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After finally having visited all his friends. Issei teleported back to his house and waited in his room. He had a sneaking suspicion that the Maou might contact him secretly to help his sister which is why he asked his father to lower the barrier surrounding their house and allow them entry to his room. All the while, he was contemplating how he should deal with the situation should he need to use force. He had promised Akeno and the rest that he would take care of the situation and that is exactly what he would do. Luckily, he wouldn't need to take extreme measures because he suddenly saw a magical circle appear in his room. This is what he was waiting for.

From the magic circle appeared a silver haired beauty. This was Grayfia Lucifuge, queen of Sirzechs Lucifer and he couldn't help but blush at her beauty as she looked around her surroundings until she saw who she was looking for. With a grace and elegance not seen in many women, she bowed towards him.

"Good evening Issei-sama." She greeted him and luckily Issei had manage to recover from his earlier blush so he was able to answer normally.

"Good evening Grayfia Lucifuge. It's good to see you and please, like I told you before, just call me Issei. I've never cared much for formalities." Issei stated earning him a small smile from Grayfia.

"Very well Issei. In that case you may simply call me Grayfia, if you recall" she responded with what seemed to be a small hint of tease.

"I can do that. In any case, how can I help you?" he asked even though he already had a suspicion what she came here to ask him. Grayfia took out an envelope from her breast pocket and then handed it off to Issei.

"I'm here on behalf of my master, Sirzechs Lucifer, to formally invite you to the engagement party between Ojou-sama and Raiser-sama which will take place in the underworld in the assembly hall of the Gremory estate." Issei took the invitation from her hand.

"That was his message as the Maou Lucifer of the Underworld. Now, he has a different request to ask you as a brother and I hope you do not mind if I add my own selfish request as well" she added before bowing down towards him.

"Please… Please save Rias ojou-sama" she asked of him, practically what seemed like begging even though it was uncharacteristic of her. It did surprise Issei a bit as he got up from his bed and walked towards her before raising her chin up.

"You don't need to worry. I was going to do that anyways. I promised everyone that I would help Rias and a dragon never goes back on his word so please cheer up." He smiled at her to which she reciprocated as they both were lost in each others gaze. Until they heard a sound coming from the door.

"ah hem… Am I interrupting anything" Ophis coughed to gain their attention as she looked at the pair with a smirk. Both of them blushed before immediately separating from each other.

"nnonono, it's not what it looks like. A-Anyways, mom allow me to introduce you to Grayfia Lucifuge. She is the Queen of Sirzechs Lucifer's peerage. Grayfia, this is my mother Ophelia Hyoudou." Issei quickly got a hold of himself before introducing Grayfia to his mother. He introduced her by her alias in the human world. He couldn't just reveal her true identity or it might cause some trouble.

"Greetings Mrs Ophelia. It's a pleasure to meet you and as your son stated, my name is Grayfia Lucifuge, Sirzechs-sama queen and maid to the Gremory household" she bowed gracefully as she introduced herself. Ophis nodded.

"Nice to meet you as well. Now, I'm assuming you're here in regards to Lucifer's younger sister. Have you finished your discussion?"

"Indeed it was. I have already delivered the invitation. The upcoming wedding will take place in 2 days in the Pheonix Household and the invitation will teleport you to the front entrance where I will guide you to the main hall." Grayfia explained to Issei who nodded.

Ophis then intervened "I think I will join you as well."

"WHATT?" Issei was shocked when she dropped that bombshell.

"Y-You know you don't need to. I can handle myself pretty well."

"I know you can. I just want to." Ophis calmly replied. Issei sighed and just gave up. He knew better than to try to persuade his mother once she has her mind set out to do something. He looked towards Grayfia.

"Would it be alright if my mother accompanied me there?"

"I'm sure we could make an exception. I'll notify Sirzechs-sama and let him know. With that being said, I believe it is time for me to take my leave. Thank you very much for your hospitality and I'll see you soon." Grayfia thanked them

"Alright see you later Grayfia" he waved her goodbye before Grayfia teleported back home.

"By the way, care to tell me what was going on before" Ophis approached her son with a smirk. Having an idea of what she was talking about, he avoided her gaze

"I-I don't know what you are talking about" he pretended that he didn't know what she was talking about he should know his mother better than that.

