others yelled in glee having now been given a spine by his kin's words. "Be pretty big crime to call yourself a Stark… even here in the Riverlands." He said looking to his brothers and all of them seemed to pick up on the message.

"A grave crime… one that we as honorable men of House Frey would be happy to mete out justice." They all were really dumb weren't they? Yes, there was a possibility that we were lying, but they should really check this shit first. Because if they were wrong and did what they planned on then that would mean war at the very best. All of House Frey being purged, root and stem, was the worst that could happen. "I'd say we kill this lot and teach this little cunt the meaning of respecting one's superiors." This… is where I got involved or would have. Before I knew it Lyarra was off our horse and storming her way toward the Frey guards. I had to look away before I very nearly killed her as I had been building up an attack on the irritating guards.

"You little worms dare." Lyarra spoke and once again they all stopped. The way she had gotten off our horse with all the grace of a circling dire wolf, the look in her eyes matching said emblem of her House. Without fear of anything these men could do to her, she marched up to the Freys and stood in front of the one that had started all this. "You dare to question my very name, a name that was held by Kings when this bridge was nothing but twigs and firewood. And furthermore you have the gall to even form that putrid thought of touching me in your minds! Unless you have them bring down that bridge in the next moment I will demand for Lord Frey to have all of you gelded for such an insult, or winter shall come for all of House Frey." Lyarra had them all cowering and the second she finished they scrambled to get the drawbridge down for us to proceed. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear at that last comment, it was perfect. And I didn't even plan it! That made coming here worth it.

"Damn… that whipped them into shape fast." Pierce chuckled, having greatly enjoyed the display. The show had turned around a few opinions he had on the woman I'm sure.

"Yes, very impressive." Quinn said simply with a nod of acknowledgement. Seeing these fools that pretended to be soldiers being sent through the ringer was pleasing to him but Quinn knew this would never happen with true Imperial soldiers.

"It was nothing." Lyarra said, fixing a strand of her hair away from her face.

"I still have half a mind to snap their necks." I could do it too, even from here I could reach out and with the flick of the wrist they would be dead. But Lyarra had pulled it off beautifully, and prevented me from exposing myself too early. Thankfully none of the Freys noticed my yellow eyes, I was nearly about to burn them into nothing by my glare alone. "Lyarra, return to me." I said and could feel a ping of sadness come across my pet as she returned to our horse. "In the future, warn me before you do something like that… I very nearly killed you with my Deadly Sight. It doesn't discriminate between friend and foe. After seeing that, I would be even sadder at your loss than I already would have been."

"Thank you master." I could feel that sadness that had been there before vanish as if it never existed to begin with. I smiled but internally I was cursing myself, the time I had spent in front of the Weirwood trying to regain a bit of balance hadn't been nearly enough. I was still tilting too much toward the Dark Side. The fact that I even considered using a power like Deadly Sight just for something like this was a testament to how green I was at stuff like this. I was grappling with knowing what was the right course of action but not being able to remember it in the heat of the moment.

Through meditation I could feel that all of Naraiz's hard work to achieve Balance in the Force was in jeopardy. I was a weak and naive normal human from earth, not the battle hardened and experienced SIth Lord he was. The fusion of our souls was not clean by any means and the repercussions were growing in strain on me. It takes an extraordinary event or action in a person's life to turn one way or the other after finding Balance. It was difficult to achieve Balance but thankfully it was hard to change that too. Falling to the Dark Side was easy and it was hard to claw out of it but possible. Achieving harmony with the Light Side was hard but easy to fall from. But Balance was just hard either way, it was about the most difficult thing a Force User could do and I was failing about and possibly ruining all of Naraiz's work.

Something like what I did toward Lyarra wouldn't change our soul. It was more like the surface had been darkened. A bit of oil was thrown on top of a pond. It could be cleaned up and nothing would be done to the pond in the long run. But me fusing with Naraiz upended it all. My pond analogy doesn't even function in terms of what is happening. I just need to fall back on the old gamer motto, get good.

