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Another day has gone by in the city of Kuoh. Another peaceful day where you could see the people heading off to work. Children heading to and from school. Everything seemed to be peaceful except in the Hyoudou residence where it was anything but peaceful.

"THAT INSIGNIFICANT WORM SAID WHAT!" Great-red shouted in rage as his aura engulphed the house. If it wasn't for his barrier, the entire supernatural realm would have felt his colossal power born off his wrath.

"WAIT, Please dad, calm down. The situation has already been resolved" said Issei as he desperately tried to restrain his father in place. He had to partially transform his arms and legs in order to be able to even hold his father but even then, it wasn't enough as his father was too strong for him. The only reason he was even able to stop him a little bit was because his father was subconsciously holding his strength back so as to not harm his son even in his enraged state.

"I don't give a rat's ass whether or not the situation has been resolved. That bastard dared to make such a claim and I will erase his existence for this" said an enraged Great-red. Seeing her mate going off like that, Ophis couldn't help but sigh.

"You shouldn't make a big deal out of it. What's the big deal?" inquired Ophis. Great-red then turned his attention to his mate. His eyes brimming with rage as they had already turned into slits.

"Are you seriously asking me that! That bastard dared to even attempt to claim you. You, my mate. You are mine and no one else's and I will incinerate anyone who dares to even touch you. Just thinking about it drives me mad." In his enraged state, he didn't notice the blush on Ophis cheeks.

"Oh, so now you decide to be all romantic" she whispered to herself. Of course, she couldn't deny that she enjoyed it. However, right now she had to focus on calming down her husband, less he will accidently hurt their son who had somehow still been able to restrain him. Ophis had a simple to solution to calm him down.

She moved forward, grabbed her mate's head and brought him forward for a kiss. That seemed to have done the trick as Great-red's anger slowly dissipated. They then separated as Ophis looked at her mate.

"Have you calmed down now?" she asked him.

"Yeah… thanks" Great-red answered as he took a deep breath.

"Good! If you had gone any further, you might have harmed our son." She stated. Great-red looked towards his son.

"I'm sorry son" he apologized to Issei who waved his hands.

"It's alright dad. I understand why you got angry over what transpired so I cannot blame you for that. Heck I was livid when that bastard dared to treat my mother as some kind of prize so there is no way I could fault you for feeling the same way since mom is your mate. If it wasn't for Akeno, then I would have incinerated him to the point where not even his ashes would remain." Issei explained before looking at his arms and turning them back into his human ones.

"Still, the fact that I wasn't even able to hold you down shows that I still have a long way to go before I can surpass you" Issei sighed after he stated that. Even though he didn't want to admit it, it did hurt his pride a bit that he couldn't even hold his father despite the fact that he had gotten ridiculously stronger.

Great-red smiled and patted his son's head.

"You shouldn't worry about that, Issei. As I already told you, your mother and I came into being with the overwhelming strength we possess. Although it sounds amazing, it also means that we have already reached the pinnacle of our strength and cannot get stronger than we already are." Granted, they are far stronger than anything living in the world but Great-red didn't feel the need to add that. "However, you are still young and growing stronger and stronger everyday. You have infinite potential within you and I'll say this as many times as I need but I have the utmost confidence that in time, you will become far stronger and surpass both of us." Great-red pointed towards himself and Ophis as he confidently showed his belief in his son. Ophis also nodded repeatedly to show that she agreed with her mate.

Issei couldn't help but blush a bit.

"T-Thanks dad" he said with a smile. Great-red returned it with a smirk of his own.

"In any case, since it seems you have already resolved the situation, I will spare the bird's miserable life; however, that does mean that I will allow him to get away scott free so I will dish out his punishment in a different way." Great-red stated before snapping his fingers. Issei wondered what he did as he noticed that nothing happened other than the snap of his father's fingers.

"No need to worry son. The idiot's life isn't in any danger. Let's just say I gave him a little present that will last the entire week" he grinned maliciously. Issei didn't even want to imagine what his father did but since he promised that he didn't kill the fried chicken, then he didn't care. Whatever happens to Riser is the Underworld's problem.

For an entire week, Riser Phenex was not able to get any decent sleep as his nightmare consisted of being chased around by a 100-meter-tall dragon which always ended in his death before he suddenly woke up in a heap of sweat. His family kept hearing him mumble "please stop it" or "dragons are scary" for the duration of the week.

