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Kiba and Matsuda started searching towards the west of the city. So far, their search came up empty but that was to be expected. There was no way they were going to find an enemy that didn't want to be found. Matsuda could tell based on Kiba's expression how anxious and desperate his friend seems to be. After learning about his origins, he understood that Kiba needed to get revenge in order to get any form of closure for his friends but at the cost of his life? Didn't Kiba ever stop to think how they would feel if he died? They would be devastated. Even though Matsuda keeps complaining about how Kiba gets all the attention for being a pretty boy, he still considers him a friend and wouldn't want any harm to come to him. That's why he has been training super hard with Issei and the others. To protect each other. Isn't that what they promised one another?

"Hey Kiba?" Matsuda tried to get Kiba's attention however it seems he was being ignored as Kiba was way to focused on his search to have even noticed him. This time Matsuda spoke louder.


"What is it?" Kiba looked annoyed as he turned his attention to his teammate.

"You need to relax dude! We are not going to accomplish anything with you acting like this." Matsuda rebuked his friend's behaviour. Of course, Kiba wasn't exactly pleased with this.

"I don't know what you are talking about but I am fine and besides we don't have the time for this since we need to be on the lookout for our enemies." He rebuked but Matsuda shook his head.

"No you are not bro. Even I can tell how angry you are and are not thinking straight. You are normally the calm headed one in our group so how bad do you think it when I am the one who is being the rational one" Matsuda argued. His boosted gear suddenly materialized as Ddraig also entered into their conversation.

["My host is correct young one. You are letting your emotions could your judgment due to the fact that you might end up facing the fallen archbishop."]

"Are you also going to judge me like Issei?" Kiba growled at Ddraig.

["I am simply stating facts Gremory's Knight and the fact of the matter is that my host is correct and you are allowing your rage to dictate your actions which is impairing your ability to make effective decisions. That's not something you want especially in circumstances such as this. We are supposed to be surveying the area for any sign of our enemies but your anger may allow you to miss many things and worst let your guard down. That is how you can lose your life even to someone much weaker than yourself"] Ddraig explained causing Kiba to scoff.

"I won't be taken down by a bunch of rogue exorcists."

["If you were in your normal state, I would agree with you but in your current state, you are much more vulnerable then you realize. My host could likely take you down just like how the blue haired exorcist defeated you during your spar."]

"She got lucky. That's all it was" Kiba yelled, clearly not happy of being reminded of his loss to Xenovia, an Excalibur user no less.

["In a sense, you are correct. She did get lucky. She was fortunate that you had decided to self-destruct all on your own. You allowed your emotions to get the better of you during the spar and threw away your greatest strengths against her which ultimately cost you the match. Under normal circumstances, you should have been able to defeat her. Your training with Issei and Tiamat wasn't for nothing. Your skills and speed far exceed that of the exorcists. Had you been more level headed, you could have easily dealt with her using your technique. However, in your rage, you decided to take her on in a battle of strength, something you as Knight should have never done and it resulted in your loss."] It was the truth. Had Kiba performed to his full capacity, he could have defeated Xenovia. It would have taken a little while but eventually his technique would have surpassed Xenovia's power. After all power is useless if you cannot hit the target. Kiba's speed would have allowed him to easily dodge any of her attacks and eventually win the spar.

"That won't happen the next time" replied Kiba causing Ddraig to sigh.

["The point I'm trying to make is that you cannot allow your emotions to drive you. It makes you drop your guard and act irrationally like you did in your spar. However that was just a spar where your life wasn't at risk. Now, we are on the lookout for Kokabiel and his allies, many of whom are at least equal or superior to you all in strength so you need to be especially vigilant otherwise you will lose your life. That I can promise you!"] Ddraig stated. He was right. Both Kiba and Matsuda knew this to be the truth.

Matsuda took a large breath and looked at Kiba. "Look man, I'm not going to say some bull about how I understand what you are going through because I don't. The closest I've ever felt any kind of loss was when my father left my mother and I and when Rin-chan moved away. I can't even imagine what you had to go through when you lost your family so I can understand your need to want to get revenge. I would probably do the same if I was in your shoes but that doesn't mean you should throw logic out the window and recklessly endanger yourself. No matter what, you are my friend and I would hate if something happened to you. I know for a fact Buchou would cry if she lost you and I promised myself that I would never allow that to happen after the Riser match." Kiba couldn't help but widen his eyes in surprise and shock. Of all the things ho could say, he didn't expect that. He was speechless at the moment.

