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The following day, the ORC members could be spotted playing baseball in the backyard of the old school building.

The dull clanging could be heard as Issei smashed the baseball away with his bat.

"I got it" Matsuda screamed as he chased the ball until he caught it with his gloved hand.

"Great work Matsuda-kun" Rias smiled at him making Matsuda raise his hands in triumph. The reason they were practicing was due to the fact that next week was Kouh's Academy Ball Tournament. This is an event that featured all ball related sports such as baseball, soccer, basket ball and so on. These matches include contests between each classes, genders and of course clubs. Apparently, even if you did not belong to a sports club, it was mandatory to at least participate in the club event which is why the ORC were currently practicing. What sport each club was going to be playing would only be announced during the day of the event which is why the club members were now practicing each sport. At the moment, they were practicing baseball but before they had been practicing soccer and badminton. Until the event, they would be practicing each sport until they at least get the fundamentals correctly. As devils, they already possessed a massive advantage over the humans due to the fact that they were stronger. That is why they will have to hold back when facing humans. Of course, when facing each other, they will not need to hold back.

"You need to run faster Matsuda-kun or else you will not be able to keep up in individualist events." Rias instructed. Although they were not obligated to participate in the individual sports, Rias insisted that they should participate since it is part of their school experience.

"Why… do we have to practice for individual events? Huh, we already know who is going to win them." Matsuda panted heavily from fatigue as he stared at Issei.

"You never what is going to happen so you should not give up even against a stronger opponent. What happened to all that courage you had to face Riser Phenex Matsuda." Smirked Issei as he teased Matsuda who simply snorted.

"Besides, I won't be participating in many events" Issei revealed which shocked Matsuda.

"Huh, how come? With your skill even, you could easily win all of them despite holding back."

Issei smiled. "Yes, and that's exactly the problem. The student council president actually visited me the other to ask that I minimize the amount of activities I partake"

"Sona visited you?" Rias was surprised that her friend did so.

"Yes! Apparently, she noticed that there were not as many participants as usual in the individual events compared to the previous years. She found out from her members that a lot of students, specifically the male portion, are reluctant to participate in the solo events because they would just get obliterated by me apparently. That is why I have decided to partake in a maximum of three events." Issei explained. He left out the bit where Sona told him that most of the female students also did not want to participate just to be able to cheer for their two princes.

"I'm surprised Sona-Kaishou asked a student to forgo participation in a student event, never thought I'd see the day, fufu" Akeno chuckled.

"Yes, but I can see why she would do it. Sona simply wants to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to enjoy their high school experience to the fullest before she graduates." Explained Rias.

"How ironic for a devil!" chuckled Issei.

"Maybe so but that's just the way she is. Anyways, let's get back to practice. Koneko-chan, it's your turn to bat."

"Yes buchou" Koneko nodded in the affirmative and smashed the ball in the air. Based on it's trajectory, it was heading for Yuuto.

"Oy, Kiba, the ball is heading your way. Catch it" Matsuda shouted at his teammate. With his reflexes, everyone expected him to easily catch the ball so imagine their surprise when the Kiba got hit without even reacting


"Kiba, what's the matter with you. How the heck were you not able to catch that?" shouted a bewildered Matsuda. You could tell from everyone's expression that they were thinking the same thing.

Kiba looked at the ball with a puzzled expression.

"Please excuse me, I wasn't paying attention" he replied before grabbing the ball and passing it to Rias.

"Kiba, what's the matter? You've been acting very strange lately." Rias asked, very worried for her knight's behaviour. Ever since they came back from Matsuda's place, Kiba has been acting differently. He seemed to space out at times and sometimes doesn't even interact with any of them. Issei raised a brow, wondering what was going on with the blond-haired knight.

'Does this have to do with the photo he saw within Matsuda's photobook?' Issei wondered. When Kiba had discovered a picture of what seemed to be a holy sword, his expression immediately changed into one of rage. He would have to ask Rias about this later.

"I'm sorry" he heard Kiba state as he bowed towards his king. He seemed sincere so Rias let it go, for now.

