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Issei was heading back home still on cloud nine over the events that occurred with Grayfia. He could still remember the sensation of her lips over his and it was amazing. He also couldn't help but recall how she looked. She was breathtakingly beautiful despite wearing only casual clothes. It was a wonder that he was able to restrain himself from not claiming her on the spot. Of course, he has been thinking that for every single one of his mates. Despite their date being cut short due to her time restraint on her day off, she did say that she wouldn't mind going out with him another time and he was ecstatic about that.

Issei had teleported to the front of his house and he had no doubt his parents and probably Akeno, should she be there would ask him about his day with Grayfia. Two things are most likely to occur. The first is that they will congratulate him on his date with Grayfia which he appreciates but then comes the second part which will be the none stop teasing that they usually do whenever he meets a potential mate.

"huh," He sighed "maybe they won't do it this time." He said out loud




"oh who am I kidding, Hell will freeze over before that happens" He knew it was wishful thinking at best. Oh well, let's go face the music. He knocked on the door before entering his house.

"Hey mom, dad I'm home," he said, making his presence known.

"Hey Issei, welcome back." His mother welcomed him back. Both Great-red and herself were watching TV. Great red turned around and greeted his son.

"Welcome back son" he greeted him with a wave of his hand.

"How was your day?" Ophis asked.

Issei then proceeded to explain the events that occurred today. Starting from Akeno's recent promotion, his newly acquired title which his parents noticed was particularly enthusiastic about ending with his date with Grayfia. Of course, his parents were entirely focused on that. When he finished retelling the story, Great red couldn't help but smirk at the man.

"Well, well, well, it seems my boy has been busy. Already acquiring another mate. That's my boy!" Great-red teased.

"I told you that he was interested in the silver-haired maid." Added Ophis who seemed to pat herself on the back for knowing this. Issei was of course blushing red when his parents teased him about his relationship with Grayfia. They were of course proud of him.

"No need to be embarrassed, my boy. It's only natural that you would be attracted to other females. Akeno already gave you her blessings and so did we." Grinned Great-red at his son. Ophis nodded her head in agreement with her mate.

Issei scratched the back of his head. "I guess so." His father stepped forward and patted his son on the shoulder.

"In any case, it seems there is a lot to celebrate for. Tomorrow, why don't you invite Akeno and all your friends over after school? We will celebrate Akeno's promotion and you receiving a new title. Although I don't think your mother will ever stop calling you her Dragon Prince." He smirked looking at his mate who crossed her arms and looked to the side.

"Of course not, to me Issei will always be my little Dragon prince and the name is fitting." Ophis pouted which Great-red found adorable.

"I don't mind but are you sure it's okay?" Issei asked his father.

"Of course, it is. Besides, you have already revealed our existence to your friends so it's alright to invite them over. However, if they do not feel comfortable coming over then that is another matter entirely and we would understand." They were the two strongest beings in the universe so it would make sense for Rias and her friends to feel a bit uncomfortable sharing living space with beings that could destroy the world with a snap of their fingers if they so wanted.

Issei shook his head negatively. "I'm sure they won't mind. The only person I think will probably be shaking in his pants is Matsuda considering he found out he is trying to court the daughter of dragon gods." Issei chuckled as he recalled how Matsuda almost peed in his pants when he found out that his parents were Dragon gods and that they considered Asia their daughter.

"hahaha. Indeed, our encounter with the young Red Dragon Emperor was very amusing." Great-red laughed as he recalled his first encounter with Matsuda.

"Anyways, tomorrow I'll let them know of your invitation and will let you know their answer." Issei let his father know.

"Very well. By the way, do you know when you will be spending more time with Grayfia Lucifer?"

Issei shrugged his shoulders "Only time will tell." He said before heading off to bed.

The next day, Issei woke up early in the morning and after having his breakfast headed to school. Since he was supposed to have lunch with Akeno in the ORC clubroom, he would then notify them about his parents' invitation to all of them to celebrate Akeno's promotion and see if they would want to come. On the way to school, he met up with Rias, Matsuda, and Asia who had just left their home to head to school so they all went together.