"Then… why are you" Kiba tried to say but was quickly interrupted

"It's because you are my friend" Matsuda patted Kiba shoulder "that I need you to calm down, so that you can find the people who wronged you without losing your life. You've always done your best work with a calm headed mindset. Don't let anger get the best of you because that's the same as letting those bastards win." Matsuda pleaded with Kiba to listen to him and honestly Kiba had no words to describe how shocked he was at hearing those words come out of Matsuda. It did touch his heart that Matsuda cared that much for him and at the same time he couldn't refute his words. It's surprising to say the least.

"Haah… … never thought I'd be hearing such voice of reason from you of all people Matsuda-kun" This was probably the first time in a long time that he has finally referred to him by his usual suffix.

"Tell me about it. If I'm the one who ends up being the voice of reason, then we are really in trouble" Matsuda retorted.

["I couldn't agree more."] Ddraig added.

"HEY, you could have at least pretended it wasn't true" Matsuda cried towards the boosted gear. Ddraig could have backed him up a bit more. He wasn't that much of an idiot.

Seeing this familiar scenario seemed to have lightened up Kiba's mood as he suddenly started to chuckle, something he hasn't done in what felt like so long. He then took a long and deep breath. When he did, it felt like a giant weight, he didn't even know he had, had been lifted off his shoulders.

"Haven't seen you laugh like that in what feels like ages. You good now?" Matsuda inquired.

"Yes. Thank you Matsuda-san". He thanked his friend. Matsuda smiled and gave a thumbs up.

"No problem Kiba." With that they both resumed their search for the enemy. However, now that Kiba has finally calmed down is when he noticed something is wrong. He quickly lifted his hand stopping Matsuda who looked confused at Kiba.

"What is it? How come we stopped?"

Kiba looked nervous. "There's something wrong… Look around us! There's no sign of any bystanders despite the fact that we should be on a busy street." Kiba commented. Despite the fact that they were being discreet, there should still be some people wondering around the street, yet there isn't even a soul around them. This was unnerving. How the heck did he not notice this previously. He had really let his guard down. He quickly activated his sacred gear to manifest a sword just to be prepared. Seeing this action. Matsuda also got ready for anything that may happen. It's a good thing they did because no sooner they heard a very irritating voice call out to them.

"Well that's a shame. A little closer and you would have all been shish kebabbed. Guess you devils are indeed very lucky." Out of the shadows came someone both Kiba and Matsuda were very familiar with.

"Freed!" Kiba spat venomously. Indeed it was the exiled exorcist Freed, the one whom he had battled previously.

"Yo-ho, it's indeed I, the magnificent Freed-sama! Me and my little friends have come to end your miserable lives." As Freed said that, several other exorcists came out of the shadows, all armed with what appeared to be holy swords. The feeling these items gave was strange. They looked like holy swords but don't have the same disgusting presence it should have on devils like them. Kiba couldn't believe that he had almost driven the both of them into a trap. If Matsuda hadn't calmed him down, they both would have lost their lives meaninglessly.

"You can go ahead and try, you white haired freak!" Matsuda yelled out in challenge as he took a stance causing Freed to laugh maniacally.

"Hahaha, yes please struggle. It will bring me to the brink of ecstacy to see you pathetic devils fight in vain. I'll be sure to slice your head off with my Excalibur Rapidly" Freed took out his Excalibur and pointed it towards the devils.

"You can go ahead and try! This time, I will make sure to kill you before you escape."

"hahaha, then what are you waiting for pretty boy. Come and get some." Freed bellowed before charging towards Kiba. The others followed along as another battle had begun.

In another direction, Irina and Xenovia were searching for their enemies headquarters from their side. Ironically, just like with Kiba, Xenovia seemed a bit distracted during their search. Something Irina had spotted ever since they started so she decided to ask what going on.

"Xenovia, what's bothering you. Ever since we left Matsuda-kun and the other, you've been acting differently. You seem bothered by something. What's up?" Irina inquired to Xenovia who looked her way and sighed.

"Guess I can't hide anything from you, huh!" Irina smiled and gave her thumbs up.