"Don't pretend you don't know. I'm talking about that chummy interaction you had with Lucifuge's queen. Is my son already thinking about getting another mate." Ophis was having fun at her son's expense as her smirk never left her face and she watched her son blush super hard.

"I-I-I-I-It's not like that… I mean… she is beautiful and graceful b-b-but it's not what you think it is." He could barely mutter a response as he tried to deny it. Of course, it would be a lie of he said he held no feelings towards her. There was just something about her that he liked and he would love to get to know her more.

"I didn't know you had a thing for maids. Maybe I should let Tiamat and Akeno-chan about your preferences." She kept teasing her son. Issei mind drifted, thinking about both of his mates in a maid attire asking him "What would you like Master." He would probably would have just devoured them right then and there. Anyways this wasn't the time to have such thoughts. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself before talking to his mother about her previous statement.

"Anyways, are you sure it's alright for you to accompany me to the underworld? I couldn't say it while Grayfia was here but isn't there a possibility that someone may recognize you?" Despite the fact that his mother was a dragon god and could take on the entire world by herself, he still worried about her as any son would for their mother. Ophis smiled

"You don't need to worry about that. I've suppressed my aura to the point that it will be very hard for them to notice who I am. The fact that Grayfia didn't notice should be proof enough and even if they somehow discovered it, there's not much they would be able to do. I can easily deal with any idiots that try to take me on so you shouldn't worry too much. You just need to focus on your task." Ophis stated.

"Alright." Issei nodded.

Two days later, it was the appointed time for the engagement between Riser and Rias. With his mother near him. Issei took out his invitation and put a bit of his magic into it. Just as Grayfia told him, the magic activated and a magic circle appeared under the both of them and teleported them to the Underworld.

They appeared in front of a huge building. It was a very large building, maybe the biggest he had ever seen. He had to admit that the detailing and stonework were very beautiful. This must be the Phenex estate that Grayfia talked about. Speaking about her, there she was ready to greet them and escort them.

"Thank you very much for coming. I have been asked by Sirzechs-sama to accompany you to the main hall. Please follow me." She bowed gracefully as she asked the two dragons to follow her. They both nodded and made their way towards the entrance. However, the guards upon seeing two unknown people quickly surrounded Issei and Ophis.

"Halt, you are trespassing into the Phenex territory. We have not been given permission to allow anyone through without the explicit order from a Phenex member. Turn back now or we will use force." Said one of the guards as he threatened the two to turn back. Issei didn't know what to do. He could easily deal with the guards but that would cause unnecessary trouble. That is until a certain silver haired maid came to their rescue… or some would consider to the guards rescue since they had no idea who they were dealing with.

She flared her powers as she stared down the guards who immediately recoiled "Stand down right this instant. These people are the personal guests of the Maou Lucifer and you dare aim your weapons at them. You know that the punishment for that is death."

Panic immediately begun to spread over the faces of the guards as they had drawn their weapons back very quickly and quickly mumbled replies and apologies towards Issei and Ophis. They both simply waved them off as Grayfia then bowed to them apologizing for their behaviour and then escorted them inside. He had to admit, he found the place quite stunning as he looked around. That was until they reached a corridor. He couldn't help but growled once he saw the drawings painted around the murals. Painting of various phoenixes defeating and killing dragons. To think they had the audacity to believe a phoenix could ever defeat a dragon. He seriously wanted to punch and destroy the walls.

"What a farce. How dare they mock our race like this. As if any of us would lose to some bird." Said an infuriated Issei as his aura begun surrounding him. He couldn't stand when someone insulted his race. He was proud to be a dragon and to see these devils depicting dragons as weaker than some fire bird that they themselves eat as a delicacy is downright infuriating.

Ophis patted his shoulder to calm him down. Luckily, no one felt the spike of power or they would have been surrounded. The only one who did notice was Grayfia but she could understand why he was angry when his race was being insulted out in the open for all to see. She was also impressed by the level of power she felt from him. Sirzechs was right, he would be able to save Rias.

"Just ignore it, Issei. This is just the arrogance of devils who believe themselves to be better and stronger than the other races even though it is the farthest thing from the truth. No offence, Grayfia."