The day went by normally and then lunch came by just as quickly. Immediately, Issei headed towards the ORC where he was sure everyone was waiting on him. When he arrived at the front door, he knocked twice.

"Enter" he heard Ria's reply from behind the door. He did just as she said and entered the room.

"Hey, Issei" His mate, Akeno immediately greeted him before placing her arm around his own and leading him towards the couch. Issei smiled as he allowed her to drag him around. He was already used to this.

"Finally, we get to eat, I'm starving" complained Matsuda as he rubbed his stomach eager to finally get something to eat.

Koneko had already started munching on her food, clearly not patient enough to wait for the others.

"Very well, let's eat," Rias stated as they all took their seats and started eating. In the middle of their lunch, Issei decided it was time to ask them.

"Guys, I have something I would like to ask." He started with everyone looking at him.

"What is it Issei-san?" asked Rias on behalf of everyone.

"Well, it is just that my parents will be holding a celebration both honoring Akeno's promotions as well as my new title given by the devils and they wished to invite you all to dinner tonight." Issei invited them over as he awaited their answer.

"I see. Well, since your parents invited us, it would be rude of me not to accept and I'm sure everyone wouldn't mind as well." She said looking towards the rest of her peerage excluding Akeno and Asia who both didn't even need to be asked.

"Of course, I don't mind" answered Kiba with a smile.

Koneko simply nodded her head and she continued eating her food. Matsuda, although a bit reluctant considering his previous experience with Great-red also accepted, praying that the 2 dragon gods won't grill him.

"Alright, in that case, I'll let them know and I'll see you all after school." He said with a happy smile, glad that they had accepted his parents' invitation. He immediately called them to notify them that all the ORC will be joining them tonight much to their delight. The rest of the day went by pretty fast. As the day came to an end, everyone met up by the school gate. Once they had gathered together, Issei led the way. As they walked, they discussed school and other small things. Eventually, they arrived at their destination.

From an outside perspective, Rias appeared to be calm as usual but on the inside, she was a bit nervous and who could blame her? She was about to meet Issei's parents who just happen to be the two most powerful beings in the universe. Beings who made her brother look insignificant compared to them. Therefore, she couldn't be blamed for being a bit nervous about meeting them for the first time. Looking at Koneko and Kiba, she could tell that they were also nervous like her. Koneko especially since she could sense people's strength based on their presence due to being a nekomata. She had been practically terrified of Issei so she could imagine how scary it must be for her to meet his parents who are stronger than him.

Rias looked towards her rook and sure enough, she could see her hands trembling. She moved towards her and patted her head to hopefully reassure her a bit. Koneko looked up and saw her king's reassuring gaze and slowly her trembling stopped and Rias could have sworn she heard her mumble a thank you. The moment of truth came as Issei knocked on the door to announce their arrival. The door immediately opened to reveal Ophis, Issei's mother.

All of a sudden, any tension between Rias, Kiba, and Koneko immediately turned into awe when they saw how beautiful Issei's mother looked. She looked like a Goddess that had descended to Earth from heaven. Rias couldn't believe it. Not to tute her own horn but she had always known that she was beautiful. Her natural looks as well as her figure leave nothing to be desired. All the boys in her school were practically drooling over her and Akeno. The same could be said for so many of the male population in the Underworld. However, all of that came crashing down when she looked at Ophis. How could someone be that beautiful? She had seen many beautiful people. Akeno, her mother, Grayfia, and even Roygun are no doubt considered beautiful women that all men would kill to be able to spend a single night with. However, Ophis' beauty seems to outshine even theirs. It's no wonder Issei was able to keep his composure when they first met. When compared to the beauty of his mother, everyone else might as well seem average. Her pride has certainly taken a hit and she only met the woman.

Akeno, seeing her friends' reaction, couldn't help but chuckle. It's been a while since she had seen an expression of shock coming from Rias. She would be sure to treasure it and hopefully tease the hell out of her

Seeing the group, Ophis greeted them "Ah you are here. Welcome to our home. Please come in" Ophis welcomed them in. This brought Rias back down to earth as she gave her own greeting.