"Of course not, we've been together for so long, it would be weird if I didn't know you so spill it. We can't be distracted especially when looking for our enemies. Didn't Griselda-sama drill that into you?"

Xenovia shivered as she was reminded of her guardians spartan like training. Indeed, if Griselda saw her distracted during her mission, she would probably berate her and punish her via strict training. Not a fun thought.

"Yes she did. Anyways, I was just wondering if we did the right thing partnering with the devils. It goes against everything we believe in and were taught. We even promised we would allow them to destroy 1 fragment of Excalibur we were sent to retrieve. It feels very wrong!" Xenovia answered, clearly distraught over the fact that she had to work alongside devils.

"I can understand the sentiment. We are exorcists after all. However, our primary mission is to retrieve the Excalibur fragments or destroy them if we cannot. Getting the devils permission was the best way to ensure we could safely accomplish the mission without causing unnecessary frictions amongst the factions. Besides, you remember that even the church priests told us to have a meeting with the two devils. Michael-sama doesn't want unnecessary conflicts so who are we to defy his orders."

"Easy for you to say since the boy you've had a crush on since childhood is among those devils so it was easy for you" muttered Xenovia.

"Be that as it may, it doesn't change the situation. Besides, you and I both know that the main reason why the church was adamant in making peace with the devils was due to the presence of the dragon, Issei Hyoudou" Irina reminded Xenovia of the real reason they complied with the devils. Even their higher ups was extremely concerned with the presence of such a powerful dragon allied with the devils. "So instead of looking at it as working alongside the devils, why not just see it as negotiating with Issei instead. It's not that far off considering even he offered his help in exchange for a single fragment. Makes our job for the Lord a lot easier."

"I guess. It's still hard to accept you know" sighed Xenovia.

Irina simply shrugged her shoulders. "Griselda-sama once told us that times are changing and we need to be able to adapt in order to thrive so at the very least we can see this situation as listening to our teachers."

"How right you are, little girl" Both exorcists were startled at the sound of an unknown person. They immediately unsheathed their swords and looked towards where the sound of the person originated from. Up in the sky hovered a 10 winged fallen angel, but not just any fallen angel. It was the fallen angel cadre Kokabiel, the ringleader of this entire situation.

"Kokabiel" Irina silently muttered. How the heck haven't they sensed him above them. Damn it, they were truly careless. They never expected the leader himself to make an appearance right now. Kokabiel looked towards the two poor exorcists and smirked.

"I must say, I am disappointed that Michael only sent two weaklings after I stole the fragments of Excalibur. Either he truly doesn't care about them or he is severely underestimating me. That peace loving angel has always been a fool but considering he practically hand delivered me two of the other Excalibur pieces to my doorstep, I guess I can forgive him." Kokabiel mocked the Seraph causing Xenovia to look at him enraged.

"How dare you insult Michael-sama!" she screamed. Kokabiel looked at her, amused by her little tantrum.

"I have to admit, you at least have a little spunk. Foolish though it may be, it's amusing. Now then, how about you try to make things interesting for me" Kokabiel stated as he looked down at the two exorcists with a maddening smirk.

Unlike both other groups, Issei never once let his guard down as he searched for the enemy. That was why he could sense the moment an unknown barrier had enveloped the city of Kuoh. Seems to be a barrier to separate the humans from the supernatural entities. At least this, meant that no innocent bystanders will get caught in the crossfire. Though he doubted that was the intention of Kokabiel. Issei furrowed his brows wondering what the crazy bloodthirsty fallen was thinking. The faster he finds them, the quicker he can help resolve this issue before it becomes a bigger problem. With any luck, Issei hoped he would be the one to encounter Kokabiel and his lackeys but he knew that this was wishful thinking at best. Kokabiel might be crazy but he is not a fool. As someone who lived through the Great War, he would know to be careful especially knowing that he was residing in the city. Issei rubbed his chin as he thought of what he would do in Kokabiel's shoes. Obviously, he would try to avoid Issei as best as possible. However, Issei had hidden his presence to ensure that Kokabiel wouldn't know his location to hopefully catch him off guard. The next step would be to consider Kokabiel's goal. However, all he knows at the moment was that the cadre was gathering Excalibur fragments for some end game. If that is the case then his next step would be.

