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Chapter II: The Encounter

It's been an breem or so since Optimus was walking around the forest, not wanting to run after his little incident. Which beg a question or two. How? How was it possible for him to do that? No human has the power to run in such speed. It's Impossible! Unless you would consider being 'superhuman', but those are just Sci-fiction.

A small part of his is telling that he may still be cybertronian, which made him think he maybe is considering how he body slams into a tree with no major damage. Which again, is impossible! The human body is fragile compared to cybertronian, it like glass verse a hammer... Okay, maybe not the best metaphor example but it's not false. He should have a huge concussion or a crack skull, and yet he doesn't. Maybe he is a cybertronian or in other words... techno-organic. But he can't be sure, he needs a test to see if its true though, but that can wait.

Optimus top priority is... to get out of this forest, which is easier said than done.

All he could see are trees, and trees, and... more trees. Some of theses tree looks quite familiar to him, like one that caught his eyes. A palm tree; a common tree that is restricted to tropical and subtropical climate, such as Nevada.

But something feels old about this forest, it feels different.

The air is different.

… Almost salty.

It was strange to him as he looks at the rocky mountain ahead of him, he needs to get to higher ground to see where he is... or better yet... find his old base that had been destroyed by the Nemesis. Locate the base, and that will lead him to Jasper, which he can get help from his human allies. But he found it quite difficult, he doesn't remember this part of the forest.

'Have I... taken the wrong turn,' Optimus paused in thought as he looks at his surroundings with a puzzled expression before shaking off the thought, 'If I am then I must continue the path I've taken and to see if it's the correct route towards Jasper,' He continued to walk forward, unaware black misty blurs following him.

'I wonder what's the reason I'm back on earth? Could it be that there might be a new threat here? If there are... I doubt I could do much with this body even if I was able to run in a degree that no human can,' he thought to himself, unaware of how close the wolves are getting. 'No matter, whatever the reason is, I must be prepared... I must get stronger even if I am human. No matter the cost.'

He came to a halt as his battle instinct took over him as he rolls over to dodge an incoming attack. He silently curses to himself for being so careless as he heard angry growls and barking sound. Optimus looks up at his attacker only to find a group of wolves. Black wolves. 50 at least.

Two wolves came rushing at him, one performs a series of claw attacks while the other leaps toward him. Optimus dodge each of the attacks at ease as he quickly grabbed the incoming wolf that leaped at him and tosses it to his attacker. The two wolves quickly got up and aggressively growled at him.

Not wanting to fight, Optimus slowly back away with his arms up, trying to distance himself from the pack. Not wanting to harm the creatures.

Ever since Optimus stayed on earth, he made a vow that no Autobots will ever harm or kill any being on earth. Whether the human holds the capacity to kill his kind such as MECH, he did his best not to harm them, that also include the animals. And since he and his team traveled all over the world, whether on a mission or not, they always encounter the deadliest creature knows to man. They know where their boundaries lie thus respecting their territory whenever threatened, the first time someone oversteps the line was Bulkhead. Optimus chuckled a bit of that memory, don't mess with the rhinos or you get the horns. That was actually Cliffjumper who first come up that line, and it stick to him.

Optimus frowns of the memories of Cliffjumper as he lowers his eye before raising them up for forgetting the position he is in, he tries to slowly distance himself away from the pack only to find out that the pack had surrounded him. The wolves slowly stalking him like a cat catching its prey as the let out an aggressively growl and barks. One wolf began to howl as the rest beginning to follow.

'These wolves... they don't look natural.' Optimus thought to himself, noticing that a few wolves were twice as large than normal, he also notices that most of them have a bone-like spine across its body; its arms, back, and knees. And their yellow eyes seem to glow red as it leaves a visible trail of red light as they move.

'They aren't natural... I've never seen wolves like these before. And I feel something dark... some dark power around them as if they meant to destroy me. It felt somewhat... familiar. Uh oh'

Several of the wolves began to lunge at him.

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Optimus quickly debated whether he should kill them or not. The wolves are coming fast as some leaped or lunged at him from the front and behind.

One wolf leaped at him with its paws reached out towards him, Optimus caught it, turning around, and throwed the wolf a good feet away from him. Optimus quickly roll away from another attack, grabbing a near by wolf by the chest, host it in the air and toss it to his attacker, causing the two tumbled to the ground.

