Ella, Chloe, and Dan were sitting over their desk looking for their new case but the blonde woman could not concentrate on all the changes that had been made in the last months. Maze left their home and turned back to Lucifer but this time with Linda in her hands after the case with her ex-husband Reese Getty, the demon could not leave the only friend who knows the truth about her being hurt and asked the devil to buy them a house to stay together.

Chloe understood the black woman's anguish about psychiatry but was envious at the same time because Maze has not shown such emotions to her side, like caring and friendship.

Dan focused only his work and Trixie after Charlotte broke up with his after the beach accident and his hatred for Lucifer became in the size of the Grand Canyon because the lawyer started to hung out with Lucifer

Ella stopped talking about the god and the angels whenever her partner walked into the room and for her birthday, Lucifer bought her a car. The woman was so jealous after that who accused the young girl of sleeping with him for getting such an expensive gift.

Pierce was tougher with her and formed a friendship with the man who believes he is the devil. On the back of her mind, she believed that these two men would fight for her after her date with Pierce but Lucifer don't even blink for that topic. He start to hung out a lot with Linda.

And Lucifer.

Lucifer had the biggest change from all of them. He stopped flirting with her and going to the crime scene together as he chose his own club and he is no longer interested in helping people.

Chloe looked toward Marcus's office where Lucifer had been for almost an hour now. She hoped he is not in trouble. She was planning on asking Ella if she is free to go out tonight so that they can go out for dinner and drinks. Maze, Charlotte and Linda had already agreed when she texted them earlier, All four girls are close to Lucifer, so Chloe was hoping that they would give her advice on how to go about getting a date with him. She have grown too really like Lucifer and all his irritating quirks.

She was currently sat at her desk staring at the door to Marcus' office, not getting any of her work done. What could possibly be taking them so long? She'll find out somehow. Maybe Lucifer will spill some information or will be chatty when they are investigating their next case.

The thoughts were interrupted by Ella.

"Wow! He's hot!" whispered Ella causing the others to look. The man looked young but had a danger about him. His black hair was slicked back. He had on tight black jeans, a tight black t-shirt, a black duster, and black biker boots. The epitome of the bad boy.

Chloe raked him with an appraising look. The man was looking around as if looking for someone. He smiled and the others followed his line of sight. He was looking straight at Lucifer.

After a few minutes, a girl walked into the station stood right next to the young man. It was a surprise that they were related as they looked exactly alike with the same shoulder-length, black hair that seemed to curl at the end with matching big, glacier blue eyes and sweet little button noses. The girl wore white skinny jeans, purple converse, and a long-sleeved blue top.

"Hector!" a polished British voice called out from behind them.

Lucifer was there and he was beaming. Beaming! Chloe thought she might need to sit down from the shock of seeing a smile on his face that wasn't a self-satisfied smirk or devilish grin.

"Hey old man!" Said the boy or Hector as the girl shrieked exuberantly, launching herself at the man.

Detective Decker wasn't so much surprised that the girl wrapped her arms around the man since she seemed like a hugger. No, Detective Decker was shocked out of her senses that Lucifer was squeezing back. This was the first time she'd ever seen him enjoy affectionate, non-sexual human contact. It was too weird for words.

"Aria?" He managed. "Really?"

Hector walked to Lucifer while he was studying the older man."Hi," Hector, bless him, broke the silence, and held his hand out to be shaken.

''Hello father they said at the same time.

Chloe looked at him with shocked expressions. "Did they just call you father?" Chloe asked Lucifer. He had never mentioned anything about having a daughter.

After that the woman who walked in was walking as if she owned the very ground she walked on and power seemed to be radiating off of her in waves. She had sleek brown hair that went to her waist with loose waves. Her hair seemed to contrast amazingly to her porcelain skin that almost seemed to shine in the sun. She had light blue eyes that made you just want to obey her every command, and her outfit seemed to curve around her body perfectly like a second skin.

The mystery women slowly walked into the room looking at everything before turning her attention to Lucifer."Hello Samael. It's been awhile hasn't it?" The mysterious woman walked around the room until she stopped right in front of the detective.

"Are you going to talk or are you just going to star at me. You know how much I like that" said the woman and Lucifer chuckled at that, it was true she really likes that all gazes are over her and when people staring at her. He used to do it a lot of the time because she is the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

''Kali''said Lucifer.

"Lucifer," The woman or Kali continues, the words against Lucifer's lips, and it's too much at the same time that it's not enough. Lucifer's hands curl into fists in Kali's dress and they're kissing again, longer and more insistent this time, Kali's hands wide and warm on Lucifer's cheeks. Lucifer is instantly addicted – to the way Kalis' fingertips feel against his skin, to the way Lucifer's hair is even softer than it looks, to the way Kali radiates a comforting kind of heat Lucifer could fall into, to the way the man kisses her like he's desperate and clinging and cherishing all at once. His lips move against Kali's like they've done this a thousand times, a give and take, push and pull kind of kiss that swells in intensity like waves in the ocean.

And when Kali pulls away, he's the most beautiful thing Lucifer has ever seen, for what has to be the fifth time, at least. Her face is wide open, eyes soft and so arrestingly blue it makes Lucifer breathless.

''What the hell?''

Lucifer ignored Chloe for a moment. "Go home?" he asks. "The sunrise over the balcony is particularly nice."

''Detective, Ella and Detective -Douche meet Kali Pendragon-Morningstar. My wife"