Helen walked into the kitchen already dressed. With a not so innocent smile she asked Jess, "Christopher not up yet?" Jess looked up from her oatmeal. She tried hard not to blush, "Like you don't know." Gina who was also dressed and ready to go per her mother request. Looked at the 2 women and shook her head. Whatever they were talking about, she was sure she didn't want to know.

"If you feel like being helpful with the intakes today. You could sit down at the entrance and do what you do best." Helen said rubbing Jess' back a little. "And what is it, I do so well." Jess was sure Helen would make some kind of quip. "Putting people at ease. You've always had that ability to see who is scared and needs a little extra care." "Oh," Jess smiled. "After my morning session with Sally. I'll try and do that."

The Sanctuary was abuzz with the excitement, the last of the Old City Sanctuary team was finally arriving today. Ashley knew she would have to wait to see Henry and the Big Guy. Erika was crawling out of her skin, waiting to see Henry.

Gina and Daisy were going to take the lead on treating the Big Guy. Part of the reason it took longer to bring everyone to their new home was. The Big Guy need to be stabilized before he could be transported. Kate had sent all the test results they had so far. He was stable but his recovery was still unknown.

It was almost 11am when the Big Guy was brought into the infirmary. Helen had order a bunch of tests. Daisy didn't understand most of them, but she and Gina had developed a good working/healing rapport. As Daisy was treating a male Sasquatch one of the elders was also present. To put Daisy's mate Rock at ease.

Jess had just finished up with Sally and was walking back to the main entrance. She saw Bromley walking with someone. Bromley was easy to spot. Being about 7 feet tall with brownish skin and having 4 arms. Jess wanted to see who he was walking with. No one could be done with their entrance processing already.

Jess stopped at the door and was rubbing her baby belly. When she saw who it was a huge smile appeared on her face. The suit and hand on the hip was a dead giveaway. "Nikola Tesla, as you live and breathe."

"Are you the welcoming party?" He asked, not really caring. She looked him over, then turned to Bromley. "Bromley, I'll take care of Mr Tesla. Why don't you go back and give the Pili a hand or 2." Bromley shook his head and in his deep calm voice, "Very fun Miss Jessica."

Jess turned her attention back to Nikola. She tried not to blush at the thought of the dreams Helen was projecting on to Jess. Jess fixed Nikola's handkerchief in his top pocket, it was baby blue to match him shirt. "Much better. Now let's get you to Helen's office." Jess grabbed Nikola's hand and tucked it in her arm. Nikola seemed both impressed, impatient and nervous. Jess decide she would ignore what Helen had said about complementing Nikola.

"Mr. Tesla, I must say. I have been looking forward to meeting you since Helen told me you were actually still alive." Nikola seemed to perk up at this. "Any reason in particular?" "Well, I must have done at least 6 papers on you in high school. Including 1 that was supposed to be about Edison. But because I spent half the paper saying Edison was over rated and half his stuff wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for the things you had invented. I only got a C on it." "That's unfortunate." He patted her arm.

Nikola was starting to like this person. He looked her over as they waited for the lift. Jess had to be a friend because she kept talking about Helen. Not Dr Magnus like the big handy guy who brought him to the city. He figured she had to be 35-40, 5 and a half feet tall. When she wasn't pregnant she probably had some curves to her. He guessed she was currently weighing about 190lbs. Nikola fancied himself a leg man, but couldn't help noticing the rack that Jess had.

When the lift doors open he stuck out his elbow for her to take. Jess smiled, and once again was trying not to blush at Nikola's finale thought about her 'rack'.

Once off the lift, they walked down to Helen's office. Jess felt the need to help and protect Helen somewhat. "Now Mr. Tesla-" "Please you my call me Nikola." He flashed a smile and she could feel the ego Helen had try to warn her about. "Alright Nikola, Helen has had to play things very close to the chest. Please go easy on her." Jess said stopping and tugging on his lapel playfully as she continued, "As she slowly reveals everything she's kept hidden, from you." For a minute she thought he was going to blush.

They continued over to Helen's office. When they stopped outside her door they both turned to look behind them. At the sound of Helen's very high heels. Jess could feel the heat coming off Nikola, as he took in the sight of her, short grey business skirt and jacket. A white blouse underneath, killer pumps and her hair hanging down.

