Author's Notes

Hello, at least this time it came faster than two months.

It had been many years since Cersei had been in the Red Keep. And she knew both back then and now that this was where she belonged. This was always meant to be her home, and her children's home. Despite what fate seemed to have in store.

"This way my lady." She smiled at Jamie being so formal even though they could be anything but in a moment of privacy. That was another thing she missed about the Red Keep, her Jamie. He looked so dashing in his Kingsguard armor, there had been a weight lifted from her shoulders when she learned that he had been pardoned and allowed to remain in the Kingsguard by the new king.

"Have you heard anything? Of why I was called to the capital?" That had been a mystery to her. Afterall that savage girl Lyanna Stark had been recovered by her brother and now was set to marry Robert Baratheon. Cersei remembered feeling sick at just how sickeningly sweet the two looked at the Tourney of Dol Guldur. In truth she believed that Robert could do better, he was such a strong man that could woo any noble lady but he was forced to marry that barbarian from the north. And now that he was king, why the only sensible choice was to abandon Lyanna in favor of someone more fitting for royalty.

"Only that father seemed to have something to do with it. Believe it or not I don't hear everything that goes on in these halls." Yes he never did have the talent for spycraft. At best Jamie did have a good ear for those words spoken in front of him but nothing beyond that. The news that father had been the one to arrange this was blatantly unremarkable as who else would it be.

"But you must see and hear some things. What's the new king like, I've actually met him formally before." That had been a mistake on her part. Even before the war he was to be the Warden of the South so she should have at least have taken an opportunity to make a good impression on him.

"Well… when he first arrived he just sorta sulked around. Only ever came out of his lodgings when dragged by the ear by Lord Arryn." Cersei chuckled as she always did when Jamie made his little jokes with that charming smile. But she noticed that it was a little strained and forced now. Now that she was here she could make sure whatever was bothering him could be put to the past. "Then when Lady Stark arrived, everyone was shooed out of the Red Keep for some days. Even the Kingsguard was set to only guard the keep's gate. When we were called back in things seemed fine. But I did notice that father was unusually pleased by something."

"What could he possibly be pleased about? The Stark woman returned." The pair of twins grew further silent as they continued to tower of the Hand. Cersei meanwhile could only think on the clues that Jamie had provided her. Something had happened. When Lyanna Stark arrived at King's Landing she did so in a way that would cause a panic. Enough to where all the guards and servants were expelled from the keep for several days. Whatever it was obviously was something that her father saw as a good opportunity to further their House. The idea that maybe Lyanna and Rhaegar really did elope was the one she had settled on when they had reached the stairs to the tower only to find Stannis Baratheon leaving to stairway.

"Ser Jamie, Lady Cersei." The stern-faced brother of the king addressed them both as their eyes met.

"Lord Stannis, it is good to see you. I hear that you have been made Lord of Storm's End as a reward for keeping it out of the enemy's hand." Cersei quickly went to congratulate a member of the new royal family. Even if he wasn't expected to be it for long, he was still the current heir and all manner of things could happen.

"Yes, though that was in question for a moment. Had it not been for Lady Lyanna my brother would have given the title to Renly for my failure to capture the rest of the Targaryen family. I shudder to think of what would happen if Renly was Warden of the South." There was a rare look of genuine emotion of tired fear on the man's face. But he recovered quickly and it was gone just as soon as it came. "You father and the Lord Hand are expecting you."

"Thank you, Lord Stannis." With a curtsy the pleasantries were ended and the new Lord of Storm's End was on his way. But as Cersei climbed the stairs behind her brother a terrible thought came to her. What if that was her father's plan. To marry Stannis and secure a alliance to the Stormlands and possibly the next in line for the throne. She couldn't. She wouldn't marry that dour doorknob of a man. Anything would be better than that, she would driven mad with how utterly boring he was. And to be taken away again from the Red Keep and her Jamie. Cersei vowed to do anything to prevent that.

All though out the climb to the top of the tower these thoughts stirred in the young Lannister woman's mind. And only slightly retreated once she and her brother entered the chambers of the Hand. There waiting for her was Lord Arryn and her father. Both men had been in the middle of a discussion over the sudden departure of Darth Nagash, whom by what Cersei was able to hear had taken a unexpected trip to Qarth on a invitation by the Warlocks there. Their words however stopped when they noticed that Cersei and Jamie arrived.

"Thank you, Ser Jamie, you can return to your duties now." Lord Arryn dismissed her brother, but she wished that he hadn't. But from the look that their father was given him, this coming conversation was not meant to be heard by anyone else. In true Jamie fashion he gave her a small supportive but cocky look before turning and leaving her to fate. The sound of the door closing behind him doing nothing to her nerves. "Lady Cersei, I want you to know that you are here for a very important reason. And neither myself nor the king wishes to dishonor with what we are about to discuss."

"Thank you, my lord… but I am a little confused as to how I could be dishonored by you or the king." This already was not going well in her mind. Cersei looked to her father and while he remained silent for now, he was giving her that look. The one that said she would go along with this and she had no choice in the matter.

"It has been decided that precedent shall be used in the case of beginning Robert's royal dynasty. Just as Aegon began his reign with two wives, so shall Robert." He tried so very hard to sound understanding and gentle. The Lord Arryn looked like he knew what he was asking of but at the same time knew what it sounded like. That mixed with the fact Cersei was still getting that look from her father blunted her initial outrage at the concept they were presenting her.

