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Author's note: Hi. So, I needed something other than Pokemon to write so I began writing Goblin Slayer fic. I know I could continue writing the Game of Thrones fic, but I wanted something more lighthearted to write. The story in mind for the Game of Thrones fic isn't humorous. And I need a break from Pokemon. I have like half of the next chapter ready, but I really need a break.

So I wanted to write some humorous fic for shit and giggles. And who could deliver a better comedic relief than a guy who thinks only about the goblins as a harem of girls forms around him? So here it is. A harem for Goblin Slayer. With the usual girls. Priestess, Guild Girl, High Elven Ranger, Cow Girl, and Sword Maiden.

Chapter 1: Happiness

A cold and calm evening loomed over the Adventurer's Guild. But the inside of the Guild building was anything, but cold and calm. This particular guild is sticking out of the all other guilds in other towns. Just by one simple request from one simple man, this guild unified thus creating more of a family than a bunch of adventurers that don't know each other personally and don't care about each other.

Ever since the night that goblin's attacked the farm where Goblin Slayer lives, the whole Guild suddenly got along. As the old saying goes, true friends are found on the battlefield. And many new friendships were formed that day. One person saves another, that one saves another and on and on it goes until everyone is thankful to everyone. One can say that it creates a cycle of trust. From the newest rookies under the wings of Heavy Swordsman to the star of the guild, Goblin Slayer himself, the relationships in this Guild changed drastically. For the better. Who would have guessed that it will be Goblin Slayer, the lone wolf of the Guild, that will unify this Guild together.

And the friendships that were formed that day could already be heard as a loud shouts and cheers from the Guild.

"To Apprentice Cleric and her sixteen birthday! May gods bless her long and fulfilling life!" Heavy Swordsman raised his wooden mug of mead.

Apprentice Cleric, who sat between Female Knight and Rookie Warrior looked warily at the wine cup before her. She never tried alcohol, and never even intended to. But ever since she and her... friend, Rookie Warrior trained with Heavy Swordsman and Female Knight, she was forced into a bunch of uncomfortable situations. This being one of them.

"What are (hiccup) you waiting for girl? Drink!" cheered Spearman, who already drank too much appeared behind her, slapped her back lightly and encouraged the young cleric to swing the golden cup and down the red wine.

"I don't know..." she answered nervously when she saw the drunken state Spearman got himself into with the very same wine that is in her cup.

The usual tables, with six spots to sit, were all full at the occasion at the birthday of one of the Guild members. Everyone at their tables raised their cups and cheered for the birthday girl. Nearly everyone is present. Even Guild Girl and her coworker joined the occasion to celebrate and not serve the guests. Only Padfoot Waitress is running around and serving the guests today. Though their favorite guests were still missing. Goblin Slayer and his party were still nowhere to be seen.

"Do not worry, child! If you drink just this one cup, you won't end up like him!" Heavy Swordsman laughed in his heavy and deep voice.

"Hey! I am perfectly (hiccup) fine, you peel swinging (hiccup) brute." Spearman wobbled his way around the table, barely making it to the Heavy Swordsman before collapsing onto his chest.

As amusing as it was for Witch to watch Spearman drink utterly out of control, she should stop it before it evolves into a friendly brawl. And with Spearman intoxicated, it would be no competition for Heavy Swordsman to humiliate him.

Raising from her spot at the counter with elegance and swinging her legs in her revealing black/yellow mage robes and signature black pointed hat, she slowly walked to her party member.

"I think... that would be... enough... right?" she said in her usual slow manner. "Let's... call it... a day... Spearman." she finished her short speech, which took much longer due to the way she talks.

Heavy Swordsman laughed and nodded in agreement.

"I am (hiccup) not tired!" yelled out Spearman who woke from his second short nap upon Heavy Swordsman's breastplate. And immediately after he woke up and turned to Witch, he blacked out once again, but this time, he fell on the buxom chest of Witch.

"Hmmm... nice, soft pillows. (hiccup) Where can I get those? (hiccup) The feather one's in my room are (hiccup) all used up and torn. (hiccup) And uncomfortable. (hiccup) Is this a rabbit fur filled one?" Spearman mumbled dreamily, with closed eyes and a grin on his face. Spearman, wearing his usual armor, snuggled into Witch's breasts more, his face nearly completely disappearing between the big fleshy mounds.

As everyone in the Guild began laughing hysterically at Spearman's drunk behavior, Witch's eyes widened for a moment. For a second she blushed, lost her calm and made a few quick steps back, shocked by Spearman's antics. Not that she mind this kind of affection, but it's still surprising. At least it's directed at her and not that blonde Guild Girl.

