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Chapter 2: Explanations and Assassination Time

So to say the young Don-to-be was confused was an understatement. Sure he knew that what he was seeing was not normal. Not even for his friend group, and they were as strange as you could get in normal circumstances. Now though he was thinking this class took the prize and he had no idea how to feel about it.

At the moment he was terrified as the students around him gave him looks like he was insane. Though he couldn't write off the possibility seeing as he's the Vongola Decimo; the boss to be of the largest Mafia Family in the world and he was also seeing a once yellow now blue faced octopus monster.

Yes. This was his life now.

"I'm sorry, but could someone please explain what's going on?" He asked/whimpered.

All eyes instantly diverted from him (luckily) to the monster beside him. Almost as quickly as it had changed before his face returned to its normal yellow and its creepy smile. "S-Sorry about that. Absolutely, Sawada-san just give me a moment."

One second, he was there, the next the yellow faced monster was gone leaving a gaping Tsunayoshi in his wake. With his disappearance came an abnormally strong gust of wind and a loud crashing sound that was unmistakably the sound of something breaking the sound barrier. Awkwardly, Tsuna turned to face his new classmates, who were still staring at him but all of whom were back in their seats. "U-Uh, is that normal?"

"Yeah, ya friggin' idiot. How could you get in this class without knowing about the octopus?" A voice called out to him from the back. A punk looking kid sat in a seat closest to the back, his two-toned hair and disheveled uniform proving his delinquent status in the class.

"Leave the him alone, Terasaka." Another boy shouted. This time it was a boy with amber eyes and dark hair sitting close to the front. The boy turned back to the front and flashed Tsuna a relaxed smile. "Sorry about him, he can be a bit… harsh sometimes. Names Isogai Yuuma, nice to meet you Sawada-san!"

"Nice to meet you too Isogai-san, sorry about all the trouble."

"No worries. Sensei can be a little much." Isogai laughed. A few other students around the room chuckled in response. Suddenly though amber eyes met brown and Tsuna felt a change in the charming boy's personality. Minute as it was he could still easily sense it. "So you really just found out about him? That's a bit surprising."

"Y-Yeah," Tsuna cursed himself for stuttering. He was going to be a boss for Pete's sake! If Reborn heard him… he really didn't want to think about that. "Jii-san and my tutor just enrolled me in this class yesterday. I didn't exactly have time to ask questions."

"Wait," This time it was a blue haired… boy his intuition told him, who spoke up. "Even so how did you get into this class? Shouldn't you be on main campus then?"

"U-Uh, well, Jii-san's letter told me to come here so I thought this was my class. This is Class 3-E, right?" Tsuna asked.

"Yup! Welcome to the End Class! Nakamura Rio, it's a pleasure!" A blonde-haired girl, Nakamura-san as he now knew, stated with a playful wink forcing a light blush to his cheeks. Then her words hit him.

"E-End Class?"

And of course Fate HAD to pick that moment to call in Karasuma and their teacher. The dark-haired human man was giving him a strange look this time. One far different than the ones previous, not even like the one he got when Tsuna had pushed him to the ground. "I hear you don't know what this class is for. Is that true?"

"H-Hai, Karasuma-san. I'm not exactly sure what's going on. My tutor and Jii-san just enrolled me without answering my questions yesterday."

Karasuma's eyes glinted with some unknown emotion before he released a long sigh. "Alright, I guess I'll keep it short and sweet. You remember how the moon was vaporized correct?"

Tsuna was very confused at this point. "Hai, who wouldn't?"

"Right. I'm with the Ministry of Defense" 'Crap! Government officer!' "and this guy," Karasuma motioned to the monster behind him. "Is the one who did it and he plans to do the same to Earth this upcoming March. You and your classmates have been asked by the government of Japan as well as the rest of the world to eliminate him before then. The reward for doing so is 10 billion yen."

Tsuna's jaw dropped. 10 BILLION yen! That was more than he would make in his lifetime had he not taken the role of Decimo! Even so that's still a lot of money. In the distance he could hear several of his classmates laughing at his expense, but not in the way he had been laughed at before. No this was… kinder, like they understood. They probably did for all he knew.

