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Hello, I know its been quite a long time. Recently I have just been busy with a lot and had a bit of just apathy towards writing anything. I've started getting over it and hopefully the next chapter will be here sooner.

"We have begun establishing several beachheads planet-side." His war council was in full attendance. Heads of clans and other various important members of his faction. Jaster was staring at a hologram of their shared homeworld as his fleet continued the encirclement and blockade.

"Comms have been shut down, for now we have isolated the system." It would be a coin flip on just what the Republic response would be at this point. The military might side with them in hopes of having good hired guns for their warmongering but at the same time they might want to eliminate the Mandalorians all together for past grudges and to keep up the front of peace keeping. The other parts of the Republic Jaster was less sure over as he had little experience in dealing with them. So now, the most prudent move was to keep this an internal affair as long as possible and then approach the Republic from a place of unity and strength.

"The Capital, what's its status?" Jaster as he leaned his fists on the holotable's edge. With orbital superiority in place they had the advantage but meant little if this turned into a war of attrition. The domed cities of Mandalore were certainly the kind of impediment that could out last any attack. The New Mandalorians might call themselves pacifists but they knew how to and would defend themselves. And Jaster simply didn't have the numbers and siege engines needed to crack open a sealed domed city.

"From what we can tell they are scrambling. Thanks to our access to the orbital defense platforms, we were able to tap into their comms for a short time before they realized what had happened in space. Before they shut us out, they were trying to contact all the cities and get them to muster a unified plea to arms against us." One of his officers debriefed the war council as they read the various reports from a data-slate. There was some grumbling and indignation from the more hardline clan leaders about the cowardice of the New Mandalorians. It wasn't the fact they were asking for help, but how they were going about it. Begging for a united front instead of demanding or even outright expecting it.

"We should give the lands around Sundari a good glassing, show them we mean business." One of the Clan heads growled savagely, expected out of a man that had been secretly favoring Death Watch. The only reason he was even in the room was because he hadn't officially backed Vizsla and that he was in possession of the largest source of Starship Fuel in the sector. Jaster was already watching him carefully for any excuse to strip him of that and install someone more in line with his Creed. "Or better yet destroy the city itself, it's not like it's of any real importance."

"He does make a point Mandalore, Keldabe still stands and honestly it would take less men to take the real capital than Sundari." Jango offered and while he was still young he had begun to impress the Clan heads with his tactical acumen. Already there were whispers of Jango being the next Mandalore, and thankfully it was on merit and not succession.

"Begin a light bombardment around the New Mandalorian capital, keep them from mustering anything outside of the dome. Send strike teams to Keldabe, eliminate key staff and then send in our troops." He spoke after a few moments of consideration weighing both the strategic value in their advice with also the impression it would give to just follow what they said. He couldn't allow some of the more disloyal elements of his allies to think that he could be pushed around and these early impressions were key in setting up future interactions. "Our top priority is extracting a surrender. We are here to unify our Creed, not commit genocide."

"As you command Mandalore." They saluted and for the most part all of them left with the exception of Jango. The father and son pair walked to the front of the bridge where out from the view screen they could see their Creed's homeworld. Both of them stood without speaking for nearly an hour as they watched ships of all sizes fly around and down to the planet. The relative silence only breaking with Jaster deciding it was time to address the Bantha in the room.

"I have made my decision Jango, and I'm not willing to change it."

"I'm sure both you and Rhyhall dislike the outcome of our last meeting. At the very least we should get a better idea of the situation." What he said was true and wise, he was a proud father. Jango would indeed be a great leader of their people but for now he was their leader. And one that had fought to change the Creed into what it had always should have been. They were not warmongers, savages, or even conquers anymore but honorable warriors.

"Once we have Mandalore under control and our people united, we will see to this unseen threat. The Sith are a beast that history has taught us is not one that our people handle well." The galaxy only knew the Sith as some distant boogeyman from ancient history and propaganda vids. But there were still people that recalled their evils. The Jedi for all their faults still did and those in the Creed knew as well. Of how they had used the feud between the two factions to their advantage.

"I have looked into that history Mandalore, finally started reading of our history like you kept nagging me to." A smirk came to Jaster's face as a memory of a younger Jango complaining about his book studies came back. He had always wanted to stay to the more physical teaching and shy away from the theoretical and academic studies. But Jaster would not have it and made sure his adoptive son would be no thick skulled imbecile. "The Empire has not yet returned. We do not know just what sort of man or empire we are dealing with, it could be worse not to join him now. The sooner we join Rhyhall, the more influence that we would have on a resurgent Sith Empire's rebirth."

"You've seen those harpies that perch above me. They are waiting for any sign that I might be weak. I cannot give them an opportunity to swoop in by changing my stance on something so quickly." It was a valid concern but one that Jaster knew wasn't the heart of the issue. It was fear and paranoia. He knew it but also trusted it. That gut feeling that he should have listened to back on Korda was telling him that Rhyhall was a beast that would only bring ruin to the Mandalorians if given the chance. "It is as I said Jango, I have made my decision."

"Very well Mandalore." With that Jango nodded and turned away. Jaster didn't look from the sight of the world below. The place where he we finally put a end to his journey to set right his Creed. His son would understand eventually, this was nothing but a small disagreement between father and son.

The door rang out as they were shoved open by the rebel forces. Robert had been the first over the walls of Gulltown and he would be the first to come into its keep. This was his initial taste of war, of battle. No more playing around in tourney melees or training in the yard. His warhammer had tasted blood and it wasn't going to be sated until he had killed himself a dragon.

"This is foolish boy; you cannot break history. The dragons have ruled the seven kingdoms for far too long. What possible end could you foresee by committing treason?" Lord Marq Grafton challenged as he hid behind his wall of soldiers, and his court Sith. The same Force User had saved his lord at the walls where Robert would have killed the city's master had it not been for a Force Pull that saved his life. Though that was temporary.

