Each dress hit the bed with a silent thud. She had been at this for hours and with the clock ticking down she had to make a decision.

Too short, too long, too low cut, to high cut. The color has faded, the color isn't right. This one made her look fat while that one made her look to skinny. She was giving up hope on finding a perfect dress.

Just then, like the heavens wanted to bestow her a gift, she pulled out the perfect dress. Putting it close to her she looked in the mirror and smiled. It was a black dress with red lace at the edges. It went just to her knees while the neckline was short but not revealing.

Laying the dress on the bed she picked out a pair of black stockings and a pair of black shoes with the same red tinting the sides. She took a breath and got into the shower.

As the warm water hit her, she thought about how this was her first Valentine's date in a long time. Hearing the alarm on her phone, which was loudly letting her know she only had an hour left to get ready, she quickly finished up and got out.

After what seemed like hours, she looked in the mirror. The woman staring back at her was a stranger that she hoped to get to know. And just as she slipped on her second shoe the inevitable knock sounded at her door.

Slowly opening the door she gasped at the man standing at her door. He looked like he just stepped out of a Men's Warehouse commercial. He had on slick black suit, a matching tie and nicely shined dress shoes.

"Good evening Dinah, May I come in"? The man asked softly. She nodded and stepped aside. As he passed he whispered in her ear, his accent clear as day and said, "your looking real sexy tonight baby".

Feeling like she was going to melt where she stood she coughed and straightened herself up. "Thank you Frank, your looking mighty fine yourself this evening" Dinah said with a smile. Frank grinned.

"Shall we get going before I take that off of you" Frank said teasingly and couldn't help but laugh when Dinah turned a bright red. Grabbing her bag and stuffing her keys and a black box inside she said "let's go before I change my mind" and headed for the door. Frank followed, grinning all the way.

When they got to the carport, Frank showed her to his car. "You borrowed Curtis's car?" Dinah asked with a smirk. "Only the best for you" Frank said opening the passenger side door. Dinah felt that melting feeling again and with a squeaky thank you sat down in the passenger seat. Frank got in on the drivers side and they headed out.

The drive there was mostly silent except for a few grunts from Frank when traffic got heavy. Dinah used the quiet time to reassess the situation. There wasn't much she could do now. They were on their way and she had said yes but why? That's what she couldn't understand. This man had terrorized her and everyone around them for years but he also protected them. He was there for them. Her heartbeat quickened and she felt like she was about to cry. Thankfully they arrived at the restaurant and she was able to focus on that.

Smiling at Dinah, Frank got out of the car and walked around and opened her door. After thanking him, she accepted his hand and allowed him to help her out of the car.

She waited as he locked up the car and the two of them headed into the restaurant. After the waiter turned pale for a quick second reading the name on the reservation, they were shown to their table.

When the waiter left they both couldn't help but laughing. "I tend to do that to people" Frank said smirking, taking a short sip of the wine sitting in front of him. "I'm surprised you weren't Pete tonight" Dinah said laughing softly and taking a sip herself. "I thought since I was a free man now, I would use it to its full advantage" Frank said leaning back into the cushioned seat.

They could both feel the eyes on them but neither of them cared really. Their food came in a quick manor and they ate in relative silence. Finally, as Dinah was pushing around the last of her salad, Frank said something that took her by surprise.

"Dinah, when I lost Maria and the kids I honestly didn't think I would ever get here again but hell, here I am. I know it's probably not your thing but I got you a gift" Frank said quietly and she could hear the shaking in his voice and see him fighting back the tears.

Pulling a box out of his pocket he gently pushed it across the table. Dinah picked up the box, her own hands shaking, and slowly opened it. Inside was a diamond chain with a locket on it. "I love it" she said softly and felt a warmth inside when she saw Frank smile.

Getting up with the ease of a dancer, Frank went over, took the necklace and clasped it around her neck. "Looks beautiful on you Dinah" Frank said softly as he placed a soft kiss on her cheek and sat back down.

Dinah took in a deep breathe and reached into her purse. Flipping the box around she decided she was at the point of no return anyways. "It's not as impressive as your gift but I thought it would mean a lot" she said handing Frank the box.

Frank's hands trembled a little as he opened up the small box. Inside was a gold ring attached to a chain. All the air in Frank's lungs mysteriously left his body. It wasn't any gold ring, it was Maria's. He thought he had lost it when he saved Amy.

"How?" Was all he could muster. "I went and looked over the hotel room after your fight with Pilgrim and I found it on his dresser. I was going to give it back sooner but never did. Thought tonight would be perfect" Dinah said looking at the floor and when Frank didn't respond she figured he was pissed.

Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled to her feet. Then she was pulled close to the man whom she had spent a good part of a year hunting. Instinctively, she placed her arms around his waist and as her hand settled on his hips she could feel the gun tucked inside his belt. She couldn't help but smile.

"Dinah, did you wear your gun on your upper thigh to turn me on?" Frank whispered in her ear. Dinah flushed red and said "that or to shoot you, you choose". A low, animalistic sound came from Frank's chest and she felt her body heat up.

Suddenly and without warning, Dinah was no longer on her feet but within Frank's strong arms. He slammed a roll of cash that was way to much for what they had and walked out of the restaurant with her in his arms.

He sat her in the passenger seat of their car, buckled her in and slammed the door. He then slid over the hood, opened the drivers side door and jumped into the front seat without missing a beat. He put on his seatbelt and turned the key.

The car seemed to reverberate the sound coming from Frank as it made that same growling sound. Without another wasted moment, they were on the street heading somewhere new. Dinah tried to watch where they were going but her body was reacting to the moment in a way she hadn't felt in many years.

The only noises she heard was Frank calling every driver who was obeying the speed limit and rules of the road an asshole. She couldn't help but laugh.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a nice hotel. With the swiftness of a cat, Frank was at her door and unbuckling her seat belt. Again she was lifted into his strong arms and carried into the building where they headed up the elevator to the eighth floor.

Like a man on an important mission, Frank stealthily pulled out the room key, unlocked the door and kicked it open all without missing a beat. Dinah just held onto his neck, her body screaming for him to be rough with her.

When the heavy hotel door finally shut, Frank locked all the locks and they headed inside. Once at the bed, Frank grabbed Dinah around the waist and threw her softly onto the bed. She allowed the moan inside her to escape making Frank look even more excited.

"Well special agent Dinah Madani, are you ready to be punished" Frank said with a cat like grin. When she nodded, he slipped his shirt off revealing the scars along with a six pack making her moan again. Grinning wider he took out his gun, shot the light. Shadows playing on the wall from the street lights were the only visible thing while the only sounds anyone could hear were those of what could've been two lions having a vicious fight.

The next morning Dinah turned over and found herself alone in bed. She sighed and chastised herself for believing it would've been anything more. She started sitting up when she heard the hotel door open.

Frank walked in with a full breakfast and a bouquet of roses. "I know yesterday was Valentine's Day but I thought you deserved roses and breakfast in bed" Frank said going over to her side, placing the flowers next to her and the tray on her lap.

Dinah's eyes watered and pulled Frank in for a deep kiss with her right hand. "Thank you Frank for everything" she said as he wiped away her tears. "No Dinah, thank you. I am ready to move on and I really hope it can be with you" Frank said his own eyes watering at the edges.

Dinah kissed the edges of his eyes and said softly "I would love to be your girlfriend Frank". Frank smiled and crawled onto the bed next to her.

The two of them spent the next couple days just like that. Two broken birds learning to love and fly again together.