Chloe Bourgeois: "It's fabulous, utterly fabulous! I feel so much better, now that I'm nicer to everyone! Yesterday as Queen Bee I worked with Ladybug to defend Paris from my akumatized Daddy, I told my butler Jean-something that I'd put away the furniture all by myself. and I didn't even snarl at Sabrina when she got a sum wrong on my maths homework! Well, maybe a gave her a dirty look… but I think I'm making some kind of progress, right?

Guy in chair, taking notes: "Hmm, yes it would appear so. A few incidents like this, and I'd say you're well on your way to redemption."

Chloe: (confused) " 'Redemption'? That seems a strange way to describe mild self-improvement. Still, no matter! Starting from tomorrow, I'm totes turning over a new leaf! I'll stand up to apologize in front of the entire class, I'll tell Adrikins I only ever had feelings for him as a brother, and maybe I'll even cut that baker's girl some slack by making an effort not to insult her clumsines… why are you shaking your head like that?"

Guy in chair, no longer taking notes: "No, Miss Bourgeois, this won't do at all! We still have at least another three seasons to go, possibly more. And while I can draft in Lila as an adequate replacement later on, your tireless akumatizing antics still have a place on the show. I see no other option but to perform… A COMPLETE RESET!"

Chloe: (bewildered) "Seasons? Replacement? Show?! What are you talking about… wait, what's that futuristic pistol you're pointing at me? What kind of a psychologist are you anyway?"

Guy standing up, out of chair: "This thing? Just a little device called a 'Memory Gun', that I borrowed from my good friend Alex H. And in answer to your second question, whoever said I was a psychologist?! Now try to relax please, this procedure will take but a second…"

Chloe: (panicking) "Stop! No, I don't want this! Ladybug! Sabrina! Chat Noir, even! H-Help M-Me…" ZAP!

Guy who's just fired the blast: "There, that wasn't so bad was it? Now, Miss Bourgeois, tell me what you want to do next. I believe you mentioned something about saying sorry to everyone…?"

Chloe: (irritated) "Sorry?! As if! First of all, I'm going to find my Adrikins and cling onto him for the rest of the day! Then, I'll find that pitiful excuse for a girl called Sabrina, and force her to concoct yet another hare-brained scheme to get Marinette Du-lame-Cheng into trouble again… why are you looking so happy, strange obese man with a beard whom I've never met before now?"

'Obese' guy with facial hair: (jubilant): "Success! You are now free to go, Miss Bourgeois. Have a nice day, and remember: Never change!"

Chloe: (rolling her eyes); "Gladly! This is all just ridiculous, utterly ridiculous! If you want to scrub my 24 carat toilet later, I may be able to offer you a job. Otherwise, stay the heck away from me, weirdo!"

Thomas A: (thoughtful) "Now, what to do about the pressing problem that we only have the budget for 25-and-a-half episodes this season? Oh wait… I know! And those fools won't even notice the difference!"