"Very well. However, please focus from here on out Kiba. There isn't much time until the Ball tournament begins so we need to practice as much as we can so that we can win it all." Rias stated, her eyes flaring with determination.

"fufu, you are so serious Buchou" chuckled Akeno.

"I hope she didn't forget that we are supposed to hold back against other students" whispered Issei to his girlfriend.

Ever since her loss to Riser Phenex, she started taking all different kinds of matches a lot more seriously. That loss truly shook her to her core and if it wasn't for Issei's interference, her life would have pretty much been over.

"I'm sure she didn't but she is very serious about winning it all. Devils in general still hate to lose and Rias-Buchou is no different" Akeno replied amused by her king's behaviour.

"I see." Issei understood the feeling of hating to lose.

"Hey guys, how is everyone doing?" They all heard someone calling out to them. They turned to notice it was Saji who was accompanied by his king and her peerage.

"We are doing practicing for the Ball tournament, as you can see. Better make your peace because we are going to win it all" smirked Matsuda, absolutely confident in their victory.

"Oh yeah, well tough luck because it is our team that is going to win" rebuked Saji.

"No, we will."

"No, we will." Both Matsuda and Saji started butting heads over which team would win causing Sona to sigh at her pawns behaviour while Rias simply chuckled.

"my apologies for his behaviour. Saji can get quite excited over mundane things" Sona apologized on her pawns behalf.

"It's no trouble. In fact, it's a great attitude to possess. However, don't think it means we will hold back against you" Rias stated.

"I don't expect anything less than your best Rias." Sona responded as she lifted her glasses a tiny bit. "We might not win the team battle due to your recent addition" Sona looked towards Issei who smiled at her understanding she meant him. "however, expect a challenge in the individual matches. I still have to repay from last years defeat." Sona stated causing Rias to chuckle.

"Oh my, still bitter about losing to me in the finals of last years tennis game? Well, I am sorry to say that I will win it all once again." Rias smirked, embroiled by Sona's challenge.

"We will see."

Sparks could be seen flying between the two kings.

"I didn't know that the Student Council president held such provocation. Didn't take her for the boastful type." Issei once again whispered to Akeno.

"Don't let her appearance fool you. Sona-kaichou may be a calm individual but she also hates to lose. A characteristic she shares with our king."

"I can see that!"

After challenges had been set, Sona returned with her peerage. With the sun starting to set, Rias decided to call it a day and sent everyone back home. The following days were spent practicing as many games as possible until the day of the event arrived. As everyone had probably expected, Issei took first place in any sport he took part in which included the club based event. The real entertaining match to watch turned out to be the finals of the women tennis sport where Sona faced Rias in a crazy one on one match that defied expectations. Since they faced one another, they didn't need to hold back much but just enough to not expose their inhuman speed, at least by human standards. However, honestly all the stupid body were so focused on their idols that they could practically break the sound barrier and no one would bat an eye brow at this. Everyone was practically cheering the two of them. It was funny to watch both Saji and Matsuda cheering for their respective king with Saji waving a flag that sported the student council logo. In the end, it turned out to be a very close game where Rias had managed to take the victory 7-6 in a tie breaker giving her first place with Sona just behind her.

Despite all this excitement, there was one thing that caught Issei eye or rather someone's behaviour. It was Kiba. Throughout the entire event, Kiba was not acting like himself. Most of the time, during their events, he practically stood there as though he was in a trance. Matsuda had to constantly shout at him to wake him up. At some point Rias became quite angry at her knight and once the event was over, she practically slapped him in the face. Kiba was unresponsive at all which unnerved Rias even more. For Issei, Matsuda and Asia, this was something they had never expected to see coming from Kiba. Certainly, he was a small of few words but his behaviour lately had shifted considerably from his usual self.

A bit worried, Issei walked towards Rias in hopes of finding out what was going on.

"Rias, do you know what is going on with Kiba. Ever since we left Matsuda's place, he has not been acting like his usual self lately."

Matsuda quickly joined in as well "Yeah! What's up with Kiba. The moment he looked at the sword hanged on Rin-san's place; his expression shifted." Matsuda shivered as he recalled the hateful glare coming from Kiba when he spotted the blade in the photo.