"It's alright Mrs. Ophelia. Besides, you were only speaking the truth. Many devils severely overestimate their own abilities. Pride is the greatest sin for a reason and it is something we devils have in spades, unfortunately." Grayfia replied as she continued to lead the way. Eventually, they had arrived in front of a massive set of double doors. They were blood red and lined with gold. This is most likely the entrance the ballroom where the engagement is about to happen. In front of the doors were two guards. However, unlike the previous sets of guards, they did not cause any commotion upon seeing Issei and Ophis. They had seen them being accompanied by Sirzechs Queen and since they had been granted entrance into the building, it meant that they had been invited either by the hosts or by the Maous so they simply continued to stand guard. Issei found it impressive that they didn't gush at the sight of Ophis.

With a bow, Grayfia spoke "This is as far as I can take you. I must go and join Lord Sirzechs who will be joining the festivities soon. Please do enjoy yourselves" She prepared to leave but as she passed by Issei, she whispered something to him silently so as to not be heard by the guards.

"Kick his ass"

With a smirk, he answered "Oh, I intend to" which earned an unseen smile from Grayfia as she left to join her king.

With renewed vigor, he marched forward and entered the ballroom alongside his mother. He inspected his surroundings and noticed that there were many different devil nobles who seem to be attending the event. Not surprising since it involves two major families in the Underworld society. The place was decked out as well. There were many beautiful flowers and decoration all around the hall. White cloth covered tables with food and drinks on top were all over the place. On the center of the hall was a long eye-catching red carpet that stretches from the door to the dais on the other side. It was a little too extravagant for his taste but to each his own.

He kept looking around until he spotted familiar faces. It was the members of the ORC. He and his mother made their way towards them.

"Issei, you came!" Akeno having spotted him first smiled as she called to him. However, she was incredibly shocked to see who was accompanying him.

"A-Aunty! What are you doing here?" Akeno did not expect Ophis to be joining them.

"I just wanted to join my son. It's good to see you Akeno." Ophis smiled at her as she hugged her which was reciprocated. Ophis then set her sights on Asia and hugged her in greeting as well.

"Hello my little Asia. How are you doing?"

"I-I'm doing fine mom." She stuttered as she was caught by surprise from the hug but nonetheless reciprocated it. You could tell that Ophis was truly happy by being called mother by Asia. As far as anyone was concerned, she was her daughter and would keep treating her as such. After separating, she looked towards the other three or rather at Kiba and Koneko since she had already met Matsuda when he came by the last time.

"You must be Issei's friends"

Kiba nodded. "Yes mam…" he looked around before whispering "If you are Issei's mother than that must mean you are…" He didn't need to finish his sentence as Ophis already understood what he wanted to say. She simply nodded.

"Yes. I've already been told by my son that he has already told you who I am so there's no need for me to introduce myself. To many ears around here for that."

"I understand. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Kiba bowed politely.

"A pleasure" added Koneko who also did a small bow.

"You seem to have garnished quite a bit of the attention aunty." Akeno mentioned as everyone realized that most eyes were all on them or more specifically on Ophis. All the male nobleman eyes seem to be filled with lust upon seeing Ophis while the women looked jealously upon her. Ironically, there were some woman who also staired at her with some lust. Issei seriously wanted to teach them a lesson in manner however it was interrupted when a servant announced the arrival of the Maous.

"Announcing the arrival of Maou Lucifer, Maou Leviathan, Maou Beelzebub as well as the Queen of Lucifer's peerage." Luckily his speech seemed to have awakened the devils from their fantasies as the doors opened as three of the four Maou's as well as Grayfia came walking in. Sirzechs was wearing his Maou outfit and surprisingly even Serafall was dressed appropriately rather than in her magical girl uniform. Ajuka was dressed casually while Grayfia was in her maid's uniform as usual while walking behind the maous. All the devils bowed when they entered including the ORC members save for Issei and Ophis.

"So, the president's brother is attending as well" Kiba said.

"Yes, despite having taken the name Lucifer, he is still Rias brother and would attend as a show of support. Although I'm surprised the others are also attending."