"Normally you would have been briefed before you came to class but somehow you must have slipped through the cracks. Not sure how that happened though." The man asked himself.

Tsuna just chuckled, eye twitching in barely concealed annoyance. "Yeah, no. I know how. That tutor of mine loves these kinds of surprises. He probably told your superiors that he would brief me when he had no intention whatsoever of actually telling me anything." Then it hit him. He hadn't been asked to do this by Reborn. No. It was… 'Jiji-san knew and didn't tell me!' That hurt far more than any bullet his Tutor from Hell could ever hit him with.

"Just what kind of tutor do you have, Sawada-san?" The bluenette asked.

"Hehe," Tsuna just averted his eyes to the window again. Something told him that Reborn was waiting in the forest, watching and laughing at him right about now. "You really don't wanna know."

"Well then," Now it was the monster's turn to speak as he stepped (slithered? He had no idea anymore) in front of Karasuma green stripes appearing across his face. "Now that that's out of the way, how about you take a seat Sawada-san. Homeroom ended quite a long time ago and I do believe it's time for first period. Good luck on your assassination plots and don't be afraid to ask your classmates for a bit of advice. I look forward to seeing what you come up with."

That caught him off guard. He was actually encouraging his assassin? Or would he be a hitman since he was in a Family? * Well either way the support from his target was strange, something told him though it was genuine and not just a psychological attack method. "T-Thanks, Sensei. And just Tsuna is okay."

"Alright, Tsuna-kun. Your seat is in the back." And with that his first day in the Assassination Classroom began.

"Okay! Here's a puzzler for you! Isogai, which one of these four tentacles is the odd man out?" With that their teacher produced four different tentacles, all of different colors and pointed to separate questions on the board.

"U-Um, the blue one?" Isogai claimed nervously.

Suddenly the creature's face turned red with a large circle. "Excellent! The boy who is standing implies 'who' as a relative pronoun! A relative pronoun is…"

So far everything was fairly normal, or as much so as you can get with a strange tentacle alien thing teaching a room of third year middle schoolers. They'd gone through first, second, and third periods rather easily and were finally coming to the end of fourth. This thing was actually a very good teacher and for once Tsuna actually felt like some of what he was saying was sinking in. Then again anything should stick when you've been forced to learn to speak, read, and write fluent Italian while being bombed every time you got an answer wrong. The only reason he'd still been failing at Namimori was the incessant bullying he had to endure. Even with is Guardians around people still found time to pick on him, not excluding their teacher of course.

It was when his head was down that the shot rang out. Instinctually Tsuna tensed and reached for his hyper dying will pills which were still in his bag. Yet when he looked all he saw was Nakamura pointing her pistol directly at their teacher who held her BB between a pair of chalk sticks. 'How the hell is he so fast?!'

"Nakamura! What have I told you, no discharging weapons in the classroom!"

The blonde just smiled nervously as she lowered her gun. "I know…"

"Back of the room young lady and think about what you've done." He shouted.

Tsuna couldn't help but gape a little bit as she started walking to the desk beside his own. 'He's actually serious. He's genuinely trying to teach us even as he plans to destroy the world. What kind of person is this guy?'

"So, Tsuna-kun..."

"Huh?!" An uncontrollable blush rose to the brunette's cheeks as he turned to see Nakamura lounging in her temporary seat beside him, smirking.

"Ha, you're so fun to tease!" She laughed. "I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out during lunch break?"

"O-Oh, um, y-yeah sure." He stuttered, mentally scolding himself for what felt like the fiftieth time that day.

The blonde girl's eyes seemed to shine in with mischievous light that set Tsuna on edge. A chill ran up his spine as he thickly gulped. 'What did I just get myself into…' Suddenly the chime of the school bells echoed through the room signalling the end of the period.

"Alright, lunch time everyone! I'll be popping over to China for some tofu, if anyone is feeling especially trigger happy don't hesitate to call!" And with that the yellow being disappeared in another gush of wind and pop of the so-called sound barrier. A thing that was not meant to be easily broken mind you.