"Greetings to you Ophis-sama. It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. As you are probably aware, my name is Rias Gremory and I thank you on behalf of myself and my peerage for inviting us to dinner" she bowed gracefully making sure to give Ophis as much respect as she deserves. She wanted to make sure she didn't offend them. The last thing she wanted was to disrespect a dragon god and then the next day find the Underworld gone. Wouldn't that be hilarious.

"You can just call me Ophis. No need for any formality. I don't really care much about them." Ophis said with a wave of her hand.

"I see. In that case, I will do so. Please allow me to introduce the members of my peerage. You already know of Akeno and Asia so we can skip them." Akeno chuckled but Rias ignored her for now. "This is Kiba Yuuto and he is my knight" she first introduced Kiba who stepped forward.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He greeted with a bow. Rias then moved towards Koneko.

"This is Koneko Toujou and she is the rook of my little family" she pointed towards her rook and simply waved nervously to the dragon goddess without saying a word, not because she didn't want to but because she was scared which Rias noticed so she decided to shift the attention towards her last remaining member.

"Finally, this is my beloved pawn, Matsuda Suzuki whom I believe you have already met. He is the current wielder of the boosted gear which houses the Welsh Dragon Ddraig" she introduced her pawn who was also incredibly nervous but for a much different reason than Koneko.

'Damnit she is so hot' he couldn't help but scream in his head. His eyes had no idea where to look. This woman was every pervert's dream made reality. Noticing his perverted stare caused both Rias and Asia to pout as they each pinched one of his arms causing Matsuda to come back to reality.

"Ouch, um it's nice to see you again miss Hyoudou" he managed to say causing Rias to massage her forehead. She really needed to teach Matsuda some form of etiquette. Ophis, on the hand, didn't really care much about it.

"Nice to see you as well. It's also nice to see you as well Ddraig. It's been a while." Stated Ophis as she looked towards Matsuda's arm where the boosted gear immediately materialized.

["It's a pleasure to see you as well Ophis. I have to say, it is still a shock to me that you and Great red have become mates given your history together."] chuckled Ddraig from within the boosted gear. Ophis joined him with a chuckle of her own.

"Indeed. It still shocks me to this very day but fate seems to work in mysterious ways. In any case, please everyone come in and make yourselves at home. Dinner should be ready soon and my mate should be arriving any second now." She motioned everyone to follow. Once they made it to the living room, they could hear a door opening.

"Hey guys, I'm back" Great red shouted as he entered from the garage door.

"Speak of the dragon, there he is." she pointed towards her mate who made his way towards them. Koneko, once again could feel the raw power coming from him and knowing that he was Great red did not help to calm her nerves. Luckily, Rias was there to pat her head letting her know that it was alright.

"Oy Baka-red, you need to reign in your aura. Can't you see you are scaring the little girl" Ophis scolded Great-red after seeing Koneko's reaction. Seeing this, Great-red scratched the back of his head.

"Oh sorry, my bad. I'm not used to doing that. Give me a moment" Quickly Great-red concealed his aura allowing Koneko to take a sigh of relief. He was still scary but not as terrifying as before.

"So, you must all be Issei's devil friends from his school. It's nice to meet you. I'm sure Issei already told you who I am but let me introduce myself. I'm Great-Red, the True Dragon God and Issei's father. Pleasure to meet you." Great-red introduced himself boastfully.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Rias Gremory and behind me are my peerage members Kiba, Koneko and Matsuda. You already know of Akeno and Asia so no need for them." She reintroduced her peerage members to the dragon god.

"I see. Well in any case let's all start dinner and celebrate Akeno's promotion as well as Issei's new title." Great-red stated immediately going to his seat.

"Forgive my dad, he is always like that." Issei sighed.

"Oh don't worry about it. Everyone has their own quirks." Rias said remembering her own brother and father. Hopefully, Issei will never see them calling her Ria-tan or she will feel tremendously embarrassed.

"fufu, that they do" said Akeno and she enveloped Issei arm bringing it into her chest causing a blush to form on Issei.

"W-Well, we should go take a seat as well. Oh wait I almost forgot to invite someone else." He separated himself from Akeno and went to the living room.

"Someone else?" Asia wondered who it could be.

The answer came in the form of a blue dragon gate as a beautiful tealed hair women came through the gate.