"They didn't get the drawbridge down in time… still thinking about killing them?" Pierce asked as we began our way across the bridge with the various Frey soldiers lining the gate in nearly royal formation. It was slightly warranted as Starks were one of the Great Houses of Westeros and deserved such treatment.

"They're trying, and the fear in them is a salve on my soul." I looked down toward the fearful looks that they all had. It wasn't directed at me but at Lyarra… likely these men had heard what she threatened from those that alerted them to our arrival. We rode into the gate house where we handed off our horses to the Twin's stable master. Then, very politely, escorted to the great hall where the Lord Walder was waiting on his house's seat. I did have to admire the power the chair projected. The Freys, if nothing else good can be said about them, understood the importance of maximizing even the littlest bit of coin.

"Lady Stark, what bring such a lovely northern flower to my home." Walder said as he leered at my Lyarra like his sons and/or grandsons had been earlier. But then his vulture like gaze moved to me and my men. "Heh, with such unfamiliar companions with you." I held my breath at the sight of the middle aged man. He wasn't the ancient weasel that he was in the show but he certainly displayed all the traits he would embody later in life.

"I am traveling from Winterfell to King's Landing, on a mission to introduce the man beside me to King Aerys." Lyarra said with respect though there was anger veiled behind her words. Walder, not being the fool he looks to be, picked up on that and smirked. The greasy smile he had infuriated me as he was already thinking of Lyarra naked. "We request that you grant us Guest Rights in your home, and we would pay for lodging and supplies for our journey." Lyarra had been given plenty of gold dragons for the trip by Rickard… maybe a few too many. The North was pretty much the poorest of the seven kingdoms and it would not do for Rickard to go broke over us.

"Heh, and just who is a man to warrant such an audience I wonder?" Walder asked and I got the basic emotions of curiosity but most of his mind was still on Lyarra. He was a older man who probably had a higher sex drive than even myself. Of course he'd zero in on the beautiful woman in the room.

"My name is Naraiz Rhyhall Lord Frey, I come across the sea to your lands' western shore. Beyond what you call the sunset sea." I said with the smallest bow I could muster without seeming disrespectful. I could lace my words with Force Persuasion but I was cautious given who I was dealing with. The Freys at his side, likely his eldest sons, were both fearful of me and worried about what they had invited into their home. "I seek to appeal to your king to allow my Order to reestablish itself here in Westeros."

"And what sort of order would this be?" Walder said but I didn't need to read his feelings to see that he had lost much of his interest. He feigned it well, locking his fingers together and looking over us with a calculating gaze, but he was dismissing us already. It was in his tone, he sounded passively interested instead of actively. If a person as greedy as Walder was, there was no passing interest, there needed to be something in it for him on the table or he would wave it off. But there was a Stark involved so he had to play the part.

"We are the Sith, an order of Warrior-Monks, if you wish a demonstration then I would be happy to give it. Pierce." I said looking back at Pierce who put a hand over his gifted long sword. In the months in Winterfell he had sharpened his skills with a blade, even if he missed the feeling of a rifle in hand.

"That won't be necessary, I trust that if the Starks have enough faith in your skills to show to our king they would enough to put my sons here to shame." He snorted as he glanced to the men behind him. Both of which looked to the side and grumbled a few curses. I think he just did to get this over with faster. "Guest Rights will be extended…" As much as those are worth anything in this damn tower you fucking weasel. "… and should you pay us, we will give you what meager rations we have. It is Winter after all. You Starks are right eventually heh."

"Thank you Lord Walder, if possible we would like to retire for the day. The road has been a difficult one." Lyarra said with a courteous nod and Walder waved her off with a few more hehs. We were then escorted over the first half of the bridge to the single tower in the middle of the Twins. The Water Tower is where the guest rooms were, a good place. It was also a good place to hold hostages as it didn't matter which way you went it led to either the Freys or the rushing waters of the Trident.

Me and the boys were given one room, with one bed… funny. The reason provided for this was that the Water Tower needed to use up the spares for storage for the Winter. Bullshit. But Quinn and Pierce knew I wouldn't be staying long so they decided on the age old method of Sabacc to decide who got the bed. Meanwhile I… just slipped out of the room under Force Cloaking. I quickly found where they had put Lyarra in her own room. To their credit they actually posted a guard whose mind was filled with thoughts of duty and protecting the noble lady. I would not be killing him. But I slipped in after giving him a slight daze with the wave of my hand, and found my pet pacing nervously in her room. A smile on my face. I threw up a sound barrier around the room to keep our business our own.

