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Chapter Three

Meers Residence

Friday November 8th 1997

9:40 PM

"So what exactly is that?" Jonathan asked as he watched Warren working on a complicated apparatus made from parts of an aquarium system and an old fishing reel he'd picked up at the second-hand shop – though there was an empty sewing-thread spool inside the heart of the device rather than the usual fishing line spool.

"One of Doom's inventions was a polymer chain made from mixing two chemicals and then extracting the threads from where the two chemicals meet – kinda like making nylon thread. If the physics are the same in our universe as the Marvel one, then it should have ten-times the tensile strength of steel. This device is so I can mix the parts in a controlled fashion and wind the polymer thread onto a spool. Then I'll build a device that will weave the threads together to make the basis for everyone's armor," Warren explained as he finished the last screw.

"I've already done the chem-work in the school science lab after hours, so all that I need to do is connect the bottles, turn it on, start extracting the thread and winding it," he added a moment later before going and getting a pair of 2-liter bottles – one filled with a grayish looking fluid and the other a midnight blue.

Using a series of clamps he attached the bottles to the device and turned it on. Slowly a thread started to emerge from a small nozzle and once there were a few feet of it, Warren took then end and hooked the resulting thread into the spool and turning on the small motor that slowly wound the thread onto the spool. Fiddling with the knobs controlling the motors for both the liquid pumps and the spool, he managed to get the spool to wind at the same speed as the thread was being produced.

"There. If my math is right, then in about twenty minutes I'll need to change spools. I programmed the motor to automatically shut off after the first spool is full," Warren said before standing up and stretching.

"So what else is the armor going to consist of?" Jonathan asked curiously.

Warren had a smug smile on his face. "After a few specific questions and some research, I found out there is a species of intelligent spider-demons who's silk is not only as strong as steel, but also highly resistant to magic."

"Like Ettercaps from D&D?" Jonathan replied.

"More like Driders, based on the drawings. Anyway, they are actually pretty common and based on what I've been able to find, there is a whole colony of them in South Africa. Once I make some magically enhanced communication devices, I was going to ask Dawn to gate me down to South Africa so I could make contact and arrange a deal. Even though they are carnivores, they apparently are also merchants and known to trade their silk," Warren explained.

"Just as long as you aren't putting her in danger... Mrs. Summers might be way stronger than Xander but he's downright scary. I overheard him talking to Giles about what he had planned for that Ethan guy," Jonathan said with a shiver. "Anyway, you think she'll be able to do it – or be able to extract you in case you get into trouble?"

"I found out when I delivered the glamours that Dawn kept all of Blink's memories – including how to use her powers. I did have to use a lethe's bramble to help suppress the... less pleasant memories. Blink did grow up during the Age of Apocalypse story-arc, after all."

"Man, poor kid," Jonathan whistled. "I didn't keep much of anything from Cable except his powers. I'm still trying to figure them out."

"You know, without that techno-organic virus to hold at bay, I'd wager you'll have a lot more power at your disposal. You could probably go toe-to-toe with Mrs. Summers if not win," Warren said idly before dismissing that line of thought with a hand wave. "Not that I'd expect it to come to that."

"Anyway," he continued. "Thanks to Doom's memories, I know a spell that will essentially give you back Cable's memories – though the materials are a bit expensive. Can you scrape up a hundred bucks?"

"Yeah, and that'd be cool," Jonathan said with a smile. "Anyway, what else have you been working on?"

"A few anti-vampire weapons for large crowds of them – though I'll need... test subjects since I'm not sure if they'd actually work," Warren admitted. "Mostly things like ultra-violet flash-bangs, holy-water based tear-gas, things like that."

"Huh," Jonathan grunted, a small smile growing on his face. "I guess once we get you a lab space set up we'll need to capture a few vamps. Can you make up something like Spiderman's web-shooter?"

"I was going to go with a taser rifle, actually. The parts to build it are more easily obtained," Warren answered. "It'd be easier to build a grapple-gun than a web-shooter if that's what you were thinking – though you'd risk dislocating your shoulder using it unless it was built into a full-body suit of armor."

"Well, it's not like you've started making the armor yet," Jonathan pointed out."

"True. I'll think on it."

Somewhere between Sunnydale and LAX

9:45 PM

Sam Zabuto was deeply troubled. Part of his orders from the Council was to appraise the vulnerabilities of the woman sitting just to his left (as well as that of the others affected by Ethan Rayne's spell) as well as determine if they were a threat to the council. He knew that his ultimate boss, Quentin Travers was a hard-core traditionalist and would most likely seek to kill everyone involved.

But then a friend of Sam's who was on the council had been warned by a seer friend of hers (some bint named Sybil Trelawny) to "Beware the Nighthawk Prophecy and those too caught up in the past." The Nighthawk Prophecy was given some sixty years ago by another noted seer and warned about the End of Days. There weren't too many copies of it, but thankfully Sam's grandfather had been present when it was given and it was in his journal.

Beware the End of Days and the Final Battles' approach.

The Jester shall inherit the power of the First Avenger before becoming the Nighthawk on the same night the Slayer as shall rise to Nobility and die at the hands of the Horrid Bard in the presence of a Dark Angel.