Optimus jumped back to avoid a slash by the claw from another wolf, bringing his up his arm to deflect another attack. 'I must find away to escape,' He blocked another attack from a Wolf.

Optimus is clearly outnumber, these wolves are everywhere, all around him that he has no chance to escape. By the looks of it, these wolves looks like they want nothing else but to kill him, they have an extremely aggressive behavior that they kept attack him. He has to run, not because he's outnumber, he face battles were the odds are terribly against him, but that doesn't stop him from fighting, he would only flee in its absolutely necessary.

Optimus needs a opening to escape, but he was caught off-guard when he was tackled to the ground, the wolf on top of him strike Optimus face with its claws, Optimus immediately closed his mouthplate that barely block the hit, sparks was sent flying once the sharp claws slash Optimus mouthplate.

Optimus lift his legs above the wolf head, wrapped them around it, and launched it away from him. "That's enough!"

Going for the kill Optimus quickly reach his Gatling gun behind his back and begin to fire at them, killing 10. The Energon laser pierces through the wolves as they slump against the ground, the bodies engulfed into white flames then disappeared in a trail of light sparkles.

Optimus eyes widen of what he witnessed, 'That's... strange.' he thought to himself as he flung his Gatling gun from his back, hitting the wolves that leap at him.

Three wolves charges at his side delivering a series of vicious attacks, Optimus dodges each of the attacks at ease as he fired his gun at them, killing them.

Optimus was tackled to the ground by a large wolf that has a bone-like armor in its head and body. The large wolf lunged its mouth at Optimus head, biting him to kill. Only for the teeth to scattered in pieces as it made contact into Optimus helmet. Optimus quickly grabbed the wolf by the neck as he-


He gasped as he stared at a lifeless head... he holds in his hands, in which he stole from the body. "D-did I just-" He instantly toss the head away and kicked the headless body off of him once it burst into white flames. Checking himself to see if he have any burn flesh in his hands, to which his surprise, he doesn't have.

'That was terrifying... if not amazing,' Optimus grabbed the Star Saber and rubbed his neck uneasily, 'And it was careless of me for not focusing, I better be more careful next time.' he thought to himself, he watches as several of the wolves charge at him.

'These wolves are vicious and want nothing but to consume me... and they will show no mercy-' Optimus took his battle stance, his face shows no emotion. ' well- neither will I.'

Instead of waiting for the wolves to attack him, he charges at them with the Star Saber in his hand.

*Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash-slash* *Slash* *Slash-slash-slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash*

Optimus delivered a series of slash to each wolf that comes closest to him, he either decapitating them or cutting off their limbs.
A wolf leaps at him from behind, but Optimus stabs its head at ease. Two wolves attack from his left and right side, Optimus quickly grabs the head of the wolf from the left and slam it to the ground, destroying it while he did a high reverse roundhouse kick to his right, sending the wolf flying 20 feet away.

The wolves saw this and aggressively growls at him and charges. Optimus stood his ground as he stabs the incoming wolf in the chest, three wolves send a series of claws attack as Optimus easily dodge each of their attacks.


Optimus did a single swing with his sword, decapitating three wolves. A wolf charge at him a did a single claw attack, Optimus caught it and twisted it arm, push down, and knee the wolf on the face with so much force, killing it.

Two more wolves charge at him, one leap in front attempting to bite Optimus face as the other send single claw attack. Optimus did a vertical swing at one wolf, slicing it in halves, and grab the claw of the other wolf and yanked its arm off. The wolf growls in pain only to remain silent as Optimus did a killing blow.

Five wolves leap at him only to be decapitated with one blow. 13 wolves were left as one large wolf charge at him. Optimus narrowed his eyes as he runs toward the large wolf. The wolf growls at him and prepares to attack him, but Optimus simply jump at the face of the wolf and using it like a launching pad to send him in the air, sending the wolf face buried in the ground. Optimus jumped high in the air toward the ten wolves who was staring at him.


He slays them all with one blow. Optimus watch as the wolves slump against the ground, engulfed into white flame then the body disappears in light.