"Your city is taken Grafton, I heard the cowards you call banner men crying out for their mothers as I came here." Robert taunted as more and more of Jon Arryn's men came behind and filled the room. Those that remained loyal to their lord formed a barrier between the throne dais and the men of House Arryn. "I have already bested you, not let me at your pet Sith."

The air tensed as both sides wondered how it would end. Was a messy brawl between two sides about to happen or maybe an honorable duel between champions? Robert clenched the shaft of his warhammer, waiting for the traitor's reply. It came with a small gap in the wall of men forming and allowing out a single person. A fit and gray eyed young man that couldn't be older than Robert himself, in his hand a brilliant long sword of fine quality that no one mistook for what it was.

"I have to say I'm sorry this turned out this like Baratheon. Really, I was rooting for you during the melee at Harrenhal." The enemy Sith with a causal but confident swagger that the fresh rebel found undeserved. Sith were supposed to be more than this, but as a natural and highly trained warrior Robert could see so many mistakes in approach. Even if they had powers, they weren't unbeatable… or at least it hadn't been proven they were yet.

"Oh really, can't maybe say a few words to get ya to turn sides?" Robert joked but then watched as the Sith looked like he was mulling the off in his head. Right… these guys weren't Knights. They weren't supposed to live by a code of honor. It grated on Robert's own honor and morals to consider this but… his anger and desperation to get Lyanna back was far greater than his annoyance. "Only offer, you live. You'll have my word that you will not die this day."

The Sith twirled his Valyrian Steel sword in his hand playfully. The soldiers for Lord Grafton were nervous, looking at the Sith with a growing sense that he would take the deal. One of them didn't seem too keen on waiting for the answer and with a panicked induced scream shoved his pike towards the Sith. Without even looking like he was feeling any sense of danger, the young Sith side stepped the thrust. With a push of his hand sent the entire right half of the barrier of men tumbling onto their backs, quite a few of them getting injured due to the weapons in their hands.

The hall was dead silent as people were dumbfounded by both the display of Force magic and the betrayal that just tipped the scale. Granted, the choice had been taken out of the Sith's hands but it was obvious just how this was going to turn out regardless.

"Traitor!" It was Marq Grafton that recovered first as he attempted to stand back up from the dais step he had been resting on. But his shouting of treason brought everyone else back to reality and within seconds the hall was filled with the noise of battle. With one side being halved in moments and then little else was needed to finally end the first battle of the rebellion. Lord Grafton himself being killed by Robert, though it was more a pity kill than one of any real honor at this point.

The last of the enemy men were finished off and cheers of victory finally replaced the roar of battle. Robert himself joined in on the fun for a moment but then ordered the men to spread word that the keep had been taken. Several soldiers saluted before running out to due just as they been told, while the rest moved to properly secure the keep. The young lord of the Stormlands moved to take a rest on the throne of Gulltown, a simple yet finely crafted seat befitting a merchant lord.

"You weren't just mocking him back there, I heard it too." The still unnamed Sith said as he slunk out of the shadows he had been hiding in. Robert glared at him as while he promised that if the Sith turned sides then he would be speared, didn't mean he liked him hanging around.

"What are going on about… whoever you are."

"Khort if you must know my lord." The hedge Sith said with an overly flourished bow. "And I'm talking about how all those hearty and strong men out there were crying for their mothers. Before the Seekers whisked me away, my father would tell me and my siblings stories of war. One thing I remember was how he said it didn't matter who it was, all bleeding soldiers ask for their mama on the brink."

"Is there a point to any of this?" Robert scoffed as he leaned back in his seat. Though… he was thoughtful on small memories of the trip to the keep. Bodies crushed under rubble caused by their siege weapons, bleeding men clawing their way to nowhere. It wasn't everything he had thought battle would be like. The smell in his opinion was the worst part, death was about the worst thing he had ever smelled.

"No point really. Just reflecting on the nature of how small we really are. That it doesn't matter if you're a low born serf or a high and mighty noble, at the end of the day we all cry out for comfort as we reach the end." Khort mused as he walked over one of the overturned tables that Robert was sure had been the spot for many great drinking games among the men that now laid dead in the hall. With a wave of the Sith's hand he set the table back and moved aside some of the dead to make it suitable again.

The two of them sat alone, and in silence until the sound of feet and clinging armor grew closer. Robert had just been righting himself, barely even aware that he still had company that until a few moments ago was the enemy. Collecting the various emotions he had just been subjected to. The excitement and thrill of battle, oh he did love that. But there was also the nagging feeling of disgust at its more revolting parts. But all of it was eventually overwhelmed by the facts. The rage and desperation he felt for why this all started in the first place.

"Robert, I see you have taken the keep." The sound of the man that was more his father than his real one snapped him out of his reflective spell. Jon Arryn stood in the middle of the hall, some of his bodyguard looking at Khort suspiciously. The man himself however just looked at Robert with a mix of worry and pride, before looking down at the body of Marq Grafton. "I really should have seen this coming, but I guess everything happened so fast I couldn't have stopped it."

"I think I remember hearing you complain about him at one point, something-somehting about taxes or some other such nonsense." Robert waved off not giving too much thought to the former lord of Gulltown. Jon meanwhile sighed at his ward's words as it was not a good sign of things to come. A fool was the Lord of the Vale not, he knew where this war was likely to end if they won. "It's done though, and now I can head to the Stormlands and get ready to break the walls of King's Landing."

"Listen Robert, I know you want to save Lyanna. I understand, truly I do but just smashing your head against the wall hoping it will break is not how you will succeed in saving her." The younger man just groaned in annoyance but Jon knew he was probably still running on a lot emotions from the battle and the freshness of the news of his love's kidnapping. He himself was enraged at the Targaryens as a whole for what they had done, throwing the entire realm into chaos for seemingly no logical reason. But they had to keep a cool head about things if they were to win. "We can speak of strategy later, but first…" Jon looked to his side to the unfamiliar man in black robes.

