It has been 3 years since his arrival in this world.

Quickly arriving in the battlefield, he saw the figure of two people. With his always active Sharingan he was able to see their movement and considering the moves they are using they should be around Late Rank 1 or Peak Rank 1.

One figure was sitting in a figure entirely made of wood as leaf and branches were his weapon, attacking his opponent as the braches tried to constrain the movement of the beast and person in front of it. He was dressed in a Red old samurai dress, with a common face and black hair.

The other figure was on the top of a massive fox with nine tails that broke any branches that arrived in front of it as he send massive Fire release toward his opponent destroying any and all wood that came towards him. He had a fan like weapon in one hand and a scythe in another and dressed in a very ancient looking Samurai Clothes, with Crimson eye looking at his opponent.

Just looking at the damage they were creating you could guess their identity; the person with the Nine tails Fox 'Kyubi' was Madara Uchiha that also had a Mangekyou Sharingan and the Ex-head of Uchiha Clan.

The other person using Wood release was Hashirama Senju, who is the Hokage of Konohagakure.

They both are in the location call Valley of End, using jutsu that seems to come out of legend, attacking each other.

Hashirama was looking at his friend, who seems to forget their dream of creating a place where the children won't have to fight, kill each other to live.

After they were finally able to save and create a safe haven for the future of this world, his own friend who he considered as a brother attacked the village they had so hard to build together.


The battle rage on, as both the fighter used everything they could muster knowing that they can't control the outcome and if they hesitated a single second they will be defeated.

After more than 100 of round of exchange, Madara captured Hashirama by his neck, lifting him in the air.

Madara "Hashirama, do you not see. We won't be able to truly create the peace by doing what you're doing. It will only delay the inevitable. If you support me we will be able to bring true peace in this war ridden world."

Hashirama Coughed as his neck was still in the hand of Madara and said "And how many will suffer for this war you will *cough* bbbring. I can't allow this Madara."

Madara looked at his friend and said "Shame it is my friend, but this is the end. I can't let you stop me from achieving true peace just because you care about some people and seeing the bigger picture."

Hashirama said "Pity it is."

Madara shocked look down, seeing a katana coming through his body.

Turning his eye, he looked behind to see Hashirama grabbing a sword handle, which blade just pierced his heart.

With unwilling in his eye he looked at his best friend, Hashirama looked back and said "I can't let anyone destroy what we build together, even if it's you. I shall eliminate them no matter the consequences."

With unwilling in his eyes, Madara closed his eyes.

Hashirama looked at his friend dead in his arms as tears were forming but he didn't let them fall.

As Hashirama was looking at his friend body having a small breakdown, he didn't notice a shadow appearing behind him and pointing its weapon towards him.

Sending a powerful 'Knocking HEX' toward his opponent, which was in emotional moment, injured and still suffering from backlash of overusing his chakra.

The HEX knocked down the legend down before he could see his opponent.

Walking towards the middle of the battle ground where 2 legend fought he looked at one Corpse and another Fainted figure.

Looking at the Nine tail fox who was also similarly knockout and being suppressed by the wooden pillar he opened a small scroll in his pouch.

After getting a few scrolls out he took a huge clay pot out and starting sticking the Seals around it covering both the inside and out of the Pot.

Within 1 minute he was able to complete his task and sealed the massive fox in the Seal.

Tough it won't be able to hold the fox for more than few days with maximum time being a week; he would have a better container prepared by then.

Looking at the two bodies and Pot, he picked them up and carrying them he headed toward a secluded area few kilometers away.

After placing them in the cave he secured, he was about to use Legilimency on Hashirama when the dead body of Madara started to disappear.

Quickly checking his Mangekyou Sharingan he was sure he wasn't in an illusion he looked at injured and battered Madara Uchiha, who should be dead standing in front of him.

Madara looked at his surrounding was and on guard when he saw me but I was able to quickly put my shock out of my mind and starting to attack him.

Madara who was now blind in one eye was able to block my attack for 5 moves before I was able to hit him with a powerful 'Blasting hex' along with 'Wind Style: Tornado Kick' that send a hex and a wind slash toward him.

The Hex and the Wind Slash was able to send Madara unconscious.

To be totally honest, I don't have any confidence of beating these two monsters in battle.

First and most important I am a Rank 1 Middle and this two are Rank 1 Peak, so they can probably fight 5 people with my strength and win.

This win was result of them having low stamina and still lacking any Chakra due to their previous battle.

I quickly put seals on them sealing the Chakra Network in them, while taking both the eyes of Madara as percussion.

After using Legilimen on them, he gained much knowledge on various topics about the uses of Chakra massively increasing his knowledge.

But the most important gains about it was Memory search was Sage Mode, Rinnegan, How to properly use Sharingan, Sage of Six Path bloodline, and about Ten Tails.

I also got information of what Madara used to save himself from death Izanazi, and Izanami.

After making sure they were properly secured, he put them in a Comate State where they will probably live for until my research on them was complete.

Due to information of Hashirama and Madara he was able to quickly improve his strength.

And in just 1 year following the incident of the battle in Valley of End his strength reached Peak of Rank 1.

The knowledge he obtained from them nearly opened all the many secret of this world and now he reached the peak of this world.

He was even offered the position of Kazekage after the previous Kage died due to the Kumogakure attacking and killing him, which was respectfully declined as he had zero interest in this world politics.

Tough he might have gained DP from them; he was content with what he currently had and the knowledge he could obtain from sitting in that position were already not a secret for him.

As for the fate of Hashirama and Madara he killed them, but he kept their body safe which he will probably use for the Six Path to help him in the future.

Currently he was walking towards his basement to secure the food.

In the basement a huge field could be see that was made possible due to Expanding Ruin that can make even a space of few Cm into many Meters.

This Ruin is probably connected to Space Law but he was too weak to decipher it. It was made possible due to Magic and it will be in the future so he got time.

In the middle of the room, a massive fox was chained as it was in a dazed state.

Using massive illusion he was able to control this beast using his MS to amplifying the illusion effect.

Currently it will stay like this for as long it was released from this state.

Walking toward the dazed fox, he quickly coated his Arms in Lightening Chakra and pierced toward the one of it many tail.

This attack sends the tail flying, cutting it from the fox body. This technique was derived from the move Raikage use to increase his speed and piercing power.

Looking at the detached tail and the fox that was sending angry roar as it eye was still dazed. It probably dreamed of seeing or fighting someone it didn't like.

Taking the massive tail he coating his hand in chakra started to skinning the trail as he slowly send the bone, fur and meat in different place.

The bone will be broken and be eaten like powders, while the fur was soft but durable and the meat was for consumption.

The Kyubi meat was tasty and filled with Chakra and is one of the reasons his strength was able to promote at such speed in his present stage in just 1 year.

After eating his fill which was about 25 KG of Kyubi meat that has probably more nutrition in its few centimeter of meat that in a whole goat meat.

After finishing his meal he looked like a pregnant person, but after a few minute the massive stomach was returning to its former size.

Kal looking at his present situation thought to himself 'It should be time to change my bloodline; this bloodline is reaching its peak and even is taking more energy than it should due to my fast development. Without a new bloodline my Wizard bloodline that is a Muggle Born be just a normal one making me reach my peak and slowing my development.'

Kal said "System Show me the Bloodline List."