As she stepped back, the now sleeping Spearman dropped to the wooden floor like a bag of rocks. The alcohol in his blood reached the point where not even a fall straight on the face could bring him back from his slumber. Everyone in the Guild chuckled when Witch herself grabbed the Spearman by the collar of his armor and dragged him out of the Guild.

"Happy... birthday. May... all of... your... dreams... come true." Witch turned around to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday and then disappeared out of the room, taking Spearman with her and closing the door behind her.

"Now where were we?" asked Heavy Swordsman.

When the man in the black armor and heavy sword on his back looked at the young Cleric, he saw that she still didn't want to drink the wine.

"Come on, young one. At least a sip." the tall man encouraged the young girl.

Reluctantly, the cleric grabbed the wine cup and examined it with her purple eyes. Well, taking a sip wouldn't hurt. She would have to taste the wine in the future regardless.

"Come on, Apprentice Cleric. It's really good." said the Rookie Warrior seated next to her. He smiled at her with his own already empty wine cup in hands. Unlike Spearman, this was the only cup Rookie Warrior drunk, so he is still sober.

With this last bit of encouragement, she raised the cup and took a sip of the wine. First impressions? Bitter. Bitter and carbonated. A combination which she didn't like. But since it was just the sip, she pushed through and swallowed the red liquid.

"That's my girl!" Heavy Swordsman raised his mug excitedly, which caused some mead to spill. Not wanting to lose any more of the precious liquid, the swordsman quickly drank from the mug, 'Aaaaaaahing' after he emptied the mug.

And when this was said, the door to the guild opened. And even in a noisy Guild, everybody registered the door creaking. A familiar party of adventurers entered. Even though one member still doesn't consider himself an adventurer.

"Goblin Slayer-san!" Guild Girl's golden eyes litten up upon seeing her favorite adventurer. She immediately stood up from her chair at the counter and ran to Goblin Slayer.

The whole group stopped when Guild Girl ran to the party as the door closed behind the group of adventurers.

"Yeah?" asked Goblin Slayer in his usual monotone voice.

"I was getting worried about you. You said that you should be back before the birthday party starts. What held you five up?" asked Guild Girl.

"Goblins." answered Goblin Slayer. Guild Girl's head dropped down. She should have expected this sort of response.

"Thanks for stating the obvious! She is asking for the details!" yelled High Elf Ranger with frustration, standing beside Goblin Slayer.

"Is that so?" asked Goblin Slayer.

"Well... Yes." replied Guild Girl.

"Hobgoblins." answered Goblin Slayer.

This response made the blood boil in elven veins. She would slap Goblin Slayer if he wasn't wearing that damn helmet all the time! She wanted some payback for the time he bathed her in goblin blood. Again!

Clenching her fists and ready to strike, she was unfortunately stopped by Lizard Priest's tail, which grabbed and wrapped itself around the elven hands.

"I think what sir Goblin Slayer wants to say, is that there were five Hobgoblins and two Goblin Shaman in the nest, and we didn't expect so many of them when we took the quest. So the fight took longer than expected." answered Lizard Priest with his hands clasped together.

"Five of them? Are you alright?" Guild Girl asked the party. But in truth, her concerns were directed only on the masked mysterious man.

"Yeah." he simply replied.

"Goblin Slayer-san you were not alright! You broke your finger!" Priestess scolded her mentor in her cute childlike tone.

"Nothing major." Goblin Slayer turned to Priestess.

"And here I thought that I finally taught you how to speak properly." pouted the Priestess when she heard Goblin Slayer's constant one or two word answers..

"I'm sorry." Goblin Slayer apologized.

"Some things never change." Dwarf Shaman shrugged.

"Let go of my hands!" the elf yelled, squirming her hands, trying to get out of lizardman's grip.

Goblin Slayer's party joined the celebrations of the birthday. Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Ranger drank wine with everything they had, resulting in yet another competition between them. And even though Dwarf Shaman won every battle by a mile, High Elf Ranger is too stubborn to admit defeat. So a rematch is going on.

Lizard Priest excused himself from the celebrations after he wished Apprentice Cleric happy birthday. The nest they went into was pretty cold, and being the cold-blooded species he is, he went upstairs to lay beside a fireplace to get some rest. He could take a nap in the fireplace below, but there is so much noise that even when he was tired, he would never fell asleep there.

Goblin Slayer, Guild Girl and Priestess were eating roasted meat with potatoes at the table together. Guild Girl was asking Goblin Slayer bunch of questions about his quest and how he dealt with the five Hobgoblins. Unfortunately for her, most of the answers were the usual "Yeah" and "I see".