Rias sighed as she knew she had to explain Kiba's origins.

"Let's move the ORC clubroom. I'll explain everything there." The group then made their way back towards their clubroom where Rias took her seat while the rest of them, minus Kiba who had taken off earlier, each took their respective seats.

"So, are you going to tell us what's the matter with Kiba?" Matsuda asked his king, worried about his teammate.

Rias nodded. "I will. This is something that I was going to reveal to you guys anyways although I would have liked to do it with Kiba's consent, it seems the circumstances will not allow it." Rias sighed before she continued "In order for you to better understand Kiba's current behaviour, I have to divulge into Kiba's past. You see, before becoming a member of my peerage, Kiba used to be part of a secret research known as the Holy Sword project." Matsuda had question marks floating over his head as he had no idea what that was which is normal since he is relatively new to the supernatural world. Rias looked towards Issei and Asia.

"Have you heard about it?" Issei unfortunately shook his head negatively. Considering it was a secret project, it would have been weird for dragons to have known about it. The surprise answer however came from Asia.

"Ano, I think I did hear about it." That came as a shock to Rias.

"You did?" she inquired with Asia nervously nodding her head.

"Y-Yes, but it was only small bits as some of the priests that came over discussed it so I do not know much only that it exists." Asia revealed that although she may have heard of it, she didn't know what it entails.

"I see. In that case, let me brief you a bit. The Holy Sword project was a secret project performed by the Catholic church with the purpose of artificially produce Holy Sword wielders that would be able to wield one of the two holy swords from the Legendary king Arthur himself, the Holy sword Excalibur."

Issei, recognized the name of that blade. "The Holy sword Excalibur? Wasn't that sword destroyed in the past. I think I heard Tannin mention this once to me." Issei asked.

Rias nodded to his inquiry. "You are correct Issei. During the Great War, the sword was used to slay many of my kind however during a battle, it was shattered into pieces. The sword pieces were then remade into the 7 pieces of Excalibur which was distributed amongst the Heaven factions. Unfortunately, there weren't many who were able to wield the holy blade even though it was only a piece which is why the Holy sword project came into fruition. However, this project was anything but holy. They gathered young talented children from various orphanages around Italy and they had been the subjects of various inhumane experiments. Kiba was one of these orphans."

Asia covered her mouth in shock and horror to hear that the church could be responsible for such horrible things. Matsuda and Issei clenched their fists in anger.

"And the forces of Heaven allowed this to happen?" growled Issei.

"Please calm down Issei. From what I know, no one knew of the horrible experiments that were going on. That was why it was a secret project. Anyways, according to Kiba, day after day, the children gathered would be subjected to inhuman experiments. As they were continued to be experimented on, the scientists tried to find the component that allowed humans to wield Holy Swords, as the children chose to believe that they would be able to become special beings and use holy swords. However, after continuous experimentation, the project was ruled a failure due to not being able to produce holy sword wielders and the children… … were ordered to be disposed of." She stated the horrific truth.

"WHAT! How could they kill innocent children." Said Matsuda in an outrage.

"It can't be. How could those who serve the lord possibly be involved in such acts."

Asia could be seen crying not believing that the church could do such an atrocity. Issei was doing better than Matsuda at holding his rage but it was very clear how angry he looked.

"From what I know, they tried to use poison to kill everyone, then when one of the researchers opened the door to see if the children were killed, Kiba's friends attacked them shouting at Kiba to run away since he was the least affected by the poison. Unfortunately, Kiba inevitably succumbed to the poison and that was when I found him and turned him into my knight. Since that day, he had slowly begun recuperating from his loss however he absolutely despises Holy swords as it was due to them that the Holy sword project was ever created and had lost all his friends. Just the mere mention or sight of one reverts him into a vengeful state." She finished retelling Kiba's past.

"Damn it, I can't believe Kiba had to go through that."

