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Nico's POV

We are having a practice at the rooftop as usual but Umi is absent today, I wonder why? Better ask Honoka

"Honoka do you know why Umi is absent today?"

"Umi-chan? she left earlier after class"

"It's not like Umi to skip practice"

"Ara ara Nicocchi, are you worried about Umi-chan?" Nozomi joined our conversation

"Of course not, just wondering why she isn't here"

"M-Maybe she has a boyfriend?" Hanayo said

Before I knew it, all the members present joined our conversation. What should we do? Love Live is on 2 weeks

"Let's ask her tomorrow so that we'll know why she is skipping practice" Eli said

"Okay" we said

"Practice is over, you can now go home" she added

I decided to go to the convenience store before going home to buy some groceries

"Welcome to Hanamaru store how can I help you?" a familiar voice asked



"Why are you working here?"

"I-I'll tell you la-later,my shift will end in 30 minutes"

After the short conversation with Umi, I began to shop some groceries for dinner. I think I will make some curry tonight

"That will be *** yen"

I paid the cashier and waited for Umi. I didn't know that she is working here. Someone tapped my shoulder

"Waah! Umi don't scare me like that"

"Sorry, let's go?"

"Sure let's go to the park"

We arrived at the park after a few minutes of walking. we sat at the nearby bench and she told me the reason why she is working there

"My parents don't have enough money to support me and my sister so I search for a vacant job. The salary is great but it's consuming my time with μ's. I'm sorry"

"It's alright I know that the others will understand"

"It's getting late, I'll walk you home"

"No need"

"I insist"

She walk me home and the rain started to pour after she left. Does she got home safe?

The next day she still doesn't came to practice. What happened to her? Is she alright?

"Honoka did Umi attend class today?"

"I don't know, I haven't see her today"

"Umi-chan is sick"

"What?!" all the members heard my shout because they stopped what they were doing

"I have to do something important please continue without me"

I started to run to her house luckily the three of them are childhood friends so their home are quite near to each other

Umi's POV

"Cough cough"

"Umi, your friend is here to visit"

The door to my room was forcefully opened by Nico? Why is she here? What about practice?

"How are you Umi?"


I suddenly felt a light chop on my head. Ow that hurts why did she hit my head?

"That's what you get for running in the rain"


"I'm so worried you know? Kotori told us that you're sick so I ran all the way here to make sure that you're alright"


"Please don't let it happen again I don't want to lose you"

"Sorry I won't let it happen next time"

"...after all I love you" she mumbled

"What did you said?"

"Nothing are you hungry?"

Then my stomach growls I guess I'm hungry huh, I wonder what should I eat today

"I'll make you a rice porridge so you'll be healed instantly"

"Thank you"

Nico's POV

I left her room to make a rice porridge in the kitchen. Her mother left earlier to buy some medicine while her father is in the dojo.

I made a rice porridge and went back to her room. She is reading a book when I returned

"The food is ready"

"Thank you"

"Let me feed you"

"No thanks"

"I insist"

"You win"

I feed her and slowly she is regaining her health. I knew it, my porridge heals people

"Thank you very much"

"No problem after all I love you Umi"

"Eh? You love me?"

"I-I uh as a friend that's right" I added

"I love you too Nico"


Umi woke up next to Nico in her bed trying to remember what happened yesterday


On the other side,

"Is it alright to let Nico go?"

"Yes after it is what the cards said Elicchi" she said while holding a lovers card