"Now Shirou and Illya, be good and sit in this meeting room while I go fetch your new teammates! I was able to request for some Teigu-users!" Esdeath claps her hands as she walks away.

The two of us sit down at the oval table.

"So. What do we do now, onii-chan?" Illya asks, "At the very least, we have a castle now."


After we left the village, Illya and I found ourselves in a carriage with our handcuffs released. General Esdeath was sitting on the other side, while looking at me with a heavy blush on her face.

Now Rin may call me a numbskull, but even I can tell that she is infatuated for no reason, considering that I have never seen her before today.

"Why did you come for me?" I asked, before wincing a little at how harsh it came out.

"Oh." she responded, "You know. I heard that there is a strong man around these parts. Just saying, we may have a spar soon.' Why did I feel someone trampling on my grave as I heart those words be uttered?

"That's nice?" I answer, just a little confused about its implications as she sported a wide smirk on her face.

"Yay!" Illya shouted in pride, "Onii-chan will kick her butt and dominate her!" I turned my head to her in alarm. I saw a hint of a malicious grin on her face. Why is everyone conspiring against me? Esdeath's grin started to grow as she looked at the two of us.

"How interesting." she muttered, "You two obviously don't know about my reputation, yet you insist on fighting me. I don't know if that is courage or ignorance."

She flips her hair back, "Whatever. We'll be able to find out soon enough."

After a short while with Illya and I playing a short game of cards that I had projected, a young black-haired girl walks into the room with a bag of cookies. I decided to Structural Analyze her blade and saw:


I jumped away, barely resisting the urge to pull out Kanshou and Bakuya when I felt the sheer presence of death that the blade, no teigu, Yatsufusa, held within it. Hell, its power is its capability of raising 8 corpses that were slain by the very blade. And now it's within my soulscape. Despite how close this blade is to broaching the Third Magic, I will probably never use it.

She sits down on the opposite side of the table without acknowledging me and opened her small sack. In it was a small stack of sprinkled cookies. She grabs one and tosses it into her mouth in one gulp.

Illya moves to grab a cookie and the girl hugs her sack closer to her chest and glare at Illya. Sigh. This girl seems antisocial.

"What's your name?" I ask, holding my hand forward.

"..." She looks at me.

I back away in slight apprehension.

A man walks in. His face is covered by a gas mask….sack….thing? I believe that it's a cloth gas mask. We both look at each other. This day is getting weirder already. I looked at his flamethrower.


Oh god. I can see the flames. I don't think that I am breathing at this point, just horribly transfixed by the image of flames, so similar to my own experience that made Shirou Emiya. But then, I saw a family. A kind man who takes care of his wife and little girl with flowers and sweet gifts. How does one even attach the two images, one of a mass murderer on the payroll of the government and the another of a family man who does his best to provide for his family.

"Are you okay?" the man said as he placed his large hand on my shoulder.

"Y-yeah." I answer, "I just have a bad experience with fire, I thought that I was over it. What's your name?" I raise my hand out as it was engulfed by his huge appendage.

"Oh! My name is Bors."

"My name is Kurome." I looked at the raven-haired girl who sat on the table and notice that she is talking to Illya, well, Illya is talking to her. She is still nibbling on her cookies.

I turn back to Bors, "Nice to meet you, Bors." The both of us went back to sit down.

I looked down at the game of cards that Illya and I were doing, all scattered now. At the very least, It means that I am no longer losing the game. Curse my E-rank luck. Actually, you know what, I should be cursing my luck for this day.

We all sat there in silence as we wait for more of the group to arrive. The door opened to admit a guy about my age carrying a bag of fish into the room. He stands there in confusion, most likely at Bors, who is looking at him with an intimidating glare, or is that just Bors's mask making it seem like so?

He blanches and closes the door abruptly. I look at Bors and he looks at me, he shrugs.

"I'm used to it." he says.

The blue-haired man walked back into the room.

"H-Hey! I'm Wave, and-"

"You can't have any of those." Kurome monotonously stated as she hugged her sack even more.

"Sorry for bothering you." He retreats to the other end of the table, where Bors and I sat.

He puts the fish under the table and looks around the room, probably for someone to talk to.

He notices me and appraises me, probably wondering if I am a normal guy. To be honest, I would feel the same, except the Grail War had eliminated most of these thoughts.

"Hello." I grin and bow to him, the epitome of Japanese niceties. I then stuck my hand out and he grabbed it firmly, excitedly shaking it.

"Yes!" he shouts, "You are normal! My name is Wave!"

Everyone in the room looks at Wave as he realizes that that is just wrong to say in the company that he is insulting.

