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A soft knock echoed into the dimly lit office. Inside an kindly looking elderly man looked up from the multitude of papers scattered across his extravagant desk allowing his warm brown gaze to instead train on the oak doors. "Enter." He called.

Moments later one of the double doors swung open revealing a frantic, younger man. His tailored suit was crinkled in many places and his shoes looked rather scuffed despite the shine that marked them as barely used. In his shaking grasp was a single envelope, unharmed despite the deliverer's disheveled appearance. The older man's eyes widened, and he stood to approach the visitor. "Luca, what is this?"

"I-I apologize, Boss. I know I am out of line, but you need to see this." The younger man, Luca, practically sprinted to the man on the other side of the desk and handed him the envelope. On the front was the UN insignia.

The older man's eyes darkened. "Did this go through the proper channels?" His voice was low, barely noticeable by drastically different from his previous fatherly tone.

"Yes, sir. It was given to one of our men who is known by the government and he passed it along to the correct recipients. It only just got here this morning."

"Good." With that he tore open the paper to reveal the message inside.

To the Vongola Don,

I apologize for this intrusive and unprofessional inconvenience. My name is Giovanni Russo and I am the current representative in the UN for the honorable Italian government. As I am sure you are aware mysterious circumstance have recently resulted in the destruction of over 70% of the moon in less than a minute. Officially it is claimed that the cause is unknown, however it has been brought to our attention that there is in fact a perpetrator. A bizarre individual who claims that not only is he responsible, but also planning to do the same to Earth by the end of March this coming year.

Seeing as your Famiglia is currently the most powerful and influential in the world the UN has unanimously requested your aid in eliminating this threat to humanity's very existence. Should you choose to accept the reward for the death of this monstrosity is 81 million Euros**. The rest is up to you.

Should you ally yourself with the UN in it's goals all the information your men will need has been provided.

With respect,

Giovanni Russo

Minutes passed as Timoteo, Vongola Nono, surveyed all of the documents included in the letter; however, seeing as not much was provided to him it took far less time than he had previously expected. It appeared the target was taking up the role of teacher to a class of less than satisfactory students in a prestigious academy in Japan and as of yet showed no sign of an ulterior motive. Once he finished a small smirk crossed his lips.

"Luca send a message to my young successor. I believe I have a mission for him."

"Rise and shine, Dame-Tsuna!"

A low groan was all the young don was able to get out before suddenly the blunt end of a hammer found itself driving into his temple. "Itai!" He groaned curling up and grabbing his pained skull. Seconds passed and slowly so did the pain, and finally when the boy was sure that his head wasn't going to fall off he sat upright.

"Reborn! What do you want! It's not even morning yet!" Tsuna shouted at the tiny hitman sitting on the end of his bed. The baby just smirked at him before slapping the poor boy in the face with an envelope.

"I'm not the one you should be asking." With that the infant hoped down from the bed and sauntered over to the table where a cup of espresso laid waiting.

Grabbing the letter from his immediate vision, Tsuna finally got a good look at it. On the front was an oh so familiar crest. "Huh?" Quickly he ripped the envelope open revealing a letter and seconds later a single brilliant flame. "I-Its Jii-san!"


You have been making much progress as of late, and I would not be the first to claim you are proving my faith in you to be well placed. As such it has been decided that you shall be taking your first mission officially under the name of the Vongola.

"Wait… WHAT?!" Tsuna shouted. He looked to Reborn for answers only to see his home tutor drinking his damn coffee and ignoring him completely. "Mission!"

"Keep reading, Dame-Tsuna, you'll learn nothing if you stop halfway." Reborn stated causing Tsuna's face to twist in a frown. The brat didn't even look at him! With a sigh the boy returned to his letter.

I will simply get down to business. As of two days ago I was approached by the United Nations requesting aid from the Famiglia. This isn't an unusual occurrence as governments come to us occasionally for help with fugitives and the like, however this particular case is quite sensitive. As such I entrust this mission to you, my successor, as your first task as the protector of our Famiglia.

Starting tomorrow you shall be relocating to Tokyo in order to attend the Kunugigaoka Junior High School's E-Class. All the arrangements have been made and a car will pick you up tomorrow at six to take you to school. Please be packed by then. All will be explained in time.

Good luck Tsunayoshi-kun, I look forward to hearing your accomplishments.


Tsuna's eyes widened three times their normal size in the next few seconds as he read and reread the letter over and over. "HIIIIIEEEE! I'm transferring to Kunugigaoka! B-But that's the most difficult school in Japan! Why would Jii-san send me there?!"

A small smirk crossed Reborn's face. "Guess you won't know until you get there now will you, Dame-Tsuna." He still refused to give his youngest student a single glance as he sipped his coffee. Once he was done he set the cup down and finally fixed the boy with a mischievous look that chilled him to the bone. "Don't worry though. I'll be with you the entire time."

He couldn't help it. A nervous laugh forced itself from the brunette's throat and on instinct he pulled the covers closer to his body as if subconsciously begging for protection. Yes Reborn was just a baby, but that didn't ease his nerves one bit. He was still dealing with the Home Tutor from Hell after all. Finally, he let all thoughts of resistance slip away- he didn't want to endure Reborn's… training again- and climbed from bed. Hesitantly his gaze drifted to the night sky just outside his window and the deformed moon that had hung there since just a few weeks prior. Groaning he closed the blinds. He had a lot of work to do before tomorrow, and there wasn't time to stargaze. 'It's just a middle school. What's the worst that could happen?'

**- So I actually looked it up online and found that about 81 million Euros is the equivalent of 10 billion yen. I may be wrong because you know... Google, so if it is don't be afraid to let me know! Also... what I would GIVE for that kind of cash!

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