Ryuu got up like any day, stretching and doing what he could to wake up his mind. He already was going through what he planned to do for the day, and it was going to be a long one. But he knew that it was going to be just like every day. This was how it had been now for a while and there seemed to be no change in anything that had happened.

Three months.

It had been Three months since Xehanort defeat, and Sora had yet to be found.

While Ryuu was doing the best he could to proceed on with his life, helping out the team as he could, he knew that not everyone else was handling the situation well. Riku was one of the main people deeply affected by this turn of events.

He missed his best friend dearly so of course he would be stressed that no new information had been found over three months. Furthermore Kairi still was asleep in her attempts that maybe her memories held the key. With Kairi being Riku's other closest friend, he was really on his own for the most part. Sure he had the support of those from all around the various worlds that were helping with the investigation, but Riku never had the connections that Sora did.

That was where Ryuu would step in. All the times Riku ended up shying away from talking or confronting something, Ryuu would be there to give him that push. He was the support that Riku needed and he was glad to help. Over those three months Ryuu had really worked hard to show who he was and how he was ready to be who he wanted, different from Riku.

From helping Riku and everyone else so much over the months, he really had found he enjoyed it. He wasn't quiet at the level of helping others that Sora was at, as no one could ever be that friendly as Sora was, but Ryuu had his own ways. Sure he was still snarky at times and a bit confident, but he was learning to evolve and learn from any mistakes that he came across.

Currently he was walking down the hall to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. He was about to pass by Riku's room when he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Peering inside the room he saw that Riku was curled up on his bed, wrapped tightly in his covers.

Taking a chance, Ryuu stepped inside and moved towards the bed. "Riku? I thought you'd be awake already."

There was a soft hum but no actual response.

"Hey Riku. Come on, you should wake up."

"Hmm maybe later," Riku mumbled.

"I thought you said you weren't going to sit around all day?"

"Not really sitting am I?" Riku grumbled. "Besides… it's still morning and I have time to get up."

Sitting on the edge of the bed Ryuu sighed. "Yeah, but I know this isn't like you. Talk to me."

With a sigh, Riku pushed himself to sit up, and then Ryuu could finally assess what the issue was. Riku had heavy bags under his eyes, and his entire expression was full of exhaustion. It really looked like he hadn't slept properly in days.

"Riku, have you been staying up late or something?"

"Not trying to, but there's just so much…"

"So much…" Ryuu said, trying to get Riku to continue.

Riku exhaled sharply. "I don't know, okay? It's just been hard recently. Three months without any clues… it's not easy."

"And it probably won't get easier any time soon," Ryuu said bluntly. "But it doesn't mean you can give up."

Riku shook his head. "I wasn't giving up. Just some bad sleep… that's all."

With a sigh Ryuu stood up, holding out his hand to help up his brother out of the bed. "Come on, let's get you ready for the day. There's plenty more that we can do to help."

Riku smiled slightly before letting Ryuu pull him up to his feet. He stretched a little before headed out of the bedroom. "Since when did you get to be so caring?"

"Hey! I've had like three months to find my way! This is how I'm doing it; by helping my lazy, older brother from moping so much."

Riku playfully shoved Ryuu as they headed down the hallway, trying his best to contain his laughter. "Who put you in charge? Cause I'm sure I didn't say you could be in charge of me."

"You're not even in charge of yourself! You need some guidance," Ryuu laughed.

With a joyful sigh, Riku ran a hand through his hair. "You've really come a long way in three months, you know that?"

Ryuu stopped for a moment, contemplating the words spoken. It was true what Riku was saying. He had come a long way since his creation. It was hard to believe it now that he had started off just as a replica meant to be better than Riku. He knew he still had his days where he doubted himself, but over the three months he had been working towards better goals. He had been helping around in the others worlds as best as he could. Mainly he spent many of his days with Naminé, helping grow their relationship along.

Three months and both of them had really become well adjusted in the world as well as to each other. While Ryuu had to give thanks to Riku being a big helper in his life, he knew he wouldn't be where he was without Naminé. She was his support that helped keep him grounded when he felt lost. He knew he could always turn to her and talk when he had his bad days.

By this point they had their gummi phones and when they got their free moments they would spend them calling or texting one another. It was something that Ryuu looked forward to everyday and it did in fact make his days a little brighter.

"Yeah," Ryuu finally answered Riku. "I know I have. It's crazy isn't it?"

"I wouldn't say it's crazy… it's just nice to see you develop into your own person. Proof that you always were someone other than me," Riku offered kindly.

"So you'll admit I've always been the better brother?" Ryuu laughed.

Riku shook his head. "Okay, let's not take it that far."

"Ooh so you do admit it," Ryuu said as he smirked.

Riku reached over to ruffle up Ryuu's hair, causing him to squirm out of the way. "Nice try with that, but I'm still older."

"Doesn't mean you're better!"

"Wanna challenge that?" Riku said, his mood and expression far better than it was minutes ago. "Down at the island after breakfast. We can have a little training day."

Ryuu gave Riku a wide smile. "Sounds like a challenge. I'll take you up on it."

"Alright. Breakfast and then training it is," Riku said before the two of headed off to start their day, ready to continue on their way to a new tomorrow.

I had been stuck for the longest time trying to figure out how I wanted to finish this fic. I got stuck and hence the long time since last update. But here it is, a hopeful outlook into Ryuu's future. Maybe one day I may make a sequel but right now this fic is complete and I thank you all for having read it.