Issei widened his eyes as he felt a strong fallen angel's presence surge in the direction of the two exorcists. He knew without a doubt that it had to be Kokabiel's. It didn't help that one of the two exorcist's aura had weakened as well.

"Damn it! It's just as I feared!" Issei spoke out loud. Kokabiel went after the two exorcists who held the pieces of Excalibur. He must have found them by following the traces of holy energy emanating from the swords. Just as he was able to instantly determine what they were from their aura, someone of Kokabiel's power could easily do it especially since the two exorcists didn't know how to hide it. Damn it, was separating the wrong idea all together. Should he have forced all of them to search together. It didn't seem like a good idea at the time. Even though both sides agreed to help each other, while Irina and Matsuda had no issues with it, he sincerely doubted Xenovia and Kiba were likely to cooperate so Issei feared it would backfire to have everyone travel as one group which is why he believed it would be better off to divide the search onto 2 groups. He never expected Kokabiel to immediately go after them. This was his mistake. He had underestimated his enemy and is paying for it. He needs to go after them but before that…

"If you are going to attack me, you should get out of the shadows and do it right now. I don't have the time to waste on all of you" Issei stated out loud to the unknown assailants stalking him for a while. Soon multiple familiar enemies started popping out of the shadows and surrounding him.

"I see. You must the fallen angels allies I encountered at the church a while ago. Considering you are here, it must mean I am close to the enemy. Unfortunately for you, I have no time to waste on you" All unknown enemies quickly bolted towards Issei, hoping to destroy Issei but they were just too slow.

"Flame Eruption" Issei activated his ability as flame geyser suddenly spewed forth from the ground swallowing all of his enemies. They didn't even have time to dodge or blink before they were reduced to ashes. Now void of any enemies, Issei sprouted his wings and quickly bolted towards the direction he sensed Irina and Xenovia. It took him less then a minute to traverse the distance between them but by the time he arrived, Kokabiel was no where to be found.

"Irina, please speak to me" Issei heard Xenovia cry and turned his head towards the direction he heard the voice coming from. There he saw how Xenovia was covered in multiple injuries, no doubt from her fight against Kokabiel. Yet, her injuries palled in comparison to Irina who was lying on the floor battered and bruised. He quickly made his way towards them and patted Xenovia shoulder whose head immediately turned towards him in alert.

"Don't worry, it's just me. I came as soon as I felt Kokabiel's signature but it appears I wasn't on time." Issei regretted. "Can you please move, your friend is in critical condition and needs immediate treatment"

"C-Can you save her. Please… please help her" Xenovia begged.

"Don't worry." He replied before he activated his holy flames and swung it towards the two. For a moment, Xenovia thought that he was trying to finish them off but soon noticed that his flames started healing all their injuries. Even her stamina was being restored which baffled her mind. How could a dragon possess such crazy healing abilities that surpasses even the church's. The only dragon she had ever learned who were healers were already extinct so how is this possible?

Issei, unaware of her thoughts, continued healing the two and then dispelled his ability.

"While her injuries have been healed, Irina will probably not regain consciousness for a while." Issei gave his prognosis to Xenovia.

"Then what do we do? I can't just leave her here."

"We might not have a choice. We need to head towards Kokabiel and his cronies. Whatever plan they have ungoing is about to unfold. I also noticed that Irina holy sword fragment is no where to be seen which means that Kokabiel probably took it with him." Issei couldn't sense her Excalibur mimic anywhere near her which meant that Kokabiel took it with him. Makes sense since he came for that very reason.

"Don't worry! I can at least provide her with some defense. Holy Sphere" A barrier of holy fire soon surrounded Irina to ensure she would be protected from anyone foolish enough to attack her.

"This barrier will hold for as long as I want so you don't have to worry about your comrade." Issei said to Xenovia who once again was in awe at the power displayed by this dragon. She could understand why the church was extremely warry of this man.

"A-Alright! Do you know where they are heading?" she asked. Issei nodded.

"Unfortunately, I do! It looks like Kokabiel is heading towards my school, Kuoh academy! Most likely he is after Rias and Sona. If he kills them then the Maous will never take this lying down which will no doubt give the bastard the war he wants. Let's go!" They both immediately sprinted towards Kuoh academy.