"Jessica, I see you've found Nikola already." She shot Jess the, you better watch it look. "I knew you'd be busy with your Big Guy. Besides you did ask me to watch out for the new arrivals." Jess turned to Nikola before Helen could give her another look. "Mr… I mean Nikola, I look forward to getting to know you. Now that Helen is here. I'll leave you in her very capable hands." Jess grabbed Helen's hand and placed it in Nikola's. The images and heat that both of them projected made her gasp. She walked away.

Helen thought she heard Jess mumble something about 'Needing to find Chris.'

Helen saw the look in Nikola's eyes. She had kissed him and now they would have to decide which way to take their relationship. She swiped her bracelet and her door unlocked. She ushered him inside. She closed the door behind him and he grabbed her. Holding her tightly, the same way he had held her after she had survived the Titanic.

"Nikola, I told you I was ok, when we spoke on the phone." When he loosened his grip she led him to her desk. Her desk was safer than sitting on the sofa with him. She motion for him to take a set. Helen moved to the other side of her desk to sit down. If she hadn't been so busy trying to control her own feelings. She might have notice Nikola had not said a word yet. Not even her name. She went to pull out her chair. Nikola had been standing right behind her. In one swift move he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against his chest. She gasped and placed her hand over top Nikola's. He placed his face in her neck, inhaling.

Helen found she was unable to think or breathe, "Nikola?" "You scared me!" "I'm sorry," she tried to turn and face him. But he held her in place. "I haven't been that scared since 1912." His voice was low and gravely. Helen rubbed his hand, "Nikola, we need to talk."

"Why did you have to kiss me like that?"

"I had to!"

He used his magnetic ability to lock the door and kicked the sturdy wood coffee table so it slide up to the door, for good measure.

Helen was letting go of all her stress and fear from the last 100 years. They both had fallen asleep on the sofa. Helen's head was resting on Nikola's chest. He had tossed a nearby blanket over them.

Helen started to wake as he was drawing lazy circles on her flesh. She kissed his chest, "What time is it?" Nikola wrapped his arms around her so she couldn't move. She looked up at him, "Nikola, it must be dinner time. I need to check my computer." Nikola pouted as he released her. She stood taking the blanket with her. Nikola wasn't shy about laying there, as if she wouldn't be able to stay away.

"Dear lord, it's almost 7 o'clock." She looked at Nikola who just smiled and gave her sassy wink. She push a few buttons on her computer and her face grew very serious. Nikola got up and made his way to her. "Nikola, the test are back. He's most likely going to have permit nerve damage." He started picking up their discarded clothes. He knew she would want to go see her hairy butler.

Helen had decided she would bring Nikola up to his room, before going to see her old friend. As they entered the living unit they saw Chris barefoot and in only his green cargo pants. He was coming out of the kitchen with a tray of food. She could see him smile as he took in their rumpled look. But Helen pretended on to notice.

"Nikola, this is Christopher, Jessica's husband." Chris shifted the tray of food to one hand so he could shake Nikola's. Nikola couldn't help but wonder, why Helen would have them sharing living space with them. Had Nikola not been a genius and a vampire. He may have been intimidate by this large man, who looked like he should be playing American football.

"I see Jess and I weren't the only ones to miss dinner," Chris teased looking them over. "That sandwich is not for Jessica. She hates cabbage." Helen snatched half of the sandwich, Chris gave a halfhearted 'hey'. Helen explained she had just brought Nikola up, before going to see her friend the Sasquatch in the infirmary. Chris hinted that before going to see someone that has a rather good sense of smell. She might want to take a quick shower. Especially if her friend wasn't a fan of Nikola's. Helen gave him a you're probably right smile and pushed Nikola towards the kitchen.

After showing him that he had one draw in the frig just for him, with 3 different types of blood plasma. She showed him to his room while she put her hair up and showered off her body. Then dress to go to the infirmary. She told Nikola to behave and that she would be back soon.

Nikola looked around his room. It was an adequate space for one person. He did like that she already had 4 suits hanging in his closet, some pajamas and boxers in his dresser. And his own wine case that housed a dozen bottles of wine already. He slide the door to the bathroom. He liked that the shower and bathtub were big enough for 2. He then decide to check out Helen's room. Of course her room was almost twice the size of his room. Even though the whole city was modern but Helen's room looked very similar to her room in Old City, including a huge 4 poster bed. He smiled with an idea how he could greet her when she came back.

