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Chapter 0: The New World

"We have to hurry up and find them," yelled a blonde-haired man wearing a camouflage uniform! A man with black hair wearing a lab coat ran on the left side of the man dressed in military clothes, and a brawny, red-haired man ran on his right.

The darkness of night made it hard to search for their targets within the densely populated forest. Their field of vision covered just about up to ten yards in front of them. "Grendal, can you sense anything with your En," asked the man in the lab coat?

The blonde-haired man kept looking forward and said, "No, but we know they went in this direction." With greater speed than a normal human, the three kept running into the forest.

"This rock will do," said a man wearing a red and black mask sitting down behind a large rock. He took off the mask to reveal the face of someone that looked to be in their young twenty's. He had short, dirty-blonde hair and a chiseled face. On his right sat a man wearing white tennis shoes, khaki shorts, and a black, long-sleeve hoodie. He had short black hair that was styled as a crew cut. On the other side of the man in the mask was another man who looked in his thirty's. A black cloak covered everything but his head. He had black hair as well and a five o'clock shadow.

Sitting next to him was a women who was a women who was taking a baby out from a backpack made to hold babies. She hair was light brown and her face was flawless. As she was adjusting the baby, a young boy, around the age of four, leaned over and said something to the group.

"Why are we running, dad," he asked as he sat down and peered around the corner of the rock. He had black hair just like his father.

The dad, who was wearing a black cloak, exhaled a large breath, but then the man wearing the white tennis shoes and khaki shorts put a hand on the dad's shoulder.

"I've got this," he said.

"Connor," he said calling him over with his hands. He placed it on his shoulder and said, "There are very powerful people coming after your family. You know how you will be able to manipulate chakra?"

Connor nodded and kept listening. The man smiled and said, "Well, you have the potential to be able to do so many other incredible things." The man glanced at Connor's baby brother. "And so does your brother. However, these people don't want you to figure out these powers because you two could stop all their plans. That's why we have to leave this planet."

Connor was very sharp for his age. Just with this information, he knew that they needed to find a new planet that could be a home for humans. He also realized that he had to protect his brother over anything.

"Ryder," said the man in the mask. "I can sense them coming."

Ryder nodded in response then looked at the dad. "Y'all have to get off this planet no matter what. I'm going to stay behind to make sure these guys don't get in your way."

Ryder then looked at the man in the mask and asked, "How many?"

"Three," he responded standing up with everyone else. "Let me help you."

Ryder glanced over at the family he was escorting then said to the man in the mask, "No. You must make sure that they get off this planet with or without me. Promise me that, Korvin."

Korvin didn't answer for a moment then he said, "I promise," as he hung his head.

"Hey, don't worry about me," affirmed Ryder. "I'll be right behind y'all. These guys are nothing compared to me."

Ryder looked at the family and said, "If you keep going north," he pointed in the direction that they were running in before they stopped. "You will run into a field that's about three hundred square yards." Ryder tossed Korvin a remote and said, "Once you get there, press that middle button; it will make the ship visible. Leave right when you get there. I hid my own ship just for this reason."

Korvin glanced in the direction that the three enemies were coming. Ryder noticed this, and he could now sense them closing in on all of them. "They're close," Ryder said. "Now, go!"

The dad nodded and turned towards the woods. Korvin put on his mask and said, "You better make it to the field."

Ryder laughed as he said, "Your older brother still has a few tricks up his sleeves."

Korvin smiled as he turned to Connor and his family. "Let's go." Him and the family dashed through the forest in hopes of reaching that field as soon as possible.

'Alright, Ryder. I've got to give them as much time as possible,' thought Ryder. He pulled a communicator out of his pocket and said into it, "R3, get ready. They're on the way." He turned the communicator off and put it in his pocket.

Within two minutes three men appeared from the forest in front of Ryder. He immediately recognized each of them. "Well it's good to see you, Grendal. I see you brought your boys along."

The muscular, red-haired man scrunched his eyes and began to walk towards Ryder with a giant scythe in one hand. Keeping his eyes on Ryder, Grendal stretched his arm in front of his angered partner and said, "Strike. Stop it."

