Because writing at 10pm is such a great idea when you have school at 7:30 the following day…

Anyway, my friends and I have agreed to start a 31 day Ninjago challenge! Ethereal Pictures will be posting hers, but not Orange Energy (I don't think.) I found the words on Tumblr somewhere, so… can't exactly give credit. It was originally 30 days long, but we realized that one important theme was missing! And so it became 31.

Each day is one or two words, with which we have to write a one shot.



It wouldn't ever last long, but it was so insanely vivid. The sheer horror etched into Jay's face as Cole plunged further into the darkness will haunt his memory forever.

Well, at least until he wakes up.

'Just a dream,' Cole told himself each morning, 'Just a stupid dream.' It was just his imagination going haywire. There's nothing to worry about. Besides, today was the day the ninja get their new ship. What could possibly go wrong?

All of Cole's fears were in his head. Nightmares plagued him during the night, but that didn't mean they were real.

How very wrong he was.

Cole's first hint at things not quite being as they seem was when Faith and Firstborne came tumbling out of the sky. Lloyd had mentioned the darkness was coming, and multiple red flags sprang up in his mind. Darkness. Like what he fell into in his dream.

Cole brushed it off as pure coincidence. Then again, Zane had once had a prophetic dream. What if it was real?

The darkness was very real. It had begun to spread throughout Ninjago City. Elemental powers seemed to have no effect on it. Tentacles reached out from the centre like snakes. The ninja had attempted to retreat, but Cole felt something colder than ice grab his ankle and pull him back. 'This isn't it, this isn't it, the Bounty isn't in the right spot,' Cole kept telling himself, trying to calm down.

He had been rescued by Lloyd. And thank goodness for that. The darkness probably would have swallowed him whole, killing him in an instant. 'Just like the dream.'

Despite his logical thought telling him that it didn't mean anything, Cole stayed on red alert after they picked up Garmadon from the prison. He didn't want anything like his dream happening, especially not by the hands of an Oni. He'd have to be extra careful around him.

And then Garmadon pressed the button that shuts off the rocket boosters. They were falling, falling, further and further towards the ground. The cold wind made his cheeks feel numb, and Cole felt at any moment his hands would slip and he would land on the ground, flat as a pancake. The ground was coming closer, and closer, and just as Cole began to see his life flash before his eyes, Zane pulled the ship upright again.

"Hm, that button should be labelled."

'How about you go screw off, Garmadon?'

Once the ship had been put back in order, Cole found Kai and Jay discussing Nya. More specifically, Jay asking her to be his Yang. Cole was on board with the idea straight away, and could already see the two of them together, holding hands after a well-earned victory. Although still a little disappointed that he was the only ninja without a partner, Cole still did his best to be happy for the two of them.

Just then, Zane called everyone to the Bridge. Garmadon explained that destroying the Realm Crystal will stop the Oni from taking over all of Ninjago. Only problem being that the Crystal was underneath Borg Tower, which just so happened to be surrounded by darkness. 'I'm not going anywhere near that cloud again!' Cole thought to himself, shivering just at the thought of the chills that had run throughout his body when the tentacles had grabbed him.

Lloyd and Garmadon agreed to travel into the cloud, and after a brief conflict during which Garmadon regained his powers, they set on their way. Since he was part Oni, Lloyd could survive within the cloud, although just barely.

Cole watched the monitor closely, careful not to miss even the slightest detail, before they picked up a distress signal from NGTV. After a quick discussion on who should stay where, the Bounty left for the distress signal, leaving Pixal alone to wait for the Garmadons.

It was when Cole and Jay were on the rooftop when the former noticed something. The position of the Bounty, the size of the NGTV tower, the level of the cloud of darkness, it all lined up exactly with his dream. Down to the last tendrils of darkness. Cole began to grow freaked out, but again shrugged it off as a huge coincidence.

The broadcaster lady mentioned something about a huge story, but Cole wasn't paying attention. He was watching the tentacles crawling up the building, onto the roof. They were coming for him.

They were coming for him.

Once all the civilians were aboard the Bounty, Cole and Jay began climbing the ladders to get the heck out of there. Nya fired up the boosters. They turned-

They turned the wrong direction. The boosters were now facing Cole. 'Not good, not good, not good! Please don't fire, please don't-'

They fired.

Cole was immediately thrown into the air, just like in his dream. The ladder was there, right there, just in front of him, yet just out of reach. He was gonna die, he was gonna die.

The earth master grabbed hold of the last rung and attempted to hoist himself upward. However, the ladder swung back towards the building, which Cole's back rammed against full force. Cole could've sworn he heard something snap. Icy hot pain shot up from his chest outward, like being torn apart from the inside out. Cole could barely hear Jay yell his name among all the pain of broken ribs.

His hand slipped, but he had been holding on with his legs. Dangling upside down, he saw the tentacles circling about underneath him, as if waiting to feast.

As if one whack with a wall hadn't been enough (which Cole thought it was more than necessary), the Bounty headed forwards again, smashing him against the wall three more times. "Hang on, Cole!" Jay shouted , pausing on the ladder.

Cole reached up with his hand. Clasping the rope, he yelled back, "I got it! I got-"

It was only then that he noticed the snap in the ladder. Perfect timing, really. Just as the other side snapped.


"But daddy! I don't wanna be a dancer! I wanna be a policeman!"

"You can't be in the police. You're so good at dancing, and I want you to follow right in daddy's footsteps."

"That mountain. There. Let's test our limits, shall we?"

"Did you know that I actually want to be in the police force?"

"Oh my gosh, really? Pfft, you, a cop?"

"Hey, technically we're part of the police force."

"The unrecognized police force, more like."

"That doesn't get paid."

"And wears weird uniforms."

"Sounds like a ninja to me!"

The last thing Cole felt physically was cold.

Emotionally, it was pride.

He was proud at how far he had come.

The friends he had made.

And the dreams he had accomplished.