Brian Kinney sat in his usual table at Woody's with his friends and their partners in life. Emmett Honeycutt was at over the lap of his boyfriend, Drew Boyd the famous football player and no one shakes the eyelid for the fact that a famous person was in the same room with them. Theodore 'Ted' Schmidt spoke with his boyfriend Βlake Wyzecki, for the new job he had closed for Brian at Kinetik.

Brian will not admit it to anyone but he was proud of his new accountant and friend the course of his life. He had an experience near death, but he did not stop him from continuing his life even when he accepted the person who almost killed him back to his life. Brian was a little cautious about this issue but he saw his pro happy and did not speak.

The brunette man looked in the day-to-day addition of their group. Melanie Marcus tried to avoid the waitress who flirted with her.

After Lindsay left her for a man, it seems like Mel has had little or nothing to laugh about. The subject of a new child was what destroyed their marriage. Mel did not want another child as she was delighted with Gus but Lindsay became desperate to have another child. When she asked Brian to donate again and he refused, much to Mel's relief, Lindsay began to sleep with other men. Mel ignored the affairs for a while, deciding that if she didn't see it then it couldn't exist. And it worked fine until Lindsay got pregnant by her last affair. A man named Harrison. Mel sat down and had a meeting with both of them and asked what they wanted. Lindsay wanted to raise her child with Harrison but still wanted a relationship with Melanie. She loved them both and couldn't choose between them. Harrison, on the other hand, wanted Lindsay. So Mel decided that they should be happy together. She started separating her life from Lindsay's that same afternoon.

Lindsay didn't take Mel's simple dismissal well at all. She created all sorts of little dramas leading to a massive argument in the middle of Mel's former practice in the Great White North. After being fired, Mel decided to return to Pittsburgh.

Brian and Mel developed a tentative friendship because of Gus and decided to raise the child together while Lindsay did not want to do anything with him.

Michael Novotny continued to talk about the various issues but Brian did not hear as his eyes were stuck in the opposite table.

Justin Taylor was sitting on a chair in the opposite table. He was so beautiful and Brian wanted to kiss him, but he knew he did not have the right to do it after what he did. He pushed the sun away from him in an effort to protect himself from emotions but he hurts Justin. Next, to Justin, Molly Taylor was sitting with a big smile over her face. The two of them were so alike. They also both had matching looks of incredulity written upon their features. Features that were oh so beautiful and looked like Angel's themselves had carved them. Features that Brian adored.

Daphne Taylor the adopted sister of Molly and Justin was sitting next to Mother Taylor. After her parents killed, Jennifer found herself the guardian of Daphne. The Taylors and Chanders's family were friends for years and Latania Chandlers the mother of Daphne has trusted her daughter το the blonde woman.

It took two weeks for Daphne to change her last name to Taylor and to become the daughter of Jennifer and Tucker.

Justin smiled at the older man who was sitting next t him, making him blush. Which caused Brian to almost break his coffee cup at how strong he was clenching it, that smile should only be directed at him.

Todd Maxwell and Brandon Wolf were at the same table with Taylor's family. No one could understand who the bottom of Babylon and the new Top Stud of Babylon became friends with Justin and his family.

''I can not believe it'' commented Emmett.'' How they became so good friend?'' said a guilty-feeling Emmett. He felt bad because he did love, Justin. The blonde had become like a younger brother to him

Michael shrugged, "Who cares?"

"Yes, Justin needs to be careful," chimed in Mel.

"Who cares about that little twerp?!" exclaimed Michael as he threw his hands in the air. "All he did was take and take from Brian. Got Brian to give him a place to live, money for PIFA. But did he ever give Brian anything? NO! He left him for that fiddler."

All of them, including Brian, rolled their eyes. That rant seemed to be Michael's theme song.

''Holly motherfucker. She is hot'' said Melanie and everyone who heard her, looked at the door. All jaw from men and women fell to the floor looked to the woman who stood at the door o Woody.

Beautiful wasn't even a word he could use to describe her. A heart-shaped face coupled with a softly defined chin and high cheekbones gave her a regal sort of air. In contrast, her wide, baby blue eyes were the absolute definition of innocence but it was just a trick. Everyone felt as if they were staring into gems, they shimmered so vibrantly. Inky waves of ebony hair cascaded down her back, bone straight, appearing as if one could fall into its blackness. Her body presented a similarly stunning vision, but he refused to elaborate, even mentally, on the basis of propriety.

Brian raked her with an appraising look. The woman was looking around as if looking for someone. She smiled and the others followed her line of sight. She was looking straight at Justin's table. All of them looked up from their discussions and Jennifer locked eyes with the well-dressed woman.

''Heidi ''yelled Jennifer Taylor running to the woman. The woman or Heidi grinned and held her arms open as Jennifer barreled into her. Heidi held her tightly and nestled her face into Jennifer's neck. She sighed contently as the familiar scent of woods and sunshine washed over her. Jennifer's deceptively strong arms held her close and she felt safe.

Jennifer smiled brightly as he embraced Heidi. The blonde had missed her so much and was ecstatic to see her again. She couldn't wait to take her on a tour around Liberty Avenue. She had enjoyed Heidi showing her around Italy and wanted to return the favor. She was looking forward to just the two of them spending time together.

Brian and everyone in the room stood forgotten as the two of them reunited. Brian looked at the table where the blonde woman was before and he saw all the people smile. He noticed the smile over Justin's face and he had never seen him this happy even after their little reunion at Babylon.

''JT''said the mystery woman and everyone heard the softened Irish lilt of her voice.

Everyone in the Woody's was as intrigued as to who this Heidi was and to what is her connection with their real-estate agent and τhe president Green County chapter. The chapter was actually doing great things in the county. As it turned out, there were quite a few fags and lesbians in the area. They were so grateful to have someplace they could send their family for information and support. It is a very successful chapter.

Everyone seemed to stop what they were doing to observe the two, who were oblivious to the people around them. A sudden silence filled the room as the two of them they talking and Brian brow furrowed together in annoyance as he saw Justin hugging the woman, If Brian wasn't surrounded by his friends or Woody's customers he imagined he would've probably broken that embrace apart and dragged Justin away from the woman.

''Heidi, this is my boyfriend Tucker Collins. Tucker, this is my best friend Heidi O'Neil'' said Jennifer grabbed the woman's hand and walked over to the group while everyone that looked at them with curiosity, everyone could see the big smile over the face of Jennifer.

''I would make the clichéd 'hurt her and I'll make you sorry' speech but hopefully you're smart enough that I don't have to spell it out for you, "Heid said, with a measured voice.

"Don't worry, Miss O'Neil. Best behavior. Promise." Tucker responded, more a squeak than anything else.

"Call me Heidi," Heidi replied. "Miss O'Neil makes me sound like an authority figure." Jennifer snorted. Tucker's glare intensified.

''Aunt Hedi''said Molly and Danphe embracing the woman with love while Justin glared at his two sisters with jealousy.

But what shocked everyone in the room were the words that came out of Tod and Brandon mound

''Mother'' said Brandon and Todd at the same time embracing the woman while the shock was palpable in the room and Brian's jaw dropped.