Priestess occasionally took a glance at Goblin Slayer besides her. It is more than half a year since he saved her from the horrible fate that awaited her inside that cave. Since then, she knew she had to join him on his quests. Even though they were only goblin quests, which still scared her slightly, she knew there is not a man with more wisdom than Goblin Slayer inside the Guild. If he would fight with Spearman, for example, she thinks Goblin Slayer would actually lose. He is an expert at analyzing opponents, so if he would have to fight Spearman out of the blue, she thinks he would be defeated before he could analyze his weaknesses. A rematch, that would be a different story.

Still, it's just her thought. Maybe he is more skilled than she thinks.

The things he have taught her are invaluable. Most of the adventurers didn't even know how scary and dangerous goblins are when they attack in hordes or when they evolve, before the night of the attack on the village. She just wishes that her first party had this knowledge. Now, everyone is dead. Even Fighter who survived the encounter was so traumatized by the event, that she committed suicide shortly after she was rescued.

Priestess looked at her savior, a knight in the shining armor. Well, not a shining armor. Or even a knight. But still, he gives her that feeling. Ever since that day in the cave, she began to develop feelings for the stoic goblin slaying machine.

And with each passing day, the feelings became stronger and stronger. She is shy, so coming forth with her feelings is hard. Especially when the one she has them for is Goblin Slayer. She can't imagine Goblin Slayer to ever return them. After all, another one captured his heart. More precisely, other ones. And there is room for goblins only, in Goblin Slayer's heart.

Maybe someday, there will be enough room for both her and the goblins.

"Are you alright?" asked Goblin Slayer.

It was now that Priestess realized that she dozed off for a moment while looking at him.

"H-Hai, Goblin Slayer-san." she nervously replied with a blush on her cheeks. Thankfully, Goblin Slayer never paid much attention to her blushing face.

As she resumed eating, she took her mind of Goblin Slayer and looked around the Guild. Mead was flowing fast, and everyone was enjoying the celebrations.

Then something caught her eyes. Priestess saw Female Knight sprinting outside, leaving Heavy Swordsman confused and his rookies at the table. Heavy Swordsman then looked at Priestess. But not with a usual smile, rather with a concerned face.

The swordsman raised from his seat and walked up to the Goblin Slayer, Guild Girl and Priestess.

"I am sorry for interrupting your dinner, but do you mind if I borrow Priestess for a moment?" asked Heavy Swordsman. And seeing the concerned face of Heavy Swordsman, Goblin Slayer gave him a nod of approval.

Priestess was surprised that Heavy Swordsman wanted to talk to her. He never actually did talk to her. So, she nervously got up and walked with Heavy Swordsman to the corner of the room to talk.

"What do you need, Heavy Swordsman-san?" asked Priestess politely.

"I apologize for taking you away from your friends so suddenly, but I wouldn't do this if it wasn't urgent. I want to ask you to check Female Knight's condition. You are a healer, right?" asked Heavy Swordsman.

"H-Hai." she answered.

Heavy Swordsman sighed and explained. "You see, it started a few weeks ago. For some reason, she became more distant and less talkative than usual. She doesn't even want to train with me or the rookies. I wouldn't be bothered if it was just me, but she always liked the rookies. And then I saw her vomiting behind the doors of this guild twice now. And every time I tried to help her out, she sent me back inside. Rather harshly. And judging by the face she made before she stormed off, I am sure that she is vomiting right now too. I am worried about her. So if you could check if she doesn't have a serious sickness, I would be very grateful. I would even join you on your goblin slaying quest whenever you would want to. Just... check her out. Please!" Heavy Swordsman bowed his head deeply Priestess only smiled in return.

"You don't have to go with us on the quest if you don't want to. I will gladly help her. It's my job as a priestess, to help others in need, after all."

"Thank you very much." replied Heavy Swordsman with a deep bow.

And as Heavy Swordsman predicted, outside of the Guild by the door, Female Knight, in her shining armor in the night, was indeed vomiting outside of the Guild. It wasn't a pretty sight, seeing the powerful knight in this state. Pale and choking on her own stomach fluids.

Priestess made her way towards the knight. "How are you?" asked Priestess once she reached her. Priestess began holding her hair as the last bunch of vomit came out of Female Knight's mouth on the ground. After a few harsh breaths, she wiped her mouth.

"Never better." she replied nonchalantly and smiled at Priestess.

"Please, don't lie. I heard from Heavy Swordsman that this has been going on for a while now. What's happening?" asked Priestess.