At the aforementioned school, Kokabiel had made his presence known causing the two heirs to come out and greet him alongside their peerages. Despite her kings reluctance, Akeno had notified Sirzechs about the impeding danger incoming towards them. Sirzechs replied that it would take them an hour to gather their forces and head to Kuoh so he urged them to stay safe and be careful

"I believe this is our first meeting daughter of Gremory. That hair colour is impossible to miss. It reminds me very much of your accursed brother that I would very much like to meet. I'm even being graced with the sister of Leviathan. How lucky of me" Kokabiel grinned as he looked down at the two heiresses. Rias glared at the cadre

"Indeed, this is our first meeting. Also, I do possess a name. I'm Rias Gremory and while it is true that my brother is the current Maou Lucifer, I cannot grant you an audience with him. Why don't you ask your leader Azazel-sama to make an arrangement if you so wish to meet him" Rias stated as she tried to buy as much time as possible for the reinforcements to arrive. It may hurt her pride to admit it but she is no match for the fallen angel cadre. Only Issei and his parents who live in Kuoh can face this warmongerer. Seeing what her friend was doing, Sona stepped forward.

"I guess I should greet you as well Kokabiel, one of the Fallen angels cadre of Grigori. As you surmised, I am indeed the sister of the current Maou Leviathan Serafall. My name is Sona Sitri and the two of us currently have given jurisdiction over this city so may I ask you what is the purpose of your sudden visit." Sona inquired, lifting her glasses.

"I'm glad you asked. My purpose, as you call it is to destroy this quaint little town including the two of you. I'm sure if I did that, I would get some kind of response from your siblings." All the peerage members looked in shock at what Kokabiel just said.

"Are you insane? If you do that, then you will plunge all the factions into another war"

Kokabiel chuckled to Rias outburst.

"Of course, that is what I wish for. I initially stole the fragments of Excalibur hoping to get some sort of response from Michael but it seems but it seems I underestimated how much of a coward he truly was. All he sent were two weak holy sword users that didn't amount to much. It's very boring. I hope the two of you will provide some means of entertainment before your Maous arrive. I cannot wait to see their faces when they arrive to see your corpses lying before me."

Rias clicked her tongue as she glared at Kokabiel with eyes filled with rage.

"You battle freak! Do you have any idea how many millions will die if another war restarts?" Rias screamed with hatred. Kokabiel however laughs with joy.

"Yes indeed. It has been too boring ever since the Great war came to an end. Azazel and the others may be content with this sham of a peace but I have been bored ever since. What's the point of all this power if I cannot use it in combat. Thankfully, that will soon change after today! A pity you will not be alive to witness it!" Everyone embraced for the tough fight ahead.

"Now please wait a moment Kokabiel-chan!" They were interrupted by what appears to be one of Kokabiel's comrades. He was someone both Rias and Sona had no idea who he was but what they did notice was that he appeared to some sort of scientist considering the white robe he was wearing. He also brought almost 1 hundred subordinates with him, each of them holding a wide range of weapons.

"And who might you be! We are already aware of Valper Galilei over there!" Sona pointed towards the fallen archbishop.

"Oh my! For the two heiresses to know of little old me. I'm honoured!" Valper casually stated earning him a glare from the two heiresses.

The unknown scientist then moved forward "Oh, my apologies, I cannot believe I haven't introduced myself. Let me correct my mistake." He then started making different poses while his subordinates started showering him with flower petals. Where they stored those… no one knows.

"I'm a magnanimous scientist hailing from a far away Empire. My name is Dr. Stylish, the most fabulous researcher you will ever meet. It's a pleasure to meet you!" Dr Stylish finally introduces himself in the most flamboyant way with exaggerated movements. What a freak was everyones thoughts. Even Kokabiel sighed not able to get used to his comrades tendencies.

"I see... And may I ask why you have allied with a Fallen angel cadre." Sona inquired.

Dr. Stylish then used his middle finger to push his glasses up and smiles.

"Ah my dear miss. The answer is very simple. I'm a scientist who wishes to achieve perfection in everything and anything I can create. I've performed many experiments in pursuit of such a goal. Even these beauties next to me are a result of performing countless human experiments that I've stylishly modeled into a perfect army. Aren't they lovely?" He pointed towards his army. Rias and the others couldn't believe what they just heard. The man casually stated how he performed countless human experiment as if it was normal without batting an eye. How could he?