Helen walked up to the Big Guy's room, and was surprised to see Cao, a feral telepath, standing watching him from the window. "Cao, I didn't expect to see you here?" He smiled, "Good evening Dr. Magnus. Gina asked me to check in on her patient every few hours." "You didn't have to do that I'm sure Jess would have been happy to do it." "I'm sure she would but she does have a busy schedule for a pregnant person." He could sense she was about to abject to the pregnant part, so he added. "Jess, tends to try and do to much as it is, it can't be good for the baby. Besides Lee and I enjoy being useful too." Helen squeezed his shoulder, "Of course, I'm glad Gina saw fit to ask you. So, how is he doing mentally?" "He's much happier to not be bouncing around a truck. He has pain, but whatever Gina and Daisy did has helped. He seems to be worried about you. I've tried to impart that you were ok and looking forward to him recovering." "Thank you Cao, I really appreciate your help."

Helen walked into his room, there was the scent of sweet herbs. He was laying on the bed covered by a thin blanket. Gina had him dress in scrub bottoms, but no top. Just the bandage around his broken ribs. She walked over and placed her hand on his head. His eyes fluttered open for a second. "I hope you can forgive me. I should have been there to treat you myself. Besides myself, I have a team of people to care for just you when I'm seeing to other things. You might be interested to know I haven't even seen Henry yet." She chuckled, "I don't expect Erika will let him out of their room for a day or two. I have a few surprises for you, so you need to get better. I expect Kate will be needing daily updates on you, until you can tell you herself, that you are well again."

She stayed for about 20mins talking to him and holding his hand. She knew she should go and let him rest. Which was confirmed by Gina who appeared in the window. Cao must have left and Gina was now there to check up on him. Helen felt pride as she saw her daughter in a lab coat with a tablet, looking over his test results and vials. Gina walked in the room and told her mother to come visit in the morning. When they would see the rest of the test results. Helen kissed her daughter before heading back to her room and Nikola.

Helen was tired and a little sore as she made her way back to her room. She was a little surprised to not fine Nikola in her room. She looked at her different nightgowns. She decided on a simple cream colored one that happened to be very short. When she heard the bathroom door slide open. She put on her best poker face and turned around.

He was bare foot and went with just pajama bottoms. He was holding 2 glasses and a bottle of wine that had been in his room. He was also grinning ear to ear. "Not like you to turn in so early Helen." He walked over to her a glass.

"I hope you like your room." Helen said blocking him for sitting on her bed. Nikola pouted and walked over to the 2 nice padded chairs and table that made a sitting area in her room. "Yours seems bigger and nicer, but I will say the shared bathroom between up is a nice touch." He placed the bottle on the table and sat down.

Helen walked over to him with a slight sway to her hips. Nikola took a large drink, as he watched her. Taking a second sip from her glass she placed it on the table. Then took his away, placing it beside hers. She put a hands on the arms of the chair. Leaning in she placed a kiss on his lips that took his breath away.

Helen told Nikola it was time for bed. He was going to protest until she pushed him into her bed and told him to "Shut up." "Helen, be careful 2 can play this-"

Helen kissed him, "I thought I told you to shut up."

In the morning, Helen looked herself over in the mirror. She was wearing a dark blouse with a higher collar and a pair of dark slacks. Gina was dressed and in the kitchen warming 2 English muffins. She was sure her mom would want to check on her Sasquatch before starting her day.

She question her mom about Nikola as they made their way to the infirmary. Gina was happy if her mom was happy. Gina just wanted to know if Nikola knew about her and Gregory, not to mention Ashley. Helen promised she would talk with Nikola at lunch. She had planned on taking Nikola for a tour and then they'd have lunch in the kitchen. Where she would make her confession. Gina hoped it would go well. She couldn't remember the last time she saw her mother both happy and relaxed.

Nikola showered, shaved and dressed in one of his new suits. He wondered who else shared the living area. Henry and his mate were obviously in a different unit. But with a total of 10 bedrooms in their unit. Beside the pregnant one and her muscly husband. He could smell at least 2 others. They seemed familiar but he couldn't place the scent. Helen had asked him to come to her office at 10:30. She would show him around and more importantly show him his private lab. Which was 2 doors down from Henry's.

Helen shown Nikola around then brought him to his lab. He was happy with all the toys and yet another wine cooler. He still had to make a comment about it needing to put his stamp on it.