"I'm, I'm still shocked" Asia muttered as her arms shook. Issei just remained silent as he took on the new information he received. More than anyone, he understood the pain of losing someone very precious to you. He had lost his aunt Shuri and also believed he had lost Akeno for almost 10 years until they reunited. He might have gone a very dark path if it weren't for his family who stood by him and he was able to move on. Unfortunately, despite receiving the help and care of Rias and everyone, it would seem that Kiba is unable to move on as vengeance is slowly consuming him.

"Issei-san, are you alright?" Asia touched his head waking him up from his thoughts.

"Yes, I am fine. Just processing the news we learned." He smiled as he patted his little sister's head.

"I understand. I-I still cannot believe that the church would condone such an experiment. When I think back to all the kind sisters that I used to work with… I cannot imagine them ever accepting such a thing." Asia stated.

"There are two sides to every faction Asia. Not everything is black and white." Issei replied. The hearts of human especially embody that aspect.

"I agree with you on that point, Issei. Anyways, with any luck Kiba should be back to his old self pretty soon." Rias pointed out.

"I hope so. It's unnerving to see pretty boy act so different than I am used too." Matsuda mentioned his opinion.

"fufu, I'm sure he will be back to his old self soon." Akeno chuckled.

"mn" Koneko simply nodded as she started eating her snacks.

Issei simply nodded however for some reason, a part of him did not believe things were going to be so easy.

The following day, both Issei and Asia got ready to head to school. They had just eaten breakfast where they had spotted a note from Ophis stating that she would be visiting a friend at Tannin's territory that had just given birth to a couple of hatchlings so she won't be back for the next few days.

"Good morning to you both" Both turned to find Great-red walking down the stairs

"Good morning dad" Issei returned the greeting

"Good morning Otou-san" greeted Asia as well with a smile.

"You both heading to school?" Great-red nod and he received his answer in the form of Issei's nod.

"Yeah, by the way did you see the note mom left" Issei pointed towards the note sitting on the kitchen desk.

"Yeah, she already told me this morning. The note was left to notify the two of you of her whereabouts" Great-red explained.

"I see."

"By the way, I will also be heading out for a couple of days." Their father informed the two of them.

"Where are you heading off too" Issei inquired with a raise of his brow.

"To the Dimensional Gap." Answered his father.

"Why are you heading there?" Issei couldn't help but ask.

"Two reasons. The first one is that the Dimensional gap is the only place where I can perform my amazing stunts without your mother constantly nagging at me to stop." Issei couldn't help but laugh. Even after all these years together, his mother hated all the antics his father did and he was sure that this was one thing that would continue on until the end of their existence.

"Yeah, Yeah keep laughing, see where that will get you. Anyways the second reason is just to help keep the Dimensional Gap stable." Great-red stated his second reason and that caught Issei attention.

"Seriously? I didn't know that."

"Well, according to Barakiel, Azazel believes that the reason the Dimensional Gap has remained stable after all this time was the fact that it always had either Ophis or I living in it. That's why your mother and I spend some time in the Dimensional Gap just in case what Azazel said was true. Besides, That place is also our home and the place where you were born so it brings back great memories for the both of us." Great red smirked as he patted his son's head.

"I see! Well, in any case, we are off to school. We'll see you when you get back then." Issei bid his father good bye which he reciprocated.

"See you later son. Oh, Asia-chan, feel free to stay with the Red Dragon Emperor if you'd like." Great-red then patted his daughter's head as he teased her about her crush which caused her to blush.

"H-Hai. See you later Otou-san." She also bid him farewell before Great-red disappeared in a flash of red.

"Alright, let's go Asia." Issei opened the door and started heading to school.

"Yes, Issei-san" Asia replied as she followed her brother to school.

When school finished, Issei, Matsuda and Asia headed towards Matsuda's place. Asia was going to stay over at her crush place while Issei decided to drop her off before he would head off and spend time with Tiamat since he had promised her to take her on a date. Maybe he should take both Tiamat and Akeno if they didn't mind. His mind also wandered towards Grayfia and remembered the time they spent together.

"I can't believe Motohama spreads those crazy rumours about me." Issei's thoughts were interrupted by Matsuda's rant.

"You are still upset about that." Issei sighed.