"'ello." The Sith said with a causal and respect absent tone not befitting the situation.

"This was Lord Grafton's Court Sith, I said he could live if he joined." Robert clarified, though clearly bored and growing impatient.

"Fine, we will be needing all the Sith of our own that we can for the coming battles." The Lord of the Vale stressed day and night over the possibility of the Sith Order and what they could do on the battlefield. They were completely untested when it came to warfare but it was undisputed among the elite of Westeros that it was certain they would be devastating. They had already proven they could revolutionize the realm in a civil and cultural manner, undoubtably they would do so in a militaristic way as well.

"Well… not really." Khort spoke up, internally debating if he should continue with this or not. But he made the choice that keeping info that would likely be public knowledge soon enough wasn't worth the loss of leverage. "I have buddies back at Harrenhal. One of them sent a raven to me telling me how Darth Nagash has stated the Order will be neutral until they find out the truth of Lady Stark situation."

"The truth is that that bastard kidnaped her and is doing gods know what to her right now!" Robert exploded as he stood and loomed over all of them. Neither his father figure nor the Sith looked intimidated but the rest of the room felt a shiver go down their spines at the fury of the Lord of the Stormlands.

"Yes, we know. Lyanna would never have gone along with this. But the fact Darth Nagash has chosen to abstain from this conflict even temporarily shows something important. He believes we have a chance to win." Hearing that the Sith would not be a factor for time being settled Jon's fears considerably. Sure, they were still going against a mountain of challenges to win this war but now it felt so much more feasible. He did not need to worry about Darth Nagash personally coming and breaking apart the Bloody Gate with his powers. "It means that this war has become one where we must only tip the scales enough and the Sith will join us, perhaps others as well."

"Hmph, they should already be ready to join us. The Mad King kills the Warden of the North and his son. The Prince kidnaps and rapes my betrothed. Along with all the other madness that has happened in years past… and they still listen to those inbred fucks!" Robert in his rage tossed aside the throne of Gulltown. A grimace pricked Jon's face, it wasn't his throne but it was still an important piece of the Vale. "But I'll win this war and be the last man to slay dragons."

"And after, I'm starting to worry about that." Jon muttered as Robert stormed off, likely to find Lord Grafton's bed chambers and rest there. Not only was Robert looking like he would be a poor king should they win this war, but Jon had no doubt that certain people would be expecting hefty favors in exchange for their help. The Lannisters and Darth Nagash were the top two, both clearly had high ambitions and worse both were willing to play the long game.

"That's it, feel the Force." This was what the Jedi would never understand. This pride and joy I could feel at seeing my son for the first time experience the power of the Force. I stood over Lucifer as he held out a hand to lift up a small rock, a time and test way to first start on using the Force. Off in the corner of the room Jaesa was quietly watching, Lyarra and the other kids were hanging just outside the door peeking in. Even Elysali was hanging back outside the room.

All eyes were on Lucifer as he concentrated, I could feel the small struggle in the Force. But, the stone moved ever so slightly. And then lifted off the table for a moment before dropped down with a small thud. That was sign of permission for several of the other kids and Lyarra to all barrel into the room and crowd my second eldest son. I could feel the pride that he felt at succeeding be just barely overshadowed by annoyance at all the attention. He was not a very social boy at the moment but I and his siblings would hopefully get him to grow out of his antisocial phase.

"Okay everyone, Lucy did a great job but this only the start." I settled the small group of children before looking at my son. "Keep practicing on your own. Understand and come to feel perfectly at ease with using the Force and then we'll begin the real lessons."

"Yes father." He said dutifully, already he was shaping up to a great hopeful golden child. He was mine and Jaesa's. Though most of Jaesa went into Lilith and most of Naraiz's lineage went into Lucifer. I can only hope that they can be tempered a bit by nurture and nature won't be their only influence.

"Good. Lyarra, can you take the kids for a moment. I need to speak with Elysali." The kids followed their mother/second mother out of the room as she promised to get Lucifer a treat for his accomplishment. On the tail end, I could hear Lilith and Kassandra begging for a sweat treat as well. It was a coin flip as to if Lyarra would buckle and give them something. "Oh my wonderful nanny, please come for talk."

"Yes, my lord?" The Kaasen woman very carefully stepped into the small room I used for my private tutoring session with my kids. She was unsure of what it was that I wanted her as I very rarely actually asked for specifically. If I had anything to say to her I would either say it when I saw her in passing or leave the orders with someone else.

"Ooh, seems she finally figured out her place huh?" Jaesa giggled and to her credit Elysali didn't look afraid or backed down. She shot my apprentice a light glare but said nothing… this time. I'll give it to the princess, she was smart were it counted most of the time. She knew that she was vital and valuable to the point where we couldn't hurt her, but had grown fearful enough to not try and abuse that knowledge. "Scary, no venom from that forked tongue of yours little brat."

"I at least mine's real." Damn, that's savage.

"Why you-"

"Enough. Jaesa, don't dish out what you can't take." I warned her with a firm tone. Yes, it was a low blow on Elysali to go for something that Jaesa clearly felt very insecure about. But I'm growing tired of Jaesa rejecting everyone trying help her and refusing accept that anyone that actually matters to her doesn't care about her injury. That being said… I'm not about to let someone strike at my woman like that. "As for you Elysali, I'd be careful at insulting my apprentice when in my presence right now. I was about to send you off world to a resort planet but now I think a different destination is needed."

