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"Regular speaking"

"Thinking" - Will also double as telepathic convos

"Comms or automated speech"

In a room, a young teenager, he couldn't be more than 13 wildly scribbled in his notebook. A flare of ingenious thought had hit him and the young man wouldn't let it escape him.

This was Maxwell West, younger brother of Wally West, or as some may know, Kid Flash.

Max, unfortunately, did not possess the speed that his brother or uncle did. He did, however, possess near unrivaled intellect. Wally was a smart kid, super smart, so smart he could be considered a genius. But if he was a genius, then Max was a super-genius.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of his own accomplishments were overshadowed by his brothers. Not that he could blame anyone for being proud of Wally. What he did with their uncle was incredibly selfless, as well as dangerous. He was saving lives out there and making the world a better place. Both praiseworthy and worry inducing to both his parents and even to him.

So he didn't blame his parents or family if they had something more than a blue ribbon at a science fair to worry about. Something like the safety of his brother.

In all honesty, Wally was his hero. Not his uncle Barry, the real Flash, but his older brother. He longed to be like him, longed to stand next to him. Powers or not.

So, if he couldn't help his big brother on the field, then he would help him from behind the scenes and build him all sorts of cool tech. Everything from suits, to weapons, anything that may have been useful.

That's why he was scratching down his ideas so quickly. He'd had a dream of a way to boost Wally's speed, something he thought he could replicate in real life. A device that would absorb some the kinetic energy he gave off while running and store it for use at a later date. You could use it for short bursts of massive speed increase, or extended bursts of mild increase. Essentially it was like a can of nitrous, but for a speedster.

Theoretically, it would work. He would just have to come up with a design powerful enough to hold the energy, but also small enough to not be a hassle.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Before he could even start a design his bedroom door was knocked on rapidly. "Gimme a second!"

"Maxwell West, if you're not in the kitchen in 30 seconds, you'll regret it!" It was his mother… Guess that's it for the blueprints.

Max placed his pencil down and got dressed in record time, surprising even himself. Time for a good old fashioned family breakfast.

By the time Max had made it to the kitchen table, there were only scraps of food left. Wally's hyperactive metabolism left the young speedster no choice but to eat everything in sight.

So, instead of the warm pancakes and sausage his mother made, Max happily settled for a cool bowl of cereal.

"Good morning son! Big day?" A man with brown hair asked, his father. Max took more after his Dad than Wally did. While he still had the green eyes of his mom, his hair was brown just like his dads.

"As a matter of fact, yes! Today's the day of my final test. If I ace this one, I'll be finished with high school before I even start it!"

His father nodded, "I see. A waste if you ask me, high school is supposed to be the best four years of your life!" He joked.

"Dads right Max, you're missing out man. Think of all girls you won't get meet! Students, upperclassmen, teachers." He nudge the 13 year old before continuing, "I bet they'd all love you, with that big brain and all."

Max smiled and blushed as he took a scoop of his cereal, "Ya think so? Well it isn't that big of a deal, I'm sure I'll meet the right someone someday… Besides there's something else pretty important going on. You're joining the justice league today aren't you Wally?"

The ginger haired West's hand clapped on his siblings shoulder, "Right you are little brother! Today I join the big leagues and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it! Today's the day I graduate from Flash's sidekick, to badass hero extraordinaire! And if there's anything the ladies love, it's a superhero!"

"Hey, you watch your language!"

"Y-Yes ma'am!"

"Also, Wally, it's the Fourth of July. Make sure you're back before dinner, we've got barbecue!" His mom stated. The young superhero nodded.

"Sure Mom, wouldn't miss bbq for the world!"

The West family enjoyed a small breakfast together, having idle conversations, sharing small jokes. Soon enough, they finished their breakfast and both brothers were getting ready to leave for the day.

Before Wally could walk out of the house, Max stopped. "Wally wait, I've got something for you!" Shuffling through a closet by the front door, the younger brother pulled out a small black backpack with an extra clip, connecting to both straps across the chest for security.

Taking the pack, Wally lightly inspected it. "Uh, thanks Max… But I've already got a bag." He said unsurely.