"Of course I am! Everyone in school now thinks that I blackmailed the entire clubroom to become my playthings. Already, I had all the girls on my back but now they are constantly chasing me wanting to kill me. There were so many times I thought I was going to die from the Kendo girls." Matsuda shivered as he recalled the murderous glare the kendo girls were giving him as they chased him around school. He had been caught multiple times and bashed to death. Although, it didn't really do a lot pf physical damage considering how much he trained, it still hurt.

"Not sure why you are complaining. Wasn't it your dream to be chased by girls" he smirked as he teased Matsuda. Matsuda glared at him.

"Not like that and you know it" he shouted.

"Calm down, I was just teasing. In any case, the fact that you were not able to escape a bunch of students proves that you need more training. I will have to increase it soon."

"OH hell no. The training is gruesome as hell already, I don't need any additional stuff. Can't you do something else." Pleaded Matsuda.

"Sure, I could always ask Tiamat to train you instead of me. I'm sure she'll go more easy on you then me"

"NOOOO, I don't want to die." Tiamat would for sure murder Matsuda and just call it an accident. What's worse is that Issei is dating her so the worst she would get is a slap on the ass at best and Tiamat would probably enjoy that.

"I'm kidding! I don't want Rias or Asia-chan berating me for allowing their precious Matsuda being killed by my mate." Chuckled Issei.

"I-Issei-san" Asia turned crimson.

"Speaking of training, Asia how are you doing with yours?" Issei had engaged Asia in being able to train her dragon powers. Unfortunately, he didn't know much about fairy dragons and how he should train her which is why he had to ask his sensei Tannin as well as Tiamat for advice. They said that since she never used her powers, having hidden it from everyone else, it would be best of she started with the basic. She needs to be able to feel her abilities and let it come naturally. Luckily thanks to her twilight healing which has a similar function to a fairy dragon healing ability so she should be able to learn it pretty fast if she trains diligently. On top of that, Issei is training her to mastering partial transformation. Back during the mountain training, Asia was able to transform her fingers into claws when climbing the mountain. However, due to time constraints, they were not able to develop her powers further than that. If she had been able to master partial transformation, her defenses would have skyrocketed and she would not have been retired by the enemies attack last time. If anything, she could have served as a partial rook, being able to tank hits for Rias. Although, Issei doubts that Rias would even allow her to do so since she is too kind hearted to allow anyone to take a hit for her, or maybe it's pride. Who knows!

"I-It's going alright Issei-san. It took a little while to get used to it but I was able to conjure a bit of my latent power, although it is not much." Asia looked around to make sure nobody was in the vicinity before she brought out her hand a small spark of light started gathering in the palm of her hand before it disappeared.

"Wow, that's amazing Asia-chan. I can't believe you were able to activate your powers. It's so cool" Asia blushed at Matsuda's compliment.

"Thank you but I wish I could have done better." Het tone indicated that Asia was disappointed at her progress. She then felt someone pat her head, looking up to reveal it was Issei who was smiling at her.

"You should not feel disappointed at the amount of progress you have made, Asia. The fact that you were able to even be able to tap and activate your abilities in such a short amount of time despite the fact that you had never in all your years even attempted to do speaks, speaks volumes about your progress. I doubt anyone in your situation would have been able to achieve what you have been able to do. It took me years to develop my abilities into what they are now so you should not dissuade yourself into thinking you haven't accomplished much which is far from the truth. I am extremely proud at your progress which is what I expected from my little sister" Issei complemented Asia who was stuttering nervously at the amount of praise coming from her brother.

"I agree with Issei-san Asia-chan. Your progress is amazing and unlike me who has to go through hellish training just to increase the amount of boosts I can use for the boosted gears and I have yet to achieve my balance breaker. Yet, you were able to activate a dormant ability you have never used since birth. You are a genius in that sense Asia-chan. I am kind of jealous." Matsuda scratched his head as he both complimented her abilities and underrated his own.

This however got him a smack in the back of the head by Issei.

"Ow, what the heck was that for." Complained Matsuda as he rubbed the back of his head.

"That is for berating your progress. Don't sell yourself short on the amount of progress you made, you idiot."