Strike stopped then took a few steps back. His red hair fit perfectly with the killing intent that was overflowing from his aura.

"Where are they, Ryder," yelled out Grendal?!

Ryder smiled. This was perfect for wasting time. "Ha! Why should I even give you three a hint?"

Standing on the other side of Grendal was a lanky scientist that wore a lab coat and black clothes beneath it. He threw his coat on the ground, and with a sudden flex of all his muscles, the lanky man turned into a blue, humanoid being that appeared to not be made of flesh. He looked like he was made up of pure energy.

The very power of his presence made Ryder realize that this man was no common foe. He was dangerous. Ryder had been to many planets and has fought a multitude of people, but no one was like this man. He felt concerned for what he could possible do to Alek and his family.

Grendal smiled at Ryder's reaction. "Well for starters, we can kill you right here and now, or just go ahead and kill that annoying family that you're protecting. However, for some reason, I just know you won't give up any information."

Ryder's silence made it known that what Grendal said was true.

"Looks like they'll just face the boss instead of us," shrugged Grendal.

"Wait. The boss is here," asked Ryder?

"Now, why would I let you know that," said Grendal smirking?

'This is bad,' thought Ryder. 'I have to get to them quickly.'

Ryder exhaled a deep breath and threw his hoodie to the side. Underneath, he wore a skin-tight, blue tank top. He popped his neck by tilting it one direction and then the other. After the second pop, Ryder released his concealed power. A strong gust of wind shot out from Ryder in every direction, and a whiteish gray aura now surrounded him.

"Let's get this over with," Ryder said.

Grendal smile and lowered the arm that was keeping Strike from attacking. As soon as his arm was by his side, Strike jumped towards Ryder with his scythe up above his head.

He swung it downwards right as he reached him, but Ryder calmly stepped to the left and evaded the attack. With great speed, Ryder spun and drove his right heel into Strike's back and shot him threw one tree and into another.

Ryder looked at Grendal and asked, "Is that all that your dog has to offer?"

Grendal only smiled as he looked to when Strike landed. Ryder followed in suit and saw Strike slowly walking towards Ryder with his head hung low. Black streams of aura came off his arms, shoulders, and back.

"You weren't the only one hiding their power," snickered Grendal.

Faster than before, Strike rushed Ryder and began to slash in all directions with his scythe. At first, Ryder was able to read and dodge Strike's attacks, but as Strike began to spin and do more elaborate attacks, Ryder started to look for an opening for a counter attack.

As Strike swung from left to right, Ryder crouched to the ground then swung his right leg and knocked Strike to ground. Just as Strike made contact with the ground, Ryder noticed Grendal out of the corner of his eye coming hot with a kick.

Ryder pulled up his forearms and blocked the kick, but the force was strong enough to make Ryder slide back about ten feet. He was panting heavily. It had been a while since he had gone against fighters like these two. Not to mention that he had to keep an eye on the blue man.

"Tired already, Ryder? I see that these few months of leisure have done you in," mocked Grendal.

"That damn Bingo Book hyped y'all up a little too much in my opinion," responded Ryder with a smile.

With his scythe down by his side, Strike poured his energy into it and the blade began to glow a bright white. Ryder felt the powerful energy held in it and flew up about 30 feet into the air.

Strike yelled and swung his scythe upwards in a 'U' motion. Energy in the form of a crescent moon blasted towards Ryder.

To combat Strike's attack, Ryder powered up his chi to his max and then shot three yellow balls of compressed chi at the incoming attack. Upon impact, the two attacks exploded causing a cloud of smoke to appear in between the two. Suddenly, Ryder noticed Grendal flying through the smoke with a ball of yellow and green energy in his hand. The energy was about three feet in diameter, and lightning crackled around it.

Ryder held out his right palm. A ball of blue and yellow energy formed in front of him.

"Big Bang Attack," he yelled! The ball shot towards Grendal, and the two energies collided. Ryder trying to push Grendal by adding more chi to his attack was being stalled out. Grendal was trying to push through Ryder's attack with pure strength.