"I would… be sharing the king with Lyanna Stark?" Robert Baratheon was a prize worth fighting for in her mind. He was everything a strong warrior king should be. He needed a smart and cunning Queen to help guide him through the intrigue and schemes of court. Someone like her was perfect for him. But that savage wolf girl just had to ruin everything by living.

"You would be Queen." Her father finally cut in that hard fact, along with a voice that had echoed through her childhood that sent shivers of fear through her body. "It has also been discovered that Rhaegar in his madness damaged Lyanna Stark's ability to bear children. She will be unable to deliver an heir to King Robert, a duty that shall fall to you."

"Then why marry Lyanna Stark at all?" Cersei couldn't help herself in blurting out the truth. But before she could say anything to lessen the meaning of her words, Tywin was already looming over her.

"Now listen here, I don't want you saying such things ever again do you understand. If your mother heard you saying that…" He muttered that last part and if not for the closed distance Cersei would have never heard it. Or would have been as hurt by those words. "Regardless of the current state of Lyanna Stark, King Robert is set on marrying her. This arrangement is benefits both the crown and House Lannister. If not for this you would be shipped to Storm's End and expected to bear the next Lord of the Stormlands."

"But I…" He was planning to marry her to Stannis. That couldn't happen. Her all alone in that miserable stormy keep with no one but the man of stone Stannis for company. Let alone the fact she would have to let him touch her. Never seeing Jamie again, never being in the halls of power other than as Stannis' wife.

"But nothing. You will marry King Robert alongside Lyanna Stark and I expect you to at the very least be cordial to her and friendly enough to the king to do your duty to both his house and ours. Am I clear?" There was never any doubt that she would comply. After all what could she do against Tywin Lannister. Most daughters of Westeros didn't have a chance to defy their fathers, Cersei didn't even have the small shred of hope others had.

"Yes father."

"Why don't we just do a non-stop bombing run on the frozen cyborg zombies again?" Jaesa asked as we flew over the frozen wasteland of the Lands Beyond the Wall. Myself, Jaesa, Rathari, Fay, and Talzin all sat in the shuttle readying ourselves for the coming mission. To re-jail the Maiden utilizing the Circlet of Saresh to enter the Force domain of the One of Purity. Dear god that all sounded so stupid but that was the life I had requested. Word salad of fantasy and Star Wars bullshit.

"Because I honestly have no idea what sort of capabilities the White Walkers have. They can have entire flak batteries and for all I know zombie dragons." The White Walkers were a cult of Techno Necromanitc Force Users. Not the first one in the galaxy either, there have been many Sith and dark siders to try and use Necromancy to their benefit. In another timeline, I was sitting across from one. Implanting cybernetics into their zombies also suggested a level tech competence that means they were either led or were allied with some of the exiles of the True Followers.

"Doubtful, those that rebelled against the Executive Directorate did so before we had bioengineered the dragons. And I doubt that they were able to maintain the shuttles they stole in the artic environment for this long." Rathari explained as he sat in semi-meditation in the Force. The White Walkers were either just the rebellious True Followers or an alliance between them and the real Others. Either way they were a threat but also one's whose motives were unclear. Obviously, they wanted to take over the world, but did it stop there?

Did they have galactic ambitions or maybe they were further tools of the imprisoned Ones. Doubtful on the latter as the Maiden didn't seem to be involved with them, the Smith has lost his memory, the Warrior was still cursed with Guilt, which left the Crone. Trying to understand her plans was foolish at this point as she was a scheming type of god or so it appeared. The Crone represented the Light Side of the Force in the sense she was the aspect of the oracles and the wisdom of the Light. But clearly like the others she had done something to warrant imprisonment which could suggest any number of possibilities. Did she go dark and try to Minority Report shit or perhaps turned to nihilism and see things as pointless because of what she saw for the future. Out of the four imprisoned Ones here she was the least I understood.

"We are approaching the landing zone." The sound of the pilot's voice broke me from my thoughts on the Ones and reminded me that the Crone was not what I was dealing with today.

The shuttle landed without issue, though the second we all walked off the landing ramp I felt eyes on us. The White Walkers had known for some time that off worlders had started coming to Terra again. Probably since they first set eyes on Broonmark they knew that someone had found this world. Afterall a Talz isn't exactly native to this planet. Then came the air traffic that existed between the surface and Lockwarden station. But the Great Weirwood still seemed to have a protective field around it that made the zombies hesitant from getting too close to it. Plus if there really were members of the True Followers among the White Walkers or something to that effect then they would recognize me and keep their troops as far away as possible.

"Are you sure that we can't find a way to glass them?" Jaesa asked as we all walked toward the entrance to the undergrowth.

"The rings that encase the planet are the only thing that are keeping the Ones from escaping through the Force or affecting the wider galaxy on a large scale. I'm not doing anything that could damage them, including orbital bombardment." I chastised my apprentice, but she just shrugged, not caring of the disastrous consequences of letting the imprisoned Ones go. She has certainly gone back to her reckless roots or maybe it was just to try and get a rise out of me.

"There is also the inhabitants of this world to consider. I'm sure blowing up the ice caps wouldn't exactly be good for the planet." Can always count on Fay to think of the things we Sith don't consider. But the idea of turning Dol Guldur into a port city does sound nice.