I look at the obscenely large short sword on his back and saw:

The sea, one that is pristine and stable, never changing

Huh, this is one of the nicer Teigus to exist. It's an armor Teigu with the idea of stability added to it. At least, Wave fought with a sense of duty and pride for his country. However, he is still naive to the Empire's corruption.

The door once again opened. An auburn-haired girl walked in with an upright chibi dog, "Pardon me! I'm Seryu Ubiquitous, of the imperial police. And this is Coro!" She stands and salutes.

Is her Teigu Coro?

"Dr. Stylish, all is prepared now!" she cries as she throws rose petals all over the air.

"Caring about one's first impression That is indeed what I call "stylish," as a man with etiquette." Another man in doctor's scrubs waltzed in with glitters shining in the air. Dr. Stylish is wearing a pair of gloves that looks like a cloth gauntlet. I'm pretty sure that is his tei-

Oh joy. He is a mad scientist, almost just as bad as RIn's stories about the more unscrupulous maguses.

"I can tell by sight alone that you're a country boy. But you're pretty good looking! I can polish you to be even better. We'll get along well." He says to Wave, who starts to blanch once more and runs to the corner.

Dr. Stylish than turns to me and starts to undress me with his eyes. I shiver. I feel like I'm being violated. "Oh hoh! Who is this? How about some extensions to improve your combat abilities, young man? I bet that you wouldn't object to my hands playing over your body."

… I joined Wave at the corner in fear.

"Seems I'm the last to arrive" a blonde man walked into the room. He had two discs attached to his back, which apparently sprouts wings. And he's a school teacher. Nice.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Both Wave and I returned to our seats and greeted him.

"Um everyone," we looked at Bors, who was holding a china set, "I've made some tea."

I took a cup and started to sip it as everyone reintroduced themselves. The blonde man is called Run. After a while, I notice that they are looking at me in expectation.

"Gomenasai." I do a half-bow. "I was a little distracted. My name is Emiya Shirou and my sister is-"

"My name is Illyasviel von Einzbern." she steals the spotlight from me.

"Oh." Wave says as Dr. Stylish immediately looks at Illya.

"Aren't you adorable?" he inquires as he stares at Illya. "Maybe I can help you grow."

She looks like she is about to say yes to the deal when I butt in.

"So. What are your teigus?" I ask.

"Mine is called Grand Chariot." Wave responds.

"Ermmm, mine is Rubicante." Bors nervously says as hefts up the large flamethrower.

"My STYLISH teigu is none other than Perfector!" Dr. Stylish twirls around while announcing it.

"Yatsufusa." Kurame muttered, her blade still by her side.

"My teigu is Hekatonkheires! Otherwise known as the dog of JUSTICE, Coro!" Seryu cries out as she holds her dog up in the air. Illya looks at it and merely says, "Cute." before Seryu ran to her and starts to hug both Illya and Coro.

"Stop it~" Illya cries out as she struggles to escape the suffocating confines of her arms. I facepalm.

"My teigu is Masterna." Run simply says before looking at me, "What are your teigus?"

"I don't have one." I respond. I can't have them knowing about my magecraft. "All I have are these well-crafted twin blades and my swordsmanship."

The group looks at me.

I shrug. "General Esdeath dragged me in here and said to wait for my new group."

"What about Illya?" Run asks.

"She's older than she seems. And she just wanted to come along for the ride." I respond.


A masked woman than walks into the room. She is obviously Esdeath, but I guess that nobody else here knows here enough to identify her by her distinctively blue hair. I mean, are people that clueless?

"Huh? Who are you? What are you all doing here?" she states while taking an aggressive stance. Nobody starts to feel suspicious, except Illya and I. Why is nobody reacting? I subtly shift my stance in order to better counter a hand-to-hand combatant.

"Hey, hey. We were all told to assemble here." Wave shouts as he moves to her. She responds by kicking him straight in the chest as he went flying into a wall. Ouch.

"Assassins are among the traitors." She states, "Don't ever drop your guard."

Everyone finally starts to burst into motion. She targets Run first as he had to duck and twist around her aggressive kicks and fists. Seryu and Coro came flying behind her with a terrifying expression on her face, maybe she is not totally normal. Before her metal arm was grabbed and she was slammed brutally into the ground.

"For someone trying to attack from behind, you are giving too much presence."

She is literally giving them clues. She even used her ice teigu to block Coro! I

Kurome, with a cookie in her mouth, unsheathed Yatsufusa and slashed at her.

"Even if you're just messing around," she says, "I can't hold back." The blade hits the mask as it starts to shatter. Esdeath's face came out with a malicious grin on it.