Ryder yelled one last time has he poured all his chi into the attack. The ball of chi grew two times in diameter and was now a little larger than Grendal's attack. Even though Ryder's ball was originally smaller, it held its own because it was much more dense. Now that it was bigger and just as dense, Grendal was now on the defensive as he was using his attack now to just try to push back Ryder's Big Bang Attack as much as possible. However, the power was too great as it enveloped Grendal's attack.

Once the Big Bang Attack made contact with Grendal, it created a large blue explosion that could be seen from where Korvin, Alek, and his family were running.

Alek stopped and looked back at the blue explosion. "Boswell is there."

Ahead of Alek, Korvin stopped and turned to him and said, "Alek, we have to go. We don't have time to stop."

Alek nodded and continued to run with his family and Korvin.

The explosion was large enough to hit Strike in it as well. Him and Grendal were lying on the ground unconscious now.

"Pathetic," said a voice to Ryder's side.

Ryder lowered back to the ground and said, "I completely forgot you were here. Why didn't you help them?"

"I was interested in your powers, and to be honest, I would be like Strike if I wasn't in this form." Tilting his head to the side he said, "I'm still curious if you can stand up to me though. However, if one of my theories about you is true then you might have a chance, but as you are now, you have a zero percent chance."

Ryder was breathing hard. His arms ached from Grendal's kick, and he felt exhausted from using such a powerful attack.

"You might want to unleash your full power right now. As you know, I, the great doctor Boswell, can destroy armies in the snap of a finger. Now, what do you have, you monkey," said the doctor.

'He must've figured it out,' thought Ryder. 'I'll have to go all out if I want to leave here alive.'

"Fine, Boswell. If you wanted my full power, here it comes," yelled Ryder!

Bending his knees and flexing his arms, Ryder began increasing his power at an enormous rate. The wind coming from him shot from him harder and faster. As his chi levels grew and grew, his hair began to stand up from the pressure of his energy.

"Yes," yelled Boswell looking on in euphoria! "What a tremendous life force! Show me your full power!"

Ryder felt his powers reaching their limit, but he knew that he had to push through that very limit.

Feeling an incredible power build up, Grendal opened his eyes to see Ryder's whiteish gray aura three times to what it was before. As he continued to yell, small balls of yellow energy appeared and began to go towards Ryder as if he was absorbing them. After a few seconds of absorbing the small balls of energy, Grendal felt as if Ryder's aura was just one big bubble waiting to burst.

Suddenly, Ryder, who had a yellow energy outlining him, looked up at Boswell, raised his fist up in front of his shoulders then thrusted them down as he yelled one last time and released all his chi. A column of yellow chi shot up from Ryder and a rush of energy shot out from him in every direction. The power of that energy was strong enough to knock down any tree within a one-hundred foot radius of Ryder, and a crater had formed beneath Ryder who was now levitating.

Ryder's black hair was now yellowish gold and sticking straight up. His eyes were emerald blue, and his clear aura was now gold.

"Incredible, Ryder! To think you are a Saiyan, but I've never fought a Super Saiyan before," yelled Boswell!

Grendal continued to lay there in amazement. 'He had this much power,' he thought? 'So, he was just toying with me.'

Ryder rose up into the air and brought his palms together in front of him.

"Kame," he yelled as he swung his right behind his left and pulled his hands to his back hip.

A ball of blue chi appeared in between his hands. Blue beams of light shone through the gaps of his fingers as the ball grew in size.


The beams of blue light shining from the blue chi began to spin around it like rays from the sun.

With a final yell, Ryder screamed, "Ha!"

He thrusted his hands towards Dr. Boswell, and a beam of blue chi exploded towards him. The end of the beam was at least four feet in diameter.

Dr. Boswell smiled as he moved one foot back and lifted his hand to meet the incoming beam of blue chi. The collision of the two powers pushed Boswell slightly backwards. However, Ryder felt as if he couldn't push against Boswell because he was absorbing it.

"Wondering why it feels like you aren't pushing me back any," asked the doctor laughing? "I am simply destroying or erasing your energy!"