"So that's Buchou's brother. I can see the resemblance." Remarked Matsuda as he looked at Sirzechs. They all saw the Maou's make their way towards two couples. Based on the crimson hair Issei, he assumed that that was Rias father and mother. Based on that, the other couple must be the fried chicken's family. He didn't really have a high opinion of them considering how they practically forced their own daughter to marry a sleaze bag like Riser. He understood that they are trying to prevent their species from going extinct but to force their daughter to marry someone she doesn't love and worst of all, someone who treats her as an object rather than a person is unthinkable. Parents should support their children but they seem to not care about it. His parents would never do something like that. If anything, his species is in greater danger of becoming extinct, compared to the devils due to their low numbers but you will never see his parents or his teachers ever force him to mate with multiple dragoness to keep the species going.

Riser Phenex then suddenly appeared through a flaming magic circle. He was wearing a red tuxedo for the event. However, Issei couldn't help but compare him to a peacock when he saw him wearing what seemed to be a suit of red pluming feathers around his collar. His ability to dress himself was also called into question when he saw that his shirt was unbuttoned hallway.

"Greetings ladies and Gentleman of the Underworld. I am Riser Phenex, the third son of the almighty Phenex clan and soon to be family member of the Gremory. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for coming to this wonderful event. On this day, you will be able to witness the unification of the Phenex and Gremory household. Now, allow me to present you my bride, Rias Gremory!" As Riser finished speaking, Rias appeared through a magic circle. She wore a strapless, sleeveless gown of white, decorated with red and gold. Her hair was tied in a bun behind her head. Several golden accessories adorned her wrists and neckline. She was absolutely breathtaking especially to Matsuda who could not take his eyes away from her. It was surprising he hadn't fainted already.

However, one look at her eyes and you could see how they were filled with nothing but sadness, helplessness and despair. They were the eyes of a person who had given up hope. Sirzechs desperately wanted to intervene but couldn't not due to his status as a Maou. Seeing his beloved sister filled with despair truly saddened him. All he could do was hope that their last resort will work.

"We are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Rias Gremory and Riser Phenex. Not only will these two be united through matrimony but so will their family. Both families will be united through this bond. If anyone has any objection, then speak now or forever hold your peace" the marriage officiant stated his rehearsed line.

"I have something to say about that." Issei boldly stated as everyone turned their attention towards him.

"Who the hell are you and how dare you interrupt this sacred moment?" Riser shouted annoyed at the fact that his marriage was interrupted. Issei smirked.

"Oh… you have already forgotten about little old me. Well, I cannot say that I'm surprised! You do have the brain the size of a friend chicken so it's practically none existent. I believe the term birdbrain suits you quite well considering how your dressed." Issei shrugged his shoulders as he insulted Riser. His friends behind him couldn't help but giggle. On the other hand, Riser was clearly infuriated at being insulted. However, being called friend chicken jogged his memory as he was able to recall who this insolent being was.

"Now I remember! You're the dragon that was with Rias in her clubroom. I don't know how you managed to weasel yourself in here but I'm not going to allow you to remain here. Guards, get him out of here." Riser shouted. At his order, several guards tried to apprehend Issei only to be intercepted by his friends.

"Leave this to us, Issei-san" Kiba said

["Boost"] Matsuda activated his sacred gear as he stood guard in front of Issei.

Koneko and Akeno did the same as they intercepted their own guards.

"You do know we can handle ourselves, right?" Issei inquired. He received a smile from his mate.

"I know but we couldn't let you have all the fun. Besides it gives us the chance to help you save Rias. Kick his ass for us." Akeno replied causing Issei to smirk.

"You got it" Seeing him advance only infuriated Riser even more.

"How dare you… How dare you intervene in my marriage. Are you trying to claim Rias for yourself, you unbearable lizard" insulted an infuriated Riser. Issei, on the other hand, was calm as he shook his head.

"No, she isn't mine to claim or any other for that matter. Personally, I believe she can do a whole lot better than a pathetic weak asshole like you." Mocked Issei as he shrugged his shoulders.

"You insignificant peasant. You have the audacity to mock my strength. I could reduce you to ashes in a mere instant with my flames." Yelled Riser. Issei smirked

"Then why don't you prove it in a duel against me. I'll even let you fight alongside your whole peerage. Give you a bit of a handicap since you clearly need it." Issei emphasized the last part as he kept mocking him, only adding more fuel to the fire.

"You… You insolent worm."