"I'm sure they'll be fine." Jaesa teased as we stood before the entrance of the undergrowth.

Two Children of the Forest materialized from the growth and escorted us deeper into the maze of tunnels and roots. The Children had been… neutral to our work. They didn't necessarily like the fact that there were people coming into their domain on a semi regular basis or what we were doing in the chambers of the Three Eyed Raven, but they couldn't argue with our goals. Nor could they really fight back as we had guns, and flamethrowers. So, for the most part they were quiet and stuck to the rest of the tree.

Inside the undergrowth was the Chamber of the Three Eyed Raven, now cleaned out and reshaped to further amplify his powers and to make it a little more usable for larger groups. Talzin had been working with the old man for a few years now on this project using her knowledge of Force Sorcery along with his cheat powers. Now the floors and walls were a bit more smooth and inlaid with runes and carved pieces of mystical nonsense that I didn't understand. I was a expert on the science side of the Force, this mystical stuff I only had a passing knowledge of.

"You have come at last, to repair the damage you caused." Only a deadpan stare was the response I gave the Three Eyed Raven. "Did you bring it?"

"Yes, and once this is over it will be going back into my vaults on Anoat." There was a warning there. The Circlet of Saresh was a powerful foci of the Light Side. Able to allow a person to sink in deep to the pure Light Side of the Force. Even a novice could do great things with it on, and I was giving it to one of the most power Oracles in the galaxy. The only reason why I was even considering it was the dire need to rechain the Maiden and that the Great Weirwood acted like a prison to the man. Even if had all the power the Circlet could give him, he was physically trapped in the great tree.

"Very well. We can begin." He sighed as I handed the Circlet to one of the children and we all began to set up for the ritual.

"Are we sure that the Crone will not be interfering like she did last time?" Fay asked as we pulled out the medical beds that had been brought in for this. While both the Three Eyed Raven and Talzin assured us that this ritual will not cause a time dilation like when I went in, it was better safe than sorry. We would all be hooked up to observation equipment and several Doctor Droids were on standby in case we were unresponsive for too long.

"She is distracted by the puppet prince, intrigued by the possibilities that he has presented given his goals in Essos. If she had plans to interfere, they were not vital enough in her mind to warrant ignoring the new pawn on the board." Talzin had been tasked with researching and finding ways to track the Crone. It honestly didn't give us much. The Crone had been trapped underneath what would become Qarth, then she manipulated the early Warlocks into building the House of the Undying. It was a massive ritual to drain the life out of the surrounding area to fuel her own escape, thus giving us the Red Wastes. After that we suspect she had a hand in making the Faith of the Seven and possibly poking and prodding the Valyrians and True Followers but nothing concreate. I personally believed that she was the one that brought the True Followers in the first place as means to try and free the Smith.

"Good, we only need one pain in the ass Force God at a time." Not going to lie, I was looking forward to getting some payback at the Maiden. She made her little errand boy and has been fucking with my Sith. This was just first in many fights with higher beings, and one I was prepared for.

"Any idea on just what it will be like when we go under?" Rathari asked as he, myself, Jaesa, and Fay all got into the beds. Talzin instead sat in the middle of a ritual circle as apparently she had some Force Sorcery to keep her alive and safe.

While we all were diving into the Maiden's domain together, we each had different parts to play in the ritual. Myself and Rathari acted as Balanced counter weights, in a sense we would be keeping us all sane while under by regulating the pulls of the Force. Meanwhile Jaesa would be both the Dark Side component to provide raw power and using her sight to guide us through the outer layers of the meta-physical Force realm. Fay's job was as the Light Side part to stabilize our trip and to make sure none of us frayed and slipped out of the group. Talzin would be doing the grunt work of weaving all of us into the same ritual and laying the foundation for it. Lastly, the Three Eyed Raven would be our beacon and the drill we would use to pierce into the Maiden's domain.

"At first it would be best to keep your mind clear as if you were normally meditating on the Force. But once we arrive… it might look more familiar than you expect." The tree man replied cryptically and I wasn't sure if I like that answer.

"Whatever it is, it has to be done. Everyone ready?" I got confirmations and the four of us sat back in the beds. Each of us began to focus on the Force, feeling its eb and flows. Soon enough we all felt a tug and latched onto what we knew to be Talzin's ritual bringing us into its matrix. This wasn't the first time I had been part of a Force Ritual, I knew what to do. Though I did smirk a little when I felt Fay fumble a bit at the beginning. Seems she's unfamiliar with sort of thing. Regardless, I could feel the Force all around me. It was working… I'm coming for you bitch.

"Lady Dayne has arrived in the city milords." The Gold Cloak that had just rode into the arrival procession announced before heading back to meet up with the rest of the escort. Eddard tugged at the collar of the getup that Jon Arryn had given him for the occasion. While to anyone south of the Neck would call it dashing… to a man of the North it felt constricting.

"This isn't going to go well." The Warden of the North muttered as he tried his best not to fall over from the heat. It felt like Spring was just around the corner with how hot it was starting to get.

"Today or the marriage?" Lord Arryn asked and Eddard gave his second father figure a small glare. Afterall it was him and Darth Nagash that had convinced him to agree to Robert's demands. But he also couldn't help but blame himself. The moment that Lyanna was safe with Robert he should have rode north and to his wife. Eddard had spent far to much time down south.