"You madman. How could you sacrifice so many innocent lives" Rias yelled disgustingly at the doctor.

"My my, what a fiery temper you have. You should be careful with that as it can give you wringles. I'm always doing my best to appear as stylishly as possible. Although, I do find it kind of ironic that a devil is preaching to me about innocent lives when your kind endangers us poor humans everyday. You shouldn't have to worry about them anyways. They gave their lives to science. There is no greater honour than to help me perfect my science. In fact, even Kokabiel-chan lent his subordinates for my goals. Look at the masterpieces I've been able to create with his help" Dr Stylish then point to a few of his soldiers and it was here that the others noticed how some had different characteristics compared to the normal ones. They possessed fallen angel wings but what was disgusting was the fact that it seemed like they had been sewn into their back.

"You… You fiend, you discarded your own followers to become such abominations. Have you no shame" Tsubaki, Sona's queen shouted to the fallen angel who simply shrugged his shoulders.

"I wouldn't say I discarded them. Rather, they tried to back out of my plans and report to Azazel so I had to do something. This is simply the price they paid for their insubordination. At least like this, they had some uses."

"You monster" Koneko muttered as she clasped her fist tightly.

"Hahahaha, I should thank you for the compliment but you are in for a real awakening if you believe so. There are way worse monsters existing in this world far worst then me as much as I loathe to admit it. You, yourselves, are living alongside next to one" Everyone immediately knew who he was referring too. Issei Hyoudou. The newly named Crimson Calamity Dragon. Akeno, however did not take kindly to have her boyfriend be named a monster.

"How dare you insult Issei-kun like that!" she yelled before shooting a blast of lightning at Kokabiel. Rias tried to stop her but was too late. Yet, Kokabiel remained unfazed as he stared at the incoming attack. With a single wave of his hand, he was able to dispel the attack without even a single scratch. Everyone couldn't believe how easily he dealt with such an attack. He was a fallen angel cadre for a reason.

Kokabiel looked towards Akeno and scoffed. "Well, if it isn't the Dragon Priestess! Is that all the power you can muster. If so then I will be incredibly disappointed. I expected more especially from Barakiel's daughter" Kokabiel smirked.

"Wait what?"


All of Sona's peerage, with the exception of Sona and Tsubaki who already knew, looked shocked at the fact that Akeno was the daughter of another fallen angel cadre.

"Shut up!" Akeno stated but Kokabiel ignored her.

"Compared to your father, your lightning isn't worth much. Barakiel's power was powerful that he was known as "the Lightning of God" back in the day. Which is why it's such a shame to see him being reduced to a shadow of his former self after meeting that worthless woman he married." Kokabiel spat. Akeno saw red when she heard him insult her mother. She had almost charged recklessly towards him if it wasn't for both Rias and Koneko holding her back.

"Akeno, stop! Don't be reckless" Rias tried to get her queen to calm down.

"How dare you insult my mother!" she glared at Kokabiel with so much hatred. No one had seen her like this but it makes sense considering how much she loved her mother.

"I am simply stating the truth girl. You believe you are the only one allowed to get angry. I respected Barakiel both as a brother and a powerful warrior. But that all changed when he met that accursed woman. He turned soft and it only became worst over the years. He is no longer the brother I used to fight alongside during the great war, only a broken man due to you and your mother." He pointed accusingly towards Akeno.

"However all that is irrelevant! How about we get to the main event. After I kill all of you, I'll be able to initiate another great war." He smirked.

"Please wait a moment Kokabiel-chan. Don't forget about our arrangement. If you fight them, they would all be vaporised and I require their corpses as pristine as possible." He winked at the devils causing a chill down their spines.

"You sicko!" one of Sona's peerage screamed.

"My oh my! No need to shout my little friends. You simply do not understand the vision and drive I possess to achieve my goals. If I am able to analyse and incorporate the power of destruction the little princess possesses then I will come one step closer to achieving a perfect army. It will be revolutionary. Think of all the possibilities. You devils have always taken advantage of humans so it shouldn't be an issue if you get the same treatment. If anything, you could say I'm doing this for the benefit of humanity. OH, what a stylishly benevolent being I am." Dr Stylish made exaggerated movement to emphasize what a magnificent being he is to fight for humanity. Of course, he is being a hypocrite! He isn't doing this for humanity but for himself. Anyone could see that.