Of course, all of this was unknown to Issei who simply decided to go to sleep since he had school the next day.

"Good night mom. Good night dad" he wished his parents a good night which they reciprocated.

The next day, Issei woke up and headed to the kitchen to eat his breakfast. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Ophis went and opened the door resulting in her adorning a smile when she saw Akeno.

"Hello Aunty, how are you doing this morning?" Akeno greeted Ophis.

"I'm fine. Thank you very much for asking. Please come in. We are about to have breakfast and would love if you would join us." Ophis offered.

"In that case, I'd be glad to join you." She answered with a smile as Ophis made way to allow her entry. They both then made their way to the kitchen where Great-red and Issei were waiting. Upon seeing his mate, Issei stood and proceeded to her a hug, clearly showing how happy he is to see her.

"Good morning, Akeno" he greeted her.

"Good morning, Issei-kun" she greeted back before giving a wonderful kiss which he obviously enjoyed. His father couldn't but whistle at the two lovers as he couldn't help but tease them which seemed to work based on the blushes on their face.

"You would make Tiamat a little jealous if she were here. But that's my boy having 2 mates to fawn over him." Smirked Great-red. Ophis just chuckled as she remembered something.

"It might not be just those for much longer." She spoke. Everyone turned their attention towards him.

"W-What?" stuttered Issei.

"Oh, has my son charmed another woman already. Who is it?" said Great-red with a lot of interest.

"It was Grayfia Lucifuge, the maid of the Gremory family and Sirzechs Lucifer's Queen" Ophis answered. It took a moment but Issei finally remembered that his mother had stumbled upon them when he was hugging Grayfia back when she came to ask for his help to save Rias. He blushed red in embarrassment.

'oh no' his inner thoughts were screaming as he had completely forgot about it and he could already see the incoming tease from his father.

"hahaha, that's my boy" cheered Great-red as he laughed his heart out.

"ara ara, so you've turned your attention to Grayfia-sama then." Akeno stated as she looked at Issei who seemed to to fidget under her stare.

"ummm… maybe" Issei stuttered causing Akeno to chuckle.

"Relax Issei-kun! I'm not mad or anything. Remember I've already accepted that you eventually claim multiple wives and will never hate you for it. If I allowed it with Tiamat, then why would I be opposed to you dating Grayfia. Besides, I can see why you would be interested in someone like Grayfia. Did you know that many women in the Underworld look up to her as a role model, including myself? She is a beautiful and powerful woman as well as a fellow Queen." Akeno complimented the Silver Haired Queen before she went back to her teasing.

"Still, you are interested in maids Issei-kun. Ufu ufu, perhaps I should ask Grayfia-sama to allow me to borrow a maid attire for myself and Tiamat in order to serve you better, Master" she said seductively causing Issei to nosebleed as he began to imagine such a scene.

Ophis couldn't help but chuckle at the scene. "Alright, let's leave the teasing aside for now and focus on eating breakfast otherwise the two of you are going to be late for school."

Looking at the time, both of them realized that Ophis was telling the truth so they opted to eat breakfast at a quicker pace. When they were done, they bid farewell to Ophis and Great-red, who decided to go work on his motorcycle for the day while Ophis teleported herself back at Tannin's place to hang out with her friends and take care of the younglings.

As Issei and Akeno were on their way to school, they passed by Matsuda's place to see something very surprising. Out of the house exited Matsuda alongside Asia and Rias. Issei knew that his little sister was staying over at Matsuda's place in order to spend more time with him and just like his parents, Matsuda's mother had taken a liking to the young girl and treated her like her own daughter. She had always wanted a daughter but always teased that she was stuck with a perverted son much to dismay of said son. Anyways, it was surprising to see Rias exiting his house. As far as he knew, Matsuda was going to drop her off at her place before he headed back home; however, it would seem something else happened instead.

"Have a safe trip you three. Please stay out of trouble Matsuda-san and don't cause trouble for the girls" Chelia warned her son who frowned when his own mother berated him but this wasn't anything new.

"Thank you Mrs Chelia-san. Have a pleasant day as well" answered Rias and gracefully bowed at her.