In almost as much time as it took their teacher to disappear all eyes turned to him; some welcoming, some curious, and in a certain individual's case accusatory. It took all of a second for Tsuna to redirect his gaze back to his desk top, nerves finally getting the best of him without the welcome distraction of their education. Chatter started, and a few people started milling about as a few individuals came and crowded his desk.

"Sorry about earlier, Tsuna-san. Guess we all just got a bit excited, we don't often get transfers." The blue haired boy from earlier laughed as he took a seat at the desk in front of him. "Shiota Nagisa, it's really nice to meet you."

Tsuna took a minute to make eye contact with the boy- Nagisa, isn't that a girl name? The blue of the kid's eyes was soft but held a sort of sharpness that Tsuna had only ever seen in a few of his friends during their more difficult battles. The kind of look that told him they weren't just paying attention to the conversation but also reading every single thing about you. Normally he would have been uncomfortable, but he didn't feel threatened whatsoever. In fact he was completely at ease. "Nice to meet you Shiota-san."

"Just Nagisa's okay."

"Alright... Nagisa."

"Hey, don't hog the new kid, Nagisa." Another boy laughed, elbowing Nagisa playfully before leaning on one of the nearby desks. His hair was a shade of black that every once in a while shone navy when the light hit it just right, and if he really looked Tsuna could have sworn his eyes were the same as Yamamoto's: kind and compassionate if a little naive. If he hadn't known better he probably would have assumed the two were brothers. "Sugino Tomohito, just call me Sugino. That's what everyone calls me."

"Why not use your first name?" Tsuna asked. Sugino just smiled and shrugged.

"Eh, just easier this way. But enough about us, come on! Give us the scoop!"

"Um, well, there's not much to say." Tsuna said. "I'm just a normal kid from Namimori, a couple hours north of here. And I live with my mom and… siblings. That's pretty much it." 'No its not but I can't exactly say "I'm also the boss-to-be of the Vongola Famiglia, the biggest mafia family in the world".'

"Yeah, that's cool and all but tell us about you!" The green haired girl practically cheered. "What's your favorite food, what do you like, hobbies, what got you into the End Class?"

"You guys said that earlier too. What does that mean?"

The group shared some nervous glances before all eyes converged on Nagisa. The shorter boy sighed and turned to Tsuna. "You saw the other campus, right? The one at the base of the mountain?" He asked. Tsuna nodded. "Well, that's the campus for all the kids who actually do well in school. This place is where you get shipped off to if you're subpar. In other words; it's the end hence "End Class"."

"Oh." Tsuna gasped. Then he thought about it for a second before laughing shyly. "Well then I guess this is exactly where I need to be huh, seeing as I've never passed a test in my life. I don't think I've gotten above a twenty on an assignment in the past two years."

'Holy crap! He's even worse than us!' The other's thought in total shock.

Nagisa in particular recovered from this bomb quickly giving the boy in front of him a quick, almost unnoticeable once over. He wasn't anything really special except he noticed a single chain hidden almost completely underneath the collar of his uniform. "If you don't mind my asking, Tsuna-san, what's that?"

Tsuna glanced down to see what his new friend was pointing at. The chain that was holding his Sky Rings. "U-Um, it's just a gift from a friend. Nothing all that special." He explained, quickly tucking the remainder of the chain under his shirt.

Nagisa's eyes narrowed just a fraction at the action before brushing it off.

"Hey, Nagisa." The bluenette turned his head just enough to see a smirking Terasaka, Muramatsu and Yoshida just a few inches from him. "We need to talk."

"H-Hai." Nagisa turned back to Tsuna who was giving Terasaka a strange look. "Sorry Tsuna-san. Let's talk later, okay?" And with that he left with the trio.

'Something's really wrong with this picture.' He didn't exactly get much more time to think about it before the green haired girl took Nagisa's seat. "Tsuna-kun~ You never answered my questions!"