"That's a lie, you'd never send me anywhere nice. Wait. You're seriously sending off this dirt ball?" Her brain needed a moment to catch up with the fact I was being serious. It was high time that Elysali be moved away, for one thing was soon going to be getting a replacement for her job as nanny and two I'm just sick of her. Brat taming is not a kink I enjoy.

"Umbara. You'll be under the care of the Primarch of the Twentieth Legion, a former Mandalorian by the name of Montross. Feel free to try seducing him as much as you like." Umbara was the Legion World for the Unknowables, my Black Ops legion. The clones there would be trained by both whatever spies that come into our service in this early stage of the Empire and the Umbarans that join us.

Already Cipher Nine has been able to sway a very small number of Umbarans to our cause after proving his own skills in spycraft. It was a very small operation but a secure one as one of the Umbarans was quite high ranking and had given over one of his personal plots of lands over to be used as the first base for the Legion. Now the underground of a lavish villa complex was a growing network of tunnels and facilities that would be needed to make the first of the Unknowables.

"Do I… have a choice in the matter?" She said apprehensively, unconsciously taking a step back.

"No." I shot down any attempt she could have at picking her jailor and prison. "Pack up your things and you'll be leaving tonight." I waved dismissively, at the end of the day she was a pawn in the greater plot to revive the empire. The fact that she left the room without a single word about possibly saying bye to my kids spoke to her feelings on the years spent here. Even so I smirked as I could only imagine how much a pain in the ass she would be for Montross.

"About time we got rid of her." Jaesa spoke as she walked up to my side. I was palming the stone Lucy had floated in my hand, thinking about making some sort of memento for him. "Bitch didn't deserve to be so close to us."

"She has potential, but likely will squander it." I mused aloud not really paying attention as I had already checked out of anything to do with Elysali. However, I did perk up as I felt a hand slip around me and started feeling me up. Frowning at this, I looked back to see Jaesa having her fun physically teasing. "You're not going up with her."

"You can't seriously let her leave and force me to stay." With her scheme seen through she pulled away with daggers in her eyes towards me.

"Plagueis sent his apprentice last time, a vain and arrogant mistake he won't make again. Next he will send poison or a sniper. I can not imagine a future where you are killed, leaving me and the kids without you." Forget what she was to my plans, I simply didn't want her to die because I made the careless mistake of underestimating Plagueis again. I knew he had means and assets that I had no knowledge of as evident by his own Dark Acolytes. That set the precedent that he could act through any means available to him. Losing Jaesa was unacceptable.

"Vette gets to be out there, traveling the galaxy as she wants. He knows her connection to you. Why aren't grounding her?"

"Because she isn't a threat to him like you are and you know that." We've been over this so many times now it was getting frustrating. She was smarter than this. And I'm sure we would have begun running around in the same circles if not for the knock on the open door. Thankfully I was once again saved by Quinn standing quietly with some sort of thing that needed my attention. "This the last time I'm discussing this with you. Until Plagueis is dealt with you are not leaving this world."

"We'll see about that." With that my apprentice and lover turned around left the room, giving Quinn a unneeded shoulder bump as she passed him. So much progress on some things but at the end of the day she was still the same stubborn woman.

"You're making a habit at cutting these arguments with Jaesa short, I want to thank you, but I feel like if you keep it up it would be hazardous for your health." There wasn't a danger of Jaesa attacking Quinn, even if she was acting out nowadays, she was still far more mature than when we first arrived on this world. Unfortunately, this was just who she was, I accept it. Jaesa is firmly positioned in the Dark and part of that is wanting freedom. "What's the matter?"

"There is a delegation from King's Landing, I believe they are here to insist on a meeting. I believe that they have come to collect you." Quinn smiled as moved past the Jaesa issue as always. The mission came first. On one hand I really needed someone like him but then on the other he was a friend and this wasn't a healthy mindset. I believe that Qyburn said that Quinn is homesick for a place that doesn't exist anymore. I'm not sure how much Quinn may have told Qyburn about his real origins but it's not like I cared as our Maester was firmly on our side. But the quote is accurate.

"They are going to be disappointed, I have no intention of leaving." I declared as I followed Quinn out of the room and we started toward whatever meeting room that the delegation had been sat in. "With Seekers recalled back here for the time being, we have roughly sixty five hundred men ready to defend the city. That is not optional given the length of the walls, we would need to supplement with conscripts."

"The numerical advantage of mixing levies with trained soldiers is overshadowed by the discord caused by such mixing. However those negatives are dampened in a defensive siege situation. But I don't believe you will let it come to that my lord." Quinn and I continued to discuss the possibility of being besieged by the Loyalists. To be honest it would be a losing battle on our side if not for my or the other high end Force Users' presence here. I could slaughter armies, Rathari could do major damage though to a lesser degree, and Jaesa could eliminate any leadership that dared to encircle us. The only thing that would keep me from opening the gates and utterly destroy the enemy myself was that I would be showing my hand far too much. Though… there were benefits to the idea of letting the city be besieged.

If Ayres decided that I had betrayed him and ordered the armies of the Crownlands or the Reach to besiege Dol Guldur, that tie up a massive amount of their military forces. Even if we couldn't effectively defend the city for a long period, that would still give Robert a key advantage. It would either allow the rebels to move directly toward the rear of the loyalist's battle line and take aim for the capital, or the Reach would siege us instead of Storm's End. This was all theoretical however, and unlikely given Ayres disposition toward me and the fact I was going to do all I could to prevent him from seeing me as an enemy just yet if ever.

"They are in here my lord." Quinn opened the door and inside I was greeted with the faces of several upset men. All of the looked to me with frowns on their faces and looks of contempt that could only be giving to those that one felt unnecessary made life more difficult.

"Darth Nagash, it is a pleasure to be meeting you though I wish it was under better circumstances." The led man, a Knight by the look of it. A glance to his coat of arms and I knew he was a nobody as I didn't recognize them. "I and Ser Alliser Thorne, I have orders from the King to bring you to King's Landing."