"Y-Yes. See you later Chelia-oka-san" Asia answered. Chelia, just like Ophis and Great-red already views Asia as the daughter she never had and has been so very happy ever since she came into her life. That happiness was doubled when Rias also came to live with them. At first, she believed that her house might not have been big enough to support other guests since they lived in a relatively small house. However, the next day it felt as though the house relatively grew in size and she found space that she didn't even know she had. Had they always had this much space and she just never realized it. Maybe her age is finally catching up to her but honestly who cares. Due to this, Rias and Asia were free to come by and sleepover at their place which made it all worth it. Of course, what she didn't know was that Rias had the house remodeled when she slept to add additional room for her and Asia. She didn't want to use memory magic on Matsuda's mother if she could help it. Luckily, everything turned out alright.

"See you. Oh, it seems your friends have dropped by as well." She waved towards Issei and Akeno who waved back. Rias and the others turned and saw the two of them. They all greeted each other as they all headed to school together. Issei noticed Matsuda's incredibly good mood and inquired about it.

"You seem incredibly happy Matsuda-san. Does this have to do with Rias staying over at your place? When did this happen?"

"hehehe, you could say that. This is what happened."

Matsuda then started recalling the event.


Matsuda and his mother were enjoying dinner when they heard the doorbell. His mother went to open the door only to notice Rias Gremory with a few bags.

"So, like how I just explained, I, Rias Gremory, will also be living in this house. I might be inexperienced but please take care of me Oka-san"

Matsuda went wide eyed at the explanation Rias gave to his mother. His mother however was more than please to get another daughter into her house. When Matsuda guided her upstairs, he asked her what was going on

"Um Buchou, not that I'm not absolutely thrilled to have you here, but why did you decide to live in my house?" he couldn't help but asked.

Rias smiled.

"I simply would like to strengthen my relation with my adorable pawn. Is that so wrong?" she winked at him. Matsuda shook his head vehemently.

"N-No Buchou, it's alright. I'm very pleased to have you here."

"Very good. In that case, could you show me to your room, I need to arrange all my clothes." She stated.

"Wait… my room?"

"Yes, I'll be living with you in your room since our sweet Asia-chan occupies the guest room. What better way to strengthen our relationship than living in the same room or do you not want me?" she fake pouted getting the exact reaction she expected from Matsuda.

"NONONONONONONONO, I would be honoured Buchou." Matsuda shouted in happiness. His shout attracted the attention of Asia who woke up and got out of her room.

"Is everything alright Matsuda-san?" she yawned as she rubbed her eyes awake. She then noticed Rias with a couple of bags and wondered what was going on.

"Oh, Rias-onesama, i-is everything alright?" she asked to which received a nod from Rias.

"Of course, everything is alright Asia-chan. It's just that I'm going to be living here from now on and I've asked Matsuda-kun to guide me to our room so I can unpack my bags." She motioned to her suitcases. Granted this was only the bare minimum she needed. Eventually, after the house gets remodeled, she would bring in the rest.

"eh, o-o-our room?" said a confused Asia.

"of course! Since I intend to strengthen my relationship with adorable pawn, living in the same living space is essential. Besides, we already kissed." She smiled as she revealed that little tidbit which definetly caught Asia by surprise.

"ehhhhhhh. -i-i-i-is that true?" she quickly turned her gaze to Matsuda asking for confirmation. Matsuda blushed as he nodded.

"Y-Yes, we did."

Asia started brimming with jealousy as she still hadn't gotten that far with Matsuda.

"That's not fair. In that case… me too" she moved towards Matsuda and before he even knew what hit him, she brought his head down and kissed him. This surprised both Matsuda as well as Rias who had never imagined such an innocent being that assertive. That was when she remembered that she was half dragon so she must have done that instinctually over what she considers her possession. It was cute to be honest. It's not like she had no intention of not sharing Matsuda since she knew of his goal of having a harem.

Asia then separated from Matsuda and immediately went her face flushed bright red as she couldn't believe what she just did.

"I'm sorry. I-I-I can't believe I just did that." Said a very flustered Asia before she bolted back to her room and shut her door.

It took quite a while to comfort her with Matsuda telling her that he didn't mind it. In fact, he liked it. It just took him by surprise. Meanwhile, Rias was consoling her telling her that it's alright.

Flashback End

"That's pretty much the short version of what happened" Matsuda finished recalling his tale with a grin on his face and Issei couldn't help but congratulate his friend.

"Congrats man, you are finally on your way to accomplish your little harem dream." He patted Matsuda's back, almost causing him to stumble due to the amount strength he accidently put in but Matsuda didn't care. He was too happy to care.