"A-Ah, yeah, sorry about that I guess I got distracted." He stammered at her sudden closeness, blushing AGAIN. "U-Uh, I guess in order I like my mom's homemade hamburgers. I'm actually learning to make them, nowhere near as good as she is yet though. I don't exactly have a whole lot of things I like but I guess alone time at home is nice and I don't really have any hobbies aside from chasing down my little brother Lambo and… martial arts I guess. I haven't really had formal training, but my tutor taught me a little bit." It was true. After seeing just how pathetic he was outside of Hyper Dying Will Mode Reborn had spent an entire month just drilling him long enough to actually hold his own against Ryohei… Not that he'd ever win but hey it was something right?


Tsuna jumped at the sudden noise not just from the people around him but also the other students nearby. "Uh, did I say something wrong?"

"You know martial arts! That's so cool, man! You really need to teach me some moves!" A blonde boy exclaimed as he wrapped an arm around Tsuna's shoulder.

"Yeah, like seriously, I never would have pegged you for a fighter." Sugino laughed. "Hey, wanna stay after later to teach some of us a bit? It would be great to see what you can do."

This class was already better than Namimori. So what if they were supposed to be the bottom of the heap, so was he! Honestly, in the past few hours of being in this class he'd felt more at home than he'd ever been in his real one.

'Only thing that could make it better was if I could actually get an A in a class for once.'

By the time lunch ended Tsuna had a group of guys together who wanted to hang out in the school yard after school to train a bit: Sugino obviously as well as the blonde-haired boy (Maehara he later learned), as well as Kimura, Isogai, Mimura and Chiba. He didn't know exactly what he was going to teach them, but he had time. Though he did wonder if talking to basically everyone in the class was worth not getting to eat any of his mom's lunch (nah, it definitely was worth it).

Immediately after lunch though something changed. Terasaka and his pals came back in from the school yard and if their smug expressions were anything to go by they'd gotten what they had wanted from Nagisa. 'I hope he's okay…' Luckily, not even a second after he'd thought this the boy in question entered the room behind one familiar octopus (and was he carrying a missile?! What the hell! Should that even be in the building?!). Tsuna tried to get Nagisa's attention but the kid was way too deep in his own little world to notice.

"All right then everyone, this afternoon I'd like you to compose a short poem to go along with our theme. The final line should be "was tentacles all along"."

"Huh?" The entire class, including a very confused Tsuna muttered.

"Excuse me sir, but "was tentacles all along"? Seriously?" Isogai asked.

'That's what I'm thinking. What is up with this guy… Wait does he have a name? I've just been calling him "octopus" or "teacher", but I never asked him for his name.' Realizing that the class had now quieted down Tsuna along with Kayano raised their still was trying to shake off the headache from when the green haired girl told him her name. His HI had practically screamed 'LIE' in his ear the entirety of lunch period.

"I apologize, Kayano, but I do believe I'm going to give our new student an opportunity." Their teacher said. Kayano slowly lowered her hand and nodded. Clearly, she didn't want to be glossed over. "Now what is it you have to say Tsuna-kun, is it a question on the assignment?"

"U-Uh, no sir. Actually I was wondering, what's your name? I didn't actually catch it earlier."

Kayano jumped from her seat and looked at him. "Mind reader! That's exactly what I was gonna ask?!" She shouted.

"Now that you mention it I don't think he ever told us." Sugino stated to Okano beside him.

"If you could please sit down, Kayano. Well, Tsuna-kun, I don't exactly have a name you just give to people. How about you think of one for me! But your studies come first, okay."

"U-Uh, sure."

"Meanwhile, I'll take a break." Their teacher quietly leaned up against the board and Tsuna wasn't that surprised to see that his face turned light pink.

'He's not a bad teacher but honestly, he comes up with the weirdest things. And is it really a good idea to have middle schoolers pick your name for you? That's asking for a disaster.'

Suddenly a chill ran up Tsuna's spine making him stiffen.

"Hey, new kid, you alright?" Terasaka asked from the desk beside him, but Tsuna was too busy trying to figure out what his intuition was trying to tell him.

'Look up.' And he did. The first thing he saw was Nagisa walking up to their teacher who was now wide awake and watching him come closer.

"Ah, it seems the muse favors Nagisa today." It didn't make sense. He couldn't see anything from this angle sure but what could possibly be so wrong with Nagisa? A low chuckle caught his attention. Tsuna looked, it was Terasaka and he was smirking as he watched Nagisa approach their teacher.