"That man… the rumors do not do him any justice." Lyarra mumbled to herself as she thought about the meeting they just had. She had no doubt that it wouldn't be too long before word got around to those with eyes and ears in the walls about what just happened. Despite the limited scope of the meeting, the fact that a Stark was involved gave it enough credence to merit note for spymasters across Westeros. "What should I… ah!" Lyarra yelped as she felt someone come from behind and with one hand grabbed ahold of her breast and the other her ass. Had she not felt the warm tingling sensation caused by her collar she would have attacked whoever did this but instead she just let her master do as he pleased. "Master~"

"Aren't we a nervous girl?" The sight of Lyarra lightly moaning at my touch was indeed a sight to behold. She continued her sounds of pleasure as she held my hand to her ample breast and pushed her rear back into my grasp. "You did quite well today my pet. I had been worried for some time that you would be nothing but a dull and boring fuck toy but I was pleasantly proven wrong." I said as my right hand kneaded her breast, a small tweak to her hardened nipples through her dress was all that was needed to elicit a loud moan. I however removed my left hand and outstretched it and with a yank materialized the Force Chains that connected me to the collar on her neck. The action broke the Mask that hid away her abnormal wolfen features, she let out a sigh of relief had the free feeling she got at having the appendages once again let loose.

"T-thank you master… it feels unbearable having my body confined in such a way." She said with a slight whimper as I removed my hands from her body. I motioned for her to undress me and like the dutiful slave she was, did so without hesitation. With every movement she made, the sound of the Force Chains clinking would follow and sent shivers of excitement through Lyarra's body. As she removed my lower robes she could only marvel in hungry lust at my exposed cock, I watched with a small smile as she licked her lips before looking up at me with pleading eyes.

"Go on." I said and with great eagerness she began stroking my dick, her soft hands causing me to go hard in seconds of their touch. Once she had stroked life into my manhood Lyarra quickly took it into her mouth and began sucking like it was the most delicious treat she ever had. I gave a small groan as she continued to work my cock, the feeling of her wet and hot mouth running itself along my shaft felt incredible. "You're getting better my pet, I can see you trying your hardest to please your master." I pulled lightly on the Force Chain and it seemed to make her only suck harder. I grabbed ahold of her scalp and as she began using her tongue to swirl around my member I began thrusting into her willing mouth. It didn't take long for her to get me to reach my climax and soon enough she felt my load blast into her mouth. The muscles in her throat began to squeeze every little drop I had left as she swallowed it all. Lyarra nearly came as all throughout servicing me she had been staining her smallclothes with her juices.

"Did I please you master?" She asked dutifully after letting go of my manhood, but not after giving it a few licks to clean it off. I smiled down at her and gave her head a few rubs focusing on her adorable ears. I love Sith Alchemy… and there is no doubt in my mind that she will not be the last hybrid I have sex with.

"Yes you did, but it would please me more if you were free of these clothes." I said and in a harry to do as I asked, Lyarra quickly discarded her dress and underthings. Letting her body be free for me to see. I circled around her, appraising my work sculpting her new body more extensively. I did have to admit that it was flawless. The Dark Side really is vein after all and it pays off in the most unexpected ways. "On your hands and knees." I ordered and she did so without reservation, getting down onto the fur covered floor presenting her gorgeous rear to me. Her womanhood glistening in her own juices waiting for me to take her.

"Master please, I need your glorious cock, I need to have you fill my cunt and spread it wide." She pleaded as her whole body felt hot and her core quivered for attention. It had been weeks since she had been able to feel his length spear her deep into her. Making her feel more than she ever had before meeting him.

