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Chapter 19: Ryoga's Lost! Who'd Have Guessed!

Ranma looked around the hospital room he had been assigned, "Is it going to be that long?"

The medical ninja glanced at his papers, "It seems like it, you heal at a higher rate than most but it isn't unseen," he flipped through several of his pages, "It seems that the wounds are purely internal, whatever this guy did to you you're lucky he didn't aim somewhere more important."

"Two weeks of sitting around in this tiny room is going to drive me crazy."

Ryoga Hibiki sat in the Hokage's office nervously scratching the back of his head, "Yes, I'm sure he was dead, Ranma took his head off."

Tsunade shook her head, "The recovery team found the body of Kakuzu, but his was the only body found at the scene."

Ryoga shivered as an image of Hidan's headless body shambling away carrying his head in his arms, "I guess his claims that he was immortal weren't a load of crap."

Tsunade looked down at her paper, "We need someone to investigate this Jashin, I'm sending you and Sai to investigate, Hidan is a missing-nin from Yugakure and I have already been given permission to look into the matter by their leaders and I will be assigning a temporary replacement for Ranma while he is out of action."

Ryoga glanced over at Sai who's face remained as impassive as ever, "I understand Lady Tsunade."

Ryoga looked up into the sky, the light of the sun warmed his face as he tried to figure out which direction his Apartment was, "I know!" He turned to his left and set off. Several minutes later he found himself at Ichiraku Ramen, "Hey Old Man, you haven't seen Sasuke or anyone lately have you?" The lost-boy asked hoping to be able to find a guide somewhere.

Ichiraku shook his head, "The only Shinobi I've seen lately are Might Gai and his team, but they left a while back."

Ryoga nodded, "just my luck," He turned and walked away.

Sai was waiting at the gate of the village, "Ryoga may be a little late, he has trouble finding his way from time to time," the ex-roots member said apologetically to the Kunoichi that was restlessly shuffling from foot to foot.

"I hope he doesn't take much longer." Ino Yamanake said her patience wearing thin.

Sai let out a sigh, "I agree, if he takes another half hour we will have to leave him." he really hoped that Ryoga didn't take too long, the looks Ino had been giving him since they had met were beginning to make him uncomfortable.

Ryoga rolled out of the way of coming downpour barely managing to make it into the cave before the water caught up to him. "Where the hell am I?" He looked around himself before rummaging through his bag for a while and pulling out his umbrella. He opened the weighted umbrella before stepping outside into the downpour, "I've gotta get back to the village before Sai leaves without me." He looked around for a while before finally setting off in the direction he figured was the right one.

"Where's he going?" The Anbu member thought to himself as he passed over Ryoga on his way back to Konoha, "Must be important if they're sending a special-Jonin alone." He continued heading towards the village, going the opposite direction that Ryoga was.

Sai and Ino had finally left the village after waiting for Ryoga another thirty minutes, they had only been walking for about twenty more minutes after that when the rain started forcing them to seek shelter under the trees. Ino was mortified, "My hair is a mess now," She thought to herself as she sat under a particularly tall tree, "I can't believe it just started pouring like that."

Sai looked at his temporary partner, the girl was sitting on the ground and looked as if she was upset, "It seems that normal people don't like getting wet," the Shinobi thought to himself before he turned to the girl and smiled, "This weather was unexpected was it not?" he asked. She looked up at him and smiled back, her cheeks turning slightly red, "I wish I'd packed something more suited to the weather that's for sure, and now my hair is frizzy too."

Sai remembered the book he had checked out from the library saying that people enjoyed being complimented, especially on their appearance, so he quickly replied, "I think you are rather pleasing to look at," when he noticed that her face turned a darker shade of red after his comment he began to panic, "That is to say that the current state of your hair doesn't detract from your overall allure." He began to stutter as he tried to rectify the situation.

Suddenly she burst out laughing, "You don't talk to girls often do you?"

Sai deflated, "I haven't interacted with men or women often, was it that obvious?"

Ino smiled at him, "You're doing fine so far." She looked up as the rain began to ease, "It looks like we're good to set out again."

Ryoga smiled as the rain finally ended, "Looks like I can put this away," he looked around as he folded his umbrella and saw that the forest was coming to an end and was becoming plains. Suddenly a branch fell from a nearby tree landing in a puddle and splashing the lost-boy, leaving behind a little black piglet. P-chan let out an indignant squeal as he looked around himself. He let out a harumph and began to drag his clothing off the path.