"Thanks man. I honestly cannot believe this happened. I'm super happy, you have no idea. Although, I have to admit that it did surprise me how Asia reacted. I never expected that from someone like her, you know. I mean no offense of course." Matsuda stated knowing he was talking to the girl's brother in all but blood. Issei, of course knew he meant no offense and that her actions took him by surprise. No doubt, it even took Asia by surprise as well.

"Don't worry about it. I understood what you meant and to answer your question, the reason she reacted the way she did is due to her instincts." Issei responded.

"Her instincts?" Matsuda inquired with a raise of his brow. Issei nodded.

"Indeed. Her dragon instincts to be precise. Asia has just begun accepting her dragon half and has been training to make better use of it. However, she is not used to her instincts just yet so she can barely control them. In regards to you, she views you as her treasure and an irreplaceable partner so when she heard what you and Rias shared, her possessive instincts flared up and unwilling to lose you, decided to mark you with a kiss. I'm sure that she was extremely shocked and embarrassed over her actions like you told me." Issei explained causing Matsuda to blush when he heard him say how Asia viewed him. He couldn't help but turn his attention to said blond, who upon meeting his gaze also blushed heavily and quickly hid behind Rias, most likely still embarrassed over her spontaneous kiss she gave him.

"I hope you don't view her any differently due to that." Issei added causing Matsuda to shake his head negatively indicating he didn't.

"of course not. If anything, I am honoured and happy that Asia-chan views me that way" said Matsuda with a smile on his face.

"Good to know." Responded Issei, reciprocating with his own smile.

A bit further away from them, the girls were having a chat of their own.

"ara ara, it seems I've missed quite a bit since we last saw you Buchou. Since when did you decide to move in with Matsuda-kun." Stated Akeno causing Rias to blush a bit.

"I'll admit, it was a last minute decision but I felt like it would be best in order to foster our relationship even further. Also, if I told you, I have no doubt that you would tease the hell out of me so I opted not to say a word." Rias smirked.

"A wise decision." Akeno returned her smirk. All of a sudden Rias felt someone hide behind her. She looked to see and it turned out to be her bishop who seemed to be blushing based on the color of her face. She looked towards Matsuda who also seemed to blush and immediately understood that Asia hid out of embarrassment from her previous action.

Rias couldn't help but chuckle "I have to admit, that moving in also had the added benefit of witnessing our little Asia-chan perform an incredible feat." Rias smiled as she looked at her bishop.

"B-B-B-B-Buchouuuu" Asia stuttured.

"Oh, and what would that be" Akeno became intrigued.

"She outright kissed Matsuda. It was utterly adorable." Rias spilled the beans.

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Asia hid herself even further behind Rias, if that was even possible. Akeno and Rias couldn't help but chuckle even more as they all made their way to school.

When they arrived, before going to their respective classes, Rias suggested that all meet up in the clubroom for lunch. She will make sure to notify both Kiba and Koneko who aren't present. They all nodded before heading to class. The day seemed to go by very fast especially for Matsuda who was still on cloud nine over what what he considers to be the greatest day of his life. His teachers on the other hand were less than pleased that he wasn't paying attention to their lessons. Even several warnings did not wake him up. It's only when Issei coerced him by whispering to him that he would increase his training if he didn't pay attention that Matsuda suddenly paid attention in class. Whatever magic Issei did to solve the situation, the teachers didn't care as they thanked him with their eyes which he responded with a small bow of his head.

Eventually, the bell rang signaling the end of class as well as the beginning of lunch. Matsuda, Asia and Issei immediately headed towards the clubroom where they were met by the rest of the club members who had prepared a table and seats. As they prepared to eat in the clubroom, they noticed that they were missing one chair. Rias was about to ask Akeno to go get a chair but was interrupted by Issei who raised his hand

"There is no need to get a new chair, I can just do this" he quickly turned into a chibi dragon form which looks exactly like his dragon form but was about the size a big cat.

"Oh my Maou! You are so adorable!"

Unfortunately, he instantly regretted his decision as the moment his transformation had finished, Akeno quickly snatched him up and proceeded to place him on her lap and petting like a cute little puppy.

"she knows it's me, right? I am a sentient being and not some pet to be treated like…" Akeno then proceeded to hug him into her voluptuous breasts "Never mind, I'm good". His perverted side won that battle as he decided to enjoy the treatment that his girlfriend was giving him. Off to the side, Matsuda looked to be seething with jealousy as he wished he could transform into a small dragon. However, seeing that Asia and Rias had joined Akeno in petting him, he started to think that maybe he should stop them before they started contemplating the notion of teaching him to fetch thus removing any dignity he had left.

