Sorry if this is kind of jolty, I started writing this almost six months ago and got distracted because I sometimes have the attention span of a four-year-old and the only reason I have picked it up again is that I'm a terrible procrastinator and 'I'm writing' is a great excuse to not do useful stuff because it means I'm not lying on my bed staring at my ceiling for hour on end. I know that this is short, by the way, it's meant to be like that.

Also, I have decided to recommend a song every chapter, this chapter I recommend Disease by Beartooth because

A)It's got like a thirty-second breakdown in the middle and

B)It's just a great song in general

"Now that we are all acquainted with each other and the idea of magic, can I talk about the war?" Saskia stood up from the circle and started pacing, no, this was not Saskia, this was an emotionless killing machine, this was a ruthless foe and formidable ally, this was a being that looked past Dumbledore's warped ideals set in his mind by his former lover, past this fa├žade of good and unto his rotten core. This was a war-hardened thing that held no remorse and was the only one that killed Death Eaters who held no remorse for the 'leader of the light's' death, for their lack of a leader, of a mentor. "If you don't mind, I'm going to call a few people to help tell you everything," Hermione pulled Saskia aside.

"Who are you going to take out of action for a few days?" she muttered.

"Medicus, Omega, Isis, Summer, and Rook." And with a barely audible crack, she was gone.

Long Island, Camp Half-Blood

Saskia materialised just outside the border of Camp Half-Blood, while she had permission from the gods themselves, she didn't want to push her luck with them as they were very powerful allies by tearing through their defences and into the camp with their precious children in. She sent the gods a silent prayer and enter the camp normally, as the war-hardened girl trudged to the bright blue big house in heavy combat boots with steel caps and dark trousers meant for infiltration was a dark contrast to the bright and light colours of the children there who were dressed in whites and pinks and blues (basically most colours you can imagine but black with the exception of Nico).

As she entered the big house she was bombarded with an abundance of sound, the initiation video, she thought it was called but it was probably something else; in a room, to the side four people dressed entirely in black peering at a corkboard filled with red staring and photographs all leading to the face of a man who looked quite nondescript, but he obviously held some significance to the 'Sith' as most had begun to call it or the assassins wouldn't have been staring intently at all the intel they had in him and discussing who they would send in to give the final blow; in another room to the right, the door was closed but she could hear what was going on quite clearly, a squadron was planning their next attack; then she made her way down the hall to the door at the very end of the hall, it was closed it was never closed, things must have really gotten serious for them. She knocked on the door and entered, Percy was at the end of the pool table, Annabeth next to him signifying that she was his second in command, Clarisse was scowling as usual, but then everyone was, they had a right to. It was a war.

"Omega, you are needed." He had been pouring over a map with about a hundred figurines dotted around but started at her voice, he looked up his face set in a grim mask of determination, a silvery pink scar ran along his right eye to the corner of his mouth, one eye a lifeless grey, the other a striking sea green and stood. "Come, I need to brief you of your new mission."

"Yes, Genesis," they both left the room and that was when Percy Jackson, codename Omega, commander of the first phalanx exploded, "We had almost finished planning out our next attack!" He shouted, "What is so important for you to pull me out of doing that, you know that I have a huge role in the planning of our attacks!"

"I have a mission and have been sent by them" she looked very pointedly at the sky, "to collect a group of superheroes known as The Avengers and they are having a bit of trouble believing that there is anything but science in the world.".

Percy huffed but nodded, "I assume I am not the only one you are collecting to show them the true world." Saskia nodded but said nothing else on the matter other than "Hold on to my arm very tightly, I'm going to apparate."