With his hand on a detonator under the desk.

'Dammit, it's a suicide bombing!' "Nagisa!"

He was too late. Tsuna watched as Nagisa stuck out with a blade so fast that a normal person likely would have had a hard time dodging. The octopus didn't seem too put off though until the bluenette jumped on him only for a loud explosion to follow with a couple hundred BBs as shrapnel. Cries of alarm came from the kids closest to the front as most of them tried to duck out of the way. Only Tsuna remained standing with only an arm up to protect his eyes.

Once the smoke cleared neither their teacher nor Nagisa were in sight. Anger boiled inside him as he whirled on Terasaka as the punk cheered. In seconds the brunette had him pinned to the wall.

"The hell was that, Terasaka. Just what the hell did you give Nagisa!"

Terasaka chuckled. "Just a toy grenade. Heh, I beefed it up with a couple scoops of gunpowder, so it'd shoot three hundred anti-sensei BBs at crazy high speeds. If that didn't take him out I don't know what will."

"You… bastard."

The entire room froze. They'd spent the entire lunch break getting to know Sawada Tsunayoshi. He'd seemed like a kind and innocent kid, and while he was a bit shy it was obvious that he was good with people. The only possible thing that showed them he wasn't perfect was how horrible his grades were and his absolutely ridiculous clumsiness (Kayano had dropped her chopstick on the ground and he'd tried to get it for her only to smack his head on his desk… then fall out of his chair… and hit his head again).

Now that kid was nowhere to be seen. Instead he was holding a guy two times his size off the ground by his shirt collar. Not just that but his face was twisted into one of pure rage they never even assumed the boy was capable of, and those closest could have sworn that his eyes flashed orange for just a second.

Terasaka gripped the boy's fist and pulled but it didn't budge. 'Damn, this brat is strong.'

"He's your classmate, and you sent him into an assassination knowing full well that he was likely going to get hurt or worse. I thought that I was wrong for once, but no. You're just a jerk who thinks only for himself without any regard to others." Tsuna growled. His voice low.

"H-Hey, it's all good. I'll pay for his hospital bills and he'll be good as new."

"Yeah, if you call permanent scarring good as new." Kataoka muttered. At this point Kaede and Sugino had run up to check on Nagisa.

"W-What the… What is that?" Sugino asked as he stared at something on the ground. Tsuna looked away from Terasaka when he heard the sound of a familiar voice. "Nagisa! He's okay, guys! This weird… husk thing is on him."

'Nagisa?' Tsuna thought looking in the boy's direction.

"As it turns out I shed my skin once a month. I wrapped it around you classmate to protect him from the blast. I guess you can call it my once monthly ace-in-the-hole." Tsuna looked for the source of the sound, and sure enough there on the ceiling was their sensei. Only this time his face was far more vicious than it ever had been before. Red predatory eyes looked down on them, his face… pitch black. "Tsunayoshi. Set him down."

"Hai." Unceremoniously Tsuna released Terasaka allowing him to drop to the ground.

"Terasaka. Yoshida. Muramatsu. This was your doing wasn't it."

Terasaka slid to the ground. "N-No way! This was all Nagisa's idea!" He stammered.

Now Tsuna wasn't really paying attention to the conversation anymore. Instead he was distracted by something else that was rather odd about their teacher. The creature was emitting a ridiculous amount of KI. So much so that even he with his training from one spartan Tutor was feeling a bit uncomfortable. For the third time that day he disappeared through the window only to appear again a few seconds later allowing a large amount of name plates to fall to the floor, loudly.

"Hey, that's the nameplate off my house!" Yoshida all but screamed.

"Same here!" A couple other kids started realizing. All of their names were present though strangely, Tsuna's wasn't. No one noticed that however as the fear of having this monster know where they live was a bit overwhelming. Tsuna sighed in relief and kept quiet.

"My agreement with the government says that I can't hurt any of you but- if you pull another irresponsible stunt like that again- nothing's stopping me from involving someone else. Friends, family, the entire world aside from you if I felt like it." He growled allowing smoke/mist to billow from his now open mouth. He was genuinely frightening.