'How's this possible,' thought Ryder. 'This breaks the laws of physics itself! Thinkā€¦'

Ryder smiled because he thought of something that could potentially stop or at least slow down the crazy doctor.

With the power of the Super Saiyan, just like before, Ryder began to increase his power more and more. As he did, his Kamehameha wave grew larger and larger causing Dr. Boswell to destroy the energy at a greater rate. Feeling his energy peak, Ryder yelled until he felt the glass ceiling of his limit shatter.

Ryder's golden aura grew even larger as his muscles became more defined. Crackles of lightning pulsed through his powerful aura. The blue beam of energy grew to twice its size.

Dr. Boswell has a serious look on his face. He couldn't destroy the amount of energy that was being shot at him fast enough, so the force began to push him back gradually. Determined to show his superiority, the doctor screamed and began to break down the energy molecules faster and more efficiently.

"Boswell," yelled Ryder! "What happens when you defy the laws of physics for too long?"

Sneering, Dr. Boswell said, "Guess we'll have to find out!"

After about ten more seconds of Dr. Boswell breaking the first law of thermodynamics: energy can neither be created nor destroyed, the surrounding trees and light started to become wavy.

Ryder and Dr. Boswell both noticed this, but they continued. Ryder was now using all his strength to defeat Boswell.

Suddenly, a few trees around them began to disappear and then reappear. A few others spawned duplicates right next to where they're standing.

Korvin, Alek, and his family were about fifty feet into the field that Ryder had told them about when they stopped running. They're surroundings looked strange as they were now wavy. Groups of trees randomly spawned sporadically in the barren field. Behind them in the woods, a large glow of blue light radiated through the dense forest.

Korvin could feel the air starting to get thick and heavy. About one-hundred feet ahead of them, a ship started to flicker between visibility and invisibility.

"Over there," yelled Korvin as he pointed to the ship. The four of them began running towards the ship. Korvin pulled out the remote and pressed the middle button, and the ship remained visible.

Suddenly, a short man in a white suit with a taller man dressed casually walked out from behind the ship.

"Aren't those two back there amazing," he asked?

No one responded. They knew he was talking about Ryder and whoever he was fighting.

"Y'all know what I want. Now, hand them over," he declared.

The mother pulled Connor close to her and wrapped her arms around him.

Alek took a step forward and said, "Get the hell away from my family."

Just then, lightning crackled in the sky, but when Alek looked up to see the bolt of lightning, it never went away.

"Interesting," said the short man in response to the bolt of lightning not going away. "It seems like this world can't take the power of those two back there. I never would've thought that Boswell using his power to this extent would cause this to happen," he said to his partner.

A few more bolts of lightning appeared in the sky and didn't fade away too.

Ryder looked up to the sky, and noticed the white cracks in the sky. 'No way that those were just casual bolts,' thought Ryder. 'They're too thick, and I can feel a depth to them." He could feel a strange power coming from those cracks.

Just as Ryder was about to pulled away from his Kamehameha wave, the entire ground shook and the sky was filled with a bright flash of light. The flash was powerful enough to knock both Ryder and Dr. Boswell into the ground.

Back to his normal form, Ryder rose back up to his feet. 'What the hell is going on,' he thought to himself. 'I don't sense planets Bridum, Corvel, or Namushi anymore. And now I sense large groups of energy that I've never felt before.'

Ryder wiped his eyes and could now slightly see in front of him. The light in the sky was slowly fading back to the night sky. "I need to get to Korvin and them," he muttered. He placed his index and middle finger on his head as he searched for Korvin's energy.

"There you are," he said. Within a millisecond, Ryder had disappeared from his previous battle ground.

"What the hell was that," muttered Korvin.

"Where did that flash come from," asked Alek.

The baby on the mother's back was crying from the shake and flash. "Shhhhh," she said quieting him down.

The short man rose back up to his feet and looked up into the sky. The white cracks were no longer there, but he could feel something different.

Within an instant, Ryder appeared behind Alek and his family. His blue shirt had singe holes in it, and he was visibly exhausted. Alek, noticing this, raised his hand towards Ryder.

