I don't remember who I am; neither do I remember where I am currently. I can't see, feel, or hear anything... I can't feel my body and everything is blank.

Looking at my memories I remember what a human body is, what food is, what life is and what death is. So am I dead, if I am then is this afterlife or the void that is said to house soul after death.

I don't know, I can't see, feel or do anything so I did the obvious I went to sleep.

The next time my eye opened, I was in the arms of a woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She seems to be holding me in her chest and looking at me with a frown in her face.

I don't know who she is but if I had to guess this is my mother. Still from my memory a mother is the closest person a being could have so putting my trust in her I went to sleep.

Next time I woke up I wasn't in my mother arms anymore and looking around I was unable to see her. Searching for her I started crying.

A women came toward me and gave me a bottle of milk which I am sure a newborn shouldn't be given but with no question I started drinking it, after that I fell asleep.

6 months later

It appears I am an orphan and on the day of my birth my mother, tossed me in the orphanage due to some reason that wasn't mentioned but she left me after giving birth as I was unnecessary in her life.

The life here wasn't bad the caretaker looked after me and 7 more children's everyday and feed us properly every day.

The six months have gone with me being a normal child with my daily activity being pooping and peeing, sleeping, eating and pooping, And the same shall repeat.

Sushmita POV~

I am the caretaker of Sunshine Orphanage in England and is given the task of looking after the newborn in here.

My life is boring if you consider my daily work and even disgusting if compared with others. I need to change and clean all the poops and pee of this little devil every day. I would have quit this job years ago if the pay wasn't good.

Though there is one child that seems special among this bunch of bastards (literally).

He is currently 6 months old and it seems his mother was looking for a sugar daddy when she got pregnant with a child of that Person she tried to drain the money off. When she gave him the news of her pregnancy, she was blocked by that person and being unable to contact him again she gave birth to the child but left him in the orphanage.

What makes this kid special is his eyes have intelligence, and even though I have to clean his shit everyday he seems to understand me and today he was able to hold his desire and only did it when I took his clothes off him.

This child may become a genius if he continues to show intelligence like this.

5 years 6 months later

My name is Kal Silver and I am currently 6 years old. My whole life I am asking myself who I am and what my lifelong goal is. My name was given to me by myself, as I don't remember what my name was in my memory. To tell you the truth I don't remember anything in my memory, I don't remember my friend, family, and love anything. The earliest memories I have is me floating in the void and the second is my birth mother looking at me with frustration.

The six year of my life have been anything but peaceful, at the age of 2 years after knowing about my intelligence I was send to a private school.

The next 4 years I was thought many things and yesterday I completed my high school. The Oxford is already waiting for me to further my studies and the governments are already monitoring my everyday activity.

From them I understood that I was smart, abnormally so. My IQ according to them is above 200 and that is in my childhood so it may improve in the future causing the current situation.

6 years later.

I Kal silver am still thinking about life and death. The world around me is constantly changing and I can already see it end as the path they are taking is surely going to lead them there.

I am currently 12 years old, and am considered one of the future stars of the world.

Completing the studies in Oxford at the age of 10 can lead to many results; mine lead me to me being adopted by a professor in the Oxford. He promised to give me a chance to use my brain to full capacity and in the future lead his family to glory.

The past 2 years I have studied other topic from strategy, Chess, War Games, Psychology and more. The more I learned the more my hope for humanity diminished.

Today I received a letter, which was odd considering the way it was delivered. It was in the leg of an Owl and the owl seems to have intelligence on par with human as it understood my behavior and acted accordingly.

As for the letter it said...