It was Tiamat, the Chaos Karma Dragon king.

"Thank you for the invite Issei." Tiamat said with a smile.

"Well now, if it isn't Issei's second mate, Tiamat. Glad you could join us. Come and take a seat, we were about to eat." Stated Great-red with a grin.

"It's nice of you to come, Tiamat" added Ophis.

"The pleasure is all mine. Besides, there is no way I was going to miss celebrating Issei's new title. That is something every dragon celebrates in one form or another." Tiamat stated.

"Most certainly. Tannin and the other dragons will most certainly want to celebrate this occasion with you later on Issei so make sure to go see them." Great-red added. Issei responded with a nod.

They all proceeded to take a seat as Ophis was busy finishing up her food. Asia, Rias and Akeno decided to help as much as possible which was appreciated by Ophis. There wasn't much left to be done so they were able to finish very quickly. They distributed the food before taking their seats. Great-red decided to make a toast.

"Since we are ready, let's celebrate. Here's to Akeno's promotion to a mid-class, should have been high class but whatever" Akeno chuckled at her uncle's joke "and to Issei's new title which he so desperately wanted since he was a child"

"Dad" Issei shouted in embarassement making every laugh.

"Congratulations to the both of them. Cheers" Great-red ignored his son as he finished his toast.

"Cheers" everyone responded before they begun eating and sharing stories. Rias and the gang had a bunch of laughs when they heard Ophis call Great-red Baka-red. The strongest being in existance being called an idiot was funny. After they finished eating, Great-red wanted to take some pictures to commemorate the occasion. He took pictures of Akeno by herself. Followed by Akeno with Rias as they were best friends then one with everyone of the peerage within it including his adorable daughter Asia. For extra fun, he took a picture of Asia and Matsuda, noticing her blush as she was near her crush.

'He better not break her heart or I will literally rain hell down on him' thought Great-red causing a massive shiver down Matsuda's spine.

Afterwards, he took the pictures he really wanted. He took one of Issei alongside his first mate Akeno, followed by Issei with Tiamat and then one with both of them. One on each of his arm. Heck they took one with the entire family because why not. All in all, they had a blast and even Rias was surprised that despite being in the presence of the two dragon gods, they were able to have an amazing day. The time seemed to have gone by pretty fast as evening hit and it was time for everyone to go back home. Issei decided that he would sleep at Akeno's place to celebrate the occasion with her. Tiamat, of course, decided to join them with their permission. It didn't take a genius to figure out what those three would be doing all night long considering their expressions much to the jealousy of Matsuda.

"Thank you very much for the wonderful dinner. I can speak for everyone when I say that this has been a pleasant evening." Rias bowed as she expressed her gratitude towards Issei's parent for the wonderful night.

"It was our pleasure. Feel free to drop by anytime you wish. Any friend of Issei is always welcomed through our doors" replied Ophis.

"What my mate said." Added Great-red, not seeing much to add before wishing them all a good night. The group then all left their own ways with Matsuda, Rias and Asia heading to Matsuda's place. Koneko and Kiba going back to their home and of course Issei, Akeno and Tiamat heading to Akeno's home. After they left, Great-red and Ophis returned to their living room.

"So what did you think of the evening" Great-red stated as he looked in a particular direction before snapping his fingers. The space where he was looking at started to shift as slowly a person figure started taking shape.


Indeed, the person revealed was in fact the fallen angel cadre as well as Akeno's father Barakiel. It turns out that he had been there the entire time spectating the celebration thanks to Great-red's power.

"I'm still shocked that no one was able to notice me, including Issei-san." Barakiel stated still at awe with great-red's ability.

"Hahaha, he still needs a couple of more years in order to be able to see through my illusions" Great-red laughed with pride. The ability that he had used to basically erase Barakiel's presence was an advanced version of his illusion ability but also his ability to interfere with reality. If he had simply used his illusions to hide Barakiel, he had no doubt Issei would have been able to see through it so he had to get a little more creative with his concealment. In the end, it seemed to have been able to fool even Issei's enhanced senses from being able to perceive the fact that his uncle was among them the entire time.