"So he told you." replied Female Knight.

"He is worried about you. And seeing you like this, I am too." Priestess gently said.

"I don't think I can tell you." Female Knight said and looked at the shorter girl.

"I am a priestess. If you will confess to me, I will not tell anyone else if you wish." said Priestess with a smile. Seeing the young, innocent and trustworthy girl smile was all it took for Female Knight to say what is wrong. In the end, she would have to go and confess her sins in the temple anyway, so confessing her sins to Priestess will spare her from the trip to the temple. And she knows and trusts this girl, so that's a plus.

"I am pregnant..." she said with head hung low. Priestess's eyes widened and she immediately asked.

"A-Are you sure?"


"Is it-"

"Yes. It's Heavy Swordsman's baby."

"Is that... a bad thing?" asked Priestess unsurely. The way Female Knight spoke gave the vibe she doesn't want the baby.

"Yes... No... I don't know." Female Knight said looking back and forth in confusion.

The knight eventually sat on the bench in front of the Guild with Priestess sitting on the bench beside her shortly after.

"It's just... we didn't plan this. After the night when we saved the farm, we shared a night of passion in the inn he was seated in. It was my first time and I was careless. I heard stories about how it's difficult for women to get pregnant so I never thought that the very first time I spent a night with a man I would fall pregnant. And now look at me. Disgraced knight. I am no longer pure and I slept with a man outside of wedlock. How am I supposed to become a Paladin now? How can the goddess grant me any kind of miracle after I stooped so low..." Female Knight hung her head low and her eyes became glassy. She tried to hold the emotions in her, but it was getting much more difficult when she was confessing everything.

"... Do you love Heavy Swordsman?" asked Priestess.

"I do." Female Knight admitted.

"Does he love you?" asked Priestess. She is still rather shy talking about love stuff with Female Knight. But if she needs to take it off her heart, she will be here. After all, she heard dozens of confessions like this in the temple where she was trained so she can try to at least help her somehow.

"I... I don't know. I hope so. It's been rather awkward since that night between us. I want to be with him, but I am too scared to confess. Especially now." Female Knight again confessed. Nearly breaking in tears. Priestess in response tried to calm the poor woman down by wrapping her small arm around the armor of the knight.

"May I ask another question?" asked Priestess.

"... Sure. I don't have anything to hide now." Female Knight said as she wiped her teary eyes, trying to regain her lost calm.

"What would it take for Heavy Swordsman to take a goblin slaying quest?" asked Priestess.

Female Knight's lips released a light-hearted chuckle after she nearly cried. "Honestly? I have no idea. He sees goblin quests beneath him. Claiming it's a pest that needs an exterminator and not an honorable swordsman like him. I personally think your party is a great exterminator of those pests if you ask me."

"Well, he is willing to become a member of our goblin slaying party for you. WHENEVER we want, if I would just check your condition. I think that shows some affection towards you at least. Furthermore, I don't think he is the kind of man to spent a night with his trustworthy party member and leave her the next day. He is an honorable swordsman after all. I think you should confess everything to him. You will be pleasantly surprised by his reaction." Priestess cheerfully explained.

"You are far too optimistic."

"Maybe." smiled Priestess. It was getting more and more comfortable talking about this with Female Knight which was really great. Priestess never had a friend with whom to talk about love, so this kind of talk is new, but welcomed. Still, even when she is curious, she didn't want to go into too many details. Especially about their night together. That seemed like a taboo topic.

"Do you really think he loves me?" asked Female Knight, looking for some reassurance in this chaotic time.

"I can't say for sure, but I think so. However, the thing I am sure of is that he is the kind of man that will take responsibility for his actions. He will not let you raise the child on your own and will do everything in his power to ensure the safety of both of you. Look at how he is treating the rookies under his wing. I am sure that even you can see that he has what it takes to be a great father." said Priestess.

It is true. If Heavy Swordsman made a mistake on the quest, he immediately apologized and gave her proper compensation for his mistake in terms of the reward they got from the Guild. Like the expenses to repair the armor for example. He really is a responsible man that is not looking for excuses.

And it's true that he didn't treat the four rookies under his wing as trainees and more like his own children. Preparing them for adventures, giving them necessary advice, praising them when they succeed, and pulling them up when they fell. A father through and through.

"But what about me? I... I am not good with kids." replied Female Knight, doubtfully looking at Priestess.

"You have a lot of time to get used to kids before your own will come. Nobody is ready to be a parent when the time comes. Being scared of it is perfectly normal. I would be surprised if you wouldn't. Children, in particular, are fragile creatures that need a lot of care and protection so they can grow properly. But if I had to choose a couple from Guild to watch over a child, I would choose you and Heavy Swordsman." Priestess reassured Female Knight.