"I guess I did promise you that doctor. In that case, how about a preliminary round to get things started. It would be extremely boring if we finished everything so soon so let's see you all struggle for as much as possible." Kokabiel laughed as he mocked the devils below him.

"Oh, it seems our missing characters are also arriving on scene" Kokabiel remarked as he sensed a few new presences coming closer.

"kakaka, hey there everyone. Sorry I'm late" Freed Selzer suddenly appeared unto the battlefield followed by Matsuda and Kiba who appeared to have a few bruises.

"Matsuda-kun, Kiba-kun" Rias called out to them in worry.

"Buchou!" Matsuda replied, happy to see that Rias and the others were safe and sound.

"Matsuda-kun, your hurt! Let me heal you" Asia immediately headed towards the two of them upon noticing their injuries. She activated her twilight healing and proceeded to heal Matsuda and Kiba.

"Thank you Asia-chan" Matsuda thanked her as he patted her head causing Asia to blush. She then moved to Kiba who wasn't even paying attention to anything other than the object of his rage. Valper Galilei. Thankfully, he didn't immediately charge in like a madman.

"I see you weren't able to finish off the two devils Freed." Kokabiel remarked as Freed looked up.

"Sorry boss. Those two fucking devils are like cockroaches. They just didn't want to accept the sweet release of death given by me and instead killed my allies." Freed answered with a crazy smile.

"Enough playing around Freed! Throw your fragment over here. I'm going to need it." Valper instructed Freed to hand his fragment of Excalibur for the time being.

"But Boss, I need to this weapon to shove it up the devils asses and send them back to hell. Can't we wait until Im finished with them!"

Valper denied Freeds request.

"No can do. Just hand it over! Don't worry, you will get to use an even better toy!" Valper promised the mad exorcist which caught his attention.

"Oh goodie, I can't wait." Freed quickly threw his fragment towards Valper who caught it and placed near what appeared to be the other stolen fragments.

"What are you planning to do with the stolen fragments of Excalibur, Kokabiel!" Rias tried to pry some information about their plans but Kokabiel simply smirked.

"You will find out soon enough Gremory, so while it is a shame that Freed didn't manage to take down your servants, I guess it's not a total loss because now I get to witness the power of the current Red Dragon Emperor myself. I hope you won't be a big disappointment like your little friends there!" Kokabiel stated. Matsuda was enraged when Kokabiel insulted his friend.

"How dare you say. Come down here and I'll kick your ass!" Matsuda pointed at Kokabiel with his Boosted gear hand.


"Well, you certainly got spunk but let's see if you have the power to back it up because so far based on what I am seeing, I am not impressed." Kokabiel crossed his arms as he mocked Matsuda who was clearly annoyed at the statement.

"Oh yeah, well let's see how you deal with this." Matsuda responded as he started charging up his boosted gear.

[Boost] [Boost] [Boost] [Boost] [Boost]

Once he charged up, he immediately pointed towards the fallen angel cadre.

"Take this. DRAGON SHOT" He fired a large beam of energy directly at Kokabiel who didn't look the least bit disturbed at the incoming projectile. With a single movement of his wing, his attack quickly dissipated into thin air. This shocked Matsuda immensely. While he knew he wouldn't be able to take down a monster like Kokabiel, he at least expected to harm him with his attack especially after activating so many boosts in a row.

Kokabiel snorted "Is that all the power the famous Red Dragon Emperor can muster? For someone possessing a Longinus capable of killing Gods, you don't live up to your sacred gear. How disappointing! Really expected much more but it seems you can't even activate your balance breaker. How pathetic!" Kokabiel shook his head. "I guess it's better if I let my subordinates handle you. At least this will serve as better entertainment, if nothing else!" Kokabiel looked to two 4 winged fallen angels.

"You two! Take them down!" He ordered and the two fallen angels saluted.

"By your command Lord Kokabiel!" they both responded at the same time before conjuring a light blade in their hands and immediately bolted towards the devils wanting to fulfill their leader's order. All the devils prepared for the assault but that wasn't needed as before the fallen could even blink, they were assaulted by two massive fireballs that incinerated them on contact.

Everyone turned their attention to the source of the attacks and the devils couldn't feel more relieved to see who came. Even Kokabiel smirked as he noticed him.