"The latter but I wouldn't be surprised at both." He had not sent a letter to Ashara since the start of the war. Eddard had actually been writing a new one when word came of what happened to his brother and father. Since then… he had been busy. Could her feelings had changed, or perhaps they were never there and she had seen him as a good friend. Worries upon worries clouded the Northman's mind as he awaited her arrival.

"Well, at the very least the King agreed to the wedding taking place at the same time as his own. Should provide some cover for you and word won't travel as quickly." To Catelyn he meant. The Vale and Riverlands were the most traditional of all the lands in the realm and from what Eddard ha gather with his short time with Catelyn she was a traditional woman. He doubted she would ever accept this arrangement and his only hope for peace in his home was to throw his best friend under the carriage and hope that will allow time for Catelyn to accept Ashara.

"When is he due back? Lady Cersei is getting rather… difficult to deal with." As the highest ranking members of the nobility, they saw each other quite a bit. Both in court and even at dinning times when Jon invited all the members of the Great Houses in the keep to eat together. Eddard was so far unimpressed by the Lannister woman in the ways he considered important. Oh sure she was a great beauty and quite shrewd but he also saw a glint of greed and something unexplained that worried him.

"You say difficult, I say pleasantly refreshing compared to your sister and the king. At least Cersei has a mind for court. She actually listens during deliberation and when I sit on that ghastly throne." That was true. Perhaps the royal family did need someone who would pay attention to the games of the nobles rather than just spend all their days out hunting or slacking off. As much as he loved Robert and his sister… they were not necessarily prepared to be monarchs. But that talent for the game of thrones was exactly what rubbed Eddard the wrong way about Cersei.

Silence settled between the two lords as they, several of the Red Keep's servants, and Eddard's honor guard all awaited the arrival of Lady Ashara. It didn't take long before a royal carriage rolled into the courtyard escorted by the Gold Cloaks. Eddard straightened up a bit as the carriage came to a stop. Suddenly feeling the urge to run more than he ever felt before a battle. A Gold Cloak opened the door and out stepped the woman of the hour, and she was just as beautiful as Eddard remembered her as. When she looked up and smiled at him, the lord of Winterfell let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

"Eddard… you look ridiculous." She chuckled as she approached him and Jon Arryn.

"That's what I said when they stuffed me in this thing." The younger nobles both looked to their elder who was doing his best not react, internally cursing both the North and Dorne for their different but equally out of place fashion senses.

"Just I as it wasn't your idea to dress this way I assume that this entire affair wasn't your doing either?" Ashara asked though from her tone she already knew the answer. While the news of the duel wedding between the King and his two brides had leaked to a few places it wasn't the gossip it was going to become. The news about Eddard and Ashara meanwhile was even more secret. There might be some questions as to why the Lady Dyane was in the Red Keep but few would suspect the real reason.

"No it was not my lady." Eddard answered and his soon to be second wife just had a look of resigned acknowledgement. She didn't look displeased but instead tired.

"It was Robert, wasn't it? I have yet to meet the man and already I feel I know him from what you have told me. But he is the king now isn't he?"

"Ahem, perhaps you would like to rest now Lady Dyane. We have already set aside a room for you." The Lord Hand felt that the subject of the conversation might take a turn for the improper for such a public place. It was one thing for old friends and/or family to make light or chastise the ruling monarch in private it was another thing where the wrong ears could hear. "Lord Stark, you can escort the Lady Dyane to her chambers."

"Of course lord Arryn." With that the arrival procession dispraised with some following the Lord Hand back to his duties while others went back to their work. Some questioning just why they had been there in the first place. Only two of Eddard's honor guard followed him and Ashara though at a respectable distance. They listened as the two caught up but neither saying anything of any real note. Ashara had been taught well and experienced court life meanwhile Eddard had been getting some more advice on the game of thrones by Jon Arryn while he had been staying in the capital. Both knew that the halls of the Red Keep were nearly the worst place to have important conversations, second only to the gardens. But soon enough they arrived at the windowed room that had been set aside for the visiting lady.

"I assume it would have been too much for them to just have us share a room?" Eddard froze for a moment as he shut the door behind Ashara. It was very restrained in the beginning of their relationship, her sense of humor and willingness to be a bit more forward than himself. But he treasured how open she could be with him, knowing that he was one of the few that had that privilege. Ashara kept to herself and avoided speaking with strangers and outright refused with men she didn't know. He knew why, it was something that turned his normal cold anger hot.

"Uh… yes. It bit too soon I'm afraid." It took him a bit recover but from the laugh that she gave it didn't matter to him. He watched quietly as she moved about the room, a mix of both grace and caution, until she finally came to the four-post bed that the room had. The Northman wasn't sure why but the look that she was giving the open window frightened him somehow. This was a far more awkward reunion then he had expected though he had never thought too much on what would happen when they met again.

"Eddard, what happened at the Tower of Joy? The rider that returned the Sword of the Morning to us didn't have anything to say other than you were victorious and my brother had died." Her eyes never left the window and the gently swaying curtains that framed it.