It felt really good when Priestess told her that it's okay to be afraid. Being an adventurer requires you to be fearless and to welcome death with open arms. She indeed wasn't afraid when they fought direwolves, minotaurs or any other beasts. Now she was indeed afraid. For both her and the baby inside of her.

Thinking about it now more thoroughly, it didn't sound so bad to have a child with Heavy Swordsman. Yes, there is still the fact that their relationship is... complicated right now. But if anything, Priestess is right that Heavy Swordsman wouldn't leave her alone with the child.

"So. This is the end of my dream to become a Paladin..." stated Female Knight as she looked at the two moons in the night skies.

Changing sword, shield, and armor for a loose shirt and an apron. She never imagined that it would happen, but what can you do. In the end, it didn't bother her that much. Yes, the dream of being a paladin is over, but when she asked herself what would happen after she would become a paladin, she didn't have the answer except for more adventuring, which was getting kinda stale after all this time. Well, she had a vision of the future after she would become a paladin in the mind. As she and Heavy Swordsman lived a peaceful life in the town without a care in the world. Maybe she can settle for a life like that. Yes, the kid was never part of the equation, but it wouldn't be so bad to actually have a kid running around the house.

"It doesn't have to be." stated Priestess.


"I think I now see a problem why you weren't granted any miracles. Despite the fact you remained pure and worshiped the goddess." explained Priestess as she herself looked at the full twin moons on the skies.

"Than what is it?" asked Female Knight impatiently. Finally, someone can give her an answer to why she couldn't use miracles.

"The goddess we worship to grant us miracles is called the Earth Mother for a reason. Motherhood in the face of a goddess is a very precious thing. You seem like you didn't want to have any children. And because of that, the mother didn't grant you any miracle. You wanted the miracle for your own selfish reasons. Now when you will have a child, I think you will be able to use some miracles. After all, followers of the goddess are given these miracles to ensure that we will be able to protect our children in the future." Priestess's gentle voice rang through the night as she was still looking at the twin moons on the skies with a dreamy expression.

"I thought that being a virgin is the key in here." said Female Knight.

"It helps to get more miracles but it isn't a requirement. The important thing this is to remain pure until you meet the man you want to spend your whole life with. And seeing how you spoke about Heavy Swordsman, I think he is the chosen man. The man you will spend your whole live with, and father of your future children." smiled Priestess towards Female Knight.

"Of course it's him." mumbled Female Knight. He truly is the man she wants to spend the rest of her live with. She can't even imagine sharing a bed with anyone else. And a thought of giving her first time to someone else straight up disgusts her. Even when they were drunk he was very gentle with her and he made sure she enjoyed the night. She couldn't ask for a better person than him to share her first love making with.

"Then there is no problem! With a few prayers and begs for forgiveness, I am sure you will be able to become a paladin before the baby comes." Priestess said and remained in a cheerful attitude.

Well, Female Knight isn't a big worshiper like Priestess is, but she can see some logic in her words. And even if all of it it didn't make sense to her, who is she to tell Priestess that she is wrong? After all, she can't use the powers the small priestess can. So there has to be some form of truth in her words.

"Thank you for the advice and that you heard me out, Priestess. It helped a lot." thanked Female Knight to Priestess. Being lectured by a rookie. She had to chuckle at the irony of it all.

"Gladly. Just tell Heavy Swordsman everything and I am sure everything will work out fine in the end."

Female Knight looked at the young blonde girl beside her. How she is looking at the moons with a dreamy expression and a happy smile on her face. She had a pretty good guess on what's running through her head, after the conversation they just had. Well, since she just confessed, she should pull the truth out of Priestess too. It was about goddamn time for somebody to do that since everyone in the guild whispered it around, but nobody actually asked the girl

"So. You can't wait to have children yourself huh?" asked Female Knight with a devilish smile. Time to tease the poor girl.

"W-What?" Priestess averted her gaze from the moons and looked at Female Knight, not expecting the conversation to shift to her so suddenly.

"You said that wanting children helps to get miracles from the goddess. And since you have quite a few of them, I guess this has to be one of the reasons. You want kids." said Female Knight to Priestess.

"I- I – Well. It- it's-" blushing Priestess shuffled at her sitting spot nervously, not wanting to reveal her secrets to anyone.

"With Goblin Slayer." blatantly added Female Knight to increase the shock in which Priestess was in.