While the two were arguing, the other guests were making unsettled faces as they had no idea what was going on. Some were clearly angered at Issei, others were somewhat amused at the situation but didn't dare raise their voice. Others were, funny enough, still distracted by Ophis beauty. Whether it's a good or bad thing, you can take your pick.

"What is the meaning of this?" screamed a council member who was attending the wedding on behalf of the devil council. He was clearly not expecting this intervention.

"It's an event that I organized." Sirzechs stepped forward, shocking and surprising everyone except for those who knew.

"An event you organized? For what purpose" demanded the devil council member. Sirzechs continued to smile.

"To provide entertainment, of course. I wanted to make my little sister's and Riser's engagement party into an exciting one. A mighty dragon versus the immortal phoenix. Don't you think it's the ultimate event? A battle between two legendary creatures who dominate the sky. There is no better entertainment than that. Wouldn't you agree?" Everyone around them begun to nod their heads as they did agree with their Maou that it would certainly make for an interesting event. Seeing this, the devil council member had no choice but to back off for the moment. However, he would definitely report this to the others.

Sirzechs turned towards Issei.

"Young man, what is your name?" he asked

"Issei Hyoudou, sir" Issei decided to answer as politely as possible and even offer a small bow.

"I see. My queen has informed me that you attend the same school as Rias. Is that true?"

"That is correct. She has become a dear friend as well."

"Good to know. I also thank you for accepting my invitation as well as taking part in an event I organised."

"It's my pleasure" answered Issei.

Riser on his part was certainly not pleased with this turn of events and he tried to talk it out with the Maou.

"Lord Sirzechs, wouldn't it be possible to do this after the wedding. We are celebrating a sacred union between both our families and I believe we shouldn't disrupt such a glorious day." Riser tried to convince Sirzechs to have the event some other time but Issei wasn't having any of that.

"What's wrong, are you scared?" Issei again started to mock Riser. Veins began appearing on his forehead showing how ticked off he was becoming.

"I guess all those decorations in your hall are just that. Decorations. After all, there is no way a phoenix could ever hope to defeat a dragon. We are the true predators of the sky so you are correct to fear me. A weakling like you wouldn't even be able to scratch my scales." He smirked.

That was the last straw as Riser blew a fuse.


Issei smirked "Bring it on birdbrain. We will see who burns their opponent to ashes first"

Seeing how both parties seem to have come to a mutual agreement, Sirzechs was very happy with how it turned out.

"Very well, it seems both parties have agreed to face off against each other. However, before we start… Issei Hyoudou, what sort of prize would you want if you win the match" Sirzechs offered Issei a choice for his rewards. The other devils however were shocked that Sirzechs would offer a dragon who had no connections to the underworld a reward.

"Lord Sirzechs?"

"What are you saying?"

"My lord, he has no connections to the Underworld so there is no need to offer him anything" Many devil nobles including the relatives were criticizing Sirzechs offer however…

"Whether he is a devil or not, he is going to be fighting for our amusement. It is only fair that we offer him something in return should he win. As for him not having any connections to the Underworld, that is technically incorrect." The other devils were confused by that statement. Even Issei was wondering what he meant since he really isn't allied with them, other than the fact that… then it clicked.

"Issei Hyoudou, am I correct to assume that you are the fabled 'Dragon Prince'?" Everyone seemed shocked by this?

"The Dragon prince"

"You mean the dragon that Tannin and the other dragons keep talking about?"

"It's him?"

All the nobles around them began muttering about him. Ophis lifted her head in pride over her son's moniker. She did choose it for him. Issei, on the other hand even though it didn't show did not show in his face was not particularly fond of his title. How come he couldn't have something cooler like the other dragons he knew. His sensei Tannin was known as the Blaze Meteor Dragon king. His mother was the Ouroboros, infinity dragon god. His father was the True dragon, the apocalypse dragon. Heck even Bova had the title "The Destroyer" and that's a hell lot neater than "Dragon Prince". He never said anything because it was his mother that picked the name and there was no way he could complain about it when he saw how happy she was with the name.

"Yes, that would be me." Issei replied to Sirzechs question and everyone saw him nod.

"As you can all see, the boy here is the fabled Dragon Prince who is a part of Tannin-dono faction and as I'm sure I don't need to remind you all of Tannin-dono's allegiance to us." Stated Sirzechs. The other nobles began to nod as they could not refute his claim.