'I wonder if these wolves are the threat? Maybe this is the reason why I'm here. To protect earth from these... beasts. But why am I human?' Optimus wonder to himself, 'And why are these wolves engulf in li-' GGRRRROOOWWLLL

Optimus broke down his thought as he heard that sound. The large wolf, who's Optimus jumped at, charged at him and delivered a single strike into Optimus head, but Optimus lean back and performed a backflip kick into the wolf's chin, sending it in the air. Optimus jumped in the air, grabbed the wolf and toss it back into the ground, killing it and submerge in light, leaving a large crater in the ground.

Optimus let out a sigh of relief and prepare to leave. "Now where did I drop my-oh there it is. GGGrrrrooowlll- HHHooowwwlll

Optimus sigh tiredly as he watches another pack running towards him, which is a lot larger than before. 85 wolves at least. Time he wishes he had his Jetpack, then he can easily escape.

Optimus took his battle stances but was put to a halt as he thought of something. He stared at the Star Saber with keen interest.

'I pray this works,'

Optimus heard the sound of footsteps, knowing that the pack is getting closer. But all of Optimus focus was on his sword. He closes his eyes and focusing on the sword's power. 'Please,' And then he felt it, something that grasps his hands with power. Opening his eyes to see the whole sword vibrating in a blue aura. His eyes widen. 'it works.'

The wolves came to a halt as they stared at Optimus sword.

Optimus grasp his sword with both hands as he charges towards the pack. RRRaaawwwhhh! he let out his battle cry as he swung his sword horizontally, sending an extremely large energy wave's, exterminating the pack and everything with it.

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Optimus stood there in shocked and surprised. 'The power of the Star Saber... it felt the same when I used it before.' Optimus thought to himself as he stared at the sword with amazement, despite the size of the sword the power it gives is the same.

He sweat dropped when he looks at the destruction he had caused, not only did he destroyed the pack of wolves but the natural landscape as well, now it's like... how do humans describe it? Ah, Hell broke loose... I think?

' I think its best if I don't use the Star Saber powers anymore... perhaps in an emergency but for now... seeing how powerful the sword is... I'm just glad that I'm the only one to wield it.' Optimus stealth the sword on his back, thankful that he's the only wielder. The Star Saber was among the most powerful relics known that it can only be wielded by the hand of a Prime. Imagine such power being held into the wrong hands... imagine the destructions it can cause... millions can be annihilated... Destructions and deaths everywhere...

"No!" Optimus shakes his head rapidly of such thoughts, he felt what humans call 'shivers down your spine', and it felt... weird.

Optimus pick up his Gatling gun and place it on his back as it transforms into his backpack. But he still kept the sword of Prima in his hands, "Why couldn't I call for its power before? Does that mean... that the power of the Matrix still flows in my veins? " he asks, shaking his head, "Irrelevant if I could or could not, I might as well contact the Primes and asked for answers since the sword is now... energized." He closed his eyes once the sword vibrated in blue, feeling the power flowing to him, it felt warm and comforting, and then he saw white. He opens his eyes and finds himself standing in a bright blue light of an endless void. He looked around and find it all familiar.


He turned to where the voice is being called.

".p-...… Op-"

"That voice," Optimus muttered softly, "Could it be?" He walked to where the voice his coming from as he found a bright blue light ahead.

"Op...….. Pr.."

"Alpha Tron," he called out as he got closer to-


"AAAAHHH," Optimus cried in pain as white flashes blinks in his eyes.

He fell on his knees and found himself back on earth, the Star Saber laying on the ground in front of him. He pulls off his helmet and gripped his head from the intense pain he received.

"What-what was that?" he said between breath, sweat roll down his face as he felt like his energy as been drain, "I think... I should rest a bit," he felt the need for something cold to run down his throat, he smacks his lips as he got up and pick the Star Saber, and walk towards where shades were presented.

It has been a few klicks... or minutes now has Optimus sat against a tree that provided shade for him, the Star Saber rested in his lap. Confuse of what recently happened.

He somehow entered an endless void, hearing voices, and been... breakdown from a screech. A loud one.

Optimus sigh as he brushes his silver hair on the back of his head against the tree, and frown, "I believe... I might have the answer to my problem," he sighs again, "And I hope it's not the case." He looks up to the sky and sees the sun, it won't be long till the sunset down... correction...its sunrise.

"Now...to find a way out of here." He got up and stealth the blade in his back.
He notices that on the other side of the forest is a desert and decided to go there. He stop in thought, remembering how he pulled the head of the black wolf of from its body. He looked back to the tree and decide to put his thought to action.