"G-Go on threaten us! I ain't afraid of no squid! Where do you get off blowing up the moon? We got rights you know! Call us irresponsible we're just defending ourselves!" Terasaka shouted, Tsuna had to hold back a smile when he noticed that the larger boy was trembling. When he realized this he mentally facepalmed.

'Reborn's rubbing off on me. This is not good.' Tsuna watched as their teacher's face flashed to his harmless 'correct' face. 'How many faces does this guy have? Yellow is normal, blue is worried, green is cocky I guess, and black for pissed. And he can most fast enough to break the sound barrier! He could give even the Arcobaleno a run for their money, how can a class of middle schoolers actually kill him?'

"Of course. I know that! I'm not calling you irresponsible for trying to kill me. No no no. As a matter of fact, Nagisa-kun gets full marks for technique. His composure was simply outstanding." One tentacle went and pat the head of one individual hidden from Tsuna behind the desks. A small smile crossed the brunette's face. Nagisa was just fine. Slowly his rage began to fade away and he stepped a bit further from Terasaka. "However, none of you cared if he was injured, not even Nagisa himself it seems. Student's with that attitude are not fit to assassinate anyone." His face turned purple with a familiar purple X across the entire thing before fading back to yellow. "You need to believe yourself worthy of your target, that means taking pride in what your do! In yourselves, and each other. All of you are more than the sum of your parts."

Tsuna smiled wider. For the first time he felt like he belonged. Sure Reborn and the others cared for him, but had he not been related to the Primo they likely wouldn't have cared what happened to him. This teacher, unlike all of his others, cared for him first and foremost as Sawada Tsunayoshi not Vongola Decimo. That wasn't likely to change even if he learned of his identity. It was… reassuring.

Their teacher looked back to Nagisa who at this point had stood up from his landing spot. "Here's a puzzler for you, Nagisa. Given that I have no intention of being killed, though I have every intention of enjoying our time together before blowing up the Earth, what exactly are you going to do about it?"

The bluenette gasped, then something changed making Tsuna stiffen. For a single moment he could have sworn that a small amount of killer intent slipped from the boy. It wouldn't have registered to him a year ago, not even after he'd started training with Reborn, but it was enough that it made Tsuna stiffen. Blue eyes turned cold as they gazed at the smiling octopus in front of them and a smile- normally seen as innocent- curved his lips. "I think you'll see I can do plenty, sir. Just you wait and see."

Green stripes appeared. "Kufufu, that's the spirit. No one leaves until I am vanquished!"

Tsuna couldn't help but scoff as the rest of the class quite loudly voiced their annoyance at this new predicament (not that he wasn't but hey, he at least had a chance with his sky flames. A weapon this thing had no clue about.). Taking his seat he watched as Nagisa approached his own seat. For a moment their eyes met allowing a silent message to pass between them: they shared an objective now, but more than that there was trust. Nagisa gave him a grateful smile and sat down.

"How do you say 'unkillable' in Japanese?" Kayano asked from the front.

A nervous laugh bubbled up in Tsuna's throat as he thought about it. 'I'm a third-year middle schooler and I still have to think about that… I'M GONNA DIE HERE!'

"Korosen...ai?" The girl muttered. "Korosen...sei! Ah, Koro-sensei!"

"Koro-sensei?" Nagisa asked. The octopus twitched at the new name. "Huh, that feels right…"

Tsuna smiled again as he fiddled with the plastic knife under the desk.

Yeah. This was going to be an interesting year.

One way or the other.

*- Okay, so I didn't want to be wrong about this so I made sure I was correct. The difference between hitmen and assassins is so slim that hitmen are actually classified as a subclass of assassin. However, the historical difference as seen in many American and Italian undergrounds is that hitmen tend to be affiliated with gangs/mafia/organizations of some kind getting their income solely from that resource. Assassins are practically black-market mercenaries. You're the highest bidder, you get the asset. That is going to be the difference I use for this story so just a heads up!

Next update will be next week which I cannot stop laughing about. IT'S THE 27TH! I can't stop laughing at fate and its sense of humor. See ya on the flip side!