Issei was impressed by Sirzechs speech.

It's true that he was part of Tannin's faction but he was by no means connected to the Underworld. However, the others do not know that. Simply by being part of Tannin's group, Sirzechs was able to manipulate the others into believing that Issei was a part of Underworld. Grayfia was right, he is a shrewd devil.

"So young man, what would you like as a reward should you win your duel against Riser Phenex? Fame, wealth, women. They can all be yours should you wish it." Sirzechs proposed.

Issei shook his head. "I don't need any of those. All I want, should I win, is that you scrap this engagement and allow Rias to be able to marry whomever she pleases" Issei requested earning him a smile from Sirzechs.

"Very well and how about you Riser. You also deserve a reward should you win." Sirzechs asked Riser in order to keep up appearances that he was being fair.

Riser was about to demand to have Issei's head on a spike when he claims victory until he turned his head and spotted the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Up until now, his attention and rage had been solely focused on Issei so he never bothered to pay attention to his surroundings until now. The black-haired beauty was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered. Even Rias and his peerage members paled in comparison to her beauty. Why had he never noticed her? Another thought came to him. She definitely was not part of any of the devil nobles who had attended here otherwise he would have noticed her. Which meant that she must have come with that insufferable lizard. He has such a living goddess by his side and he dares try to sabotage his wedding.

An evil smirk adorned his face.

"Very well, then when I win, I will claim her." Riser pointed at Ophis.

"What… did you say?" murmured Issei as he couldn't believe what that bastard just said.

"You heard me. When I win, I will claim her. Quite frankly, a beauty such as her is wasted on you and I will show her a better time than she has ever experienced." Riser repeated himself.

Issei was beside himself with rage as his eyes turned into slits.

"Why you insolent little…" However, before he could murder Riser, he felt his mother grab his shoulder.

"I accept."

Issei quickly turned his head around in shock, not believing what he had just heard.

"Mom! How could you offer yourself up to him?" He couldn't believe that his mother would even accept such a thing. His mother just smiled and stroke his cheek.

"It was the easiest way to get him to accept the duel without causing any issues." Ophis replied.

"Still, the thought of you becoming a slave to that bastard absolutely sickens me…"

Ophis patted her son's head, happy that he was worried for her.

"Don't worry to much about it. Besides, I have absolute faith that you will come out victorious unless you believe that you will lose against him" his mother teased him with the prospect of defeat causing Issei to chuckle.

"Fat chance of that." Issei was 100% sure of his victory and he knew his mother was as well.

Ophis looked towards Riser who was still looking at her with lust in his eyes. How revolting but Ophis didn't show it in her expressions. Having lived her entire life without expressing any emotions, it was easy for her to hide them whenever she wanted.

"It's been decided. If you win then you can have me." Riser was absolutely ecstatic.

"hahahahahaha, perfect! Not only will I be getting a beautiful bride but I will be also be getting a goddess as a concubine. This is truly magnificent" Riser shouted, eager to taste Ophis in bed.

"Very well, it seems the participants are ready. We'll be using the rating games field that we previously created for Riser and Rias battle for them to fight to their hearts content. Before we start, Issei Hyoudou, are you sure you are alright with fighting Riser and his peerage." Sirzechs asked just to be sure. Issei nodded.

"It's alright. He'll need all the help he can get and even then, it won't change the outcome." Issei replied earning him a sneer glare from Riser.

"Alright then. This event will also be prod casted across the Underworld if that's alright with both of you. I feel such a grand event should be seen by many." Sirzechs asked the two.

"I have no problems with it. The entire Underworld will get to witness the glory and power the of the Phenex."

"No problem." Issei replied after Riser.

"This is your last chance to back out you stinking lizard otherwise I am going to humiliate you on live TV." Mocked Riser

"I should be saying that to you. If you had any brain cells then you would have backed off a long time ago but you pretty much confirmed to me you lack intelligence, birdbrain" Issei mocked him back which infuriated Riser.

Sirzechs conjured two magic circles under the two as well as Riser's peerage who had gathered behind him while he was arguing with Issei and they were all transported to the Kuoh Academy Rating games field.

Chapter End

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