The Dimensional Gap, a location that exists in between all worlds. In its seemingly infinite space, multiple large flashes of red and black can be seen colliding with one another. The two strongest entities in the universe are facing each other in one of their usual battle to claim dominance over the dimensional gap.

One of these fierce entities is a massive red Western Dragon with a horn on his snout and has two sets of wings. His overall length measures around 100 meters. He is the Apocalypse Dragon, the True red Dragon God Emperor and Dragon of Dragons, Great Red.

The other entity is another dragon god, one as fierce and strong as great red, the Ouroboros Dragon God. Although unlike her counterpart, she took the appearance of a women with a beauty so divine and ethereal in nature, no mortal or deity was a match for it. She had long black hair reaching to just a bit below her hips with massive breasts, that even exceeds that of the great Seraph Gabriel, the most beautiful women in Heaven, showing a voluptuous figure that could hypnotize any man if she were to let her aura's pheromones take control, with eyes that were a deep black that could hypnotize you with how mesmerizing they were. Her current outfit is a gothic style uniform with various purple designs and a few infinity symbols but her chest area was open revealing her overflowing breasts out in the open. She was completely barefooted.

Despite Ophis being known as an emotionless being, her current expression is one of one of anger and is directed towards great red.

"For the last time, baka-red, get out of the dimensional gap. The dimensional gap was my home, long before you ever stepped foot in it." Screamed Ophis as she sent out a large amount of energy straight at Great red, who quickly dodged it by flying over the attack.

"Why should I Ophis, Last I checked, you left for the human world and the dimensional gap was empty of residence so I just moved in. Besides, like I told you a million times already, this place is big enough to house both of us so why don't you give it a rest already." Replied great red with a sigh.

Ophis burst out a great deal of her aura and yelled out "I WOULD NEVER WANT TO SHARE MY HOME WITH YOU. I CRAVE SILENCE AND YOU, WITH YOUR RIDICULOUS STUNTS AND ANTICS, ARE THE FURTHEST THING FROM SILENCE." She then calmed down a bit and continued "how about you go live in the human world and occupy someone else's home". He simply answered "No, In the dimensional gap, I can fly freely and do whatever I want without the constant annoyance that occurs in the human world. Plus, I hate how everyone keeps staring at me when I pass by. Frankly its annoying. I'm amazed that you were able to live there for a while. I even heard that you created a team to defeat me even though its futile." Great red giggled a bit at the last part.

"How did… I see, you saw it through dreams. No matter, I know it was futile and that is why I am here to finish you off myself as I should have done ages ago. So, for the last time, get out of my home or face elimination" shouted Ophis as she flared out her aura which resounded throughtout the dimensional gap.

Great red flared out his crimson red aura to match hers and shouted in his proud draconian voice "I will not leave so give me your best shot."



Both dragon gods shot their attacks at each other at the same time and when it collided, a huge shockwave reverberated throughout the dimensional gap, which was felt by many of the supernatural races although it quickly subsided.

Back in the dimensional gap, as the smoke clears, both dragon gods were seen relatively unscathed despite the ferocity and strength of the attacks which would have definitely vaporized any god in an instant or even reduced an entire planet to rubble. It's a miracle the dimensional gap was even able to withstand such might. Ironically, this wasn't even their full power which emphasizes how ridiculously powerful these two beings are. As both dragons are about to continue their clash, they see something unexpected happening around them.

The residue of their power, was slowly gathering in the middle of them, twisting and melding together into some type of form.

"Is this your trickery at work, baka-red. No Matter what you do I will get rid of you once and for all".

As amused as Great red was over her tamper tantrum, even he is surprised by this. Despite his powers being able to bend reality and create something from nothing, what was happening in front of him was definitely not from him. So, he decided to wait a bit, and see what will happen.

Ophis was not pleased that great red was ignoring her but, for some inexplicable reason she felt a bit of a tug pulling her towards the form that was being created in from of her, which was crazy considering she should not be feeling any emotions. So, although still very much annoyed with the apocalypse dragon, her curiosity got the better of her as she too waited to see what would occur.