"W-w-whaaat? That's n-not true!" red-faced Priestess stuttered out a blatant denial of truth, which even a deaf guy could hear is a poor lie.

"Come on. Since I confessed to you, I think it's your turn now." Female Knight slapped Priestess back. She forgot how the other girl is fragile, so she nearly knocked the blonde priestess from the bench.

"Ou. Sorry." Female Knight sheepishly chuckled as she pulled Priestess back on the bench. After Female Knight apologized, she encouraged Priestess to come forth with the truth. Once the blonde cutie regained her seat, Priestess mumbled out even more incoherent mumble until she finally stopped fidgeting her fingers and staff and confessed.

"I-I-I- do..." Priestess closed her eyes tightly and with red cheeks, she mumbled out a quiet response that could be missed if a pin was dropped. Female Knight couldn't help but chuckle at the cute confession of Priestess.

"I have to say, you chose an interesting man. Can't imagine Goblin Slayer as a father. Hell bellow, I can't imagine him as anything other than a goblin grinder." stated Female Knight, looking at the night town in front of her.

"I know..." she mumbled again, now gripping her staff tightly as the conversation was getting more and more embarrassing for her. And more real. She is right. Goblin Slayer will never even think about having a family.

"But... despite my lack of imagination, I am sure that he would be a good father. After all, he offered everything he had just to protect his childhood friend at the farm. Imagine what he would do for his own family." Female knight smiled at Priestess.

"That's what I like about him. How he protects those he cares about, even when he doesn't want to admit it. The problem is, I don't think he wants a family. He only wants to slay goblins." Priestess looked down, with sadness in her voice and on her face.

"I don't think that's entirely true." Female Knight smiled again.

"Huh?" confused Priestess looked at Female Knight's face.

"He wants to go on an adventure. From his own free will. I guess you missed it because you were sleeping on his shoulder when he said that." Female Knight had to chuckle again as Priestess's cheeks flushed red upon remembering the time she fell asleep there.

And even though Priestess slept on a steel shoulder pad, it felt like sleeping on the finest pillow imaginable.

"Really?" asked Priestess hopefully.

"Yes. He said it to that pink-haired girl that was there with you just before he took off his helmet." commented Female Knight, smiling again.

Did he really want to go on an adventure? She looked forward to the time when Goblin Slayer will keep his promise to High Elf Ranger and go with her on the adventure. Priestess would tag along and they could experience some really exciting, non-goblin adventure. But even though she looked forward to it, she knew Goblin Slayer would never enjoy it. After all, no goblins, no enjoyment for Goblin Slayer. At least that's how it was before.

"He is changing. In the past, he never even considered talking to the other adventurers. Now, he is talking to nearly everyone in the Guild. Granted, his vocabulary still needs expansion, but talking to us is at least something." Female Knight chuckled again upon remembering the "Yeah" and "I see" of Goblin Slayer.

"S-so. Y-you think that me a-and h-h-him." Priestess asked hopefully. Bashfully, she rubbed her legs together and wiggled on the bench.

"Can do the deed? Sure. I mean, he can be as stoic as he wants, but as we recently discovered, he is still a man under that helmet. I don't think he can resist being surrounded with so many beautiful women be moved by it at least a little. The shell is cracking, and with the right people around, the shell will crack sooner than you would think."

Is there really a chance to turn the mind that thinks only of goblins, to think about a woman as well? That's something very hard to imagine. Well, at night, her mind got very creative and imagined it quite a bit. How it would feel to be under him, at his mercy, his much bigger body overshadowing hers and doing all the perverted things to her.

"Naughty, naughty little priestess. You were imagining it, weren't you?" Female Knight accused the blonde upon seeing her blushing face, snapping Priestess out of her daydream.

"I- w-w-well." Priestess choked on her words. "O mother forgive me for such indecent thoughts." Priestess shut her eyes and clasped her hands together, gripping the staff and asking the goddess for forgiveness.

Such innocence. Damn, if the goddess looks down upon even thoughts like this, she may never even get a miracle. But then again, Priestess has a couple of miracles and she is still naughty in her mind.

Female Knight looked at the door of the Guild to her right. Well, she might as well follow the advice Priestess gave her. She sighed loudly. "Well... I think it's time to go back in. I hope you are right about Heavy Swordsman."

Priestess and Female Knight returned to the guild through the door. Thankfully for the entering duo, nobody paid attention to them. The Guild got noisier, if that was even possible. Competition between High Elf Ranger and Dwarf Shaman was reaching its end due to the fact that High Elf Ranger was barely sitting in her chair.