They didn't do much talking in his lab. They were busy checking out how comfortable his sofa was. As they redressed, having been more careful this time to not leave their clothes in a pile to wrinkle. "Nikola, we really need to talk." Helen said as she sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to her. Nikola slide on his vest and sat down next to her. "Reveal your secret to me Helen Magnus." Helen smile and ran her finger through his hair. "Nikola, there are so many things I need and want to tell you. But there are 2 very important ones." Nikola took her hand and smiled, "Did it work?" Helen looked at him, unsure of what he meant. "I figured one of them out this morning. A few years back you asked me about creating what you called a bubble in an EMP shield. So did it work? Were you able to save Ashley?" She placed a very tender kiss on his lips, "Yes, it worked. She is still recovering and will be for a while. She is in the 3rd ward because she still is dangerous. Although she doesn't mean to be." Helen then went into how lonely she was in her seclusion. And the fact she deliberately tried to get pregnant by James. Which resulted in her giving birth to twins Georgina and Gregory.

Nikola seemed hurt at first, but realize he wasn't even an option. Because they had to meet in Roman to maintain the timeline. It also explained the scent he couldn't identify in the living unit. It was a mix of James and Helen's DNA. She also told him how she had to hide the kids and that Jess had raised them since they were 8yrs old. Nikola reassured her that he would try to put his best foot forward with all of them. If they were important to Helen, he would be at his best.

Jess and Chris decide to have dinner in the rotunda cafeteria. Allowing Helen to introduce Nikola to the kids over dinner, in the unit. Willow made her way over to their table. Her Jaguar feet made no noise. She let her tail touch Jess' leg and mention it was nice to see them. Willow had been very lonely when her family had arrived having lost her sister and their mate. It was Jess with her tender heart and genuine curiosity to learn about other residents. That made Willow feel comfortable and more at home. There had been a few times when Chris had brought his guitar to the rotunda and played. Causing Willow to teach Jess a few special dances. The dances were ones she did with her sister, to show their love for each other. And it was also for the benefit of their shared husband. Jess had it clear she liked dancing with Willow. Her fur was like velvet, but that Chris was hers. Willow respected their union but did tease Jess occasionally.

-the next day-

"Hello Willow, Jess, Chris, may I join you?" Van said, one of the other 2 that shared the duties of 'Head of House' for Sanctuary city 1. Van people were somewhat nocturnal, waking in the late afternoon around 4 or 5. Helen worked the day and over lapped with Pili. Pili worked midday to evening over lapped with Van, who took the night. This meant they each had less pressure, except Helen was still head of the 3 underground cities.

Chris motioned to Van, "Van, please sit down." Jess smiled as Willow returned to her grandkids. "Tell me Van, what's new?" Jess asked as she sliced a fruit on her plate. It had the texture of a coconut, but tasted like a banana.

"Well, 1 of the new intakes in the aviary keeps getting picked on. I've left 2 messages for Magnus, but I haven't heard back from her. Tesla seems to monopolizing her time. So I'm just going to move him and his mate to a separate enclosure for a few days." "Well, you are a Head of House. It's not like you need Helen's permission," Chris said. "That is true, but it's normal something the 3 of us would discuss. I've had Helen respond to messages at all hours if she's still awake." "Oh Van, give the woman a break. Poor thing has had a very stressful 100 plus years. If she needs a few days, to relieve that tension. I think we should give her some slack, to do just that." The Emule people like to be direct. Van agreed with Jess, Helen did need a holiday, he would cut her some slack for a few days.

-3 days later-

Helen's desk way starting to pile up with reports and requests. In order to get some work done without Nikola distracting her. She had asked him to go check some of the water filters. 4 of them had marked decline in efficiency. Perhaps Nikola could find a way to fix or even increase them. At least it would keep him busy for a while.

Nikola had checked 2 of the filters. He knew Helen was just giving him something to do. Informing him she would be working through lunch and not to disturb her. Unless he wanted her to work through dinner as well. The next filter was one in the mermaid pond. Nikola had heard Helen's little friend, Jess, talking about Sally and the children. Nikola would never admit it out loud but he was glad Sally was no longer alone. Possibly the last of her kind.

Sally was sitting on a ledge on the side of her pond. It was meant to add in getting in or out of the pond on the front side. Sally liked it so she would basket and talk with Jess. Sally was still helping Jess learn to control and focus her new telepathic abilities. Jess was reclined on a special back rest Gregory had made for her. She still had over 2 months left to go before she was do and her back didn't always appreciate Jess not wanting to slow down.

The 2 youngest merkids Ruby and Jem were playing with a ball and basketball type hoop Jess had Gregory set up for the kids. Sally was thanking Jess, the kids were enjoying it so much. Jess said when they got bored with it. She'd come up with something else. They noticed Nikola walking down the path. He seemed to be muttering to himself.

