Umi's POV

"There's only three days left before the third years' graduate, what should I give to Eli?" I thought because I will miss Eli when she go back to Russia 'wait a second missed? Yeah as a friend I only see Eli as a friend'

"Umi-chan" Honoka called me stopping my train of thought. "Let's go home Kotori is waiting at the front gate."

"Yeah let's go"

As we were about to reach the gate, we saw Eli-chan and Nozomi-chan walking. I felt jealous because of how close they are.

"Eli-chan, Nozomi-chan are you going home?"

"Not yet Honoka-cchi we will grab a parfait before we go home"

"Oh okay stay safe ehe"

I cannot look at Eli because every time I saw her, my heart cannot stop pounding 'Is this love? No it's not,it's so shameless'

"Take care E-eli-chan and Nozomi-chan" I stuttered a bit saying Eli's name while Nozomi just smirk

The two of them immediately left the school while Honoka and I went to Kotori then the three of us went home. Honoka decided to tease me by opening up the topic earlier

"Umi-chan just stuttered while talking to Eli"

"Eh? Umi-chan is that true?"


I decided to tell them about my feelings for Eli. Suddenly Kotori screamed and told me

"You should confess to Eli-chan before it's too late"

"yeah you should confess to her" Honoka agreed

"The third years are graduating so why bother?" (ouch it hurts)

"You are right Umi-chan they are graduating and this will be the last time that you will see Eli"

I thought about what Honoka said and I unconsciously screamed 'I must confessed"

Eli's POV

"So what do you think of Umi, Eli-cchi?" Nozomi asked

"Umi is a great girl"

"Is that it?" she said while shuffling her tarot cards and pulled out the lovers card

"You know you should confess to her maybe she feels the same way ,time is running and before you know it, we're already graduate."

"I think I should confess to her"

Timeskip graduation

3rd POV

It's been 2 days since Eli and Umi decided to confess to each other but theydon't have the courage to do it until it's graduation day.

"Eli meet me at the rooftop later" Umi said.

"okay" Eli agreed

After their graduation ,Eli went straight to the rooftop and saw Umi

"Ayase Eli, the first time I saw you, you already captured my heart, yourblonde hair, your personality, your everything, I like -no love you so pleasewill you go out with me?"

Eli was happy and at the same time sad because her crush like her back but theycannot see each other very often. She started to burst tears because of joy
"I love you too, yes I will go out with you"

Just as they are about to kiss, they suddenly heard a noise so they look at thedoor and saw the rest of the µ's members spying them.

"Get a room you two" Nico shouted

"Just kiss already" Maki said at the same time

The two of them awkwardly shared their first kiss in front of µ's


After the two finished their kiss somebody sang Storm in Lover

Aitai no Summer kotoshi no Summer
Anata to watashi wa hitotsu no Sutoorii
Dakara nigecha dame obiecha dame
Mitsume aeba Storm in Lover

Tomaranai sou itte mo ii?
Me o sorashita hou ga make yo
Mou tomaranai futari dake no hamabe de kogaretai

Yes, No, Say yes! koi e to kawaru kono atsusa uketomete yo
Yes, No, Say yes! kotae wa anata no kokoro ga kitto oshiete kureru

Aitai no Summer kotoshi no Summer
Toke sou na jounetsu wa anata no sei yo
Karadajuu de yonda anata o yonda
Hanasanaide You are my love
Aitai no Summer kotoshi no Summer
Anata to watashi wa hitotsu no Sutoorii
Dakara nigecha dame obiecha dame
Mitsume aeba Storm in Lover