"We arrived and there awaiting us was Ser Hightower, Ser Whent, and your brother. I told them that both the king and prince were dead and implored them to lay down their arms. But they would not break their vows. My party and I fought the three men and only myself, Lord Reed, and the Sith Jarman Buckwell survived. I had fought Ser Hightower… I think the gods destined me and him to fight ever since that night he had tried to dishonor you. Your bother meanwhile fought Jarman Buckwell, they were still dueling and the last standing when I had gone into the tower to rescue my sister but once I had returned only Jarman was standing and helping Lord Reed." Eddard explained and tried to keep to what was relevant for Ashara. Nothing regarding Jon or his sister as that was something that the fewer knew about the better. And that number seemed to lower recently as Darth Nagash had employed some sort of magic to have Lyanna forget all about Jon. It was worrying that he had this power but he knew it was a relief to his sister in the end. "I ordered the Tower dismantled and built cairns for all that lost their life that day. If you wish to know where your brother's body is, it is there still."

"No, I assumed that it had been handled with respect." A smile was on her lips as she finally looked away from the window and down to her hands in her lap.

"Is there something wrong my lady, I feel like I've-"

"For the last time Eddard you can call me Ashara. By the gods we are going to be married, you can be a little less formal." Again she sounded more amused than irritated with him. Ashara then patted the spot next to her, inviting him to sit next to her. There was only a moment of hesitation as he wanted for her to do anything but look at that damned window again. And once he sat down, she immediately wove her arm around his and laid her head on his shoulder. "Nothing is wrong, not now anyway. I know that things aren't what we wanted but by every god out there it's enough for me."

"And what about for Catelyn?" It felt wrong to bring up another woman now but it was a undeniable fact that his wife was involved in this, even if she didn't know it yet.

"Wives, husbands, and paramours have existed in Dorne for since the Rhoynar came. Some ignore each other while some love together. I know that everywhere north of Dorne is different, but people are the same wherever you go. Plus… we can always blame Robert to take some of the heat off." She giggled at the thought of whatever idea she had of Catelyn Tully raging at Robert for doing what he did. Eddard had to sigh as it was likely not far off from what would happen should his first wife ever meet his best friend now. They were already two personalities that wouldn't match well but now it was a disaster waiting to happen.

"Darth Nagash suggested the same thing. I'm not sure how well it will work."

"Even if it doesn't, we'll have to find some way to coexist." Eddard clenched his hand and tried to hid his blush as he felt her shift at his side. While she had been wearing more than the thin clothes that were common in Dorne, he could still feel her body press against his and then the heat of her breath as she leaned in to whisper in his ear. "I don't have a problem sharing you my lord, you're one of the few good ones and I'm keeping you." The breaking point was the small nibble that she gave his earlobe, causing him to stand right up off the bed and her to fall back on the bed laughing.

"This going to be a nightmare." On one hand he had conservative prim and proper Riverland wife and on the other a sultry and open Dornish woman as a second wife. The first chance he got he was going to punch Robert in the face.

"As you know, Lord Nagash and the other experienced Force Users of the Order have gone to the Far North to deal with Maiden issue. During this unknown amount of time command of both the city and keep has been given over to myself." Quinn explained to the four Titled Sith in front of his desk. Thoren, Victarion, Nikola, and Jarman all sat before the great symbol of Imperial governance, Quinn's Desk. The thing had become something of a mythical object to many in the order and Dol Guldur as the be all end all of matters Not Darth Nagash's desk but this one here.

"And who will be overseeing the Order itself with Lord Nagash and Lord Rathari gone?" Nikola asked as he glanced to the other Sith in the room. It would of course be one of them as only a Sith could lead other Sith.

"That honor has been chosen for Paladin Buckwell." Immediately the others glared to their honorable counterpart. To be honest, Quinn thought that all of them would be good at the job as they were all highly competent though had different methods of leadership. Thoren acted in the most traditional sense of leading, taking in his own judgement after gathering all available information and making choices based on a mix of both gut and advice. Victarion however was a strict rules follower and enforcer, it's just he picked carefully whose rules it was. Nickola delegated authority but with a eye for talent and strict adherence for quality he assembled councils that were very good at their assigned jobs. Lastly, Jarman had a set of core moral rules and stuck to honorable action that inspired those around him to do better.

"Thank you for this responsibility, I shall respect it with all that it's due." Jarman gave a small bow in his seat and Quinn nodded in response. He had been chosen simply because Darth Nagash wanted the other three for other matters. All four were on equal footing and status at the moment. There were no favorites here.

"You will be given the temporary title of Steward of the Sith. You can not make any policy changes or create new ones. You are here to make immediate choices in the absence of Lord Nagash should they arise. I will be here to counsel you but the need for effective and quick leadership can not be absent within the order. I trust you understand what is expected of you." He nodded and the governor didn't see any issues coming up. The time frame that had been predicted by Mother Talzin was four months to a year. The only matter that could impact their plans for Westeros was the current situation with the Iron Islands. They had actively sided with the Targaryens rather than Robert as was in Lord Nagash's predictions. As such the new crown was dealing with them more forcibly.

"And for us Governor?" Thoren asked as it must have been on the others mind if Jarman was going to be running things here at the Order then what would they be doing?

"Lord Nagash has many things that must be done, not all of them he has been able to do. With his absence and your recent promotion, he see fit to delegate three of these tasks to you three." Quinn pulled out three files from his desk and handed them each to the remaining Titled Sith.