Max shook his head, "It's not just a bag! Put it on and click the extra strap!"

Deciding to humor the boy, Wally did as asked and strapped the bag to his back. Now that he looked closer, there was a small flash pin on the left shoulder strap. As he ran his finger over it, the backpack transformed.

Wally gasped as a yellow and red suit seemingly ate his form, and fit to his person. Looking down at his body, he recognized it as his hero suit, "Woah, Max! This is awesome!"

"Yea, I know! It's not as discreet as Barry's flash ring, but it's a great alternative for when your on the move. Also, tap the lighting bolt on the right side of your head."

Wally did so, the lighting bolts transformed and spread across his face mask, making a thin plate of armor. The bolt on his chest replicated the action, as did his boots and gloves. When the suit finished clicking into place Wally was left in thin metal shin guards, arm guards, as well as a chest guard.

(A/N if you've seen the injustice 2 trailer, imagine the way their armor clicks into place. Almost like a transformer, lol, always thought that shit was cool.)

Wally looked on in amazement and pawed at the armor that formed. While the guards wouldn't take a punch from Superman, they could certainly take a fair amount of damage he otherwise couldn't.

"Cool isn't? I call it flash armor, for obvious reasons, but also because you can deploy it quickly. I've been trying to make a full suit, but I haven't been able to find metal quite suitable or flexible enough for such high speed movements." Max began to go into a long explanation of thoughts and theories, but Wally interrupted him before he could really get into it. The kid would go in forever if he didn't.

"No! This is just fine, oh man, Rob is ganna be sooo~ jealous! I've gotta go though, Barry's waiting on me! Later bro!" With that his speedster brother zoomed out the door, leaving a small gust of wind in his wake.

"Huh, well I guess it's about time a take off too. One more test I'll be done with all of high school. Maybe I'll take a break for awhile, once I'm done."

With a smile, Max walked out the door and to the Uber he called. He'd run there, but unfortunately not everyone had super speed.

Max had just finished his exam, it had to be one of the easiest he'd ever taken! He was 100 percent positive that he aced it and the pride he felt at having breezed through the test was enormous.

The teen couldn't wait to tell his mom when she came to pick him up. Surely the woman would be proud, after all what were the chances she'd end up with a super genius as a son? Actually, what were the chances she'd have a superhero for a son? Even crazier, what were the chances she'd have a super genius and a superhero for children?

Not very favorable odds… But he supposed his parents just lucked out.

Honk! Honk!

Oh, speak of the devil! Max ran over to the family car and hopped in the front seat, "Hey, Mom! That test was super easy, absolutely positive I passed it!"

The auburn haired woman smiled lightly, "That's good Maxie, but have you heard from Wally at all? It's starting to get late and I haven't heard a word from him, or Barry all day…" She spoke worriedly.

Max frowned at her dismissal, but understood she was just worried for Wally. "Uhm, no. I haven't, but I'm sure he's fine, he's probably just busy doing hero stuff! Barry wouldn't let anything happen to him, plus he's got the cool new suit I gave him!" He reassured his mother, and for the moment it seemed to work.

"I see… Well, that sounds reasonable. Let's head home, I'm sure Dad's about ready to fire up the grill."

"Sure!" Oh well, if his mother was so worried about Wally, perhaps they could celebrate when his test score officially came in? That way, even his brother would be there!

Yeah, that seemed like a good plan.

It was now well into the night, the moon hung high and it's light shone dimly through Max's blinds as he typed out code and formulas into his computer program. It was the basis, for an AI he was working on.

Artificial Intelligence Version Alpha, or AIVA (read A-vah) for short.

Max rubbed his eyes and snuck a look at his clock, 12:56 AM it read. Sighing, the young man stood up and quietly left his room. Programming was tedious work and it left him both thirsty and hungry.

Max entered the kitchen and flipped the oven light on, settling for the dim lighting rather than full blown spotlights.

As he passed the table, he took a look at the cellophane wrapped plate. It had brisket, rice, and beans. Max's mouth watered as he picked the plate up, but held himself back as he read the note attached.

