She tries to avoid the town folks below the mountain. Ever since she had arrived and saw an old cabin just a bit ways of Bluebell, the pink headed girl knew that she'd make this her home. Nothing permanent of course, after all she doesn't think she'd belong anywhere. Why would she? Why would she stay if she would be hated?

Ever since she could remember, people would find her strange, and at her current age, she doesn't blame them. Her appearance may say differently, but it was her hobbies that got to them. Some may call her a witch, but she so much more.

Think of her as a doctor, the kind who gathers herbs and berries and turns them into medicine. She remembers mixing all different types of herbs together but as her fear of people grew, she couldn't bring herself to actually use them.

She'd travel at night, where most people were asleep, keeping her distance while gathering whatever she needed for her next experiment.

One night as she was minding her own business, something had caught her attention. Spotting a figure passed out in a bush, she jumped out of her skin as soon as she realized...

It was a young human male, dressed in red: with a hat to match. He was carrying a mail carrier bag and: it looks like he's been in the heat all day without any food or water.

On her knees, she gently stroked the man's cheek as a small blush slowly made it's way onto her own. Thinking that he looked rather dashing, she soon jumped at her own thoughts and scolded herself for thinking such a thing. A-after all, far as she's aware: she's supposed to avoid human contact as much as possible.

Before she could do anything, the man had shifted and she froze out of fear. Quickly going through her bag, she pulled out a vile and placed it down next to him before she made her escape.

By the time the man had awoken and was aware of his surroundings, she was out of sight but she was able to watch him carefully. The man had picked up the vile she had left him with confusion and he looked in her direction.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

She could hear the man's voice calling out to her, but she couldn't move. Her fear taking over, she just stood there in the shadows as she watched the man as he pocketed the vile and made his way down the mountain, thanking whoever had woke him.

You're welcome, She thought to herself as she just watched him, promising herself that whenever she sees him passed out again, she'd help him again.