He took his battle stance, eyes on the tree, rearing his arm back as his hands clench to a fist. Taking a deep breath and shot his fist forward creating a small shockwave.

"Ah!" He retracts his hand back and massages it, trying to ease the pain, "Alright, maybe I'm not-" his face went blank as he looked back at the tree, "Never mind."

He begin to walk away leaving the tree in the ground a few feet away from its previous spot, smoke rises from the fist-shape hole in a tree could be seen.

It just proved it... Optimus Prime is no regular human, he's a techno-organic.

It took him a few klicks to get out of the forest and find himself at the entrance of the desert.

"I'm not sure this is the right way towards civilizations," He said as he looks toward the desert ahead, all he could see are several trees, bushes, large rocks with blood, cactus- "BLOOD!"

Optimus run towards the rocks as fast as he can. Which isn't hard considering how fast he can go.

He knelt down to examine the blood that's been scattered around. 'It's warm but I can't tell if its either human blood or not.' Optimus thought as he wiped the blood off his hands, he also found large claw marks on the rocks and paw prints on the sand.

Optimus eyes narrowed, 'What kind of animal cause this, this isn't natural, the largest paws I know are bears, but the paws of a bear are nothing compare to this.' he thought to himself, he gently placed his hand on the mark, feel the rough surface against his human hand, taking notice of how deep the mark is, 'I hope it isn't one of those... black wolves,' a white cloud form on top of his head creating an image of a chibi Giant Black Wolf looking down at a regular size chibi wolf before accidentally stomping it with its legs. The cloud pop as Optimus shakes his heads. 'I pray not... I must find out what has done this.' He stood up and prepare to follow the tracks but stop when he heard some crunching sound.

*Crunch* *munch* *rrrriiiipppeeee* *Crunch* *Crunch*

Optimus traced down that sound as he looked over the large rock. And what he saw made his freeze from his tracks.

On the side of the forest which where he came from was a beast, a very large beast, the whole body was black like the wolfs he fought earlier, it had white long fur on the back of its four legs, it has long bone-like spikes on the beast back and buttocks, the face of the beast resembles the face of a saber-tooth cat, the tail of the beast as a cobra face snake. The face has a bone-like armor and the eyes are yellow that glow red. The height from head to toe is at least 26 feet, higher if counts the spikes on its back.

This Grimm is called Byakko Khan (Sabertooth Chimera). There's a picture, just search sabertooth Grimm RWBY and click image. Or go to my profile, click the web below Grimm Pic's. Just where its written Byakko Khan. If that doesn't work... sorry, I'll see if I can fix it.
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Optimus was in shock, he didn't move. Not one bit. The pupils in his eyes shrunk in a size of a pea. Optimus is not a afraid, but the sight is...shockingly, unbelievably, horrifying.

He watches as the beast took a bite of the bloody human body, eating the body whole, at the side is a half eaten horse covered in a pool of blood.

*Crunch* Crunch* *Crunch*

Rage began to build as Optimus fists tighten as his red bracers on his wrist transform into Gauntlet that covers his hands. He looks down to his arms then back to the giant beast. His body is vibrating in rage as he gave a dark and a terrifying glare at the monster while his is eyes sparked blue with electric surge and flames.

RRRAAAWWWHHH! Optimus roar as he run towards the beast with incredible speed.

The beast jerks its head once it detected roar and rage, only to meet a fist as it made contact its face. *Crack!* Optimus punch made a huge crack on the beast face armor and a shockwave which pushed the creature backward and crashing against the trees. The beast hiss in pain as it scratches its face with its paws.

Optimus looks down and made his right gauntlet pull out a blade, the design is similar to his original form. He jumped in the air and stabbed beast face. RRROOOAAARRR- The beast roared in pain as is shakes its head trying to shake off the blade. Optimus pull out another blade from his left gauntlet and delivered a series of strikes on the head.

*Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash*

RRROOOAAARRR- the beast cried in pain, Optimus prepare to stab the head again with his left blade but had to block an incoming attack from the tail, Optimus eyes widen then narrowed as is left blade being caught in the mouth of a cobra snake, which is the tail of the beast. HIIIISSSS- the cobra yank Optimus off the beast head, and toss him to the side, sending him crashing right through some trees.