"Oh… that's a very fascinating mission you have there." Eh, I don't know every coat of arms by heart. But this is interesting, Alliser Thorne… the dick of the Night's Watch. The man in front of me wasn't the bitter beaten down man that would go on to betray his oaths in the frozen north. Stern yes, but I could sense a genuine sense of duty. He hadn't been broken yet. The rest of the men with him all looked to him expectedly, he was the leader here and there was no questioning that. "Tell me Alliser, do you like winter?"

"I uh… no? I don't think anyone particularly does." They all looked confused at my question.

"Yes-yes, have you had any intention to pledge yourself to the honorable oath of being a Black Brother and defend the realm from wildlings and the White Walkers?" I smirking as the confusion was being replaced by annoyance. Though, I could feel a small nagging fear in all of them. I guess being in a sorcerer's presence as he spoke about cryptic things none of them wanted was putting them on edge.

"Do you have a point Darth Nagash?" Alliser asked as he crossed his arms and glared hard at me. Oh, I'm such a beta cuck male that I will now whimper and whine under his harsh stare.

"My point is that is where all of you are heading under the current chain of events." I said as I walked past Alliser and over to the table that had been placed in the middle of the room. With a touch of my hand, I used the Force to carve the rough shape of Westeros and its kingdoms into the surface of the wood. "The Stormlands, The North, The Vale. These three are for sure in full revolt now. The Riverlands will follow once Eddard takes his brother's place and marries Catelyn Tully." I spoke as I pointed to each of the kingdoms on the table.

"And what of it? They will be crush regardless." One of the men spoke, arrogance dripped from every word. So sure of how he was on the right side just because that's what he believed. But some of the others, including Alliser, paused.

"Dorne will not commit fully. They have been insulted by the Prince shunning their princess in favor of the Stark, regardless of the circumstances of their relationship. And Tywin Lannister, I will give any of you a sack of Dragons if you can look me in the eye and tell me he will lift a finger for the King unless it was a sure win?" I asked as I looked back up from my visual aide. Seeing just how little of the realm was actually in the pocket of the Targaryens shook them good.

The odds were never in the favor of Ayres or Rhaegar, they simply had too few allies. Only the Reach would be solidly on their side. And yes, that kingdom was the second wealthiest and the most populous, that matter little in the face of all of the opposition. The main three kingdoms of the rebels were some of the most martial and hardened of the kingdoms with only perhaps the Iron Islands their peer in this regard. The Reach and Westerlands had money yes, but they also weren't exactly bastions of military culture either. Or at least Tywin hadn't changed that fact just yet.

"You are suggesting treason." Alliser accused as his hand moved over to his sword.

"Have I? I merely have stated the current situation of the Seven Kingdoms." I chuckled but the tension in the air did not leave one bit.

"I am smart enough to read between the lines. You are stalling, for what reason I don't know but I have my duty and honor." If only he was a bit broken. Though maybe not, I think the Alliser of the future not to be would reject my offer even firmer. He did believe that what he was doing was the righteous way.

"History is written by the victors, you are fighting for the losing side. You will lose your honor, wealth, glory, and all other things. All that will be left to you is a frozen wasteland surrounded by brothers in black." He stilled, and the others were even more questioning of their predicament. I watched with a welcoming smile as Alliser glared at me while his grip on his sword loosened.

The dropship was both silent in and out. Flying low in the canyons as to avoid being detected, while nearby a battle was being waged to breach the defensive line around the mountain range surrounding the fortress home of Clan Kryze. The armies of the True Mandalorians were besieging the outer line while a single team of super commandos would be doing what they did best. It was the only real viable strategy they had as they did not have the number or equipment needed for a protracted siege. Thankfully, the New Mandalorians arrogantly believed the True Mandalorians as only a little better than the Death Watch and didn't think them capable of such advance tactics. It also helped Jaster's side that the New Mandalorians were not nearly as versed in the arts of war as his side.

The target of this particular battle was the hold of Clan Kryze on Mandalore. It had belonged to a different clan until recently, but it had been confiscated when said clan had sided entirely with the Death Watch. Now it acted as the home for the most prominent Clan on the planet, as it had been highly defendable and sufficiently luxurious.

"So… we're seriously not gonna talk about it?" Breaking the silence, Adait Ful spoke with a sigh and caused the rest of the warriors to tense up. The dropship shook as it had to make a sudden turn but otherwise no one dared to respond. "I mean yeah Clan Kryze is leading the whelps but it would be insane to actually leave anything valuable in this fake home of theirs. This whole mission is a show."

"Watch yourself, Mandalore himself assigned our squad to this mission as he besieges the pacifists' capital." One of the other warriors chided the veteran but others shifted uncomfortably as they all knew what he had been getting at. This was symbolic more than strategic, though it could be argued that Mandalorian society valued the former more than the latter at times. But for this situation that wasn't the case, a stolen hold of a clan that hadn't earned it from war held little glory in taking it back. But given whom was holding it, it had the vainer of significance.

"Yeah, he did." Adait snorted as he looked toward Jango who had been extra silent. It was obvious to anyone that this was a punishment. Jaster couldn't be seen publicly shaming his adopted son by spurning him in the invasion, so the next best thing was to give him a job where it had surface level glory but that would fade quickly and be objectively meaningless in the grand scheme of things. "Sure hope that taking a pic of us standing on Kryze's welcome mat is worth all this bantha shit."

"Enough." Jango ordered as he felt the grizzled old man was trending the line over to insubordination. He was already on thin ice given his actions previously, though Jango wasn't holding him on that too much. It was after all Jango who took the Mask.