Some of the aches that Ryder was feeling were suddenly gone, and he felt a little less tired now. He looked at Alek and said, "Thanks."

Ryder turned his head to the short man and his partner then said, "You've already caused this galaxy enough trouble already."

"I'm not leaving without getting what I want," the short man in the white suit responded.

Behind him, the ship's exit ramp slowly lowered as the whole ship began to rise.

"Korvin, R3 is in there and is ready to take y'all far away. When its close enough, take them and leave," explained Ryder.

The short man smiled as he noticed the ship getting into position for the family's escape. He jumped onto the exit ramp as it kept rising up then said, "They won't escape."

"Get ready," Ryder told Korvin as his placed his index and middle finger on his forehead.

In a split second, Ryder had disappeared then reappeared behind the man on the exit ramp. He put his hands on the man's back and said, "Get the hell off my ship, Hannibal."

Ryder shot a massive blast of yellow chi through his hands and hit Hannibal into the ground. Taking advantage of the situation, he flew down to Hannibal's partner and began attacking him with a flurry of punches and kicks. Hannibal's partner snickered as blocked and dodged Ryder's attack. One punch, the man dodged it then grab ahold of Ryder's arm and swung him into the ground. However, Ryder got up as fast as he could and got back to attacking him.

Meanwhile, Korvin was helping Alek and his family escape by guarding them as they jumped up onto the exit ramp that was now directly above them. Alek's wife and son, Connor, were already on board. Korvin and Alek nodded at each other then jumped up to regroup with them. Looking down at Ryder, he was too busy fighting to be able to escape with them. Hannibal was slowly starting to get up as well.

Korvin ran into the cockpit and pushed the thrusters forward, and the ship steadily sped off. Alek appeared in the cockpit and told Korvin, "We have to help Ryder. He'll die if we don't."

"No," he responded firmly. "He knew that it would come to this. We all know getting your family away is our first priority."

"Then where too," asked Alek. "Hannibal knows every planet like the back of his hand."

"I know you felt it too," said Korvin turning to look Alek in the eyes. "The fight between Ryder and the three that were chasing us did something to this galaxy. I can feel different planets here. A lot of energy on them too. The planet with the most energy will be the best bet for y'all."

Alek sat down next to him and said, "What about Sydney? The Nine-Tailed Fox is getting restless inside her. She won't be able to contain him for much longer."

Korvin sighed. This was a lot for anyone to go through let alone a family. "It would be wise for y'all to split up." Alek looked at Korvin in a shock.

"No way! We aren't splitting up!"

"Look, I know you don't want to, but say Hannibal does come to this planet. You'd reduce the chances of him taking both your kids if y'all split up. I could take Connor and Sydney to a place that's directly opposite from y'all, and I can train Connor so that he can become the next Jinchuuriki." Korvin sighed. "I really don't see another solution."

"There will come a time when he finds us though," said Alek softly.

"I will keep Sydney and Connor hidden for as long as I can. As for your other son, raise him like a normal kid up until that point. I can become a mercenary and learn from the underworld when Hannibal finds your location. That way you'd be prepared."

Standing up, Alek said, "I need to go talk with Sydney. Fly the ship to the planet with the most energy."

Korvin nodded and directed the ship towards toward a new planet that was now in between their two planets: Dxun and Dantooine.

In the same galaxy that you and I are in, there was a great change. A change that has changed every country on Earth into a fight for survival. Instead of worrying about another country, they had to worry about invaders from space as well.

In 2000, the entire planet of Earth was celebrating the start of a new millennium. A millennium that would bring forth advancements in technology and space exploration. On January 20th, a meteor could be seen fly across the dark, night sky. Once it crossed the horizon, a bright flash of light engulfed the entire sky blinding anyone that was outside.

Once the light receded, hundreds upon thousands of stars were visible to everyone. In the distance, there was one star that seemed a bit larger than every other one. It just sat there and shined without a single twinkle.