He hastily made his way to the table when Rias asked him

"You… you can turn into this cute little creature? Why didn't you tell us" Gaining a tick mark in his forehead, Issei was a bit peeved at being called cute.

"I never mentioned it because it didn't really seem relevant. Besides, I may be little, but I am not cute! Dragons are terrifying and awe-inspiring but not cute". He would probably have been taken more seriously if he didn't look absolutely adorable pouting like that which only served to reinforce their opinion.

"Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" Rias laughed and Akeno gave away a small giggle.

"I'm not cute… Ok, I guess that in this form I am as close to a pet as a sentient being can be… but, I refuse to accept this slander about me being cute" Issei shouted.

"What is wrong with being cute" Asia asked.

"If you are a girl or a puppy then nothing. BUT I am a dragon! Dragons are not cute… We are the world's greatest and strongest predators. Our capabilities vastly overpowers any other race including Gods that our mere presence alone strikes fear into our enemy's hearts! Exactly what part of it sounds cute?" You can tell that Issei has a lot of pride at being a dragon but again you cannot expect them to take him seriously when he looks so adorable.

"I don't know! Maybe the part where you are cutely sitting on Asia's lap waiting to be fed." Rias counters without batting an eye.

"What are you talking about. I am not sit…" Looking around, Issei suddenly realizes that he is indeed siting on Asia's lap. How he got there, he has no freaking clue. The most likely theory is that he subconsciously felt comfortable near Asia due to her high compatibility with dragons and sat on her lap as a result.

Akeno got a bit jealous that he chose to sit on Asia's lap rather then her own but she was still enjoying the teasing they are giving Issei.

"Look Issei! I know that you are very proud of your race and want to uphold the reputation of a terrifying dragon, but please think about it. It's true that your full dragon form would terrify those who do not know you but we know what type of person you are. Can you not just accept that we are not afraid of you, not because we believe you are harmless, but because we know you would never hurt us?" she asked.

"Asia?" Issei looked at her looking for help.

"I don't agree with Buchou" Issei got a grin on his face only to instantly lose it when she continued "I think that you look cute in both dragon forms." An answer befitting both a dragon and a dragon tamer he guessed.

"Akeno?" looking to his girlfriend for help.

"ufufu, to me it doesn't matter how you look, you will always be my lovable dragon and besides" she suddenly scoops him up and hugs her against her chest "don't tell me you do not love it when I do this. I can think of several naughty things we can do together ufufu." Akeno giggled as Issei became as red as Rias crimson hair.

"I can't win this, can I?"

"Nope" all three women responded with a smile.

"huuuh, how about you two? Don't you have anything to say about this. You have been quietly listening" looking towards Kiba and Koneko. Kiba was drinking his tea while Koneko was eating her sweets.

"Oh don't mind us, we are minding our own business. Besides, it seems you have a lot on your plate as it is" kiba remarked. Koneko just nodded signifying that she agrees with him.

"You are so luckyyyy, Issei. Please teach me how to turn into a small dragon" screamed a crying Matsuda on the side.

Inside the boosted gear, Ddraigs hearty laugh could be heard.

["Hahahaha, never thought I'd live to see the day a dragon god would be treated as a pet. hahahaha"] This was probably the first time that issei wanted to smack the Heavenly dragon on the head as a tick mark appeared on his own forehead in annoyance. However, he took a deep breath to relax. They meant no harm and it was just his pride going haywire.

"Alright, setting aside my current form, how is everyone doing" he decided to shift the conversation elsewhere, something everyone understood and obliged him. As such, everyone began to talk about different things as they ate their lunch and they kept at it until lunch break ended where they each headed back to their respective classes.

The following day was pretty much a normal day of class however they all agreed to meet at the clubroom at the end of the day. After school ended, Matsuda, Issei and Asia were heading to their clubroom.

"Soon, we are going to have to continue your training Matsuda. That way, you'll be one step closer to achieving your balance breaker" Issei stated causing a shiver down his spine as he remembered the training camp.

"Please go easy on me." Pleaded Matsuda.

"Sorry. No can do!" chuckled Issei. "In order for you to reach the threshold and also being able to use your balance breaker, we need to train your body as it is still too weak to properly use it. Besides, it's either I train you or you can take your chances with Tiamat if you prefer."