Priestess gave a reassuring smile to Female Knight, and with that, the blonde knight went to the table with Heavy Swordsman and the two rookies. Seeing her, Heavy Swordsman stood up. And just by her expression, he knew she wanted to finally talk to him about her problems.

"What's wrong? Are you okay? Did I do something? If I did I am sorry." Heavy Swordsman apologized, bowing deeply.

"I am fine. And... We both did something... that one night." said Female Knight. Just being in his presence, she lost her confidence and avoided his gaze. She was now looking at the floor below, nervous and blushing.

Ooooh, so that's what it was. She is mad because of THAT night. That's why she is so distant. "Why didn't she said so?" Heavy Swordsman thought at first.

Heavy Swordsman is the type of man who goes with a flow. If he makes mistake, he tries to correct his mistake right away and then leave it at that. However, he did not consider that passionate night a mistake, so he didn't put much thought into it. Though, he should think how it would effect Female Knight. Of course, she is mad, she is a knight and follows the same code. Plus, she is a woman. Those things are much important to them than to men. "Am I really that stupid?" he thought, before finally answering to the Female Knight.

"You are mad about the night at the inn"

He should have toned down the mead that day. He drank a lot. Not enough for him to forget the night, but enough for him to take Female Knight to his bed. It was something he shouldn't have done, but he didn't regret it. He loved every second of it and wanted more, and from what he remembers, Female Knight wanted more too. However, since he always tried to follow the code, this was kinda troublesome. First marriage, then sex. That's how a knight should behave. But it felt right and he had no regrets, even though he knew he should. So he was confused about what to do next and didn't even realize she left that morning.

"I am sorry. I know we shouldn't do it, but it seemed right. If you wo-"

"I am pregnant."

Heavy Swordsman's eyes along with those of the rookies threatened to fall out of their sockets, when Female Knight blurted out the three word sentence. That was very surprising and out of nowhere reveal for the honorable swordsman. He misheard her. He had to... There's no way he got THAT lucky.

"Say what again?" Heavy Swordsman's voice much quieter while asking his question.

"I am pregnant... your child is in my belly." repeated Female Knight, shyly looking away from the swordsman.

Now it finally all made sense to Heavy Swordsman.

Suddenly Heavy Swordsman grabbed Female Knight by her waist, raised her up and spun her around. All the while screaming. "HA HA! I'm gonna be a father! That's amazing!" his booming voice echoed through the Guild, gaining the attention of the other adventurers.

"Shhhhhh! Nobody has to know!" whispered/yelled Female Knight still in Heavy Swordsman's arms spinning around.

"What are you talking about?! This deserves a celebration!" Heavy Swordsman yelled from the top of his lungs.

"You... You are not mad?" she asked when Heavy Swordsman stopped spinning with her.

"Why should I be? The prettiest girl in the Guild is carrying my child! I know, I should have proposed first, but hey, when you gotta improvise you gotta improvise!" he yelled out. He put the Female Knight on the floor and knelt on the floor.

"Rookie Warrior!" Heavy Swordsman made two claps with his hands.

It took some time for the rookie to recover from the shocking turn of events, but when Heavy Swordsman asked more forcefully, he knew what to do. He reached into his pouch, pulled a silver ring out and threw it to him. Heavy Swordsman caught it, and presented it to Female Knight.

"Now. Since we skipped the first part and got into baby making first, I guess we have to fix that. So, will you marry me?" asked Heavy Swordsman, kneeling in front of Female Knight, with a fairly ordinary silver ring in hand. He wanted to propose after that passionate night, when he figured out what to do next, but since she became so distant, he was waiting for the right moment. Seems like now is the perfect time.

And just like that, the Guild appeared to be under the silence miracle. Not a word was heard when Heavy Swordsman knelt and proposed. The Guild turned its attention to their table when the strong voice of Heavy Swordsman echoed in the hall, beating every other attempt at conversation. Seeing him spinning Female Knight dressed in her usual armor like she weighed nothing, everyone knew something was up. And a few seconds after, he is on his knees, with a silver ring in hand, proposing to her.

Female Knight got really embarrassed being watched by so many people as Heavy Swordsman was proposing. She stood at the sidelines most of the time, watching the others interact. She was never the center of attention. Not to mention they weren't even on a proper date together. Slaying monsters hardly count as a date. If it would, they would have already hundreds of them already!

"Come on, lady. Don't keep the old man in love waiting." teased Rookie Warrior both of his mentors. Sweet payback for the times they didn't let him rest during training.

"HA! This old man in love can still kick your novice ass any day." chuckled Heavy Swordsman with enthusiasm and acted like nothing major was happening. "But seriously. Will you marry me?" he turned to her.

