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"Bakusai Tenketsu!" Ranma's eyes widened at the sudden cry from below followed by the ground literally shattering under his feet. His reflexes kicked in as he worked overtime to catch all the rock pieces while simultaneously flipping through the air before landing on a familiar bandannaed head.

"Ranma what the hell are you doing here and who do you think you're standing on?!" Ryoga exclaimed before reaching up and hitting Ranma in the back of the knees causing him to fall and drop the rocks on top or Ryoga. He looked down at the pig-tailed boy, taking in his silk shirt and pants, "Wait am I in China?" Ranma's only response was a kick to the forehead knocking him through the air. Ryoga pivoted over using his iconic red umbrella vault onto his feet.

"No, you're not in China ya idiot, you're in Nerima," Ranma replied jumping to his feet and dusting off, "and I ain't got time for this, I'm late for school 'cause of you."

Ranma jumped up towards the nearest rooftop only to barely avoid a solidified bandanna.

"Well since I'm here, let me at least see if my training paid off!" Ryoga yelled from the ground behind him, "Ranma Saotome PREPARE TO DIE! Jikū Kyūkei!"

The last thing Ranma remembers seeing before he blacked out was Ryoga standing in the middle of a bubble of pure Ki energy

Akane Tendo was waiting at the gate of Furinkan High School for a certain pig-tailed boy, or maybe he was a girl at the moment you never knew with Ranma, especially when he was running late, when suddenly in the distance she saw one of the largest pillars of light she had ever seen in the middle of the city, it was almost like the Hiryu Shoten Ha except it was a solid pillar of ki reaching for the heavens.

"This is bad," she thought to herself, she could feel the wind and heat from the attack, at least she assumed it was an attack, and she just knew that Ranma was involved somehow, hopefully, he'd been able to avoid whatever it was that had done that. She quickly decided that being late just might be worth it for once.

Shampoo looked up at the sky, she had a bad feeling about the light pillar coming from the direction of her Àirén's learning center. "Bàituō, hǎo ba."

Ukyo Kuonji heard a gasp from inside her restaurant, she was taking a day off from school to focus on her business, "What is it Konatsu?" she asked the kunoichi. "Well my lady, It seems Ryoga has learned a new move, I felt both his and Ranma's ki flare up then both of them disappeared." Ukyo's eyes grew as she leaped over the counter, calling for Konatsu to watch the restaurant, she sprinted towards the still visible afterglow of the light pillar. "I'm coming Ranma Honey!"

As Akane neared the spot she could tell something big had happened recently the was a huge crater and a tunnel of some sort in the ground she looked around and her suspicions were confirmed when she spotted the spotted bandanna that could only belong to one person, embedded in the wall near the roof of a nearby building, or what used to be a building it was now missing two-thirds of its upper portion. Strangely there was no rubble in sight. She turned expectantly at the sound of footsteps only to be disappointed when she saw Ukyo approaching.

"Akane what happened here?" The chef asked expecting an answer, Akane was usually around when Ryoga and Ranma got into fights. The youngest Tendo simply shook her head.

"I don't know I just got here, I saw a huge ki beam reaching into the sky and was concerned," Akane said the worry apparent in her voice, ever since the fight with Saffron she had been a lot kinder to Ranma and less hostile towards everyone in general. Ukyo had liked the change, if not what it had taken to cause it. Akane pointed up towards the bandanna and Ukyo began to grow concerned.

"Konatsu mentioned that he felt their Ki but was hoping he was wrong considering what he said he felt…" Ukyo said examining the tunnel that Ryoga had made in the earth, " Can't find your way you make one huh?"

"What did Konatsu feel?" Akane asked realizing that the situation might be more urgent that she realized, she walked towards Ukyo also wanting to examine the hole in the ground.

Ukyo looked at Akane worriedly, "you're not gonna like this," she thought to herself getting ready to avoid any rubble caused by Akane's outburst when she heard the news. "Apparently both of their Ki presences disappeared after Ryoga did whatever he did," Ukyo looked around "But I don't see anything that signifies either of them were even really hurt, no scraps of clothes there's no way Ryoga could take Ranma that easily, and we know Ryouga wouldn't use a move that would kill Ranma, despite his insistence that he hates Ran-kun"

Akane looked around, blinking back her tears and smiled, " Yeah, I'm sure they just went somewhere else to fight, and Ryoga got them lost…"

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