Ocular outburst Ch. 2

"Speaking" 'Thinking' "YELLING" "Special Move Name"

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Izuku looked up at UA, it was finally the day of the entrance exam and he had been training for a long ten months in order to inherit All Might's power but he had done it!

Flashback start

Toshinori was walking along the path that went towards dagobah municipal beach in order to meet up with Izuku when suddenly he heard a scream coming from the area turning the corner he saw Izuku on top of a nostrums pile of trash without his shirt.

"Oh my, Midoriya my boy you've surpassed my expectations." said all might while transforming into his muscle form. He did so in order to catch Izuku who had begun to fall off the trash mountain.

Midoriya, bleary-eyed, now leaning back in Toshinori's arms looked up at his mentor and said with half-closed eyes. "Hey, I finished"

"That you have my boy, that you have and not only did you clear the area I set aside for you but you finished the rest as well, and I do so believe that you are now ready to inherit my power.

Shifting into his muscle form once again All Might exclaimed "NOW EAT THIS!"

"Wh-what are you talking about, why do I have to eat your hair?"

"Weeelll the thing is you have to consume my DNA in order to receive OFA and I just figured this was the easiest way to do it.

"O-ok I guess if it's the only way." With a final gulp Izuku grabbed the golden strand and swallowed it whole.

"Well, now what I don't really feel any different."

With an uproarious laugh Toshinori said "Well it'll take a while your body has to digest and process my DNA first give a few hours to start working in the meantime go home, take a shower and ya'know just generally get ready for the exam."

End Flashback

With a hand over his mouth from the memory of that morning Izuku began his walk up from the gates to the main building.

Then …. he was tripping great this was literally the best way to start his day...wait why hadn't he hit the ground yet.

"Um sorry, I used my quirk on you without your permission I just thought it would be bad luck if you tripped on your way to the exam."

Izuku turned towards the voice to find a girl about his age with shoulder length chocolate brown hair and a perpetual smile on her cheeks.

As she put Izuku down he simply stood there opening and closing his mouth while she continued talking.

"Well since you're here I guess you're taking the Hero course exam right?" Still looking like a fish Izuku nodded his head. "Great then hopefully I'll see you at UA. Bye!"

After she left Izuku stood there until Katsuki walked up a couple seconds later and tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hey what's up nerd?"

Still looking like a fish Izuku responded "I-I t-talked to a girl Kacchan."

"No you didn't you fuckin' nerd you just stood there and why is it such a big deal you're always emailing that gravity gal penpal of yours anyways."

"W-well it's not really the same the only reason I can communicate with her is because we're not face to face you know that."

"Hmph, whatever nerd let's get going or we're gonna be late."


"I can't believe it, it's the pro hero present mic." Said Izuku as the aforementioned pro hero was explaining the combat portion of the entrance exam. Basically there was a fake city with a bunch of villainbots each worth a different amount of points and the people who got the most points would get in.

As the explanation was ongoing a tall, blue-haired student stood up with a raised hand. "Present Mic sir the syllabus clearly mentions four kinds of robots yet you have only mentioned three, if this is a mistake then shame on UA we all came here in order to get the best education possible." He then turns to point up at Izuku. "And you, you have been muttering nonstop since the presentation started, if you aren't serious about becoming a hero then you should leave."

With little pop-offs coming off his hands Bakugou Katsuki stood and glared at the boy "Shut it Four-Eyes only I'm allowed to fuck with Deku."

Standing and bowing with a crooked smile Izuku said "P-please forgive him he's just nervous." After saying his piece he made his friend sit down.



As Izuku got off the bus the only thing Izuku could think was that UA had way too much money to use for these exams. Then, Izuku noticed the nice girl from earlier and decided to try and talk to her again when suddenly he felt Four-Eyes's hand on his shoulder the boy then told Izuku "What are you doing? Don't try and distract her, she looks like she's trying to focus."


"You've done nothing but disturb people this entire time if you're just joking around then you shouldn't even be here, this is a very serious event that can determine the course of people's lives."