"I'll take you any day of the week" Matsuda immediately answered. "If I trained with her, she will no doubt kill me and pass it off as an accident and I have little doubt you would ignore it" he looked at Issei.

"I don't think I would ignore that." He responded but Matsuda just glared at him.

"dude, all she'd have to do is give you the puppy cutesy eyes and you'd forgive her in a heartbeat" Matsuda rebutted.

"I don't know about that… … … okay maybe a tiny whinsy bit" he motioned leaving a a small space between his thumb and finger. Of course, Matsuda knew otherwise but didn't say anything else.

"Anyways, I would rather continue being trained by you then her. How long do you think it's going to take me to achieve my balance breaker" Matsuda asked. Issei rubbed his chin as he thought about it.

"Honestly, I cannot really answer that question because achieving Balance Breaker is all depending on the user and the conditions to unlock it vary from individual to individual. I think Ddraig would be more knowledgeable on this subject considering it's his sacred gear and he has been through countless hosts." Issei stated. A moment later a green orb manifested on top of Matsuda's hand, invisible to all but the three of them.

["Indeed. It is like the young dragon stated partner. Unlocking balance breaker differs between each person because it is triggered by the user's feeling in order to evolve. Of course, there are different circumstances that could trigger it. Some of my previous hosts trained their whole lives until they reached balance breaker. Others triggered theirs when they were in a life-or-death situation and their survival instincts triggered the balance breaker. If you wish to go with that route, then perhaps training with Tiamat would be the best bet; however, as you previously stated, that is out of the question. What I can tell you is that you will not be able to unlock it anytime soon as you still need to train your body in order to be able to handle your Balance Breaker. Not only that, but you also require an enormous amount of stamina and demonic power in order to use it continuously."] explained Ddraig. Matsuda sighed with a tired expression.

"So basically, I still have a long way to go"

["That's correct partner. So you better train as hard as you can otherwise the White one will laugh at us when we meet them."]

"Again with that, huh! How can you be sure we will even meet that person?" Matsuda retorted.

["It is inevitable. We are bound by fate to cross paths every time, partner."] Ddraig answered

"hmf, you sound more like lovers than rivals" scoffed Matsuda causing Issei to laugh at how true that sounded. Ddraig however did not seem pleased.

["W-What! Why the heck are you spewing such nonsense. We are not lovers. We are rivals who fought each other to see which one would come out on top. That hasn't changed since we were sealed within our respective sacred gear. How does that make us look like lovers."] Ddraig retorted.

"Well, my parents fought each other for ages and now they are mates so your situation does indeed seem very similar" Issei, who finally stopped laughing, answered.

"You see. Even Issei agrees with me." Added Matsuda which got on Ddraigs nerves.

["I'll have you know that, back in the day, many female dragons were heavily interested in me."] defended Ddraig.

"And yet, according to Tiamat, you chose your fights with Albion over them. Doesn't help your case much" Issei rebutled. This time it was Matsuda who couldn't help but laugh.

["oh screw you. I'll be going back to sleep."] Ddraig scowled in embarrassment before he cut the connection as the green orb dissipated from Matsuda's arm.

"Have to admit, that actually made my day." Said Matsuda as he wiped a tear of his eye.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I was you." Warned Issei.

"huh! What do you mean?" asked a confused Matsuda.

"He will probably retaliate against you when you go to sleep tonight. Ddraig is able to bring your subconscious into the sacred gear when you sleep and he will probably have a little one on one against you." Replied Issei causing Matsuda to go wide-eyed in fear.

"HE-HE-HE-HE can do that?" Issei nodded.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm so dead." Shouted Matsuda. Asia who was near him patted his back to help cheer him up which was hard when he had to look forward to Ddraig obliterating him in his dreams.

Matsuda quickly looked at him arm and quickly started apologizing to Ddraig praying the dragon will forgive.

"Hey Ddraig, can you hear me. I'm sorry. Please forgive this lowly mortal to have insulted the Great Heavenly Dragon. I swear I won't insult you ever again. Please please please, I beg you." Matsuda pleaded that Ddraig would listen to him. A moment later, he heard him answer in his mind

["hmm… very well I will accept your apology."] he heard Ddraig state which brought him overwhelming relief.

"really… thank you, thank you." He thanked him several times.

["However you are still going to get it"] All his relief suddenly shattered when he heard Ddraig say that.

"EEHHH, what why! But I apologized" said Matsuda.