"Who am I to deny such a request?" I growled with lust as I lined up my prick with her hungry pussy. Gripping her ass cheeks I thrusted deep inside her making Lyarra squeal in joyous carnal rapture. Then with each thrust I began blurring her vision further and further. Her moans filled the chamber and if I had not sealed the room the news that Lady Stark had taken a lover would be heard by all in the seven kingdoms by tomorrow. Definitely all those in the Twins would know. Lyarra pussy closed around me as I felt her grow closer and closer to her first, and certainly not last, orgasm came to her.

"Please master harder, fuck me harder." She begged in between her moans. I smirked and as I pushed even deeper into her walls, the heat of her snatch and the sight of her bucking back into my hips making my tool twitch with excitement inside of her. "It's so good…" Her walls were so tight and wet that it felt so good to slid in and out of her. Then I felt her constrict around my cock tightly and then a flood of her sweet nectar came gushing over my still pounding manhood. "I'm cumming on master's cock!" She screamed as she hit her euphoric peek, lengthened by me still pushing deep inside of her.

"That's right, and you better not stop until I'm satisfied as well." With that I slapped her ass making her howl in both pain and pleasure. I felt her retightened around me and regain the rhythm we had almost instantly.

"I'm sorry master, please punish this needy slave for not satisfying you." She said looking back at me with pleading eyes. I'm not sure how much of this was me messing with her mind or if she was always like this but it was just repressed… but damned if I'm not going to enjoy it. I slapped her ass again and like before her pussy clenched around my thrusting cock as she gave a howl. "By the gods, punish me more master!" I then reached down grabbed ahold of her swaying tits and squeezed them hard. The sensation made Lyarra go cross eyed as this new jolt of pleasure was sent through her body. Leaning forward I kept up the round of new sensation with a small nipple to her ear as my fingers played with her sensitive breasts.

"I'm about to come my pet, I want to hear you scream, declare to those gods who you belong to." I whispered into her ear and not a second later she screamed.

"Yes! By the Old Gods and New you are my master! Naraiz Rhyhall is my master, everything that is me belongs to him! My pussy, my tits, my ass… all of it belongs to you!" She roared and with that I came deep inside her, sending her down to the floor with a fucked stupid look on her face. She could barely contain herself as the orgasms hit her over and over again. I groaned as I shot the last rope of my spunk into her hungry cunt, then slid out allowing my cum to drip down and onto the floor. "Master no~" She whined, the loss of fullness in her bringing some sense back to her mind. Her wits fully returned when I pulled on her collar making her kneel in front of me.

"Clean me up." I said and Lyarra licked my manhood clean of our combined releases, She savored the my taste along with her own sweet juices as she sucked the last bit off my cock. Once Lyarra was finished, I lead her over to the admittedly soft bed where she crawled in after me. Coming to my side and caressing my body lovingly.

"I'm sorry that you had to speak to that weasel like you did, you shouldn't have to. Even as my pet you still are far above scum like him." I said as lazily made circles on her bare back, eventually finding my way to her ass. She made a small humming sound as I grabbed what she had declared as my property.

"It's all in service to you master… I will go through any indignity to for you." She said as enjoyed being by his side. Her master's aura washing over her and circling around her in a protective and possessive blanket. "I can only hope to not be a disappointment in your eyes." She recalled his words before their pleasurable time together. She knew that something had changed in her after she put that collar on. More than just how she felt around him, and Lyarra was self-aware to realize that her personality had been changed to a degree. But that didn't matter as everything felt too right, if she did change than it was by her choice. Anything was better than forgettable nobody that existed before.

"Lyarra, today proved you won't ever be a disappointment to me. So long as you continue to honor the wolf blood in you I will be proud of you." I felt her resolve to live up to what I said strengthen in her. Honestly I felt more disappointed in myself for being so cool with this. But as time went by… more and more of my old selves melded into one. I felt guilt somewhat but not at the action but more of letting the Dark Side play me like that. Lyarra was happy now so… why be guilty over the hows and whys? "Enough of this for now." I said as I gave Lyarra a small pinch to her rear. "Ride me." I ordered and Lyarra had a wonderfully hungry look on her face as she sat up and lowered herself onto my once again erect manhood. We continued to fill the chamber with our moans and screams of passion as the night went on, not that anyone would hear them.

Author's Notes

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