For Wally, hands off Maxie! Sprinkle with water and heat for 2 minutes! USE THE PLATE SHIELD

Max chuckled at the last bit, Wally never used the plate shield and ended up making a complete mess of the microwave.

Setting down the plate, Max let a brief feeling of worry wash through him. Wally still hadn't returned, it wasn't unusual for him to come home late, but it was unusual for him to miss a bbq feast. Hopefully he wasn't in too much trouble, and if he was then the league would be there to help.

Max pushed those thoughts out of his head and opened up a bottle of water, taking large gulps.

"Hey, bro! Late night?"

"PFFT!" Max choked and hacked on his water in fright, "Jesus! C'mon Wally, don't do that!"

His older brother laughed out loud, and pat his brothers shoulder, "Sorry, I'm a bit excited though! You wouldn't believe the day I've had! Oh, is this mine?" Wally picked up the plate of food and before Max could respond, began to chow down on it.

"Gross… Don't you wanna heat it up?"

"Nwop, ish fine like dish!" He spoke with his mouth full. As the two stay in the kitchen, Wally told Max of the days events.

The fact that the hall of Justice wasn't the real Justice League, which Max already knew. Seriously, did they not think that they had a signal like every other satellite? Maybe it was harder to get a hold of than a regular satellite, but that didn't mean it was completely off the radar and someone with Max's abilities could not only find it, but hack it given enough time and motivation.

Needless to say, he'd received a visit that day from the dark knight himself… Apparently, the cape didn't appreciate it when someone hacked into systems he implemented.

Max classified it as one of the top 5 scariest experiences he'd ever had. The kid had opened his closet to change clothes and there was a huge man, dressed as a bat, just standing there. What a creep… He was traumatized.

But that was beside the point.

Wally then told him about how their uncle didn't trust him and the other sidekicks to go out and fight, which he couldn't help but side with Barry on it. Wally may be ready for someone like Captain Cold, but he was by no means ready for a league power house.

He was then told about how Wally, Robin, and Aqualad decided to raid Cadmus for a sense of 'poetic justice'.

Max was taken by surprise though, when Wally told him of the Superboy. A clone of Superman huh? Very interesting… Thoughts hurdled through his head, theorizing how that may have been possible. What machines, formulas, or even code, they used.

A homunculus? No… That would imply he was human, or artificial human at least. It was made perfectly clear that Superboy was kryptonian, if the tales of his strength and toughness were to be believed.

He was promptly brought back to reality as he was told about how his brother and the other sidekicks made a notion to just start their own team.

Max blinked owlishly at his empty headed brother. He was a smart guy, very smart, but also dumb. The world's dumbest smart guy perhaps?

"Are you sure that's really a good idea, Wally? I mean, they're just looking out for you aren't they?" Max reasoned. Wally and the others didn't have the resources to be solo acts. Not yet at least.

His speedster brother scratched his head lightly, "Well, it's more of a bluff really… But what was I supposed to do? Just sit there and let them bench me like that? I've been doing this for years now, shouldn't that count for something! I don't know, I mean- I meant it, but I didn't..?" He spoke that last part slightly confused.

Wally had actually been pretty hurt that his uncle, the man he looked up to, had lied and thought him so unworthy. It made the ginger haired boy feel doubt.

"I could probably do it without him right? You could make the cool gadgets and i could go fight the baddies! How's that sound?!" He pitched to his younger genius brother.

"Not very well thought out. I may have sold a few ideas Wally, but I'm not made of money. Inventions are expensive, you know?"

Wally sweat dropped at the response, he couldn't help but lace a figure of their mother over him. The teen smiled at himself before he stood up from the table. "Yea, I guess you're right. Like always…" He whispered that last part to himself, "I'll sort it out in the morning, night bro!" In a small burst of speed Wally blasted off to his room.

"Yea, night." Max spoke haphazardly. He chugged down the rest of his water then tossed the bottle before his expression lit up like a light. "Oh! I forgot to tell him about my test, dang it!"

Max sighed and walked out of the kitchen, "Well, it's whatever. I guess, It's not really all that important anyway."