["and I accepted your apology however I was always planning on training you during your sleep"] Ddraig grinned.

"but but but then what did my apology get me."

["Your apology earned you the benefit of me holding back during your training. You should be grateful since my training would have made Tiamat's look like paradise in comparison if I do not hold anything back. Of course, if you would like to find out personally, you can always take your apology back, partner"] explained Ddraig who held his ever so cheeky grin and Matsuda could tell that he was hoping that he would take his offer. However, no way in hell would Matsuda ever want that so he shook he head vehemently.

["very well then. Look forward to it."] Ddraig finished before cutting off his connection once again. Matsuda simply breathed a long-tired sigh as he was most certainly not looking forward to getting wrecked by a 50-foot-tall behemoth in his dreams of all places.

"I take it your conversation with Ddraig confirmed my facts." Matsuda heard Issei state to which he replied with a simple nod. Issei patted his back.

"Hey, look on the bright side! At least, this training will allow you to potentially reach your balance breaker that much sooner." Issei stated.

"I guess! I can't believe the length we have to go to unlock it. Is the balance breaker really that powerful." He inquired.

"Let me put it this way to you Matsuda. Had you mastered your balance breaker in your previous rating game, then you would have been able to single handily take on Riser and his peerage and come out victorious. That's how powerful the balance breaker truly is" Matsuda went wide-eyed at Issei's revelation.

"S-Seriously, it's that strong."

"Of course, it is. Don't forget that you are in possession of not just any sacred gear but one of the 13th Longinus in existence. When fully mastered, you will be able to take down God class opponents. Someone like Riser would be no more than an average grunt. That's why we need to go to such lengths with your training in order to help you handle such destructive power, your body and mind have to trained to their utmost limits."

Matsuda was stunned and finally understood why they were putting him under intense training.

Issei then turned his attention towards Asia. "It would also be great if we can train you to harness your latent powers Asia. You have done very well in learning how to partially transform your fingers into your dragon counterparts. However, due to the shirt timeframe we had for Riser's match, we were not able to train you any further into developing your fairy dragon abilities which was a shame since just like Matsuda's boosted gear, had you mastered even a fraction of your abilities, then even you could have taken down Riser and his peerage all by yourself. Before you ask why, it's because part of a Fairy Dragon's power is the ability to use Holy energy just like my own Purifying flames but your will be more potent. Therefore, since you were facing devils, you could have easily retired them using it." Issei finished explaining to which Asia seemed to react in awe.

"T=That's amazing" she whispered silently although it was heard by Issei thanks to his enhanced hearing so he just smiled and patted her head.

"I know you will grow up to be wonderful and powerful fairy dragon Asia-chan. Of that, I have little doubt." He expressed causing Asia to blush at the compliment.

"Y-You really think so."

"Of course, you are my little sister after all so I know you will be able to achieve it."

"Thanks oni-san." She thanked her brother in all but blood with a cute smile of her own.

"Your welcome! Now I believe we have finally arrived to our clubroom. So, let's not keep everyone waiting." Issei said. Matsuda and Asia nodded before Issei opened the door to their ORC clubroom.

It was here that he was met by the strangest and most perplexing sight so far.

"Akeno, please quickly prepare some tea."

"Kiba, you need to move the furniture a bit more to the left."

"Koneko, please help Kiba."

Issei and the other were greeted with Rias literally running around like a headless chicken and they could tell from her expressions that she was panicking. What the hell was going on was all they could ask themselves as they had never seen her this frenzied not even during her match against Riser. Was the birdbrain coming back for vengeance? Highly unlikely considering how Issei had practically scared him to death.

"Akeno, what's going on with Rias-Buchou?" Issei couldn't help but ask his mate.

"Oh Issei, good evening. The same for Matsuda and Asia-chan. I'm sorry we didn't properly greet you." Akeno answered but Issei waved his hand.

"Don't worry, we don't mind, but more importantly what is going on with Rias. She's practically running around the room as though she is being chased by a ghost."

"Yeah, I've never seen Buchou act like this." Matsuda added his own comment.

"ufu ufu, it's because we are about to receive a very important guest that she is scrambling to make sure everything looks great." Akeno answered their inquiry which made them wonder who it could be? Was it one of the Maous? An influential high class devil?

"um, who would that be" Asia asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

Akeno smiled. "Well, it's Grayfia-sama of course!" she revealed.

Chapter end.

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