"I see. In any case, I cannot thank you enough for giving me this opportunity to be able to spend time with my daughter even if she couldn't see me." Barakiel thanked Great-red and Ophis from the bottom of his heart. They all knew that Akeno's heart still wasn't ready to face her father so this was the best solution they could come up with that would have allowed Barakiel to have come here.

"It's our pleasure. Besides, I wasn't going to allow you to skip your daughter's celebration as well as my own son, my friend." Great-red patted Barakiel on the back.

"Thank you. Speaking of Issei, he has finally obtained a new title just like he wanted. I remember when he was a child how much he wanted to receive a cool one like his parents. He was absolutely adorable." Barakiel laughed.

"Yeah, you should have seen him. He really wanted a badass title. Have to hand it to those devils, they may be annoying but they came up with an amazing title." Great-red complimented the devils on their naming sense making Barakiel nod.

"The Crimson Calamity Dragon is indeed a fearsome name. It has already spread in Grigori as well. I'm sure a lot of people had watched the beat down Issei gave to that phenix boy which would raise his notoriety as well. I can tell you that Vali is extremely excited to face him in combat should she be given the chance." Barakiel stated.

"Who is Vali? I don't recall a fallen angel having that name?" asked Ophis.

"She isn't a fallen angel. Vali is the current White Dragon Empress of this generation. She was picked up by Azazel and has been living in Grigori for a few years. Azazel believes that with her talent and power, she will become the strongest White Dragon Empress in all of history." Barakiel explained. Great-red whistled.

"I see. So Albion's wielder this time is a female and from the sound of it a pretty strong one. Draig's host better get stronger otherwise he will lose to her. Knowing Issei, he will train him to the best of his ability." Great-red stated.

"So the previous White Dragon Emperor has passed away huh." Ophis' mind wandered toward the previous White Dragon emperor. He had been one of the strong ones she had managed to recruit to the Khaos Brigade. However, unlike the other members who only joined to receive her power, he did it to fight. He also was the only one who actually tried to initiate conversation with her and someone who was actually tolerable compared to people like the Old Maou faction. It's a shame to hear he has passed away but based on his personality, he must have been happy to have died in battle. Or at least, that is how she assumed he died.

"You knew the previous White Dragon Emperor?" asked a surprised Barakiel. Ophis nodded.

"He was someone I had managed to recruit to Khaos Brigade back when I was still it's leader. I looked for strong people in order to defeat this baka here. He was one of the most promising prospects and from what I could tell, he was strong. I'm surprised to hear he has been killed in battle" Ophis stated.

"You will never stop calling me that will you." Great-red tilted his head down and sighed. "Anyways, I wanted to give these to you Barakiel." Great-red took out a few pictures and handed them to Barakiel who grabbed them. "Took quite a few pictures to commemorate the event and I made sure to make a few extra for you."

Barakiel looked at the pictures of Akeno with a smile. "Thank you. I appreciate it. It amazes me how much Akeno has grown into a fine woman. She looks exactly like Shuri." A tear escaped his eye as he recalled his late wife.

"I'm sure if Shuri were with us, she would be extremely proud of you both and I know she is waiting impatiently for the day the two of you reconcile and become a proper family again." Ophis said as she patted his shoulder with as much comfort as she could.

"Thank you" He smiled before Barakiel saw Great-red take what seemed to be another picture out to hand over to him.

"Here, I made this picture myself. It doesn't make up for the real thing but…"

Barakiel couldn't even hear the rest of what his friend said as he stared in awe at the picture given to him by Great-red. It was a picture of Akeno however, it was the person behind her that made tears flow down his face. It was Shuri, his wife, dressed in her usual kimono wearing a extremely happy expression alongside himself who was standing right beside her. Her smile, Heaven's above, how much he missed seeing that wonderful smile of hers that always welcomed him home. He misses her everyday and he had no doubt that she would be filled with nothing but pride at how Akeno had turned out.

Barakiel wiped his tears away. "Thank you very much my friend. This is the best gift I could ever receive. Thank you." He bowed at Great-red who smiled.