"Ah so the monster has finally arrived!"

"Issei" "Issei-kun"

Issei Hyoudou and Xenovia Quarta had finally made it to the battlefield. Xenovia had her Excalibur destruction on hand and she immediately pointed it towards Kokabiel.

"Fallen Angel cadre, Kokabiel. I don't know what it is you are scheming but you will return the Excalibur fragments you have stolen from the church and you will face the Lord's wrath for what you did to Irina." She growled at him.

"Hahaha, if you are so eager to die then please come. I've been so bored. Although, you should be grateful I spared both of your lives in our previous encounter. If I wanted to I could have killed the two of you but I simply contended with taking her fragment. Besides, I highly doubt I will ever face your Lord's wrath anytime soon" Kokabiel stated cryptically, as though he was insinuating something no one else knew but now wasn't the time to ponder such things.

"So you are Kokabiel I take it!" Issei glared towards the Fallen Angel cadre hovering above them.

"Why yes I am. You of course, need no introduction. It's a pleasure to meet you Calamity Crimson Dragon. I must say, the beating you gave the Phenix brat was extremely pleasing to witness." Kokabiel replied. Issei raised a brow curious on how Kokabiel was privy to such a thing when only the Underworld had viewed the fight.

"My my, so that man is the dragon everyone has been talking about these days. You certainly look delectably charming. It's a pleasure to meet you" Dr Stylish winked towards Issei who couldn't help but feel a shiver down his spine. He didn't like that look coming from the doctor.

"I'm assuming it would be stupid of me to ask you to surrender without a fight huh!" Issei asked even though he knew the answer already.

"Yes it would my little friend. I cannot surrender when the party has barely started. So why don't we finally get things going." Kokabiel spread his hands as several light spears appeared near him. Kokabiel sent them towards Issei and the other devils. This attack could easily kill many high class devils in a single strike but to Issei, they looked about as slow as turtle. He conjured a flame shield which absorbed all the spears and destroyed them at the same time.

Kokabiel, far from being shocked or surprised, just laughed ecstatically.

"Hahahaha, yes just as I expected. You are truly strong Issei Hyoudou." Kokabiel cackled.

"I couldn't care less what you think of me Kokabiel but if you think such weak attacks would work on me than you are sorely mistaken."

"Oh, I knew that such attacks wouldn't even be able to scratch. They had a different purpose which was to buy a little bit of time."

"Time for what…"

"It's complete!" Issei was interrupted by Valper Galilei who was doing something to the Excalibur fragments that started giving out incredible amounts of light. Kokabiel then applauded.

"The 5 Excalibur fragments are about to combine!"

The fragments started floating up into the air, releasing so much divine light that the devils had to cover their eyes. Issei used his power to protect his friends from any potential damage light may cause them. Then the fragments started attaching themselves to one another and soon, just as Kokabiel stated, all the 5 Excalibur fragments had fused together as one.

"Behold! The fusion of all 5 fragments of Excalibur, the closest to the original Excalibur the world hasn't seen centuries. What an accomplishment" Valper praised.

"Please don't forget to share the credit my dear friend as I'm sure you wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without my brilliant intellect" Dr Stylish remarked.

"Of course doctor! The wouldn't have been possible without your aid and now with the fusion of Excalibur, our little spell on the ground is also functional which means this town will be destroyed in 20 minutes!"

Everyone was absolutely horrified at what they just heard Valper state. How the heck was that possible. Dammit, the Maous forces aren't due for another 40 minutes. However Valper wasn't finished.

"Of course, it's possible to dispel it but the only way to do that" Valper pointed towards Kokabiel "is to defeat Kokabiel" Everyone was shocked. In order to stop the spell they had to defeat Kokabiel. Of course, one person wasn't bothered at all. If anything it made things a lot simpler.

"20 minutes! I won't need that much time" Issei stepped forward as he begun to unleash his strength. His eyes turned to slits, Scales appeared throughout his body as even his height started to increase a bit. His aura spread towards his enemies who instinctually took a step back from such pressure, even Dr Stylish army who shouldn't even possess any emotions anymore. Kokabiel, despite still possessing a maniacal smirk could be seen sweating a bit at the pressure Issei was releasing.

"I will finish you all off in 20 seconds!"

Chapter End

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