Summary/Disclaimer: Time for another Gun Guardian. Enjoy the 800-word chapter. I don't own SAO, Reki Kawahara and a few others do.

(Gun Gale)

If there was anything that 'Sone' was good at, it was proving to be a skilled soldier.

He sighed while his controller logged out of the game, Sone vanished.

(Real world)

A boy with crimson like eyes looked around while he sighed and ran a hand through his sliver hair.

His name was Cade Aiuchi, he rubbed at his eyes and then cracked his back.

"Ow, I feel like a truck was going to run me over…. I need to stop playing so much…" Cade said while he slowly stood up from his chair and rubbed at his eyes again.

His eyes were killing him, playing Gun Gale made him remember just how boring life could be at times.

"I really need to get more sleep actually, my eyes aren't burning when I'm playing, their burning when I don't get enough sleep." Cade stated before he opened the door to his room and was greeted with the sight of his hallway.

He slowly started to walk down the hallway, he took a step and then looked at the ceiling before he continued walking. He hummed once and took another step.

"Oh, my back feels like garbage… What happened when I started to play? I think my life hates me or something, it's killing me." Cade muttered, he took a step more and then collapsed down the stairs.

He grunted when he hit the bottom step, rubbing at his stomach and then his head while he slowly climbed to his feet.

"Ok. That hurt, that hurt a lot…" Cade said, he rubbed at his injured stomach. He grunted and then slowly walked to the couch.

He looked around the house, his mother was out for the moment, which meant that he had the run of the place. He didn't care much for it, he was always playing games if he wasn't helping with his mother.

Being a businesswoman though meant that she was busy at the moment…. She was busy at almost all the times he needed her.

"Ow…" Cade muttered before he cracked his neck again and then felt more pain lance through it.

"Ok, next time I fall down the stairs, I'm going back to bed… I feel like crap today, I don't know why, but today just doesn't feel like a good idea to be up." He said, he laid down on the sofa and looked around.

He patted the sofa and then closed his eyes and rubbed his eyes one more time. He checked the clock and hummed again.

"It's 3:00? I'm going to remember that tomorrow is going to be the last day before I go back to school… Mom, you really should be back home soon." Cade said.

His stomach growled; he would end up getting food later when his mother came back with food. He could eat now, but his mother would be mad, paying for food was something they took for granted.

"God, my stomach is hurting bad, what is going on with me? It just feels like a sledgehammer." He groaned and then he sat up and checked on his back.

There were no bruises, but it still felt like it was going to hurt for a while. He was going to sleep in tonight, he grunted again and slowly started the trudge up the stairs towards his room.

"Ok, today wasn't a good to come downstairs, it hurt my blasted spine, I'm tired and I am getting a headache… And now I'm talking to myself… I'm starting to go crazy; I swear it… Then again, I was just playing a game where you can do that and…" Cade said, he decided to just go back to sleep.

It was clear today was not going to be his day, it was just coming out to be weird and painful for him.

He slowly walked up the stairs, leaning on the handrail and then he sighed while he slowly continued to trudge up the stairs until he was in his room. He opened his door and slowly walked towards the bed while he brushed off his back jacket and blueish black jeans.

He collapsed into the bed, he sighed in amusement with a slow smile.

He had no idea what would happen in a few days.

Author Notes

Phew, another chapter done! I want to apologize for not updating this story for a while. Next chapter will end up being in 3 weeks or so and will show Shino meeting Cade and then them talking about Gun Gale and such. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

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