"It's my pleasure, Barakiel. Now since the kids have gone out, how about we do our own celebration. I have saved the best sake in the fridge. Let's drink to our children's future" Great-red boasted as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Sure." Barakiel followed him with Ophis joining them as well. All in all, it was a wonderful night for everyone.

The following day, when everyone met in the ORC, Rias told everyone that it was time to clean the old school building which is why Rias decided to shift the location of their usual meeting. Instead of having it at school, she decided to have it at Matsuda's place while the cleaners did their job. She had already received permission from his mother Chelia when she slept over yesterday at his place.

No one seemed to have any issues with that so they all made their way to Matsuda's house. Once they arrived, Chelia greeted them as they all made themselves comfortable in the living room. A few minutes later, Chelia came back holding what appears to be a photo album.

"Since you are all here, I thought I would show you guys pictures from my little Matsuda's past" Chelia smiled and revealed that it was in fact pictures of him, much to his dread. The girls were extremely excited to see that.

"Here's a picture of Matsuda-kun when he was in kindergarten" Chelia showed the picture of a little Matsuda, playing with cubes.

"ara ara, he does seem adorable in that picture" Akeno chuckled.

His mother then moved to his baby pictures where Rias and Asia couldn't help but gush at how cute he looked. Matsuda looked very embarrassed that his own mother showed Rias and Asia so many pictures of him but he didn't want to say anything because it looked like the two girls were enjoying themselves much to his surprise. He had no idea why they would go crazy over his baby pictures.

"You wouldn't understand" they both stated.

"Why me?" He cried anime tears. Issei simply patted him on the back.

"Don't worry too much about it. Look on the bright side, it could have been worst." Just as Issei said that.

"Oh, this is when Matsuda-kun ran away from a spider that accidently fell on him" His mother started showing even worst embarrassing photos of him. Even Koneko seemed to be interested in them.

"Matsuda's sempai embarrassing past"

"You can't look Koneko-chann, pleeeeease" Matsuda looked like he wanted to die. So much for looking on the bright side but it was still very entertaining for Issei.

Kiba also at one point went to look at the album.

"Oh hell no pretty boy, you don't get too look." Matsuda tried to take away the album from Kiba's hands but he dodges it smoothly.

"hahaha, don't be so mean Matsuda-kun. We are all friends here." Kiba chuckled. Matsuda, once more, dived in to try and take the album away but Kiba simply dodges each and every attempt.

"Damn it, stop dodging you crazy bastard! Why can't I catch you even after all that hellish training with Issei" Matsuda cursed at the difference in skill between the two of them.

"Guess I have to increase your training Matsuda," Issei smirked, causing Matsuda's psyche to crack.

"Nooooooooooooooo" he yelled, remembering all the hell he had gone through previously. While Matsuda was contemplating where his life had gone wrong, Kiba had reached a particular and suddenly his expression shifted.

"Hey Matsuda-Kun, do you remember this by any chance?" Kiba asked his fellow pawn with a serious expression that Matsuda had never seen on him before. Matsuda looked at the picture Kiba was staring at.

"Oh, I recognize this. This used to be the house of my old friend. We used to be neighbors. He and I used to play a lot of games together, mostly pretending to be heroes." Matsuda recalled. The picture was taken during his time in kindergarten when he was playing with his friend at his parent's place. Unfortunately, due to his parent's job, he had to move away and that was the last time he had seen him.

"Why the sudden interest" He couldn't help but ask. Kiba then pointed toward the sword that was hanging by the chimney.

"Do you remember this sword?" He asked, his tone becoming a little more sinister.

"Umm, not really. I think Rin's father collected sword relics but other than that I'm not too sure. I only cared about spending time with Rin" Matsuda stated.

"fufu so these kinds of things do happen. To find it in the most unexpected place." Kiba laughed to himself but his eyes carried a lot of hatred which made Matsuda shiver as Kiba turned his stare toward him.

"That is a holy Sword Matsuda-Kun and… … the reason for my existence."

(In an abandoned building)

"The two exorcists have finally entered Kuoh, Kokabiel" Valper informed his superior who chuckled maliciously.

"That is great to hear. This means it's time to enact the plan. Are all of you ready" Kokabiel asked his colleagues who nodded.

"Then, let's begin the show"

Chapter end

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