With those thoughts Max walked up to his room, ready to hit the hay. He could finish the coding for AIVA tomorrow, he mused. Right now, he needed some good old sleep.

Max eased his door open, but suddenly in froze in fright. A large, dark figure lurked in the corner of his room.

Like a creep… Before its rough voice spoke, "I've got an offer for you."

It had been three whole days since the sidekicks and Wally had banded together and formed their own group. Three whole 24 hour days, filled mostly with anxiety. That was until he'd gotten a call from Barry.

Apparently they were to meet up with the other heroes at the old JL headquarters, also known as, Mount Justice. Now the sidekicks- no, the heroes, could only feel pride.

They stood in a line; Wally, Robin, Superboy, and Aqualad. Feelings of nervousness ran through them, well most of them, Superboy didn't seem to care too much.

"Since you four are so determined to stay together and fight the good fight, you'll do it on league terms." The Batman spoke, almost as if he was praising and berating them at the same time.

He then gestured to his side where a large red robot with a blue cape stood, and next to him a blonde woman in a black leotard and blue jacket over it.

"Red Tornado volunteered to live here and be your supervisor, Black Canary is in charge of training, and I will deploy you on missions." He said

"Real missions?" Robin, the boy wonder, spoke.

"Yes, but covert."

It was then the Flash thought he'd add his own thoughts, "The league will still handle the obvious stuff, there's a reason we wear these targets on our chest!" He pointed to the lightning blot on the center of his chest.

"But Cadmus proves the villains are getting smarter, and Batman needs a team that can operate on the sly." This time Aquaman, King of Atlantis spoke.

"The five of you will be that team."

Robin smirked, as did Wally, "Ah, cool~" the two friends fist bumped before a small expression of realization dawned on the stop light colored hero, "Wait, five?"

Hearing footsteps the four turned around and noticed two individuals walking towards them. The first was easily recognizable, the ever famous Martian Manhunter, in all his green glory.

But to his side, someone not so familiar. A green-skinned girl with amber eyes and shoulder-length red hair and freckles to go on her cheeks. Her posture was noticeably nervous, but that was understandable when you were meeting new people, much less a new species.

"Uh, hi!" She waved nervously.

Wally smirked and peeked over to Robin, "I'm liking this gig more every minute!" He whispered before stepping forward and introducing himself.

"Welcome aboard, I'm Kid Flash! That's Robin and Aqualad, but it's cool if you forget their names."

"I'm honored to be included." She said, feeling a bit more comfortable with very Wally's open personality.

As the trio walked over, Superboy opted to stay behind. A genetically grown clone of destruction he may be, but a social butterfly he was not.

"Hey, Superboy! Come meet Miss. M!" The boy wonder called out. The Kryptonian clone looked up and made his way over. His attire was noticeably different from the first night he'd seen the moon. Gone was the white solar suit he'd worn for the duration of his shirt life, in its place a black shirt with a red S shield and blue jeans.

A stylish choice, at least, Miss. Martian thought so as she changed her top, morphing it to match his. "I like your t-shirt…" She smiled.

Superboy looked surprised for just a moment before he smiled too.

"Woah! This place is HUGE!"

Wally squinted his eyes as he heard that voice. It sounded oddly familiar, like eerily so.

As he turned around his eyes widened and his mouth fell in shock, "MAX?! What the heck are you doing here?!"

His shouting brought the others attention, most of them knew him as Wally's genius kid brother, but the two new ones weren't so enlightened.

"Who's that?" Miss. Martian asked. She'd already met everyone here, but the teen was new to her. Perhaps another member of the team she guessed.

"Oh, that's Kid's little brother." Robin answered casually.

"Oh! A sibling, I have tons back on Mars!"

That revelation however did not answer the question of what the boy genius was doing here. And now that he had time to think about it, Robin couldn't help but grow even more curious too.

"Team, this is Maxwell West." Batman spoke and

Max offered a small wave of greeting, "Hey everyone!"

"We know who he is, but why is he here?"

The dark knight cleared his throat as he continued, "He will be tech support."

Donnie done.

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