Those who keep watch over Sineya's Legacy must seek out the Nighthawk and ally with him, for he will have a hand in fighting the last seven apocalypses.

Those who cling too tightly to tradition for tradition's sake shall hasten the return of the old ones.

Beware the End of Days and the Final Battles' approach.

Based on what he'd been told, the Slayer Buffy Summers had dressed as a noblewoman and was killed by the vampire Spike – who was known as William the Bloody (awful poet). The ensouled vampire Angel was present at her death. And finally, Xander Harris often acted as comedic relief around his friends, probably to help preserve their sanity by acting the fool – or in this case, the jester – which Sam could understand as even when he was in the SAS there were younger members of the teams who would do the same thing. Captain America was considered the First Avenger... though the part about becoming the Nighthawk he just couldn't figure out.

And given Travers's orders? I don't like it one bit. But hopefully the moderates and progressives will be able to take control of the council given the warnings of the prophecy, he told himself. Just based on the little interaction he'd had with Mrs. Summers, Sam found himself liking the woman and was definitely not wanting to have to take part in killing the woman. His musings were interrupted by the car phone Joyce had in the car ringing.

"Press the speaker button, would you?" Joyce asked politely.

Sunnydale High School Library

10:00 PM

Having finished locking down the Library, Giles grabbed the phone in his office and tried calling the Summer's residence since he knew Xander had been spending a lot of his time over there rather than at home following Willow's death. When it went to the answering machine, he sighed and waited for the beep.

"If anyone is there we are having a bit of a situation here at the Library. We've locked ourselves in but I don't know how long the doors will keep the demon out," Giles said worriedly. "My friend Phillip and I will hold the fort as best we can but please hurry!"

Hanging up, he tried Joyce's car-phone – even though he knew that the chances of them being back before eleven were non-existent – especially if they had stopped to eat. Joyce's voice answered. "Hello?"

"Mrs. Summers, this is Rupert. We've got a bit of a problem here. A demon called Eyghon the Sleep-walker has an old acquaintance and myself trapped in the library. I haven't been able to reach Xander at your house and I don't know how much help Mr. Meers or Mr. Levinson can provide at this time."

"Rupert, we're still thirty minutes from Sunnydale. Thankfully traffic is light. We'll be there as quickly as we can. You are on speaker so you can fill us in on what we need to know," Joyce explained.

"Sam, as you are aware, I had a bit of a rebellious phase in my youth. I was twenty-one, studying history at Oxford. And, of course, the occult by night. I hated it. The tedious grind of study, the... overwhelming pressure of my destiny. I dropped out, I went to London... (exhales) I fell in with the worst crowd that would have me. We practiced magicks. Small stuff for pleasure or gain. And Ethan and I discovered something... bigger."

"Eyghon, I presume?" Sam replied. "Oh Rupert..."

Giles was nervously pouring a drink from a stashed bottle of whiskey for himself and Phillip. "Yes. One of us would, um... go into a deep sleep, and the others would, uh, summon him. It was an extraordinary high!" he smiled nervously. "God, we were fools."

Phillip was visible shaking as he sipped his whiskey, and Giles was just staring at his. Joyce spoke up right as he was finally taking a drink. "You lost control, didn't you?"

"One of us, Randall, he lost control Eyghon took him whole. We tried to exorcise the demon, but it killed him. We killed him. We thought we were free of the demon after that. But he's back and one by one he will kill us all," Giles said morosely. "Fitting I suppose, that I won't outlive my Slayer by more than a week."

"How did it even find you?" Joyce asked.

"We have... tattoos. The Mark of Eyghon. He can find us wherever we go with them. The ones of us left are Phillip, myself...and Ethan Rayne," Giles explained.

"If he can't get to you two, will he go after Rayne?" Joyce asked coldly. She still wanted her pound of flesh for what that bastard did to her daughter.

Sunnydale Motor Lodge

10:00 PM

Eyghon grinned as he followed the pulse of his mark on Ethan's tatoo. The demon's former follower was definitely in the cheap motel. And the best part was that the Sleep-walker couldn't feel any other people around that were awake – so even if Ethan was clever enough to have a gun on hand to kill the demon's current host, there were plenty of others to jump into.

Approaching the door and giving it a swift kick, Eyghon surveyed the room and frowned. The nude, drugged out girl on the bed was most certainly NOT Ethan Rayne – yet there was his mark tattooed on the back of the girl's neck. What's more, was that the demon could only feel three active marks.

"No matter," the demon said in a thick Hispanic accent. Given that Rupert and Phillip were obviously still in contact it wouldn't be difficult to track his wayward acolyte down. Since a marked follower would make a better host than one who was unmarked (not to mention the girl couldn't possibly be older than sixteen so she'd be in even better physical shape) Eyghon abandoned ship and let the old custodian slump to the floor even as he entered the passed-out girl's body.

Sitting up and checking herself for any injuries, Eyghon could only smile as she felt the euphoric rush showing the increase in power from possessing someone bearing her mark. Already her new body was taking the proper shape – showing that she was in fact a demonic entity. Normally demonification of the host body took days to complete, but with the body of a marked follower? Mere minutes assuming the host was in a deep enough sleep.

Technically Eyghon no longer needed Rupert, Phillip, or even Ethan. But there were debts to settle and betrayals to payback. And oh how she would make them pay.

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