"Beyond the Wall." Victarion looked at the lettering on the top tab of the file, it was filled with reports and pictures of creatures and people covered in snow and ice.

"Qarth?" Nikola actually looked quite excited at the rather small file that he had been given. Inside it had only a few papers detailing the various important people of the old city and one report on the possibilities of the threat level of the Warlocks.

"This is empty." Thoren bluntly put as he stared back at Quinn with his file in hand, it marked as Southeros.

"Yes. We have no information regarding the southern continent of this world beyond that it is suspected that a group of former True Followers escaped there after the Doom. Which is why we are sending you." Thoren grumbled at the explanation but Quinn didn't care. These four needed to learn that as the first generation of this new Order they would be expected to bear more responsibility than those that came after. The Sith could not afford to allow its members to do purely as they pleased. "You each will be given a shuttle to travel to the destination of your assignment, along with two squads of Nightbrothers to act as backup. You may also invite any of the Neophytes along with you, save those that are set to be taken off world once your elders return."

"And what are we supposed to do on these assignments?" Victarion asked as he closed the file having skimmed through a bit. He had never thought of the lands beyond the Wall but this what was required of him by his lord, he would not fail.

"You will make contact with the Beast-King Beyond the Wall and deliver to him a package that will be on your shuttle. He is a… associate of ours. One of the finest trackers and killers Lord Nagash has ever encountered, he has done an exceptional job at waging a campaign against our foes to the North." The Ironborn had seen the reports in the file. The idea that the White Walkers were real was… disturbing. But he knew that they would be no match for the Sith. The Beast-King Beyond the Wall also intrigued him as he was getting high praise from Quinn.

"And for Qarth, I assume that it has to do with these Warlocks? I've seen the term used before, among the documents about the old Sith Empire Lord Nagash gave me for my research." Nikola asked and the others gave him odd looks. Afterall the question of just what he did to earn his Title was still a mystery and any clue to it was something that caught attention.

"It is a reconnaissance mission and little more, but one of importance. Firstly you are to find out if these Warlocks are Force Users or charlatans. We have reason to believe that at one point in time they were true peers but that was a long but unknown amount of time ago." The information regarding the House of the Undying origin was being kept among the upper levels, namely those that went north and Quinn. "Other than that see what you will of the city and report back."

"When do we leave?" Victarion was already planning out just who to bring with him and what they might do while in the North. It all depended on the state of the wildlings but he wanted to get some glory in while he was there.

"Three days time. Find those that you will be bringing along and report to the shuttle pad at ten at night. Each of you will be brought to a drop off point where your Nightbrother compliment will be awaiting you." These shouldn't be too dangerous of missions though they each did have differing degrees of risk. But Quinn trusted his lord's judgement of the newly titled Siths' skills. They all must begin their work anyway, and if they die then they likely wouldn't have lasted long in the times to come.

"Are you sure you can handle them?" Elia asked questioningly as she stared at Lyarra holding hard on straining leashes attached to the wild and running Lilith and Gatsby. Pandora was also on a leash but she was standing still… for now. Elia had at first been apprehensive about the idea of leashing children like dogs but both Naraiz and Governor Quinn insisted that it was done quite a lot in their homeland. And she learned why, it was useful.

"Oh yeah, you've been working so hard since you've arrived. You deserve a some time off on and then. Besides this is nothing new to me." Despite her usually sleepy attitude, Lyarra was fully awake and attentive. Elia had never seen such a shift in a person's personality like seeing the woman in front of her change into full motherhood persona. "Just remember, you are not Elia Martell. Just Elia from Dorne."

"Yes I know. Thank you." This morning had begun so strangely as opposed to her now normal routine. Since coming to Barad-dûr she tended to wake up and got ready for the day, then spend the rest of the day watching over several of Naraiz's children. Rarely the same each day as they all had a chaotic schedule as expected by so many kids. Generally she was just there to lessen the load on the present mothers. This is the first day she had solely to herself.

After taking some of the earnings, yes she was getting paid much to her surprise, and one last assurance from Lyarra she was off. The city was bustling with activity and as Elia walked out of the gates of the keep it hit her immediately just how different it was from King's Landing. The last time she had been out and about it was during the tourney and that was as the Prince's wife. Now she was just another person walking the street and it amazed her.

The main street that cut through the city from the main gate to the keep took a few curves and was constantly busy. Whether that was from people moving goods within and from outside the city, people on their daily commute, or just walking the city just as she was, there were so many people. Elia moved through the crowds made up of mostly immigrants from across the realm but also a good chunk of them were the former slaves of Essos. The cultures blended and people lived out their lives.

The former princess of Dorne spent a good deal of time wandering the main streets of the city just exploring. She didn't really have any goal in mind, just memorize the ways and streets for later mostly. However, the wonderment did have its downside. As lunchtime came and Elia felt herself beginning to feel hungry, she felt a small weight gone from her side. In a panic she check where her money had been, not there. Could she have dropped it or maybe someone had taken it. This wasn't King's Landing or any other city in Westeros, Dol Guldur had a reputation of being crime free. The thought never crossed Elia's mind that she could be pickpocketed.

"Ahem." The gentle but loud enough voice cut though the panic in the former princess. Elia turned around and found the Red Woman standing behind her with a hand on a young boy's shoulder. "My apologizes, but someone seems to have found something you lost." A slight push forward and the tone spoken said everything.