On the other side of the world, where it was day, their change was drastically incredible. When the bright light was no more, people opened their eyes to see not one, but two suns. One was on the left and the other was on the right, and straight in between those was a planet that wasn't there before. It looked a little smaller than the moon, but it was there and visible.

Within a single day, scientists and astrologist discovered an additional forty-seven planets. The only original planets that survived were Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and of course, Earth. The researches began to theorize how this could have happened, and many believe that the meteor crashed into Jupiter creating all these other planets. However, upon seeing how there were many planets with plant life and flowing water, they knew that the dismemberment of Jupiter was not the case. A small sect of scientist and conspiracy theorist believed that the meteor was actually Earth crossing through a worm-hole that took them to another galaxy or dimension. There has been no confirmed explanation.

It is currently 2017. After seventeen years of this new reality, life has just gotten harder and harder for the people of Earth. Some plants weren't used to gaining energy from two suns, so they grew exponentially faster. This caused a rise in forestry, jungles, and rainforests. Some trees grew to be one hundred and forty feet tall. A solid hundred feet taller than the average tree.

Along with the change in ecosystems, Earth found out that there was also humans and living beings on other planets through foreign explorations and invaders. The first time Earth was invaded, a group of explorers from the planet Dxun came to see what this new planet had to offer. Dxun was the planet that was right in between the two suns when the bright flash of light appeared. These explorers happened to land in Atlanta, Georgia in what looked like a cargo ship from Star Trek. The military quickly got to where they landed.

The explorers were humans and talked English as well. They were able to sit down and have a discussion with the President who was there within a few hours. They told him that the Earth suddenly appeared, so they wanted to know if there were living creatures here, and what the plant life was like. The President along with some advisors were invited to go meet with the Queen of Dxun, and so they did.

The President was able to get blueprints for new ships and weapons as long as they ally with Dxun. Once the President and his advisors got back, the United States began researching levitation for the purpose of speeders, laser rifles, and high powered thrusters. With this research they were able to build an engine that allowed a ship to travel at mach speed for a period of time. This discovery changed the way that the US and other countries began to make, not planes, but starships and large cruisers.

In the present, the United States of America is not the powerhouse that it once was back in the 80s and early 2000s. Their economy is decent because of the exportation of new scientific advancements. Things like starships, large transport ships, laser rifles, and speeders sold for profit.

President Kaiden Reed has been in office for three years and plans to run for re-election to further the progress his presidency has made thus far. While in office, President Reed has revitalized the city of Detroit and other ran down cities into an industrial district that works to build commercial and military land/sky transport vehicles. Since Detroit was a lost cause, the reverse in its condition has sparked a nation-wide sense of loyalty, pride, and love in the citizens of this great nation.

Most importantly, the President and his Secretary of Defense, General Clinton Hall, created a top-secret strike team organization: The Nokmim, to fight off special targets sent by either invaders or other nations. The Nokmim is an organization designed to be the best of the best that carry out the most dangerous missions that are of the highest risk and importance. Other countries including: Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, and Italy are allied with the US to take down the evil in the world. They are the Allied Forces.

The Allied Forces' main enemy is the ISIS Empire found in the Middle East and some northern parts of Africa. They rose to power in the early 2000s due to the lack of leadership and strength by the western nations and the nations in Europe. There is also speculation that foreign explorers have met with them and either possibly traded information or resources.

Their emperor, Delshad Wakeman, is the cousin of Osama bin-Laden and holds a greater hate towards the world than his older cousin did. Emperor Wakeman is a tyrant known for ruling with an iron fist and has achieved so much power that no one dares to try and overthrow him. He began his conquest in Saudi Arabia but has since then taken over all the middle east including: India, Turkey, and northeast Africa (Sudan, Egypt, and Libya). He has been able to take these lands due because he has somehow created a small faction in his army that have special powers that have never been seen before.

Using these soldiers, the Emperor created his own special task force, the Black Hand. Not much is known about this group except that no one has lived to tell about their encounter. Along with the ISIS Empire, Russia, China, Japan, and North Korea are in an alliance to destroy the Allied Forces and to rule the world with one leader, Delshad Wakeman.

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