Optimus quickly got up and run towards the beast, the beast saw him and aggressively roared as it charges at him. As the beast was getting close and deliver a single swing with its powerful claw, Optimus dodge it and slide underneath the beast, striking the belly with his left blade. The beast cried in pain as Optimus jumped on its back and grabbed the cobra face-like tail.

He slams the cobra face-like tail on the beast back and stabbed it, the blade went through the cobra face and into the back.
RRROOOAAARRR-HIIIISSSS Both heads of the beast cried in pain as Optimus left gauntlet's transformed into an Energon cannon, same design as before and fired the cobra's head, practically destroying it.

RRROOOAAARRR the beast roared in agony, not only did Optimus Energon cannon destroyed the cobra face-like tail but pierced through the beast back.

Optimus jumped off the beast back and into the air, he calls off his weapons and pulls out the Star Saber, the sword glow blue as he was sent down towards the beast.


Optimus landed back on his feet as he stealth the sword on his back. He turns to face the beast, the beast just stood there, not moving at all.




The head slide of its body and rolled towards Optimus, the body slump against the ground and white flames engulfed its body. Optimus place his foot on top of the head that rolled toward him, he glared at it and asked, " How many innocent lives have you taken away?" The eyes glow dim and white flames engulf it, surprisingly not burn Optimus foot. "May they rest peacefully knowing that your no longer are a threat to others." he said as the head disappeared while his eyes returned to it's original state.


Optimus transformed both his bracers into Energon cannon and aim to where that *Snap* was coming from. His eyes narrowed as he begin to walk forward.

'There's more!? How many are there?' Optimus took his battle stance and prepare to fire.

"Wait! Don't shoot!" a shrilled voiced cried out into the forest, a figure appeared into the sunlight allowing Optimus to see who or what it is. His eyes widen.

"... well, can you aim your gun somewhere else? It's kinda rude to point a gun at a person, ya know." Said the human being... or he thinks he's a human being.

The man has a... scruffy appearances. He wore a brown leather vest and underneath it is a white long sleeves shirt. He also wore brown jeans and old leather boots. Around his waist are a western brown gun belt and a holster carrying a revolver. On his head he wore a yellow worn out Round Top Cowboy Hat, his skin is tanned and had brown hair and light brown eyes. He had an uneven shaved beard in his chin. He's about six feet tall and... this man kind of reminded him one of those old western cowboy television shows he used to watch back on base.

But one of the most noticeable things is the pair of horns on the man forehead.

"!" Optimus stared at the horns like if the man grew a second head. 'What in the name of Primus is this! Humans don't have Horns! What on Earth is go-'

"Can ya please aim your gun somewhere else?" The man asks in annoyance.

Optimus notice he was still aiming his gun at him, he panicked and quickly call off his weapons. "My apologize sir! I bring no ill-intention to harm you, I merely thought you were one of those... canine beast that threaten me. Please forgive me for my most stupid mistake." Optimus said as he bows his head down in shame and open his mouthplate.

The man stared at Optimus in surprise, he did not suspect that kind of apology, he lightly laughs and said, "Haha! Now no need to bow your head to apologize, sonny."

Optimus let out a sigh of relief, being extremely happy that the man accepts his apology from that stunt he pulls off. He reached on his helmet a took it off, exposing his face as his hair brushed against the wind, he gave the man a small but warm smile.

"Thank you, sir."

The man made a hacking sound as if the air been knocked out of him, he stared at Optimus in great shock.

" Oh no, did I do something to offend him?" Optimus asked to himself, he looked at the man with concern before it hit him. His guns and his giant sword... Teenagers don't wield weapon like those, they don't carry them at all! And he just pointed his cybertronian guns at him! He grimace , 'Well, it's too late to hide now,' he sigh, 'at least he have not seen me destroy the- at least I destroyed the beast before he came.'

He stared at the flabbergast horned man, "Um... are you alright sir?"

The man broke off with his thoughts and shakes his head, Optimus tilt his head in confusion of the man's unusual behavior.

"Err.. ya, I'm fine." The man rubbed his neck embarrassedly for staring at Optimus far too long. There was an awkward silence after that.




The man coughed, Optimus stared at him, the man decided to break the silence. "Soo, what's ya name, young-un," he asked.

Optimus Blinked, "I'm sorry... what?"