"Wait. You love me?"

"Of course I love you. I wouldn't take you to bed and I wouldn't be proposing if I didn't." stated Heavy Swordsman. "I guess I should have planned this out more..." Heavy Swordsman scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Then there was a loud crash. A fully armored Female Knight tackled a fully armored Heavy Swordsman and she engaged in a rather passionate saliva exchange. Lying on his back, Heavy Swordsman instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist and returned the passionate kiss, dropping the ring on the floor in the heat of a moment. Female Knight pulled away slightly so she was just a few centimeters away from his face.

"I will gladly marry you." she said with tears in her eyes.

If you thought that the birthday celebration couldn't get any wilder, then you have thought wrong. As soon as Heavy Swordsman announced that not only he is getting married, but that he is going to be a father too, he went into a party mode. He bought everyone a mug of mead (rookies included), and they drank till they couldn't. Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric were already out thanks to that. And if you didn't want to drink, Heavy Swordsman took it as an insult. Poor High Elf Ranger didn't last long either after the competition with Dwarf Shaman. An hour after the announcement of the engagement, she blacked out and was completely out till the morning. To no one's surprise however, Dwarf Shaman was still going strong.

Female Knight, knowing she couldn't drink with a baby in her belly, sat next to Priestess, Goblin Slayer, Guild Girl, and Lizard Priest who woken up when Heavy Swordsman began shouting throughout the Guild building and pridefully yelling how he can't wait to have a little kid. Still tired, Lizard Priest went downstairs and congratulated Heavy Swordsman personally and then joined the table with his friends. And being as polite as lizardman is, he joined the celebration instead of going back to sleep.

Before Female Knight joined them at the table, she and her fiance had to find the ring which she knocked out of the Heavy Swordsman hand when she excitedly jumped at him. It didn't take long, because the ring was rolled right next to her when she tackled her lover. And now the silver ring is proudly sitting on her ring finger, which she admires with occasional glances at the shining piece of rare metal around her finger.

"I can't believe that this man I met nearly 8 years ago is my fiance." said Female Knight when she saw her now fiance dance on the table. Embarrassing not only him, but now even her.

"Even worse, father of your future baby." Guild Girl joked with a cute giggle at the end and most of the table began laughing. Except one man.

"What do you say on the antics of my fiance, Goblin Slayer?" asked Female Knight, the masked adventurer who was quiet the whole time. Referring to Heavy Swordsman as her fiance brought butterflies to her stomach. She still couldn't believe that Priestess was right and it worked out in the end.

The man of few words put his hand on the chin part of his helmet and thought about it. After a few seconds, he came up with an answer.

"He seems happy."

"I believe it's very reasonable for Heavy Swordsman-san to be happy. He found a mate and will have an offspring to which he will transfer all of his knowledge. My species celebrates the birth of a new lizardman greatly as there is not much of my kind anymore." stated Lizard Priest in his usual polite way.

"I don't think your kind celebrates it like that." Female Knight pointed at the table where Heavy Swordsman dances. The lizardman smiled back in response. No doubt about that, only Heavy Swordsman celebrates like this. "What do you think, Goblin Slayer? Do you think you could be happy with a woman by your side and a child on the way?" asked Female Knight, giving a devilishly small smile to Priestess and Guild Girl as she asked. The result were two blushing maidens at the table.

Goblin Slayer looked at the table on which Heavy Swordsman was performing his dance number. With all the drunk people around the table encouraging him for even more.

Being happy... Last time he was truly happy was when his sister was still alive. If she was happy, he was happy too. When she was sad, he was sad. And when he made her sad, that was the worst. Such a caring person didn't deserve to be sad.

He thought there is no option for him left. After what happened to his parents, and especially his sister, chance on happiness was gone with them. He dedicated his life to vengeance and wiping those creatures from this world. And it indeed felt good killing them. However he wouldn't say that goblin slaying made him happy. Killing goblins in his sister's name fills his heart with something, but it isn't happiness. More like a satisfaction with a job well done. And till this day, it was enough for him.

Goblin Slayer came to an interesting conclusion. The key to his happiness is a family. But creating a family of his own? He never thought of that. It could be great. Teaching his kids how to fight. What to avoid in goblin nests. Best way to decapitate goblins. Or how to deal with goblin shamans. Yeah. That sounds pretty good. After all, if he will not exterminate those creatures in his life, who better to inherit a mantle of Goblin Slayer than his own children?

"I think yes, I would be happy with a family of my own."

And upon saying those words, Priestess's and Guild Girl's eyes lit up.

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