"Oh?" she asks, "So that's the Teigu Yatsufusa, eh? What an impressive blade."

And… they finally realize who she is. "Ge-general Esdeath!" Bors exclaimed in shock.

Poor Wave, he finally got up and just looked at her with an expression of bewilderment and confusion.

"I figured a normal greeting would be boring." She states as she looks around the room. "Now, Shirou, lets go have a spar." I feel a shiver pass down my spine as the rest of the group looked at me in pity.

We left the conference in order to stop at the courtyard.

"Now then, Shirou." she states, "Since you don't have a Teigu, I'll just fight you with my Rapier."

That rapier is soaked in blood and torture. You know, Illya will be great friends with her, just over the nonsensicalness of torture. Why do people do that, isn't it already bad enough to kill people? Sure, I know that sometimes death can be excused, but shouldn't one avoid it at all times.

I take my stance while I look at her challengingly.

"That is the worst stance I've ever seen." she responds as she immediately appeared before me. Only for her eyes to widen as my blade already deflected her attack.

"Oh hoh!" she remarks, "You are very interesting. Very interesting, indeed!"

It was her ultra-fast rapier combat versus my reactionary sword style. Neither swordfighter is capable of landing a hit on each other. My reactions are too much for her, but her speed is too much for me. I cannot reveal my magecraft, so I have to rely on these two blades.

After a tenuous back-and-forth, I saw a chance to hit her. Eyes flashing, I slashed at her midsection while her rapier came at me from above. She stabbed me through the shoulder as I slashed her midsection slightly open.

I widened my eyes. "What do we do?" I asked, as her wound weep blood, not caring about the rapier that was still stuck in my shoulder. It's only a flesh wound.

"Oh nothing." She dips her finger into her bloody wound, freezing it close. Okay then. I tore a piece of cloth from my shirt and used it to bandage my shoulder.

"Now. Now." she chides me. "We have a meeting with the Minister. And then, we'll bring you down to the Royal Vaults."

"Ermm, why?" I ask.

"Well, if you're joining a group of Teigu-wielders, then you need one yourself, right?"

Wave stood there shocked. "You guys don't care about the fact that you're both bleeding?!"

I shrugged while Esdeath licked her blood off her fingers.

"We are meeting the minister?" Seryu asked.

"I believe in getting annoying things out of the way first." Esdeath smirked as she crossed her arms, fingers tapping her biceps.

Stylish then asks, "Before we do that, what do we call ourselves?"

She grins. "We are a unique organization, ordered to mercilessly hunt and take down atrocious traitors. We are the special police force. We are the Jaegers."

Good speech, horrible name. Oh god, I'm turning into Archer. This world is most likely messing me up more than I can imagine.

"Oh, by the way, Shirou." She says as she turns to me, "We're going to have to change our tuxedo again since you thought that it was a great idea to take the blow and slash at me. Come with me." She grabbed my hand and left the open corridor. "You guys can do whatever. Just cook dinner and report back to the conference room when I call you for the meeting with the Minister."

I have a rape-feeling within me. Oh shit, I'm alone with Esdeath. I'm totally going to get attacked.

"Shirou." she states as she takes off her tuxedo and grabs a spare one.

I respond, "Yes?" She roughly grabs my body before I can react and spins me into her breasts. Why are they so huge?

"Do you like my body?" she asks while I'm being choked by her mounds.

"Can't~ breathe." I gasp before she finally releases me.

"You'll see more of this tonight." she teases. She is going to make me sleep with her is she?

I almost take off my own shirt before I realized my scars. Erm, this may cause some issues. Especially the one inflicted by Lancer over my heart. However, I still have to remove my tuxedo, since she is still watching me closely. It's like ripping off a bandage, I hope.

I begrudgingly slipped off my tuxedo and moved to grab the undamaged one, when she grabs my wrist.

"Let me look at your body." she says, her eyes hardened while looking at the myriad of scars that Avalon wasn't able to heal.

Her cold and pale fingers traced the fringes of the starburst scar. "Now, how do you get stabbed in the heart and survive such an injury?" she asks.

"A very good healer," I try to bat aside her question, "It's nothing."

"It appears that nothing is something caused by a Teigu."

"Ermm, why do you assume so?"

"Either you were attacked or healed by one, seeing as this wound is an impossibility on a living man. Are you truly sure that you don't own a teigu?"

"Yes, I am pretty sure that I own none. I made those blades myself." Well, from my soul, but close enough.

"Well, if you keep being reckless, I guess that I'll have to gift you one in order to better protect yourself." She left the room as I hastily put on my tuxedo to follow her.

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