Nikola looked up from his pad and saw Sally talking with Jess. He was still trying to decide if he liked her or not. Nikola found himself jealous of how close Jess and Helen were. This other life Helen had been living having James' kids. Handing them off to this Jess person when they were only 8yrs old. Putting her in charge of Ashley's mental recovery. Yes, he was jealous, but he'd never admit that either.

As he approached and saw how Jess was propped up and twitching her one foot. He thought she looked like some sort of sea life. Not a seal or walrus, she didn't have whiskers. Maybe some kind of whale, he mumbled. "I know a pilot whale. That's it a pilot whale asking a mermaid for help back into the water." He snickered as he nodded in their direction, as if saying hello. He didn't stop but kept walking to the filter he was going to check.

Sally looked at Jess, they both heard his thoughts and knew he had spoken them out loud. "Jess, he didn't mean it. He's just in an off mood." Sally said not truly believing her own words. "Nice of you to say my friend. But we both know, to think something is one thing. To say it out loud is another. (She passed) Think I'll go, tell the kids I'll see them later." Jess rolled over and struggled to her feet. She did feel like a big fat whale. Gina and Pili had done her prenatal exam yesterday and told her that she was a little on the heavy of what was normal. She missed the normal teasing she and Helen did while doing her exam. But when Helen didn't show after 20mins Gina and Pili did the exam instead.

Pili was a very kind and patient woman, but she was mentally grumbling about Helen, as she was examining Jess. Jess didn't say anything when Pili realized that by touching Jess. It made it easier for Jess to hear and feel what was going on in someone's head. Jess told Pili not to worry, Helen would be back to normal soon, she hoped.

-earlier that day-

The Big Guy had finale woke up in the morning and was surprised to see a female Sasquatch standing outside his room talking with Helen. The young lady in the room remind him of Helen. She even smelled a little like Helen. When Helen told him that Gina was her daughter. He laughed, but had to stop because of his ribs. She also told him about Ashley. He asked to see her as soon as possible. Gina said she would check if it would be possible maybe tomorrow. Henry's visit yesterday morning had gone great. But Gina would have to check how Jess what to proceed with the Big Guy.

Gina expected to see Jess for lunch, but lunch time came and went. When she asked the computer to locate Jess. She wasn't in the building. Gina thought it odd that she would still be hanging out with Sally. But she went to check. Sally meet her topside. She was still upset about Nikola, upsetting Jess. She told Gina what he had said. How it had hurt Jess and that she had left.

Gina needed to have a word with her mother. She walked up to the first computer she saw. She swiped her bracelet and asked it to locate her mother. She was in her office. Gina quickly made her way there. Telling herself not to raise her voice at the same time as telling her off.

Jess was not the type to get easily offended, and it was hopefully, probably partly the hormones. Either way, Gina opened the door to her mother's office without knocking. She half hoped Nikola was in there too. That way she could tell them both off at the same time.

Helen was reading a report about a new type of food City 3 was starting to grow, when her door swung open. It was Gina and she looked upset. Maybe something was wrong with the Big Guy. "Gina, what's wrong?" She ask ready to jump up and run where ever she might be needed.

"What's wrong?" Gina took a breath trying not to be disrespectful, but firm. She had her hands on her hips. "Well mother, there are multiple thing wrong! Jess has been the one person constantly sticking up for you with this whole Nikola... sex feast. But I'm done don't expect me to put on a happy face around either of you, until you make it right with Jess." There Gina thought tough but not disrespectful. She turn to leave, but Helen stood up. "You care to explain yourself, more fully young lady?"

Helen went and closed the door. Gina stood with her arms crossed in front of her. Helen thought of all the time Ashley had done the same thing when she was mad at her. "Were do I start? Everyone was happy the first day or two after Nikola arrived. You were happy so we all feel inline behind Jess who said give her a break. Van and Pili have been grumbling about you dropping the ball on things." "Pili?" "Yeah she and I did Jess' prenatal yesterday, when you no showed." Helen pinched the bridge of her nose. "That was yesterday? Why didn't you call me?" "We tried the computer showed you in your but the communions must have been turned off. Because you never answered. Jess mentioned that you also didn't show up to see Ashley. But her first visit with Henry went well she said."

Helen sat down on the couch, feel miserable. "Alright, anything else?" "Oh yeah, try your lover boy made some a comment about Jess looking like a beached whale. While she was talking with Sally. I only know this because I went looking for Jess. She's not in the building. So I went to the mermaid pond, Sally said Jess left and no one has seen her. She's supposed to be one of your best friends, so fix this." Gina turned and left her mother to her thoughts.