Suddenly on the PA they heard the voice of Present Mic "GO GO GO THE EXAM IS STARTING SO GO DESTROY SOME ROBOTS." As the examinees stood in shock Present Mic shouted out something else that galvanized them into action. "WHAT I SAID THE EXAM STARTED THERE IS NO COUNTDOWN IN REAL LIFE GET MOVING."

As Izuku and the other participants began running towards the center of the city a few of the participants drew ahead namely Four-Eyes with a quirk that allowed him to run quickly. By the time Izuku got into the faux city, almost everyone else had already started to gain points.

Izuku turned down a sidestreet looking for some robots of his own to destroy when suddenly a three-pointer shot a missile at him he simply turned and started running towards it. When the missile was about a meter away from his body water rushed from his eyes and redirected the missile and Izuku slid under the legs, then he saw it.

'I can't believe it there's a power switch here' Izuku reached out his hand and flicked the switch shutting down the three-pointer.

With this new knowledge in hand Izuku continued the exam charging towards robots allowing his quirk to defend him and then flicking the switch located on their undersides as well as occasionally jumping in between the attacks of the robots and unsuspecting participants.


In the monitoring room for the exam a bunch of teachers were sitting watching monitors showing different exam sites and the participants inside.

"We have quite the crop of golden eggs this year don't we." said a bear...mouse...probably mammal...creature.

"They have speed" they all look towards one screen showing a tall boy with blue hair and glasses. "Strength" a boy covered in fur who had ripped a pipe off the wall and was using it as a baseball bat is shown next. "Agility" a boy with white strips coming from his elbows was the next showcased. "Defense" now a green haired boy with water protecting him was shown. "And last but not least unfettered fighting prowess." The last showcase was of a boy with sandy blond hair with explosions coming from his hands.

"Yes yes yes they're doing wonderfully but this is the actual test if you would Principal."

"Nfufufu Of course this always brings out people's true feelings and thoughts." a paw reached over to the control panel and pressed a giant red button.


Izuku was a bit worried about the exams he only had 20 points so far even though he had been able to help a bunch of people along the way. Well at least those were his thoughts moments before Present Mic gave them a one minute warning and they heard a giant rumbling and saw the zero-pointer rise up from behind a bunch of building.

"Holy fucking God UA is crazy."

"What are these people thinking."

"I'm getting out of here this isn't worth my life."

Most of the participants were running away from the zero-pointer and so was Izuku until he heard a girl cry out in pain in the direction of the zero-pointer.

When he turned and locked eyes with the nice girl from earlier she reached out her hand and called to him. "H-help I'm trapped I can't get out."

Then like what had happened ten months ago Izuku was just running towards her he had no idea what he was going to do besides save her but he was running to do so.

Then, he was there and trying to pull the rubble off her leg before the zero-pointer could reach them. Although there was no way for him to move it with his own strength he had to use OFA in order to beat the robot.

So he reached deep into himself and grabbed at the well of power now residing within his body and suddenly out from his eyes came a whip of water almost to small too see moving fast enough that when it reached the zero-pointer the metal split as if it wasn't there.

As the whip returned to his body Izuku passed out right before the zero-pointer's top half began to slide with a screech of metal onto the two children. The nice girl who wasn't panicking anymore remembered her quirk and used it to free herself then used it on Izuku in order to carry him, as he was too heavy for her to carry normally, and got out of the way of the falling robot.


Soon the youthful heroine recovery girl entered the area and began giving people kisses.

"Um what's she doing?" asked an inquisitive young examinee.

"That mademoiselle is recovery girl her quirk is what allows UA to hold these kinds of events." Replied a sparkling Frenchman.

As recovery girl reached young Izuku she's other and thought to herself "Really Toshinori you've chosen such a troublesome successor haven't you."


Small Might: I think I failed the UA entrance exam.

Gravity Gal: why do you say that?

Small Might:I only got 20 points in the practical portion of the exam.

Gravity Gal:Oh

Small Might:yep

Gravity Gal:Well you never know just wait for the results in a week.

Small Might:Yeah I guess you're right

Small Might:Wait how do you know the results come in a week?

Small Might:Hello?