The form continued to gather the excess energy caused by their clash and slowly began to change shape. First it gathered into a huge sphere of red and black energy and slowly began to form the shape of a dragon with 4 wings but then it began to shrink and compress into what seemed to be a human form and all of a sudden, the energy took the form of a baby boy. The boy looked human but you could see on his black 4 draconian wings that were crimson in color like great red however it had dark outlines across his wings, he also possessed baby fangs which were visible, black hair with streaks of red and finally his eyes were draconian eyes, having red sclera with vertically slitted black pupils that represents true dragon's eyes. Across his body were several reddish black dragon scales.

Both Great red and Ophis were flabbergasted by what just occurred. Never had they imagined that their clash would result in the birth of a baby. They could feel that the boy possessed both of their energies making him their son, even though not conceived by normal means. Great red found this turn of events rather fascinating however Ophis's thoughts were a bit different on the matter. At first, she was confused by what happened, than intrigued by the boy but when she sensed both of their energies within the infant making BOTH her and great red its parents, she started yelling

"No way, I refuse to acknowledge that this boy is potentially our offspring. Never have I considered becoming a parent but no way in hell will I ever sire a kid with you of all beings. The mere thought makes me sick." Her voice sounded more draconian but still feminine this time around and her eyes changed to that of a dragon's revealing how furious she actually was.

"That hurt a little" grumbled Great red, keeping an eye out on what Ophis is doing. Ophis decides to take matters into her own hands as the aura around her manifests darkly around her.

"This accursed creature is a mistake, one I will correct myself" stated Ophis. Although the moment she said that, she felt appalled by her words she could not believe she said, but her fury overwrote her rationality. She gathered a large sphere of energy in the palm of her hands, enough to obliterate the boy in front of her. Great red was surprised by her actions, although he didn't plan for this, he still found the boy to be fascinating and could not allow him to be killed off just like that; plus, he knew it would annoy Ophis so he decided to try and stop her from killing the poor boy.

However, before anyone did anything, the boy suddenly appeared before her and was looking at Ophis. Unknown to both of them, while Ophis was having her tamper tantrum, the boy was slowly making his way towards her, despite the immense aura surrounding Ophis and being a baby not knowing what hostility is, he slowly made his way towards her until he was a few centimeters in front of her and looked straight into her eyes knowing she was his mother.

Ophis stared into the eyes of the boy seeing his innocent beautiful eyes looking straight at her almost as if he is looking straight into her soul. He, on the other hand, reached out to her with his little hands and was about to touch her hand that was filled with immense energy. Should it touch him, it would quickly kill him despite being the spawn of both dragon gods. Despite her raging emotions, the moment the boy was about to touch her, her instincts quickly screamed to spare his life and she instantly dispelled her attack just as he took her hand with both of his. The moment he did, she saw him giggle and give her an adorable smile as he laid upon her chest and slowly went to sleep, knowing he felt safe in her embrace. Ophis quickly wrapped her arms around him to make sure he didn't fall.

Ophis did not understand what was going on with her at this moment. One moment she felt anger, then confusion and now worried all because of this simple boy. What was happening to her?

So many of these emotions were new to her as she has never, in her lifetime, felt them. Now, she felt the need to protect and care for the boy despite the fact that he is also "his" child. What she was currently feeling was her motherly instincts kicking in finally acknowledging the boy as her son. All negative emotions that she was harboring suddenly disappeared as if it was all a dream leaving behind a mother's love. As he lay in her arms, she displayed an expression that no one not even great red could believe. She had a warm smile as she looked over her son and she vowed to herself that she would nurture and care for him as any parent would their child.

As all of this was happening, Great-Red could only stare in disbelief at what was happening before him. Never in a million years did he ever imagine Ophis expressing such deep emotions over a boy she previously wanted to erase. Now, in front of him, lay a mother carrying her baby in their arms and although it wasn't like him, he felt very happy at the majestic scene in front of him. In a way, that boy is also technically his son. Suddenly, he had an idea, one that if it succeeds will could potentially stop Ophis from constantly harassing him out of the dimensional gap and coming after his neck all the time. The downside is his freedom would now be limited. However, the pros outweighed the cons so he decided to take a chance.

"Ophis" said great-red. When Ophis attention was redirected to him, he continued "what would you say to raising this infant together?"

"Huh, I may have changed my mind about MY child however, why would I let him near the very same being I despise so much" she replied with a fierce voice but not loud enough to wake the baby sleeping in her arms.

"I see; However, remember that he carries both of our energies, making the both of us his parents. Would you deny your son the chance to meet and live with his father? Would you deny him, that right? I'll let you decide" said great red as he let Ophis think about it.