The man raised his Brow, "I said 'what's ya name'"

While Optimus doesn't show it, he looks at the man in disbelief, 'That was... not what I expected,' he didn't bother to ask about his weapon... not to mention... his armor. Shocking.


Optimus snapped out of his thoughts but then hesitated, unsure if he should revealed his name or not. "Should I... give him my name?"

"...Optimus... Optimus Prime," he answered loud and clear, there was a hint of hesitation in his voice, after debating on whether he should give his name or not, he decided to give the truth, although he hopes the man doesn't ask any question about his name or his weapon and armor. Which is strange he didn't question first.

"Oh, oh...Oh." The man slapped himself on his face as realization struck him. "Sorry, I'mma just... for a sec I thought ya were a Schnee."

Optimus blinked, "A Schnee?" he questioned before sighing, 'I am at least grateful he doesn't react strangely to my name, not to mention my weapons.'

"Ya, there... neither mind." the man gives him a stern expression which surprised Optimus. "Golly Bill, what do ya think you're doing yonder around here? Don't you know its dangerous to be out here, and the fact yar alone out here? What in tarnation are you doin' out here?" he asked suspiciously with a raised eyebrows.

Optimus sweat dropped, trying to find out what to say without revealed anything important. He begins to realize the words the nameless Man has spoken, its dangerous to be out here. Does that mean he is aware of the danger of being here?... does he know these beasts?... he had a feeling that he's no longer in Jasper Nevada.

Optimus stared at the man who's expecting an answer, "And may I ask, what are you doing out here?" he said with a serious expression, he needs to play this game right if he wants to get the answers without exposing too much of himself.

The man seems to be taken back by the question but simply shrug it off, saying, "I'm looking for a kid,"

"You're... what!?" Optimus uncharacteristic shout, completely taken back of the man blunt response.

"I'm looking for a kid in which by the way, ya haven't seen him have ya?" the man look at him hopefully, "The kid is about... well, your age and has...umm... light orange hair with light brown eyes and foxy ears."

Optimus panicked, the man is looking for a boy... out here... where these... whatever there called... beast are around... he must find him immediately before the beast gets- And then it hit him, 'It- ti can't be!' That giant Felidae beast took a bite of a body together with a horse, 'It can't be him... is he the man son? What am I going to do?' He hoped the man doesn't see the-

"Wait, whatz that of there," the man asked looking over Optimus shoulders

"Wait!" Optimus tried to stop him but fails as the man run towards the battlefield Optimus and the beast created, but more specifically, the body. Optimus turn back to the forest and prepare to run but pause before doing so, "I-I can't leave him here," he looked back. If the man finds out that he killed a giant cat with a tail-looking cobra... things will be really out of hands. But if he leaves him here... who knows what might be out there to catch him. The man is armed... but he doubt it could do much.

Optimus sigh before running toward the man. He lost a boy, he will not lose another human being.

As Optimus quickly catch up, he found the man kneeling beside a half-eaten horse corpse. Optimus was quite disturbed by the organ of the horse that spilled. He suspects the man would also be disturb but turn out wrong when the man was staring at the rifle that seems to have a crest on its stock.

'He's probably checking to see it belong to his son,' Optimus thought with sorrowful and rage, he stared at the man with sympathy. Opening his mouth to speak to him, but the man spoke first.

"It's him alright," the man said sadly, "Gherha would not be happy, oh boy...neither will Kali."

Optimus blinked... and blinked again, "Pardon," he spoke softly, wasn't sure if he had heard it right.

"Damn those beasts!" Horned Man said, "She will be so heart-broken."

'The boy... isn't his son?' Optimus mentally questioned, he sweat-drop when the man started to look around the destruction he and the Black creature as caused. The man looked back at him then the field.

'Uh oh,' the man stared at him top to bottom

"Well, at least you killed that no good Grimm," he said with a smirk, making Optimus sputtered in shock.

"I-I sorry but I-"

"Now no need to get all worked up," the man interrupted while picking up the rifle and grab Optimus arm, pulling him towards the forest, "Now we better git going."

"W-wait! Where are we going." Optimus asked, trying to regain his footing to prevent a fall face-plant.

"What do ya mean where?" the man rhetorically asked before answering, "Thee only place that has civilization! Kuo Kuana! Now come on."


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Alpha Beowolves
Byakko Khan

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