Almost a week later Izuku was sitting on his bed in his room with a weight in one hand and his phone in the other. He hadn't received any messages from All Might or Gravity Gal since the day of the exams. All Might was probably disappointed in him that he hadn't passed and Gravity Gal was probably mad at him for asking too many questions.

"Izuku Izuku it's here it's here" Izuku's mother Inko midoriya rushed into his room with an envelope in her hand."it's the results sweetie."

After his mother had left the room Izuku sat in the dark at his desk just staring at the piece of paper. Once he had gathered enough of his courage he ripped open the envelope and out fell a metal disk that landed on his desk and sat there with a button that said "Press Me" in neon when Izuku pressed said a projection of All Might popped out and began to speak.

"Hello prospective student it is , now you're probably wondering what I'm doing in a recording from UA and the answer is that I'll be working here this coming." A low buzzing was heard as All Might looked to the side. "What do you mean hurry up this is kinda important." The low buzzing continued. "I have to do that many?"

As All Might turned back towards the camera he continued. "Well young Midoriya now it's time for your scores. In regards to the written exam you passed with flying colors."

"But even with your exceptional written exam score that doesn't change the fact that you only scored a meager 20 villain points which normally would be nowhere close to get you a spot in the Hero course." At this point Izuku hung his head as he knew that his earlier suspicions of All Might not contacting him because he was disappointed.

"Although do you really think we would turn away someone who saves others in a Hero course exam. There was another hidden point system known as rescue points which you gained all throughout the exams, but first let's take a look at this here video."

All might pressed a button on a remote he held in his hand and a screen to his right lit up showing who Izuku recognized as the nice girl from earlier. "She came to Present Mic after the exam with quite the unusual request as you'll see here."

"Um, mic sir you know the kid in my exam area messy green hair, kinda plain looking and he was crying quite a bit. Well I was wondering if I could give him some of my points because he could've gotten points but instead he chose to save me and I was hoping to thank him."

As present Mic ruffled the nice girl's hair he told her "Don't you worry little listener I don't doubt he's doing fine."

Then the feed cut of and Izuku's attention was drawn back to All Might as he began speaking. "Now without further ado young Midoriya through saving people all throughout the exam you gain a total of 60 rescue points combined with your score of 20 villain points you placed 1st in the exam and secured a spot in the Hero course. Now welcome young Midoriya to your Hero Academia."


Before it was time for Izuku to go to bed he received a text from Toshinori telling him to head to Dagobah beach. When he got there he called out to his mentor when he saw him by calling out his name "All Might."

"Wait All Might's here. Where?"

"Quick repeat after me young Midoriya. 'Sorry I had the wrong person.'" Whispered the scarecrow.

"Hehe sorry I had the wrong person." Izuku shouted over toward the couple on the beach.

"Glad that debacle was avoided." Sighed Toshinori. "Now back to the reason I called you here. I mug apologize young Midoriya go I wasn't able to contact you since the exams because I was making those videos you got."

"Oh, by the way I just thought you should know that I wasn't a judge in case you were wondering about there being any favoritism towards you or anything because of our connection."

"But All Might I wasn't able to control your power at all immediately after using it I fainted."

"Don't worth about it young Midoriya all in all you did exceptionally well. I was actually expecting you to come out of your first use of OFA with a couple broken bones so merely fainting was superb."

"Wait if you thought I was going to break bones what was all that training for?"

"Well like I've said before there's a certain physical threshold you must have in order to contain OFA but just because you contain it doesn't mean you can control its full power. I mean imagine a cup filled to the brim and every time water spills over the edge you get injured. All you have to do is deepen the chalice and you can agitate the water more or use OFA more without the water spilling. Make sense?"

"Um I mean sort of?" Izuku replied with a shrug.

"Good enough for me." Said All Might as he shifted into his muscle form.

"Hey look over there it really is All Might This time." exclaimed one of the couples on the beach.

"Time for more training Young Midoriya."

"W-what is it this time sir?"

"How to avoid the paparazzi!"

As they were running Toshinori thought 'Now that I have passed on OFA to you the storm of power that is our quirk residing me me will slowly start to die down while the storm in you will only conk he to pick up speed.'

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