"General! General!" a scout came running towards a blue-haired woman attired in a snow-white military uniform. "There has been another sighting of the sword vigilante!"

"Are you sure?" the woman asked, "Are you sure that you found the man that interests the good Prime Minister?" Of course, she has her own reasons, she is, after all, a maiden looking for love, especially for one that is strong. She had never been a believer in religion, but who can deny that when she starts to fantasize about the one, someone that is rumored to be strong appeared out of nowhere. She will have to test him, but there are rumors that he can make and use swords of a myriad of effects. Oh, how interesting it will be when fighting him with her ice!

The man in question had appeared in the North around a week ago. He traveled around the countryside during that time and saved villages by conjuring blades and using it to topple those who oppress. He was reported to have red-hair and exotic amber eyes, along with traveling with an albino girl. Esdeath, the woman in question, giggled. She knew that she would have to bring him out of that habit. After all, only the strong can live in this world.

I sighed as he found himself dragged along the beaten trail by his little sister, Illyasviel von Einzbern. Somehow, we found ourselves in a new dimension when Zelretch offered Illya a way for me to live as I laid dying before the destroyed Holy Grail. In return, she was given a new body and the Dead Apostle transported us to a new realm.

When the two of us came to, I learned about the Wizard Marshall and his extradimensional shenanigans from Illya. We were able to learn that the new world had a corrupt government. So guess what I did? I resolved to fix this system while Illya was nonchalant to the suffering.

The two of us have been traveling around when I had heard news of a noble family that was in the countryside torturing the villagers for their own sick amusement. Obviously, this did not sit well with me, so I had to cajole my older sister to come along for the ride. We did not have a lot of money, but I was able to sell my "blacksmithing" skills at the village forges for the creation of high-quality swords. I made liberal use of Structural Analysis and internal blueprints of the swords that lay within his soul in order to garner attention for my steel.

Anyway, back to the corrupt family, I had finally finished executing them. I was disappointed in the system when I learned that the previous nobles that I bring justice to were found "exempt" of all charges. I was lucky to cover my face and hair for the most part when doing my hero-ing. However, some villagers apparently kept gossiping about my heroic inclinations, even if I try to stop the rumors.

After I was forced to execute the latest group of corruption, I went to bury them. Even if they were raping and hunting little children, they should still be buried. Ugh, even thinking about their deeds made me want to vomit in disgust.

Illya was able to get a new body thanks to something Zelretch managed to do, so she was enjoying the comfort of the fact that her body is no longer the Lesser Grail and how she can finally grow up. She was still able to retain Storch Ritter, her bird constructs, and her monstrous amounts of magic circuits. She usually used it in torturing the corrupt, along with discovering new methods of messing with the head after she decapitates them. For some reason, she was able to keep the head alive.

I still have the Shroud of Martin protecting me from the deleterious effects of Archer's arm. Stupid Archer and his arm. The arm spasmed a little and he clutched it. The bastard is probably laughing it up in the Throne of Heroes, or not. To be honest, there is a little bit of pity in himself. He had learned of the horrors that were being a Counter Guardian. The horror of having such a paradoxical existence, barely helping yet always killing. The very antithesis of Shirou Emiya.

Illya suddenly looked up as I was taking a short rest. "There's someone coming, onii-chan," she said abruptly. I jumped up and projected my go-to pian days, Kanshou and Bakuya. "Who can it be?"

"Whoever it is." Illya projected her constructs, "They're coming right for us."

I sniffed the air, catching a whiff of demons and ice. Even in this frozen land, this scent of ice was sharp and reeked of blood. Whoever it is, this is someone way more deadly is bearing down on us.

I took my stance, the one that Archer used. Despite my distaste of it, the technique that Archer is my best stance, seeing as the arm is feeding me knowledge of his swords and battle tactics. The scent of blood approaches us.

"Illya!" I sharply stated, "Get behind me." She did it without protest, knowing that my apprehensions spell someone that is very powerful.

A white horse came charging through the bushes and stopped in front of me. And on it was a blue-haired woman. I can say that she is nice, but I can smell the overpowering scent of blood coming from her.

"Who are you?" I asked as she looked around at the nobles. Oh, I hope that she doesn't care about them since I don't want to deal with someone who is obviously skilled in combat, judging by her nonchalant yet imposing posture. She then looked back at me with a wide smirk on her face.

"My name is General Esdeath and you are in Empire territory." She primly spoke.

"Uhhh. Hello there, my name is Shirou." I awkwardly spoke, still on guard, "I would shake your hand, but you have a strong scent of blood on you."

Dammit, Shirou. Why did you say that? I know that Rin hates it when I talk to her too bluntly, so why did I do it now?

She giggles a little bit. "My scout informed me of Vigilante activity occurring around this parts and I decided to investigate it." She responds, "Now looking at the scene, I do believe that you are under arrest."

I might as well cooperate with the law. I know that the villagers speak about her unkindly, but most people usually feel that law enforcement are always needlessly harsh, so I relaxed my guard and placed my sword down on the ground.

"Illya." I gruffly spoke, "Do as the general says." Illya nods her head and stands there as she somehow produced cuffs.

"You are being arrested of vigilantism," she continues, "and stealing my heart."


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