"Sorry." The boy said in a not fully guilty voice but held out the small bag of coins regardless.

"Thank you for finding my bag." Elia returned the courtesy as she took back her money. The boy quickly ran off into one of the alleyways of the city.

"Again, my apologizes. I have tried to help some of the new arrivals away from their previous lives but it is harder for some to understand that they need not steal to survive." Growth and the civil works of the city had given rise to an abundance of jobs and opportunity that those that lived in Dol Guldur. This would inevitably attract more people looking to better their lives, and those that wished to exploit the new wealth created.

"No it's my fault, I should have known not to be so careless." Even if this was supposedly the safest city in the realm she should have never let her guard down.

"Regardless, it is not wise to wander alone anywhere. If you have no destination, might I suggest accompanying me." Elia wasn't sure, she had only seen the Red Woman once before. If anything she knew her daughter Kassandra better. But she was considered a trusted adviser to Darth Nagash if for any other reason than she was the closest thing to a spiritual leader the city had. Wasn't that hard when the Faith still refused to allow an official Sept to be built. But with little else planned for the day Elia nodded and began following the Red Woman through the city.

Now she felt like she was heading somewhere rather than just wandering aimlessly. They passed by shops and went through occupied alleyways. The former just starting to serve the lunch rush while the latter just had families having a causal day with their neighbors. The people and architecture slowly began to change, from the more familiar Westerosi style with a bit of imperial flare to something more foreign. The smells and sounds changed alongside them, people here spoke the common tongue less and less until people just didn't at all. Now they were in the Veiled District, home of the former slaves of Essos.

"Where are you taking me?" It wasn't a demand but a simple question.

"Somewhere you've never been of course." It was a soft and jovial response as the sound of children playing and people conversing began to grow louder as they traveled through another backstreet. Eventually they came a large piazza that existed between several rows of townhouses. There was a sight that Elia had indeed never seen before. An entire community together while they all dyed large sheets and tarps, as well as clothes. Great wooden tubs of colored juices were spread out and both used and played with by children and parents.

"Lady Melisandre." The two women both turned to the voice calling one of them and Elia was stunned by who it was. The former princess of Dorne had yet to see her at all since arriving in the city and still remembered her from her wedding day. But Lysa Tully had grown in the years since then, both physically and persona. "You said you were coming hours ago, I was beginning to think you forgot."

"Lady Rhyhall, I found myself pulled in other directions for the time but I would never miss the chance to spend time with you." Elia watched the two continue to converse, a blurred line between mentor/student and parental figure to surrogate child. It was strange but it looked to be a positive thing as the young woman years ago looked so shell shocked to the Martell.

Lysa now looked happy, confident and beyond the uncertainty that she carried before. She clearly had a growth spurt and had come into her adulthood. She was not a great beauty, rather plain looking if a person was being kind. Not ugly mind you, Lysa had some of the usual noble features of a woman of her blood but it all just seemed to not fit together as it should. But that was all entirely overshadowed by her presence alone. Even covered in paint and dye, she had a regal confidence among the common folk. There wasn't a shred of doubt in how she carried herself now as opposed to the nervous girl that had gotten married years ago.

"As for my lateness, the newest member of the household needed a little help traversing the city."

"Oh." There was a sudden and quick flash of a glare on Lysa's face that was immediately pulled back into simple questioning.

"Sorry. I was given the day off and wanted to see the city some more. But I ran into a bit of trouble, thankfully Lady Melisandre was able to save me." It was an odd feeling that she got as Lysa stared at her, a sinking feeling of something circling her. Watching. Estimating the threat or risk. The feeling didn't leave her as Lysa smiled and offered her a small nod recognition.

"Yes, the Lady Melisandre has a habit of saving those in need. If not for her and several others in the keep I think I would still quite lost in myself. But they helped me realize that I am the Lady of Barad-dûr." Elia was no fool, it was a warning. But a needless one at that. While her feelings for her savor were real and something she was working on acting on, she had no desire to steal away the title of Naraiz's wife. Elia had played that role once and was quite happy to leave it to others. No, the exciting life of a great man's paramour was her goal. It was of course something romanticized at times in Dorne but Lyarra and Joanna set a good example of how it could be for her as well.

"Lysa, we've spoken about this." The Red woman scolded the Lady of the city who took a step back and while she lessened the hostile posture she had, it didn't turn friendly. A few last words were spoken between the two and Lysa returned back to the group of Essosi that she had been with prior. "I'm sorry about that. Lady Lysa still has much growing to do as do we all at that age."

"I understand… she isn't exactly living the life she thought she would. But she looks to be doing much better now." They both watched as Lysa laughed and talked with the commoners, effortlessly and connecting as a good lady should with her people. But Elia couldn't get past the feeling of unease that she felt before.

Six minds, Six Souls, Six Wills, they all passed through the Force together to enter a realm unseen by most. The Force was a energy that permeated all throughout the universe, localized to places where sentience lived and died. It was shaped by the mortal and it shaped the mortal in kind. It was possible for those born of the material world to acceded to a higher state of being within the Force and become that which is referred to as a One. These beings oversee aspects of the Force from both within it and from without.

