Sup guys, Lighting Wolf here, back with another story, this one about Sword Art Online. Enjoy the 800-word chapter. I don't own SAO, Reki Kawahara and a few others do.

(Gun Gale)

Shot after shot and bullet after bullet, every player in front of Sinon fell as she shot every one of them 'dead'.

It was when she heard movement behind her that she turned around and saw nothing that she frowned.

She turned to see more players fall to gunfire, it wasn't her, and it seemed they fell like dominos.

"Shadow Wolf…" Sinon said as she saw 2 players armed with assault rifles get cut down and fall.

To most people, Shadow Wolf was nothing more then a myth… He was a skilled player, but he was a lot more like an assassin then a player, a commando.

Sinon knew him as Sone, the only thing she had heard about the boy.

His reputation rivaled that of Sinon's and she still didn't know a single thing about the player, nobody seemed to.

Within a few minutes, only she and he were left, she saw a glint of movement.

"Hecate." Shadow said as he looked dead at her, he held a smoking Hk33a2 rifle, a German made weapon.

"Shadow Wolf." Sinon said before she fired, Shadow shot the shot down, it was clearly something that took an expert shot.

"You know, I wouldn't be half as popular… Or as lucky without you, Sinon." Sone said as he leaned his rifle on his shoulder, Sinon frowned.

"And how's that?" Sinon asked, Sone snorted, looking around.

"I would have been taken out LONG before now if you didn't take out the harder targets, let me ambush what was left… So, I guess you're the reason I managed to get so far in this round." Sone stated, Sinon looked through her weapon, which Sone did the same to.

"And now one of us is going to win." Sinon said, Sone snorted and fired, Sinon flinched despite the rifle not having the range to hit her.

She turned and fired, Sone barely dodged the round as he reached a tree at the edge of the cliff she was on.

"Damn it." Sone muttered as Sinon drew her pistol and took cover as well.

"Your good, I'm better, you really want to try this?" Sone asked, Sinon sighed and fired, Sone flinched as he reloaded his rifle before returning fire.

Sinon felt chunks of wood fly out of the tree, Sone moved to another tree.

"I didn't expect you to be this dangerous, your scaring me now." Sone said as Sinon fired and Sone flinched, some of the shots nicked his side.

"Ow!" Sone yelled as he fired and moved up, Sinon blinked.

Sone leapt at her and kicked her back, Sinon brought her arm up to fire as Sone grabbed her wrist. He tried to bring up his rifle with his other arm.

Sinon grabbed his wrist and stopped him, Sinon snorted as she and the masked marksmen were at a stalemate.

"You have to be joking…" Sone muttered as Sinon smirked, Sone tried to pull his arm away, but Sinon grasped his arm.

"You are really trying too hard…" Sone said, Sinon rolled her eyes.

"Says the guy hiding behind a mask and unable to beat me." Sinon stated, Sone chuckled as he kicked Sinon back and reached for his rifle.

He spotted his rifle a few feet away, he and Sinon had knocked their weapons away when he had kicked her.

Sinon stood up and looked at her pistol which had been knocked aside when she had fallen.

"You know, I tried this because I respected you… As I said, I honestly wouldn't have been able to get this far if not for you…" Sone muttered, he lunged at his weapon as Sinon lunged for hers.

He kicked at her as he tripped off the edge, Sinon fell off as well.

"You have to be…" Both stated before they slammed into the ground, both 'dying' as they did so.

(Real world)

The boy snorted and sat down, running a hand through raven colored hair, he smiled as he did so.

"She's both a pain… And one of the most skilled snipers in Gun Gale…." The boy muttered, he sighed and went to go and sleep.

Little did he nor Shino know what they'd be in for soon.

Author Notes

Phew, first chapter done! Yes, I know it isn't perfect, first chapters aren't my thing. I decided to redo my Sinon story after the last one was… Eh. I also plan to do a story on Leafa, I will explain 'Sone' more next chapter. Next chapter will be on next Thursday or so and will show Shino meeting Sone's player in real life. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!