Ophis wanted to quickly deny his claim but the more she thought about it, the more it made sense to her. Every child is raised by both a mother and a father, no matter if it's the supernatural or the human world and every kid deserves to know who their parents are. No matter how much she despises great-red, Ophis wants nothing but the best for her little hatchling. She let out a large sigh as she looked up to great red and said

"Very well, we will raise o… o… our hatchling together", it was very hard for her to say those words "however you WILL take this role very seriously. So that will mean you will have to stop all your crazy antics and be there for the boy whenever he needs it. If, due to your actions, something happens to him, I swear to you...", she gave him a fierce glare as her aura surrounded her once more "you will regret it." For the very first time in his existence, great red felt fear as a chill went down his spine when she said those words. It reminded of an old saying the humans once said "Hell hath no fury like a mother's scorn" and boy were they right.

"So this is what fear feels like. Hahahaha. This is very interesting indeed, I wonder how our life will change from here on now. This boy will change history as we know it. I can't wait to see what will you will do … my son." Thought great red as his body shined in a bright crimson light and out came a tall man with a muscular build possessing blood red hair, wearing a red coat with black jeans.

"I understand." He flew towards Ophis and looked at the baby who slept peacefully in Ophis arms. "I have to admit, he is adorable" he thought, as he poked him a bit with his finger which caused the boy body to rustle a bit. The boy in his sleep suddenly muttered "mama… papa" as both dragon gods got very flustered and amazed that the boy could already speak as well and being recognized as parents. Ophis especially was incredibly happy that her son called him mama.

"What will we name our little hatchling?" asked great red, leaving the decision up to her. Ophis thought long and hard and looked at her boy with a bright smile and said

"We will name him… Issei. My sweet little Issei."


"Has anyone found where Ophis is, yet", shouted Shalba Beelzebub as he slammed his fist into the table. Around him, were members of the Old maou faction that are now a part of Khaos brigade.

"we… we could not find her sir. We scowered everywhere but could not even detect a trace of her presence anywhere", answered one of his men, albeit frightened.

"Calm own Shalba, you are acting like a child.", answered a buxom women with light brown skin and caramel-brown hair tied in a bun. She wore glasses and a black outfit that is not very decent for public interactions.

"She is right, shalba, Ophis tends to disappear and reappear as she pleases. She will eventually return as she always does." Added another man who was near the woman. His clothes were black with dark red belts and even had a cape. He had black hair tied up to a small ponytail and had violet eyes.

Shalba turned his head towards the two "Katerea, Creuserey, how could you not take this situation seriously. We need Ophis power in order to be able to take back the Underworld from those "fake" Maou. As much as I loath to admit it, Sirzech and the other Maou's strength are too powerful for us to take on and that is why we require Ophis power. She promised us power in exchange for our assistance and yet now she completely disappears off the face of the planet. We cannot proceed with our plans without it." Shouted shalba as he let out his aura a bit showing his frustration at the situation.

Katerea and Creuserey both understood his concern. It was true that they required her power however it hurt their pride as the original descendants of the 4 great Maou to even acknowledge that the current Maou's strength were beyond theirs.

"Ha, you might be outmatched considering the current Beelzebub is indeed a super devil but that little bitch Serafall is in no way superior to me, the original Leviathan." Said katerea with an air of confidence.

"Why you…" before shalba and katerea started a fight, creuserey got between them to try and diffuse the situation: "now, now, let's not fight amongst each other and focus on the task ahead. Although unlikely that they are stronger than us, the fact is that the current Maou's are indeed very strong and our plans would proceed that much easier if we have Ophis power added to our own so we should pool our resources together and find her as soon as possible and bring her back. Would that do Shalba." Shalba looked at Creuserey as his expression and aura calmed down.

"Very Well. Let's make haste then. Men, scour every inch of this planet for her but make sure your activities remain hidden from the three factions" beckoned Shalba as one of his men asked "Should we enlist the aid of the other factions within khaos brigade?"

"Bahh, those weaklings are useless. Angels, humans, magicians are all worthless. We will use them if the need arises. Now GO." His men disappeared via magic circles to begin their search.

"Soon, we will reclaim what is rightfully ours and claim this wretched world for our own." Sneered Shalba as he had an evil grin on his face followed by his fellow faction leaders.