"We are here." The soft voice of the Three Eyed Raven echoed as shape was given to those that came with him. The land under his bird feet rippled until the realm of the Maiden was revealed to them all. They were on but the outskirts, the very edge of what constituted her domain. Any closer and they would have been detected and either sucked too deep in or thrown out.

Behind them was the rolling hills of uncertainty. The emptiness of the Force that represented it in its rawest unaligned form. There resided the souls of those that had been born, to be yet to be born, though often times those titles were interchangeable. Somewhere beyond that was Chaos and Harmony, the lands of the Dark and Light respectively. Both were very dangerous and one would easily lose themselves if they traveled there. At the moment Harmony was closest as the Maiden was a being of the Light Side. She represented the Light's purity and innocence… or at least was supposed to.

"That… was very different then the last time I did this." The Balance Bringer spoke as he was the first to collate into the realm. His from first appearing as a mix of swirling blackness and brightness in equal measure as expected from someone that had achieved Balance. But soon enough his mind felt the influence of the Maiden and his body changed to suit its placement among this land.

Westeros was as it was for a reason. For the Maiden was drawn to this early stage of civilization, the ideals of chivalry and medieval society or at least its best version of it were a place where her dreams could come true. As such her realm within the Force modeled that ideal perfectly. A great walled city surrounded by feudal countryside with a mighty castle at its center.

"Of course, as I wasn't there to guide you through the perils." The last Greenseer flapped his wings and flew up to rest of the shoulder of the Sith warrior. And warrior was a good description of him at this moment. As Darth Nagash was now in appearance to that of savage duelist from a more tribal land. Furs and leathers instead of metal armor and not even covering his chest but instead letting tattooed skin be the only protection there. The only familiar pieces on him was his two swords as not even the Maiden's power could change them.

"Even then I doubt- hey! What am I wearing?! I look like if a wilding spent five years in Dorne." He finally recognized his state and tugged at the furs he was wearing.

"It as the Maiden unconsciously sees you… a barbarian most likely." The irony was not lost on either but only the Three Eyed Raven found it amusing. But soon enough the others began to manifest into the realm as well.

The Great Mother of the Nightsisters and brothers came next… and she did not look all too different than she normally did. Dark robes befitting that of her sorceress nature. But next came the former Jedi and she looked a tad different than her usual self but in ways that would upset her. Now wearing the robes of wandering priest and holding a staff tipped the symbol of the Jedi order, the religious iconography that adorned her were not well received. The Dark Apprentice came next, clad in tight but flexible leather that covered her body and all but her eyes. She seemed to enjoy this wardrobe change more than the others and held a smirk under her mask. But the last to come was most changed. As when Rathari came forth he was wearing a full suit of plate armor and his massive released Force Blade.

"This… unexpected but somehow at the same time not surprising." He said simply as he took stock of the weight on him now.

"Great, we got a full DnD party. Barbarian, Rouge, Cleric, Fighter, and sorcerer, pretty balanced all things considered." Naraiz spoke aloud and it took a few moments for him to realize that he had in fact said those words aloud. "Those were inside words… why did they come out?"

"This is a realm of honesty as is part of the Maiden's aspect of innocence. Take great care in your thoughts as those loosely guarded may come out as spoken words." The Three Eyed Raven warned and several of the people present immediately regretted ever agreeing to this mission.

"Are you telling me that we could just out of nowhere spill what we're thinking? We could have gotten a warning about that." Jaesa was used to being the one to see through secrets and the threat of her own now being revealed suddenly became uncomfortably real. Especially in the given company.

"I don't know this could be a wonderful opportunity." The Bringer of Balance had a evil smirk on his face as he sudden moved next to Rathari. "So good fold and loyal friend, have any complaints about the current state of the Sith? Come on, I know there must be something you've been keeping from me. Grudges? Issues? Grievances?"


"Come on? Gotta be something?"

"Not really."

"Could please just not be a wall right now and tell me? Everyone has something to complain about me."

"Yes!" Everyone but Rathari said this with Naraiz looking back in mock betrayal.

"Ugh… why did I have to fall for such an idiot."

"I heard that!"


"Called it! Pierce and Quinn both owe me five hundred credits!"

"Enough!" The Three Eyed Raven hovered over all of them and radiation as much power as he could muster without being a beacon to those that might be looking. "Petty as it all is, this is exactly the trap that this realm has set. Each domain of the Ones is beset by shades from Harmony and Chaos intent on gaining some sort of power of self or purpose. These realms are not without their dangers. If we are to achieve our mission then we must remain focused."

They looked amongst themselves and nodded in agreement. Each one of them centered themselves in the Force. Those that had Balance communed with the Force directly, feeling its pushes and pulls more clearly than they ever had before. They found their place in it all and set themselves on their own path but never disrupting the flow of the Force. Meanwhile the two seeped in the Dark grabbed ahold of the powers that sought to influence them and broke them upon their willpower. Lastly, the follower of the Light allowed the Force to guide her, to show her the path that must be taken for the good of all. It was her task that was the most difficult, as Fay had to separate the Maiden's power from the whole of the Force.

"Good. Now that we are all adults again… let us be off." The Three Eyed Raven flew off in the direction of the shinning city on the hill. There forever in the eye of a sun from all angels was castle with a high towers and in one of them was a being of immense power. It was these six that had come to once again bind her back before she could possibly escape back into the mortal world.

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