The hull returned back to utter silence but for the sounds of the flight. And soon enough those were given the extra spice of flack. They were now in visual range of the hold's defenses but it was already too late. Within moments of the initial screening of their ship, the True Mandos were jumping out the back and flying down to the front courtyard of the hold.

Built onto the side of one of the inner mountains of the range, the Kryze hold was a moderately sized Mandalorian villa. It was both culturally elegant while also well-fortified. Mobile anti-air had been set up in the large front courtyard and those were the only true threat it had for dealing with attacks from the air. The landscape had been previous owners' home for centuries and they had been masters of it. Clan Kryze… not so much. As such they lacked much of the homefield advantage that was apart of the hold's defensive strategy.

Jango landed perfectly, having already killed three guards on his way down. Blaster fire echoed across the courtyard and on the roof of the villa. Every member of his squad and the two others brought with him worked in perfect sync, fanning out in teams of three and eliminating the first wave of Kryze guards. Honestly it was sham of a clan if this was the defense that they were putting up. Though… Jango was concerned with the amount of guards.

"Should be nothing more than a skeleton crew. You don't think?" His lieutenant asked as they both took cover at the entrance hallway to the inner part of the villa. Jango's suspicions grew as the blasters continued to sound off across the hold. There were simply too many enemies here for what they were expecting.

"Keep to the mission." He ordered after tossing a flashbang down the hall. His men all nodded before they turned the corner and began down the hallway. The few guards that had been blinded were still dazed, what shots that did land on the incoming super commandos were deflected by the beskar in their armor. Their own shots were far more accurate and deadly. Bodies dropped at the sounds of blasters firing and soon enough were finished by a few thuds of a tactical battering ram smashing open the inner gates of the villa.

"Hold it right there you barbarians!" An older voice but still strong rung out as Jango and his team walked into the great hall of the hold. It wasn't massive but well built for this situation. As there was a lower level that one stood upon entering, leading to cut-in stairs to a second level. At the top of the stairs was a HRB and flanking it was about two dozen Kryze soldiers. The one who had spoke was a graying man in traditional Mandalorian armor. "I will admit that you have been trained well by that no name upstart, but this madness ends now."

"-Shit, did we actually catch Chief Kryze?-" Jango ignored the murmurs on his comms and addressed the situation. This was not what they had been expecting in this place. He wasn't worried too much, on his HUD he could see that the squad assigned to the upper levels were quickly making their way here. If they could flank this ambush at the right time then he could survive.

"If you thought you could kidnap my granddaughter for your leader's mad scheme for the rule of our people then you are sorely mistaken." The old mando spoke with conviction and fury that any soldier could respect. Jango put two and two together and gathered this must be Chief Kryze's father… and that his daughter was here somewhere. Old man really should have kept his mouth shut. But the younger Mandalorian needed to stall for time.

"A duel then, you win we retreat and if I win then you all surrender." Jango challenged hoping that this man was a bit more old school than his son. If by the fact he was actually armed and armored like a proper Mandalorian was indication, he should be. But that also meant a duel with him would… not easy. Even if he was no longer in his prime, a seasoned Mandalorian was still a monster that most would try to avoid.

"And just who are you to think he can challenge such a thing?" The old Kryze raised an eyebrow, while his men were clearly looking a bit nervous.

"I am Jango of Clan Fett, Foundling of Mandalore Jaster Mereel." The Kryze soldiers all began looking at each other knowing the opportunity that landed at their feet. Their leader also understood this and had a menacing smirk on his lips.

"Very well Jango of Clan Fett, I Aiksho of Clan Kryze accept your duel." Both sides put away their weapons as the invaders were allowed the step back into the entrance hall. The lower section of the hall would be used as the arena. They all watched as the two Mandalorians of the fight soon stood across from each other. There was no referee or signal to start the fight. They simply stared each other down.

A quick draw was how it started, Jango pulled his rifle up with lightning speed and unloaded everything it had on his opponent. Nothing hit, the older Mando flew up with a blast from his jetpack. A short flight as he came back down, vibro-knife palmed and aimed for the gap in his enemy's shoulder armor. Rolling to the side was a quick and easy dodge, followed by Jango firing his wrist cable around the Kryze's arm. Flames burst forward where the man had been standing just a moment ago but now the younger man was being pulled off the ground by Aiksho's next flight to the air.

Both the Kryze soldiers and the invading super commandos watched as Jango was yanked off his feet. The force of which was still active while the one who pulled him turned back around toward the floor. This time the Vibro-knife found its mark and with a grunt of pain and a hard thud back to the ground, Jango was both stabbed in the shoulder and slammed onto the cold stone floor. Not letting his opponent maintain the momentum of the fight, the True Mandalorian hooked his feet around the ankles of the Kryze elder and fired his jetpack. The move flipped their places as with a single move, Aiksho was now on his back and Jango was in the air. But the time to pull out his blaster pistol was enough to give the older man the time needed to recover and roll aside from the first shot and then deflect another as he scrambled to get back up. It was all a feint though.

Aiksho had quickly studied Jango's gear when he first set foot in the hall. So when he felt the pain of a Vibro-knife in his foot his mind was confused. He hadn't seen a blade on the young blood, at least not a easily accessible one from what had seen. It took a moment too long for him to realize it was his own knife that had been in Jango's shoulder and that realization coupled the pain in his foot was all the delay Jango needed. He landed right in front of Aiksho and with a stomp to the hilt of the knife dug it into the ground, pinning the older man to that spot. And the Kryze elder didn't need to look up to know there was a blaster barrel pointed at his head.

"Quick but brutal, a true duel of Mandalorian spirit. You're not some savage that plays with your prey but also not soft to hold back against a old man past his prime." Aiksho chuckled before finally looking up, the unreadable helmet of a real Mandalorian staring back at him. This was the death he had been looking for. Not in his bed like he knew his son wanted, the weak pacifist that recoiled at the true work and grit of the Creed. But Aiksho knew he no longer held the power in the clan he should have by rights, relinquishing the title of chief to his son was just a fools hope that the weight of responsibility would beat some sense into him. "Do it, at least one of the last Kryzes will be remembered for something other being a coward. This is the way."

