AN: I just had this idea and decided to roll with it. Well anyway let me know what you think should I continue it or not? But my main story right now is The Dark Wizard I will work on this in my free time after I'm done with writing my weekly chapter of The Dark Wizard. This takes place after The Heroes of Olympus. The Trials of Apollo have not happened if it even happens in this story. Anyway enjoy.

Percy POV

"Why can't I have a life where I get a break," I cried as I ran away from camp. They betrayed me. I watched as Annabeth my girlfriend was killed by a rogue half-blood from the last war. I killed the rogue only for a new demigod who arrived a couple days ago to walk by and see me with a bloody riptide in my hand and two dead demigods. The new camper then ran to Chiron to tell him that I had killed two campers. Of course I had been having anger issues since the last war, so Chiron believed him and called the Olympian council to tell them what he heard happened. Then the gods judged me and declared me guilty of the crime, took my powers, and banished me from camp. My mind was replayed the trial that I was just in.

"That little punk has been a pain since I first met him." Ares exclaimed.

"You were betraying us when he first met you! Perseus is a hero! If anyone dares to hurt him I will kill them!" Artemis exclaimed with a possessive look in her eyes. Everyone looked shocked, Artemis was speaking up to defend a male.

"Perseus, what did you do to my sister?!" Apollo demanded in rage.

"Perseus hasn't done anything Artemis is in love. Perseus has never done anything to make us think he would betray us and treats women politely, so why wouldn't Artemis fall in love with him. He's also really hot!" Aphrodite exclaimed.

"My sister would never fall in love with the person who murdered my daughter!" Athena replied confidently.

"He didn't murder your daughter! We all saw the traitors body! You know he wasn't from camp!" Demeter shouted.

"Peter Johnson has always been a trouble maker like leaving camp without permission is against the rules." Mr. D complained.

"That boy may make mistakes, but his love for Annabeth is real he would never kill her." Hephaestus said.

I held riptide tighter in my right hand as I thought of everything we did together I got this sword before I went to camp, so holding it helped me remember her we went through Hades and back together. Then a memory of Annabeth and I crossing Tartarus together we had to stay strong for each other, but now there was only me Seaweed Brain without Wise Girl. In my left hand I held the drakon fang blade that Annabeth got while we were in Tartarus.

"That son of Poseidon was probably the real spy during the war with the giants. Why else would he have been so reckless in the battle at Athens." Hera claimed with a smirk on her face.

"Perseus, how could you? I trusted you. I gave you as much help as I could, and this is what you do to me? You make me and my children look like murderers?!" Poseidon demanded.

"I have watched Perseus occasionally and I have never seen him go for the kill on any enemy unless he had to. Why aren't you " Hermes responded

I finally stopped and collapsed in the woods, I was well away from camp by now, and I cried. 'Why the gods voted against me? What have I done to betray them? I fought their wars. I lead their army to victory. Then why do they think I betrayed them?

"Let's vote then. All who vote for Perseus' innocence raise your hand." Zeus said trying to not hold any grudges. Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter, Hephaestus, and Hermes all raised their hands. "All who think that Perseus is guilty of the crime raise your hand." Zeus continued. Ares, Apollo, Athena, Dionysus, Hera, Poseidon, and Zeus all raised their hands. "The council has voted Perseus as guilty to the crimes of murdering Annabeth Chase and betraying Olympus. You are hereby banned from Camp Half Blood

"Perseus," a females voice said. "My father has gone to far this time. You will get revenge and you will have my aid forever I will never betray you my love. My hunters will serve us and lead this world into a golden age under your rule. I heard a voice say.

"Arte-" I began, but then passed out.

Artemis POV

-Five minutes before Percy's trial-

I sat in my temple on Olympus no one else was allowed inside it anymore, except my hunters, unless I actually walked up and willingly led them into it. I was thinking about the man whose pictures covered the walls. "Hunters." I began. "Who would we all die for?"

"Perseus." They all responded as soon as I finished.

"Why would we die for him?" I continued going through the list that I had forced them to memorize.

"Because he is the only man in the world who is worthy enough for you." They continued to say the lines they had memorized.

"Repeat the new oath that you all gave me."

"I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis and her more importantly to the greatest man ever Perseus. I turn my back on the company of males except for our future lord Perseus, accept eternal servanthood to our mistress and future master, and join the Hunt."

"Good, and what would you do for your master?"

"Anything he asks of us."

"Good. Now lets see what our future lord and master is doing right now." I said. "Iris show us a one way message of Perseus." The air in front of us shimmered then an image of Perseus waking up and going to go for a swim like he does every morning. He walked toward the lake, but suddenly turned toward the Athena cabin. "Why does he always want to be with that Blonde slut when he can be with us?" I wondered out loud.

"I believe it's because of all the time that they've spent together. You could go and ask him to help us on a hunt, Milady." Thalia explained to me.

"Maybe." I replied watching the screen.

Perseus was about to knock on the door of the Athena cabin when a scream rang out from behind the cabin. Perseus quickly ran to back side of the cabin where we all saw, "Annabeth!" Thalia's screamed. Annabeth was standing there with a sword through her chest. A strange male standing with one of his hands on the sword and the other over her mouth.

"Milady, if you save Annabeth, Perseus might start to have feeling for you too." Phoebe said as she desperately wanted their master to join them.

"Good point, Phoebe. I shall go and sneak her away so I can heal her and then Perseus will love all of us, but first I will have to put that blonde slut in her place."

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