Helen would checkout the communication later right now she wanted to make sure her friend was alright. Because Chris worked the grounds he had placed different benches (Gregory had made) around the walking lawn/garden. Helen knew where Jess' favorite spots were. It was the 2nd spot she found her at. At first Helen thought Jess was a sleep, with her legs up on the bench.

"Did you need something?" Jess asked in a soft voice. Helen walked around to sit and face Jess. Jess was always joking and smiling, but right now her face was quite long. "Who says I want something? Besides shouldn't you know already?"

Helen reached out to touch her leg, but Jess pulled away. This time she wasn't being funny. "Right now, I'm a little preoccupied with my hormones." Which wasn't a total lie, Jess told herself.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Jess didn't answer she just shrugged. Helen though Jess look like she might cry. "You've never been shy about telling me what to do or telling me off. Why aren't you the one giving me attitude? Tell me what a selfish arse I've been." Nope Jess didn't even flinch at her using the word arse. This time Helen grabbed Jess' ankle and didn't let go. She was hit with a wave of sadness and agony. She saw flashes of Jess repeatedly telling people to cut Helen slack. Then she saw Nikola walking by the pond and what he had said. Jess pulled her feet away and placed them on the ground.

"That's not very polite. I told you I am feeling a little hormonal." Jess rubbed her belly. "Really... Really, I don't think so. I think you've been sticking up for me and I have let you down. I hadn't planned this thing with Nikola." "Well, I did tell you to go for it." Jess managed a half smile, but it didn't reach her eyes. "You also told me to take a few days off. I thought I could do both. Still do everything I was doing and just add Nikola in. Guess I didn't take into account his Vampire stamina." Helen nudged Jess with her shoulder playfully. "Or how mush steam you need to blow off," Jess flash Helen a real smile this time, and nudged her back.

Helen took Jess by the hand, tucking it in her arm they walked inside, "Starting tomorrow, you will find me back in control and on task." Jess asked why tomorrow Helen said she had something she need to take care of tonight. Jess thought it must mean some wild sex. So she blocked any of Helen's thoughts from coming through.

Helen marched into Nikola's lab. He was sittings on his sofa swirling a glass of wine. "Ahhh Helen, tell me you have more wine hidden somewhere. I'd hate to think I need to start rationing my wine intake." Helen stood in front of him tapping her shoe. Nikola immediately sat up, what could he have done to get that 'I'm going to shoot you look'. "I want to hear you say it?" "You're beautiful?" He smiled, hoping for a clue. "Really… Really! How could you?" "Helen, please elaborate. What did I do or not do to piss you off?" He said putting down his wine glass and tried to standing up. Only Helen pushed him back down, "Jess, has admired your work. And even after I told her not to stroke your ego. She still told you she thought your inventions were great. And then your go and make a totally insensitive comment like that!" Helen was pacing back and forth in front of him. "I haven't seen or spoken to her all day… Well I saw her with Sally, but I didn't talk to them." "They are both telepathic, genius! They both would have probably forgive you for think something cruel, but to say it out loud."

Nikola thought back, he had been in a mood when he passed them. He'd never seen Sally sitting above the water like that. Next to Jess who was laying there like a beached- "Son of a Bitch!" "Ahhh, now you remember?" "But, I swear I just mumbled it under my breath. I was just in a mood." "So you take it out on her? One, she has been an amazing friend. Two, she pregnant. Three, she did like you. Four, she's been telling everyone go easy on us. And Five, she was the one telling me to stop fighting me feeling for you and go for it." With each point Nikola sunk lower and lower.

"Ok, I admit it. I'm an ass. How do I fix this? What do I do to make this right?" He asked holding out his hand. She took it and sat down next to him. "I don't know Nikola. Jess tries to see good in everyone. For someone to hurt her- Oh Dear, You might want to avoid Christopher, the kids and Bromley oh and Trevor, Lang and Willow and-" "Ok Helen, I get it everyone loves her." "Actually Erika and her don't seem to get along. I'm hoping it's just hormones." Helen said leaning into him. He put his arm around her and picked his glass with the other one. "You just have to fix this Nikola."

"Hmmm.. A farm girl.. wife.. auntie to your kids.. soon to me mom.. telepathic.. anything else I need for my equation?" He took a sip of his wine. "She's say her family all sucks except her Grandmother Georgina and her Grandfather Harold. Oh Harold was of the Choctaw Nation." "Very well, I will verbally apologies tonight before bed and I will come up with a way to make it up to her." Helen placed a kiss on his cheek, "There's a good chap."