"This is the way." The two spoke the old words before a moment passed and blaster shot echoed in the halls. But then another rang out and Jango went skidding across the floor with a large scorch mark on his side. Immediately the super commandos under him charged in to recover their squad leader.

"Beat back the warmongers! Their leader is down!" The house guards of Clan Kryze shouted as they opened fire on the invaders. However, the other side were far better trained and so the moment their combat engineer had seen Jango get hit by a shot from the HRB he deployed the mobile shield generator they had brought just in case. The bubble of energy quickly enveloped the entrance to the hall but was quickly under fire from the fortified Kryze soldiers. It lasted well long enough for Jango's squad to grab him and pull him back into the hallway.

"Hold up, injecting Bacta Shots now." The squad medic was treating the wound as the rest of the team held the door and began taking out those that could be hit through cover. Jango himself was fading in and out of consciousness as the pain and shock was eating at his lucidity.

"Fuck that looks bad, he goin' make it?"

"I used all of our Bacta, but we need to get him to an infirmary. Comm, the other squads and see if any of them have come across one, they have to have one in this place." The medic ordered as he dressed the wound, the sounds of battle were dimming down. The duel had been short but plenty of time for the second squad to outflank the honorless bastards and mop them up.

"He said… he said…" Jango tried to speak, this entire mission had been pointless from the start. Until Aiksho Kryze revealed why this place was still fortified the way it was.

"Yeah-yeah, the old man said they would surrender. Looks like either that was a lie or these pacifists aren't above breaking a deal."

"No… not that." It hurt to speak. Jango was sure his lung had been damaged by the HRB shot. Everyone else was so wrapped up in the betrayal they had forgotten about the most vital piece of intel they had gotten before the duel. "Gr-grand… granddaughter."

"Concordia has been taken, seems like there were a few Death Watch cells there and thought this might be a nice time to take vengeance." Raallorr Carid chuckled as he walked over the to the holo-table in Jaster's war room. It had been two weeks into the last battle of the Mandalorian Civil War and it had gone better than he had hoped. But being the realist he was, his expectations were well below others. More hopeful minds would look at the progress and would call it mildly disappointing.

"With that the entire system is under our control. We can continue this blockade as we assault the surface without threat." Jaster spoke as he stared at the map of Mandalore. They had taken many of the larger swathes of land controlled by various Mandalorian Holds. The main points of resistance however came from the Domed Cities which were extremely difficult to breach.

About eighty percent of the entire planet was either desert or wasteland. Sections of which were overseen by clans that made use of them however they could. Mostly moisture and solar farming and mining what minerals were left. The last twenty percent was relatively livable land, either untouched or recovering from the many wars in Mandalore's past. Ironically it was this last twenty percent that had been taken the easiest. Much of it surrounded the old capital of Keldabe which the New Mandalore avoided like a plague due to the symbolic nature the city had. What farmland the planet had was in these places, which were the only true source of local foodstuff. Jaster was seriously considering just holding what they had taken and start starving the New Mandalorians out.

"That's not all Mandalore, seems the pacifists left us a little gift on Concordia. The Force or fate or whatever the fuck is in charge smiles down on us." Raallorr grinned like a greedy pig and Jaster knew that he was going to try and milk whatever he had gotten his hands on later. But given how excited he sounded it must have been worth something. So he waved for the man to continue. "In the spaceport we found an unfired Kuat XK Mining Laser still in its delivery crate."

"You're lying! They cannot be that stupid!" One of the other more merchant like members of his war council shouted but Raallorr just kept grinning as he shook his head. The others all looked to Jaster, silently pleading with him to have these two explain what was so important.

"Gentlemen, please enlighten me as how a mining tool can be of use to us. I highly doubt such a thing can crack the Domed Cities." There was a pungent silence that followed that last assumption. Jaster took a moment to realize that that was the very truth of the matter. "No…"

"Yes. The Kuat XK Mining Laser is effectively a starship grade weapon outfitted to borrow into the densest of crust. It is the only tool that can crack open new veins of Beskar, only problem is that it massively loses its potency after its initial firing." Now there were some serious mummering happening. But Jaster could see why this was such great news. This could be the siege equipment that they had been missing. The grade of weapons needed to really break into the Domed Cities were too high to acquire without the Republic getting nosy. But Jaster was cautious about just taking a weapon that was just magically the answer to all their problems.

His war council continued to discuss and make new plans for this development. Jaster was in thought and debate over if this new gift should be used at all. It could be a trap by the New Mandalorians. Though… from what he had seen they weren't really tactically smart enough to pull something like that off. Concordia was the main source of Beskar in the galaxy so it would make sense for that mining laser to be there. The presence of the Death Watch cells also weighed on his mind. The current Mandalore knew he would never be truly rid of that barbarous name.

"Mandalore, we are receiving communication with Squad Leader Fett." The announcement of that incoming call quieted the war room. Some were uneasy, as the now strained relationship between father and son was the one point of concern when it came to the Creed's new leader. It wasn't a hereditary title but Jango was seen as a prodigy and obvious heir apparent. Small whispers even spoke of the first possible real dynasty of Mandalore, made up of adopted sons as the tradition.

"Put it through." Jaster sighed knowing about all these rumors and hearsay. It was just another component of the change of his life from upstart leader to Mandalore that had come to hate. Everyone nosing into his family business and overanalyzing everything he did and didn't do.

"Reporting in Mandalore." That was not Jango's voice. All thoughts of stress and exasperation over his and his son's argument and the harpies that surrounded it were gone.