"But it's true that despite everything I still haven't been able to achieve balance breaker. According to Ddraig, I am the weakest red dragon emperor of all time. Hell, apparently even a 12-year-old previous owner of the boosted gear was able to achieve juggernaut drive at his age compared to me who can even activate balance breaker yet. I am nothing compared to the strongest users of the boosted gear." Matsuda complained

"And yet, those same strongest users died to the juggernaut drive. There is no point to strength if you do not survive at the end of the day. Plus, the juggernaut drive is a cursed power, one that you should never even attempt Matsuda to wield. While it does give you the power of a heavenly dragon, it will cause you to go berserk and die soon after. All those strongest users you talk about had, in the end, succumbed to the influence of the drive which turned them into nothing more than engines of destructions. We are training so you can get stronger without relying on such an unstable power. Through your hard work and determination, you will rise from the weakest user to become the strongest red dragon emperor of all time. I have faith in you as I'm sure everyone else is. Didn't you promise Rias that you would become stronger so that you could protect her? Didn't you do the same for Asia and everyone else?" voiced Issei.

["He is right partner! Just because you are the weakest does not mean you cannot accomplish great things. If anything, because you are the weakest wielder, it also means you have the greatest potential out of everyone to rise above everyone else. Do not doubt yourself, partner! You are this generation's Red Dragon Emperor and I know you will defy everyone's expectations."] Ddraig stated in his thoughts.

Matsuda himself couldn't help but be bashful with both Issei's and Ddraig's belief in him. He honestly didn't know what to say other than show his appreciation.

"T-Thanks for believing in me. Y-You are right. I did promise Buchou that I would become stronger so that she never has to cry again. I will become stronger and be worthy of the boosted gear." Matsuda pumped his fists in the air.

"That's the spirit. Anyways, we've arrived at your place so let's…"

Issei's instincts suddenly alerted him of an unknown sensation coming from inside Matsuda's place causing him to hold back both Matsuda and Asia who were shocked by his movement.

"Hey bro, what's the matter! Why did you stop us so suddenly. I almost fell on my ass." Matsuda complained. Asia, on the other hand, looked worried. One look at her brother expression and she immediately knew something was wrong. He looked very serious and alert as though he had spotted an enemy.

"What's the matter Issei-san" she asked hoping to get a better understanding of the situation.

"There is a foreign presence coming from Matsuda's place. Both of you focus your senses and you should be able to feel it." Issei instructed. The two of them did what he asked and they suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling come over them. It felt as though thousands of needles were prickling on their skin.

"Wait a minute, I felt this sensation before." Matsuda stated as he looked towards Asia. That's right. This happened when he appeared in front of the church where he dropped off Asia, the first time they met.

"From what I can sense, it feels like holy energy is being emitted." Issei revealed what he believed to be the source of the discomfort.

For Matsuda, his shock immediately turned into fear when he remembered that his mother was home.

"OH NO, my mom is in there!" Matsuda immediately bolted towards his house wanting to make sure his mother was safe and sound.

"Dammit! Asia, make sure to always stay close to me, alright!" Issei warned her. No way was he going to allow any harm to come to her. Asia nodded.

"Yes, I will"

"Good, let's follow Matsuda inside then."

Both immediately set off after their friend. Matsuda, having arrived at the front door, immediately opened it and quickly called out to his mother.

"Mom, Mom are you in here?" he shouted praying to any and all celestials that were listening that his mother was alright.

"Matsuda-kun, is that you? Goodness me, why are you shouting all over the place" He heard his mother call out from the living. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her voice. He could spot Issei and Asia following close behind.

"Oh that's right! Matsuda, you will never believe who came to visit us. Come quick!" They all heard Matsuda's mom telling them to come over. They cautiously made their way to the living room where they spotted the women accompanied by two cloaked individuals. The holy energy came from those two. Not wanting to cause a panic in front of his mother, Matsuda spoke as calmly as he could.

"Who are you?" he asked before one of the cloaked individuals removed her cloak and was revealed to be a beautiful women with chestnut colored hair and violet eyes. She smiled towards Matsuda.

"Hello there Matsuda, it's been a long time"

Matsuda could only utter a single word.


Chapter end

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