"Where is my son?" He asked immediately knowing that Jango would never hand off a report like this to his second in command willingly.

"Currently in the Kryze Hold infirmary, he is stable for now. He was injury as a result of treachery on the side of the Pacifists. After beating their leader in an honorable duel, they fired upon him during his moment of victory." Angry shouts calling for revenge came from all around. This was unacceptable, no… this was downright heinous. Jaster had sent his son on that mission yes for political missions but also to keep him safe. Jango was normally calm and collected but Jaster had noticed a small change, a desire to prove himself. It happened to all men at that age so there was no fault in Jango for it. But now he hurt and because some New Mandalorians decided to sink further into cowardice. "As for the mission Mandalore, I can report that it was a greater success than anticipated. And all thanks to Squad Lead Fett."

"Continue." The news of the mission's result was least on his mind after what Jaster just learned. But he still had to be the leader everyone thought he was. His son was stable, that was enough for now.

"The Hold had been left in the hands of Aiksho Kryze, father of Chief Kryze." There were many voices speaking quietly about the achievement of his son. Aiksho Kryze was one of the few members of the New Mandalorians that clearly only joined because he was forced to. The man was about as old school as one could get, a man that Jaster could respect. It was sad to learn he had died but at the hands of Jango in a duel it was a honor on all sides. "We have also captured Chief Kryze's youngest daughter, Bo-Katan."

"That's it, we've won. We don't even need to crack open Sundari when we have that weakling's daughter. He'll come crying to us." That and other cheers of victory sounded but Jaster was as always more cautious than optimistic. This felt wrong, that hold was nowhere near as defendable as the capital, and the New Mandalorians had enough time to evacuate to Sundari before he had besieged the Kryze Hold.

"Her status?" Jaster asked as he mulled over the possible tricks that could be played. They had already stained the honor duel… there was no amount of dishonor that these pacifists would be willing to commit now.

"Feisty, problematic… and somewhat on our side believe it or not. Apparently, she takes after her grandfather and isn't a big fan of the New Mandalorians' pacifist ideals." More cheers of excitement, he was going to have to install a bit of discipline in them all later. This was better news and cleared up some of his worries. Perhaps it was more of an exile situation for both of the Kryze members that could publicly disagree with their leadership?

"Continue to hold position, we will be sending reinforcements to end the siege and garrison the hold. Make sure my son and Bo-Katan Kryze are on separate ships back here." With that the communication cut out and Jaster felt his shoulders relax a bit. Was this really how the war ended? It didn't seem like it. Either way, through holding a young girl hostage or melting the gates of Sundari this whole affair was going to end.


Gabe2000 - It will be the Star Destroyer line, though with some improvements like giving the battleships point defense. There will be Eclipse Class and the like too.

Ahtu - The reason why Jaster didn't want to work with Naraiz is because he has been fighting to create this ideal Mandalorian Creed and feels that working the Sith, which he doesn't exactly have the most charitable info on, would slip them back into something like the Death Watch and that they would just be slaves to the Sith. As for why Naraiz just up and left, its a genuine mistake on his part. But he's watching the situation and will come back if he feels he needs to.

ZhaWarudo - Yeah, people make mistakes when Sith do it usually involves Force Choking someone. In the heat of the moment Naraiz let his anger at Jango for disobeying his instructions and painting a target on the Mandos' back cloud his judgement. And by the time that he regained composure the best move was to cut losses and try again some other time. He still has a in with the Mandos given the deal he struck with Jaster so there are chances to save face and mend things.

Inritus - Naraiz is still at the end of the day a Self Insert... I very much hate the very concept of pedophilia. As such, Naraiz will always shun anything that remotely involve such things. And as for the Acolytes, that's just education... the term grooming is used for pedos taking a kid and grooming them to be their victim.

rebornandlost - because people are not pure good or evil. Some people have more complex moral codes or different ones than normal society. I do have a issue with Lolis and will never have one in my story used in sexual manner, and if there is one in the source then I age them up. Lyanna is indeed altered quite a bit however the feelings for Naraiz were already there. The Collar she got just sped them up, amplified them, and gave her more submissive qualities towards Naraiz, but as shown earlier she can still hold negative feelings and disagree with Naraiz.

ArchangleMV - If that had been the plan from the start then yeah, but they had no idea that the Mask was there so no one was expecting there be a need to do such a thing. It was a spur of the moment choice on Jango's part. And they did not have time.

Monkeylikespie - Naraiz will be getting some droids, pretty much the Dark Troopers from The Mandalorian. Plus some Imperial Knights form 40k

YashaEverWatcher - I do have a plan on bringing in some Jedi to the order, however those three are not on the list. Qui-Gon and Dooku pretty much have their canon roles to play and Jocasta I'm just not that interested in.

Guciec - Point one - Arrogance, he is a Sith after all. As for the Ones, he currently has a plan in place to deal with the Maiden now that he has the Circlet. The others are bit tricky, The Crone is impossible to track so there really is no means to deal with it right now other then just try and keep in mind that she is trying to manipulate things, The Smith is unaware of himself and so its best to simply have the Three Eyed Raven monitor him rather than possibly awakening his true nature (I do have a plan for this), and the Warrior is still contained with the Father's Curse of Guilt and his weapon effetely drives anyone that goes near it into a bloodthirsty rage. The Children don't want to do anything, they owe Naraiz no allegiance. He did kill the Faceless Men. The Faith of the Seven currently are doing a great job at destroying themselves by screaming that they hate the Sith, the public of Westeros is currently liking the Sith more than Seven due to the prosperity the Sith have brought. That is what Broonmark is doing. Naraiz does has plans for the east but right now he is focused on the west. That's dumb. They don't need to steal it all and they will eventually make a new bank. Can't contact the Father Because Naraiz doesn't know how.

Prometheus-777 - thank you